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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of performing a hedge and connecting with the OMA in hedge's journey. They also talk about the spread of rumors about the upcoming attack on the army and the importance of not forgetting the time when oppressed. The speakers emphasize the need for connections to the umal and staying connected to the community, particularly in the aftermath of the Prophet's actions. They also discuss the importance of remembering the lessons of the previous century and connecting to the umal of Islam to connect to the future.
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Along work

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smarter than I hated him to lie to Bill Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While he was so heavy as Mary said, I'm Malik Omar Abdullah who barakaatuh.

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So the farewell hedge of the province of

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today's talk isn't focused on the hotbar he gave the famous

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Farewell Pilgrimage speech, the Farewell Sermon that we've often heard multiple times.

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A very powerful moving address to the whole community. Right 100,000 strong. And his last moment when he tells the people to start his speech, Lila combat the army had, I may not see you meet you again after this year. Right? Very, very powerful words to start the speech, right. But today's session isn't about the speech itself, but it's about the journey the rest of them took to hedge and the steps he took along the way. And for sake of time, because I have a short amount of time. Given the topic, I'm gonna choose a few instances and try to focus on some lessons we can learn. So the problem is I said, one of the things that we we learned from his journey, it was an emphasis he

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placed on connecting the OMA the 100,000 Strong that were with him to the early days of a snap. Right. And so the first thing I want to share with you is interesting is that I've never been to hydrate before or Amara before show of hands. So when you go to the GABA for the first time you're dealing with a wife and produce what do you do?

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I'm gonna hide sometimes if it can get confusing, but it's actually really easy. What's the first thing you do when you go to the haram? It's not a trick question.

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Huh? All right, we do Tala now what's what's what's the specifics about the Thor after the waffle boom, the initial throw off when you get to hedge.

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The hook, what do we How is it the left performance?

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Okay, seven times. All right. What else?

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Okay, I heard somebody say you run. How many times do you run? Do you remember?

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Three times? Why do we run three times?

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Show the strength for so what's the president performs has in the 10th year after Hijra. Mecca happen 1/8 year after Hijra. So Muslims, the Mecca is under Islam, right the cabas cleanse of the idols as the community is Muslim. They're performing Hajj, but they're showing their strengths who why are they showing their strength? What's the purpose? You see what's interesting, we have to rewind in the theater. We go back to the six year after his role in the process that I'm set out with the companions to perform Allah. And as they were going to do so they they took a different route so that the Mexicans would meet them from outside and perhaps stop them and perhaps go to war.

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They didn't bring any any armor or, or weaponry they went in and you're traveling from Mecca to Medina, those of you from Medina to Mecca, those you've been to hydrometer before you know the harm isn't the most comfortable of clothing for the men, right for the men the towels that we're wearing, right and they go two weeks and traveled from Medina to Mecca with the hope that finally this land that we were driven out of six years ago, we can at least spend a few days there and perform. I'm gonna write to see the gatherer again to walk on the same streets that we lived in, grew up on. We grew up in the shade of the garden, we were driven out of this home, our home. So when they're

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coming, they stop in a place called anyhoo Davia they stop in the area called her Davia. And there some back and forth happened between the Muslims in the coloration a long story short the treaty and how they BIA was signed the treaty and how they BIA was signed. And part of the the the conditions of this pact was that the Muslims that despite two weeks of travel to come to Mecca will have to go go back to Medina and cannot perform I'm gonna this year. Part of the deal was you go back and you do a perform number this year. And you can come back next year and you could perform Umrah that's the deal amongst many other terms. So the Muslims went back and in the cemetery after his you know,

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when they went back to Mecca to perform and

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the news was being spread amongst the people of Mecca, the Quran, that the Muslims have been weakened by the illnesses of Medina. There was some illnesses there especially we know for a lot of the narrations from the one that Muslims first made hijra from Mecca to Medina that many of them fell ill and became sick. So this rumor was being spread from amongst the people of Mecca, that the Muslims are weak. The Muslims have been weakened by Medina. And so now when they come, you know, perhaps we have an opportunity to attack them right there without their weapons in the lake. And so the prophesy send them hears of this and he tells the Sahaba that when you perform the laugh during

