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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in

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we're now

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looking at only the Dr. Marina many energy levels for La, La La, la, la la, la la

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de cada wash Hassan Mohammed Mohammedan have to Solo Solo LaWanda, you are in a hurry. He was something he was telling them as his name and Shakira. Yeah you're Latina Hammond. La Casa Casa de la la la la want to miss the moon? Yeah, you and NASA.

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mean humare Jalan Juanita what's up Oh la la de Luna v one our hands in namaha Karna on a Kumar Akita Yeah.

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Hello Hello Colin says either your left local

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la hora, sola moussaka de la mina

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Has he has you Mohammed in from Allah wa alayhi wa sallam worship one more image just add to her vocal, just as in bizarre vocal

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vocal levada lessons in

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Indeed Allah subhana wa tada has blessed us with many blessings. Almost 100 Garrison's were injured Julia I'm so lucky that,

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that if we were to try to enumerate the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala, you would never be able to do so. And in counting the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Let's take a look today at the greatest of these blessings. Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed each and every one of us here today with Islam, the religion in which we submit to our one creator, and who we worship alone, without any partners and without any association. And it is our responsibility, having this great blessing that Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us with to share this blessing with everyone else. And this is why we see that the messengers and the prophets, they were sent for this one reason to

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spread the message of Islam to spread the killing of law in the hands of law. Allah subhanho wa Taala in describing the messengers and the prophets, he says also then MOCA Shireen a woman during that we have sent messengers as Warner's and givers of glad tidings, so that they may so that you may not be a proof for mankind against a lot after the messengers. So Allah subhanho wa Taala describes the responsibility and the duty of the messengers that it is to get down to the people. It is to give them the glad tidings agenda for those of us who worship Allah subhanaw taala alone and do

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and at the same time, it is to warn the people of Fisk and society and kooperation that if they don't turn back to the leader

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And it was worship Allah subhanho wa Taala loans, then for them is a severe and painful conditions. This was the job of the messengers, this was the job of the best of mankind. Now, in implementing this job and implementing this task, obviously, it would not be an easy one, every single messenger and prophet went through some sort of hardship, each and every one of them. And it was all due to their obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala, in calling to this noble message. And as we know, each and every messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala was from humans, Allah subhanaw taala didn't create messengers and prophets to mankind, except from amongst them. This is our last panel data describes

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them. And it is from human nature, that when people go against us, when things don't go our way, when things get hard, and we are in times of adversity, that we get weaken our spirits, our emotions tend to get the best of us, and we need something to help us and something to uplift our spirits. And Such was the case all the prophets of Allah, while he was telling us when he was in Makkah, he would see that his companions were being tortured, and he would see that there was no one there to help them. And you will see that juicer is telling us that he learned a lot that there was no one worthy of worship, except Allah, that they were being tortured and exiled from their homes. And due

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to the human nature of the prophets of Allah. He too at times, his emotions went down, his enthusiasm went down. And one of the greatest miracles that Allah subhanaw taala sent to the prophets of Allah while he was still while he was in a state of sadness, while he was not in the strongest of state was the story of use.

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Allah subhanaw taala describes the story of use of as nothing as opposed to Allah,

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that indeed we relate to you and will tell you the best of stories, so that the spirits are the messengers of Allah, instead of merely unsolicited. Now genuinely, as human beings, when we tell stories to one another, it's often to entertain and to just pass the time. But when the last panel was gonna tell the stories in the Quran, it's not to entertain us. It's not just for the sake of factual information, but for the lessons are to be derived from it. And this was the case, from the story of us filing that will almost in Hanover, Salah tell the story to the office of alumni incidents, and revealed his appointment, not only with each of the spirits, but was to teach him

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several lessons as well. The first thing that we learned from the revelation of the story of the Spanish Philippine prophets of Allah was his miraculous nature. What was the story of his miraculous nature? Firstly, as we see the story of this funny stand out as a story that the Christians and the Jews believe in as well, that he was a messenger to them just as he was to us, we both accepted. And that's why it was such a big nerd that we knew the torrents all along. It was an unloaded man. He didn't go to Jesus having scholastic education, you didn't learn to read and read. And that's what we're here to tell the story was a big miracle because they knew that he couldn't read the Torah. He

