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Just before we answer any questions approximately two minutes and shout out, I want that much of your time up.

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As you can see, we've got a new brother in Islam beside me. His name is Shawn. He's been in Islam it for two weeks. He's Cuban origin or lead hunt. And before Islam he was more like an atheist believes in nothing. But then Allah subhana wa Taala has enlightened his heart and blessed him and taking him out of darkness into light and inshallah to Allah on the path of Paradise and thus anti Islam it.

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We ask Allah to Allah to increase his faith, increase the brothers in Islam and assistance in Islam.

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And we ask Allah to Allah to help Shawn to be guided to the path that he loves most, and the path that he's pleased in most, let us see what Shawn has to say to all of us in sha Allah, that is Lindhout Lindau is to him for about two minutes, Mandala blesses investing in Sham

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I've been Muslim now for two weeks and started off with just many Muslim brothers and slowly learning about everything and being introduced to the faith. I didn't have faith before. And everything I liked about the Brotherhood, the unity,

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or all the scriptures or learn more about it, and and I made the step I made a big step to choose that I wanted to be Muslim. And from now on, I'm slowly learning learning from other brothers. And

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from my wife now I'm learning slowly, how to be a better Muslim how to be a bit of person. And yeah, if you can just

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help me help me help. I don't know anything. I'm a blank sheet of paper now. And I'm willing to learn so if she if you have an issue, I'll talk to me about anything and it's willing to learn

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Salaam Alaikum.

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Zach, Hello.

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Nice to see you. As I

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was showing actually attended lessons he before he was a Muslim

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And he was inspired by it. As he mentioned, the Brotherhood

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is the reality you know, you can see the Brotherhood of the Islam there's nothing like it. There's no comparison. Just like as I mentioned earlier on, there's no comparison no atom.

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No parallel or similar thing to it. Likewise, the Brotherhood of Islam. You got the Brotherhood of infadoos but what kind of brotherhood is that?

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What kind of brotherhood is that?

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of the infadoos

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are they he may staccato lahoma llotja Mian

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and Charlotte that is their brotherhood. They fight each other and they wipe each other off the surf.

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Is there anything else Shawn that you'd like to mention?

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Charla one day I want to we want to hear lesson from you. And you'll be teaching us

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well have less and less you in Charlotte.