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the first three circuits if an ambassador isn't Buhari, he says that the President told us to make Rommel around the cabinet, meaning you you jog or walk bricks briskly or semi run the first three circuits or

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On the cabin the narration even says he didn't tell us to do all seven out of pity for us. Right because after two weeks of travel and going the desert and ramen everything, it's difficult he says all right just do the ramen three times but he says are mono Leon mushy conical watercolor. He says make the ramen around the goddess so that the the machete cone will see your strength. And there'll be deterred from attacking staging and attack despite being in the land of the Hutto. Right. Now, what's interesting is that three years later, when the Prophet is performing his one and only hedge of his life, right with 100,000, strong and Mecca is under Muslim control. They still do the Ramadan

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around the Kaaba, despite not having the fear of being attacked. They don't have the fear of being attacked, but they're still performing that Amen. And now when we go to the hub, whether it's for armor or hedge that a lot of doom is done with Ramadan, we do the first three in this in this fast, fast

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fashion. And the purpose being that don't forget at the time when you were weak, don't forget the time when when you were oppressed. Don't forget a time when you were scared for your life. Right? Even though now it's time is victorious. The purpose is positive is connecting us to a time when the Muslims were weaker. Let's go on and fast forward in the journey after the collapse. What's the next

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this is very good. We go to the Safa and Marwa and when you ascend the Safa, what do you do?

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Very good. The first thing you do when you send us something you recite the ayah in the south, our mother Waterman Shaheed Allah, Allah as you go into the first time, then the person face the GABA from on top of Safa, he faced the GABA and he raised his hands to Allah subhanaw taala and he made a wicked anybody know that? They could is? I don't have any gum candy. I don't have good

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what was the thicker that he made?

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La ilaha illallah wa The whole la sharika the whole moon koala whole hand? Do you see where you meet? Who are the coalition de la ilaha illallah wa Tada. And just a word when I saw Rabida, Wahhabism and xaba and then he made dua, he says there is absolutely no one worthy of worship but ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and he says, he said first I'm sorry, he said Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah is greater Allah is greater Allah is greater than he says, There is absolutely no one worthy of worship, but Allah, He is one he has no partners to him as the kingdom and To Him belongs all praise, he gives life and death and he has power over all things. There is absolutely no

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one worthy of worship by Allah alone. He fulfilled his promise. And as Elijah, he fulfilled his promise, what not sort of either and he gave victory to his slave, what hasn't been Zaba and he destroyed the Confederates by himself, right alone. But now think for a second, just just pause, we all say this, the person who said this, and then he made dua to Allah, then he said this a second time, then you make dua to Allah. And he said this a third time than we do at Allah, and then he proceeded to medulla and when he wants to medulla he said the exact same thing three times and then he went back to sofa and the exact same thing three times. So 21 times in his side, he's saying the

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same they couldn't making dua to Allah subhanaw taala. Now emotionally, how do you think he's feeling he's facing you could see the gap. But nowadays, when you go, you can't really see the gap unless you got like one corner, you know, between the pillars and then the like, you can't see the guy but when he was there, he's looking at the Kaaba, and he's making this thicker, that there is no one or the Orisha but Allah, He fulfilled his promise, and he gave victory to his slave. Right? And he destroyed the Confederates. What's going through his mind. This is the same place where you don't even miss old stood for the first time in front of the people of Mecca. And he begins Bismillah AR

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Rahman AR Rahim, other rock man, I learned a

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call center.

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A Shem soil come out Obi

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Wan najem was sheduled with Judah until he until he stopped and when did he stop? When the chorus jumped up? First they were mesmerized by the Quran. This is the first public recitation of the Quran ever.