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didn't. He didn't read the previous books that were revealed to mankind. So how could he know the story in such detail? It has to be a miracle from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And other less than that, you have the capacity to overcome a lot of cinemas thought through this was the importance and the methodology of getting down to the people. This was, as we described, the wazifa are the tasks of all the messengers in the pockets. lady was the test for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it was a test for us filings for them as well. Now, this test of the prophets is is something that we do part time, or something that we do full time. And all these answers is

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something that they do at all times. And that is what makes it so difficult that at all times, they're worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala at all times, you're calling the people too good. And at all times, they are challenging people to refrain from evil. Now, the hardest of times, is when you're in a state of adversity, when you're in a state of adversity, to call the people to Allah subhanaw taala and to remain focused. Now we all know the story of this family setup. So I'm not going to go into the details of the story, but today, let us focus on some certain parts of it. And that certain parts when you start Elisa was sent to the prison when you Spanish salon was sent to

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the prison, what was his first few statements? He says to the people are verbal with 111.

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He said there are these different details that you wish a better or is a love the one be irresistible. So even though you saw Instagram was wrongly accused of having illicit relationships

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Something which he did in June, and he was innocent of this. And obviously this had gotten him down. And he was

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in justly put in prison use vanished. And I'm still remember his test of getting down to the people. And this was the first lesson for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the story, that regardless of what happens to his companions, to his family, and to anyone close to him, it is up to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, to continue to reach out to the people. And this is an example for us as well. We look at the state of the Muslims as they are being attacked everywhere, we find sadness in our hearts, and tears in our eyes. But this should not prevent us and should not stop us from giving power to the people. If we want to be the best of mankind, as Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that model as a model for us, and

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that indeed, you're the best definition says unto mankind, or indeed, you call to that which is good, and you prevent that which is evil, if we want to be from the best of commerce, and we want to be from those people who implement the waste of the practice and the messengers, we have to remember to give down to the people at all times. And this is the biggest blessing that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given to all of us, the blessing of Allah Islam, to submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Just look at how big of a blessing it is. That through this version of Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala differentiate between the two parties, the polygons agenda and the polygon.

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The polygon agenda are the people who submit it to Allah subhana wa tada and for them is every single thing that they desire, anything that your heart will desire is and Allah subhanaw taala will give you as much time on data says that this show has everything that you desire, and we will give them even more than that. Now on the other hand, the people who don't accept this love and abandon the way of their natural disposition, the natural way of the electric, hello, Donna, when He created us, He created us upon a natural disposition, a physical, or that which will naturally inclined to Allah subhanho wa Taala is placed this in every single human beings, that when they hear about

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Islam, they naturally have an inclination towards it, that it is only logical that you worship your one creator, it is only logical that the one who created you and sustains you and granted you sight and granted you here and granted your family is the only one worthy of worship. This is something that mankind has understood. And this is why very seldom are very few of them are actually. So it was created just naturally enough. So now going back to the lesson from the story of usefulness, Adam, and this particular detail is that not only is it important to give dow at all times, and times of prosperity and times that of adversity, as this was the wave of messengers, but also from

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the characteristics of the day is that he does good towards the people. How did the two companions of usefully stellar describe use harness to learn when they went into prison is that they said in the narrow, feminine Western in that indeed, we see you as the person who does his work, we see you as the person who is righteous towards the people, and he helps them and he takes care of them. So this is another example another lesson for the purpose of a long while he was set up. And for us, that's when giving drama to the people, you have to take care of them, you can't just come up to them and start giving them a message, which might be new to them, they might never heard of it. But

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rather, you need to learn to soften their hearts, learn to soften their hearts and make them feel welcome and make them feel comfortable. This is something we all need to focus on that when we give the message of Islam, whether it be to fellow Muslims worldwide, we're inviting them closer to the center, or whether it be to the non Muslims. Don't try to just go after them and start giving them data, even though there's sometimes there's an effective way. But a more effective way is to do some sort of put to them, invite them over for lunch, invite them over for dinner, buy them a present, buy them something that you're in need of or take care of some of the needs of the family, and then

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give them down. This was the way of the MBR as the Muslim. And this is what we see that you smiley ceram did. This is why they described him in that and