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And they were memorize mesmerized by it. Then the evil amongst them. They jumped up and they gave into Mr. Garner a beating the beat him so bad is he fell unconscious. He got beat so bad that he almost wanted to like a coma type state. Right? The racetam is looking at the Gowda saying, Allah, Allah who gave me victory. Just just 15 years ago, we were oppressed in the same land. We were oppressed in the same way emotionally think how he's feeling, but Allah gave us victory and how humbled he is to Allah subhana wa Tada just like when he came in for tech mecca, and he was so humbled that his his his beard,

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Just touching the back of his right.

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Slide. Right and so now when we go, we're in a state of security and peace, right? We're in a state of security and peace. We're doing the life we're doing say, but we're saying the same vicar 21 times, and if you're if you do it again to say you're going after the orphan, the father unhedged another 21 times, and I'm gonna then hedge 42 times you're saying the same vicar and emotionally we shouldn't be replaying in our minds what the Prophet was replaying in his mind. So listen, the look what they what we went through and look where we are now. Right, let's fast forward in this journey of the hedge. After they do the site. You go back to where and how you do your philosophy to your

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site and then for the next three days, you're aware, and Mina, now you can see either two days or three days in MENA from anti geography your money for life man, a woman taharah Hispanic mnemonic taka, you can say the alarm within the top of the head Jimena or if you want to say the 13th You could say the 13th

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you can say the 13th as well. The 12th or the positive was when did he do?

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Who knows?

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He stayed very good. He saved the 13th Now then and estimate calendars the 13th nights, the night precedes the day right? So on the 13th Night meaning the night before the 13th Day before the last, you know day and Mina and all you do Amina and these days is stone the gym a lot. You stone the gym a lot 777 Right. He saves on the night before the day before the 13th thing he says Inanna zielona hoddan fee hifi ba Aniki Nana. He says tomorrow we will be going to the area of Benaki Nana Vannucchi Nana. Now here's what's interesting. The president he prayed. He didn't pray the heart and Mina after the time of the work comes in. He goes and stalls Gemina to Silverado is almost

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synonymous with Cobra. He stones the three Sony and then he goes to the area Hi, Bunny Kwinana and then he prayed the her answer Maghrib and Isha. He prayed for prayers shown by each at their time. Now the scholars This is interesting. Some scholars even one to the point a very minor opinion that's not you know, commonly but the point I'm trying to put share is that some scholars had this opinion, that's going to hide many Kenan is actually part of Hajj. A very minor group of scholars had that opinion. Right? Because he said he's gonna do and he did it. Right. The point being though, is the person went there and he prayed the whole sort of moment of inertia. And then he slept a

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little bit in the nights. And then he went to Mecca to the huddle and he performed his fall off and whatnot before slots and fidget. He prayed slots and fidget and then he left back to Medina. Right but what's so what's so important? Or what's the lesson we learned from the process of going to hibernate kinara or what's currently known as my abs that present presently, today, as soon as the area called my abdomen? What's the purpose of that you see in this area,

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this area, this is this is the same place that what 15 years prior, the Quraysh had gathered in the same area and decided to put a boycott on the Muslims or the boycott and Banu Hashim. Even the non Muslims including Abu Talib, and the other non Muslims from Bengal, Hashem, who are supporting the Muslims. All of them were put under this boycott, right that culminated in Iman has in the year of sorrow which epithelium in the right word is the word of the person who Khadija belonged to have passed away. Right three years the Muslims were sent to this valley they withdrew to this valley known as shabbier be followed the valley that we follow and then they spent three years cut off from

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food cut off from water cut off cut off from any business transactions anything I'm gonna have the uncle the blood uncle, the pumps, I sent him in a week duration he goes to the people who come to Mecca for business and he says all who is having Mohammed raise the prices on the companions of Muhammad cisilion so that they can't purchase anything from you a bottle of water charging 500 Durham's and he says Guess what, if you are going to suffer any business loss, I was guaranteed to make up the difference. This is how much Abdullah was an enemy to his own nephew. So I sent him in a snap. He said I won't pay off the difference, but don't give them anything. So the Muslims were

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starving, read the narrative say they will eat the leaves from trees. And what's the big idea? You know, not a lot who he was a non Muslim, Muslim. It was a non Muslim who died as a non Muslim, but he was someone who helped the Messenger of Allah and so many different occasions of the Sierra. And one of the things during this boycott that he did. Not only was the amongst the four who helped end the boycott, he was a person who allowed a camel every so often with food and grains and water and send the camel in the middle of the night into this valley to feed the Muslims. Right. The point being though, is what the profit center made it a points in his journey of hedge that he will go to

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the same place that snom was attacked and oppressed and demonstrate that Allah has given victory to the religion by establishing the prayer their Lord Asana would have been a shot. Right and so it's a lesson when we're performing Hajj and we don't go them either. Now we don't go to the area of hey, Benny Canyon at the Kwinana now but we know

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From this journey of the Messenger of Allah Raewyn has an ambassador he, he was told the man comes to him and he says I performed Hajj. He says, he asked him a different multitude of questions. One of the questions he asked and he says, when you were in MENA, do you remember the days when the Muslims were oppressed in the in the in the end the boycott that was placed upon the Muslims? And he said, No. And he asked him a bunch of different questions. Remember, do you remember how to listen? And when she was walking through stuff on marijuana and the like, he kept saying, no, they said, you haven't performed Hajj you know, you did the physical action, but you didn't perform it. You didn't

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have understanding of the meaning of what you're doing. Right. But the person have made it a point to stay there. Now. Why am I saying all of this? What's the point? The point is this, Allah subhanaw taala. He says, it's an enhancer number eight verse 26, he says, was cool. Oh,

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Connie. Stop by phone effing Lita Hoff on a hot Topher. comun sufa Wacom bahawa kumara Jacobina three what was up aku Mina polybutene Ah Lakota school rune. Allah commands the believers to remember when you were few and oppressed in the land with CUDA with anthem palynomorphs Tell the iPhone up. He says, fearing that people might abduct you, but he sheltered you and supported you with his victory and provided you with good things so that you may be grateful.

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The point I'm trying to share a one of the lessons I'm trying to share brothers and sisters I'm hoping to drive home is that the Palestinian he emphasized and he was keen himself. And he was keen on leaving this as a legacy for the Muslims after him to remember a time to connect ourselves at a time when the Muslims were early in their days. And they struggled and they strive and what they went through to get the victory Allah had promised them to get the victory that Allah has promised them. And so that's they as isas not under conscious control. So that you may give thanks to Allah subhanaw taala. And so we must also not forget the same lessons, right? Look at our state now when

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we are in a similar position globally as an OMA as a whole. When we are in different lands oppressed, we are weak and we are looking for some sort of ezza Right? What was it that gave the Companions victory in a time when they were weak? How was it in 23 years, they go from being beaten and abused and murdered and driven out of their homes and abducted to having 100,000 strong with the Messenger of Allah Azza southern performing Hutch? What did they do? You see they they stick to their principles, right? They didn't respond to injustice with injustice, they didn't stoop to the level of their enemies, they stayed to their principles, they stay true to what the Prophet SAW said

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them, ask them to do to ask them to be right and we have to do the same. We have to do the same. And what we have to do is connect ourselves as the prophet emphasize with his companions to the Ummah as a whole to connect ourselves to the OMA as a whole. We can't be separate from one another. You know, we talked about Syria. Yes. And we talked about Central African Republic. Yes. We talked about Burma. Yes. But you know what, what's sad, and we'll get the cheaters and the tops and everything. And when I go to fundraise, and I fundraise, thankfully, but Donald Trump said he has to go fundraisers. They didn't ask me, right, I don't like fundraising. But when I go to fundraise, there

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was a cause for Syria, for Somalia for Pakistan, I have no trouble hitting six figures. Without a question. I can hit six figures without without problem. But then when we have a problem, when we have a fundraising for the local inner city masjid, that's about to be closed down because they don't have money to pay their bills. nobody shows up to the fundraiser. It's like pulling teeth if I get 10,000 That's an amazing accomplishment. Why is it that we say we're connected to the Ummah, when we forget the people who are here in our local local city? Right, the messenger Lawson that's why the the scholars even have an opinion about Zika that is given locally not given abroad. I mean,