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that indeed we see you have those people who do good. Now let us take a few examples from the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam and the time of is confining or the alarm silent as for the form is a lower volume center. We know that when he gave our first to the chorus and to his family, how did you invite them, he invited them over for dinner and prepared a meal for them and then for proclaims the message that he had forgotten that there was no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala as for the companions, how do you

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go about getting him down? He looked at those people will be

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prosecuted by the likes of the lab and the likes of have documented now. And other than these people, they were torn apart, and they were being worse as they were being punished and prosecuted by the polish. So he went and he freed them, he went and uplifted the adversities, and the hardships upon them, if they were needed money of money to give them the money, and then gave them the power. This is the type of extent that we need to do towards the people when we give them power. And this is how you win over the hearts. And this is how you will become more successful in your power. Point number three, is that as a guy, you have to be good in your appearance. When we go and get down to

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the people, make sure that your appearance is not one of disgust or not one that repels the people, as we see. And as we know, of use varnished announced, he was the best looking on mankind. And this is a father or a blessing that Allah subhanaw taala gave particular to him that he was from the most beautiful of men ever created. And as we focus a lot on him send them a lot of messages to the long line instead of was described as beautiful, someone who, when he used to walk through the rooms, the rooms, you start smelling of his fragrance. And when he used to dress used to dress in the best clothes that he has when giving the dollar. And this is what we see from the examples of the price

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predecessors as well. They like a female mallet, or a hammer masala, that he would not go in each heading to the people, except that he would put on his funding funds apartments. And this is what they understood that in order to get down to the people, you have to take care of your appearance. be someone who looks clean, be someone who's wearing nice clothes, be someone who's fragrances good not only from his body, but from his mouth as well. And all of this will have an effect. As they say the first impression is the impression that lasts the longest. And the first impression that people get from you is what the three of you when they were seen walking from a distance. So before your

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words have any effect on them, your appearance is already has made an effect. And this is what we need to remember that takes care of your appearance, and you will see that your data will become more effective. And another lesson that we learned from the story of use Valley center is that when you find the salon was in prison, he told one of his companions, that we will soon be free will soon be serving the king, make sure you mentioned my name to him, so that I may be debt free, and justice may be searched for, but his companion for God his companions provides. Now just imagine, one of you has been accused of something you didn't do. And you're in justly put in jail and justly

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imprisonment. And then you tell one of your companion, once more has just mentioned my name in front of the governor and mentioned it in front of the woman. And it lets him Look into my case. And this companion project. How would you feel you would feel disheartened? You would feel upset? You would feel angry? Yes, you Spanish. When he met this person again, he did not get upset at him. He did not get angry at him. Yet those people who are even more treacherous to him his own brothers, when they throw him into the world while they were plotting and planning to kill him. How did you

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address them? At the end of the surah. He said, Let's enter either a promo alone jasvir Allahu la noir Samurai means that there is no blame upon you today. And May Allah forgive you. And He is the Most Merciful out of those who are. This is how you

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treated the people. And this is how we also see the province of alcohol instead of treating the people looked into the Ceylon and you see the story of the people of the body, that the people have thought stone departments on the left body and rejecting him and through rubbish upon the profits of a loved one instead of us departments the lower body and send them in his bleeding standards filled with blood washed away. And then when seabreeze came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said, I have the angels of the mountains with me with your order, I will crush the people of thought, how was the prophets of Allah Hanuman, he said, let them go and let them be for perhaps one day, a group

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may come from amongst them that worships Allah subhana wa Tada. So this is point number four, that from the characteristics of the Jain and from the mentors of the Dharma that we learned from the surah. From the story of us falling center, is that you have to be pardoning and forgiving. Those people that you work with may not always comply with you. People may not always do what you ask yourself, and people will slip and make errors, but as a human being as that person as that person was getting down, and who is an example for the people you have to learn and pardon. You have to learn to pardon and forgive the people. Well, this is the only way you will be successful as it is

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human nature to make mistakes. If you look at the pattern, how many times there's lots of hands on

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Allah mentioned earlier who was that let them part in and let them be important towards the people. Because people will make mistakes. No matter who you are one day you're bound to make some mistakes. And how would you like to be treated? Would you like people to reprehend you and be harsh? And I agree with you? Or do you want the people to be lenient, and gentle with you and help you learn from your mistakes, as this was against the methodology of the profits that when people arrived, they were Central and meanings with them the vast majority of the time and very seldom were they angry and upset with them that they may learn. And with this, I enjoy have a polo pony has washed out la

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honey wonderful Melissa idioms, meaning an infinite wisdom, but still fill in

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. These are just some brief points that we take in the methodology of Dawa from the story of use finding and keeping again, the core historical context of the sort of, we mentioned that the story of usefully stolen came down to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Makkah. And when Allah Subhana, WA Sandow revealed this story, it was to uplift the spirits of the messengers of Allah while he was in them, to make it something miraculous. And we mentioned that when Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the story, it is not out of just in place just to entertain mankind, find it is not just for factual information, but rather it is that so that

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mankind may learn it, and understand it, and then implement it. So these points that were mentioned here today, brothers and sisters, that are seniors, let us take it upon ourselves to implement these points from the first of them is that we have been blessed with Islam, the greatest of blessings. And that we need to call the people to this person, as almost the final one down adversity with this blessing. And you are here today, to worship Him alone, share this blessing with your family members, and your companion, and your neighbors and your friends. For indeed, every single piece of guidance that you give to them and being implemented, you will be rewarded for it as well. And this

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is why for some of them says that you have one person died, it is better than that of the red camels. Let's look again, in a historical context, the place of the camels in the early Arabian peninsula, it was the most noblest of animals, not only did it help you get through the desert climates, but also it was one that was gone through fast. And so the red camel, it was a camel that had soft and lined skin and for so that it wasn't uncomfortable when you wrote it. So the purpose of a lot of money will sit and give the parable here that it was the best of writing decent was the greatest of blessings. So that if one person is guided at your fingertips, know that you have

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obtained the greatest of possessions that everything or good deeds he does, you will be blessed and granted reward for it as well. So this was point number one. Point number two, that you have to give Dawa at all times and adversity and prosperity. We mentioned how Yusuf Ali Salaam was persecuted in the prison for something which he didn't do. I like what he promised the last one instead of the people turned against him. And they screamed and shouted and cursed at him. Yet the Prophet sallallahu Sallam continued with his message. So look what the state of the oma today. Don't let it get you down. For indeed the only way you will bring back to the oma to the stage that it deserves,

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is by firstly implementing Islam yourself and then calling the people to it. There is no other way. And this is seen in the profound statements of Omar Abdullah who died and when he was with our VEDA, the mean of this oma when he said national Pomona has done a lot with Islam, but it has a habit that elevated divided Islam as well done a lot that indeed, We are a people and a nation who have been honored and granted respect by Islam. So if we go and seek, honor and respect without Islam, then this is one of our descriptions. If you want to seek honor, through your wealth, through your power through any sort of affordance or sort of position that Allah subhanaw taala is giving you then know

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that you will never obtain it in an absolute sense, but in the absolute sense, the only way you will get it is through your Islam by worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala is an Aziz and he has all his ducks and he gives a duck to whom he pleases and the only way to get the idea of Allah subhanaw taala or to get into the from him is by worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. Point number three

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is that the there It should look good in his appearance at all times. be presenting towards the people be the ones was cheerful towards the people that people do not want to see someone who was always fighting

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And is always obsessed. But rather they want to see someone who's good in their appearance who smells good has was was pretty much coming from his mouth. And he treats the people in kindness. This is what the people want to see. And this is how you will make yourself more effective. And lastly, lastly, we need to remember that through all of this, through all of this, and this is something I didn't mention that our our age should be for the state of Alaska final stand alone, that when we get down to the people, it is nice to earn the honor for mankind. It is nice to seek the fame. It is nice to seek anything for mankind whether it be worse or anything else would rather

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it is to seek the pleasure of Allah Subhana one to Allah and Allah subhana wa siyanda alone and nothing else. So brothers and sisters keeps in mind and in ending off We ask Allah subhanaw taala to sending to send his brother and Salaam the funny part is the last one instead of a love masala Agha Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad masala Johanna Rahim Allah Allah Brahim in nanny limousine Baraka, Mohammad Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim hamidou Majid Allah, you know I'm a sinner mahina washa Aegina Virgo Venus was the year in our career in an arena

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he was so afraid Sahaja min Juan de la Marina now

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it will be more of a determiner haul but it will be coming when the Santa Ana De Anza Jana Nissan Anastasia was a lawn mower Santa Monica Santa Ana de number from as

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he was off, he was working