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think if we, and I'm not advocating one or another, I'm not a *ing in any way. And I'm not going to shame on us. I'm just what I'm the point I'm trying to make is this is that look, if that pain is there, imagine if we just follow that if our money went to our local needy people, right? The college has money, the honey the salad, they don't have money. And I'm not saying don't give to Syria, I'm not saying don't give to Egypt. What I am saying is if we were a people who supported our own local community, look at the difference we can make within our own community. We talked about, you know, Black Lives Matter and the right I talked about yesterday, but guess what, you know, in

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our own communities doesn't really matter. Does it really matter or no? Right. So the President made an emphasis to connect us to the whole community to the greater community. And what's the other thing that's perhaps most important is staying connected to our roots? Why do you think she a couple of us has dedicated so much of his life to teaching the Sierra? Why do you think she probably has dedicated so much his life to teaching the Sierra so we can stay connected to our roots? To know that life of the Messenger of Allah, this whole conference is to get to know the Messenger of Allah saya. Right? And if you want to cut off a nation from its identity, cut it off from its roots,

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right? That's how you kill a nation. That's how you destroy people is to cut them off from the roots and the Messenger of Allah is emphasizing in a journey that we must all make

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If we have the ability to do so, to be connected to our roots, to be connected to our early days to learn the life of the Messenger of Allah Sinai send them you know, it's sad, but this happened. You know, at a major Islamic conference in North America, a gun a girl, government official comes. And this is at the height of the Gaza war last year, when 2200 plus people were killed 17,000 injures hospitals, schools in the light were bombed, you saw the images, children play on the beaches were were struck with missiles. And he stands up in the Muslim conference, and they're packed hall and he defends the right of Israel to defend itself. And you know what he got from the Muslim crowd, a

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standing ovation. He got a standing ovation. Can you imagine that? And I wasn't there. I was shocked. I was like, what, what really what it comes down to, you know, you could criticize or whatever what it comes down to is we have been disconnected from our roots. We have we have we don't know the life of the Messenger of Allah. We don't know the things that we need to know to bring us our back. And it's not. It's a reflection of the work that needs to be done on the community live as a whole to connect us again to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, yesterday nights, some of my friends were getting ready to go into their to their apartment, and a

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man from West Baltimore, he comes up to them and he sees me to get the big beers. They got the you know, the mothers have a job and he says, First thing he sees y'all speak English.

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Right? They're like, yeah, we speak English. And then then he says, Look, man, he said he dropped some, you know, four letter words in between, but he's like, we messed up. We we as a black community here in Baltimore, were messed up, man. And he says, You people, you have to hold on to your identity. You have to hold on to your identity. Don't lose it, like we lost it. Hold on to your identity. So you can make a difference. You can not only help yourselves, you as a community, your community, you can help everybody else. Whether it's somebody who's been through it, man, right. Malcolm X was also messed up. Malcolm X was doing drugs. He was on the streets. He was hustling and

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bustling, but Malcolm X, no one says his name anymore except that they say Rahim Allah to Allah right this is what Islam did for them. This was done can do for us and this can Islam Islam can do for the world. But we have to connect ourselves to the life of the messenger Allah sentiment, the legacy of the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam I ended with the statement or I'm gonna hotdog when he says that Andrew Coleman has done Allah who have been Islam. Now I'm the almond eyes and Allah will be the stem for mathema Italian lady Evelyn Allah, that we are a people who Allah gave us honor first and foremost through Islam. And if we were to seek our as our honor from any other

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means, Allah will disgrace us. So make May Allah make us amongst those who seek honor through his religion and through following the way of his Prophet sallallahu Sallam in a way that's befitting of his teachings. Well, I'll put down from the title but Alameen wa salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh