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Adnan Rajeh
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Throw wood and this is one of those are Hadith you know this everyone knows this hadith it's not it's not new.

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And there's a number of a hadith where the Prophet alayhi salam Salam was asked these type of questions.

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What's the best this was the best done it only imagine people would be very interested to do that because sometimes when you hear so many so much teaching, you would like to know what's the top three this or what's the what's the best or what's the worst that the meaning of bidder was alone and it's important if you didn't attend yesterday listen to it because the concept of the definition of bidders very act is very important. When we talk about bidding nobody Dana sort of Ron Haskins, Jr. and the importance of treating people around you with excellence. And the usage of the word bit of course here is important. So he said, it says to us what Allah He said Allah Azza wa sallam, au

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Amelie Allahu taala, whichever the deeds are most beloved to Allah. And these are the type of questions he got. What's the most beloved to God? What are the best? What's the worst? What's the, you know? And the reality is I'm gonna always have to come up with an answer or offer something. Some scholars say that this was revelation, meaning he was told word by word for word by Djibouti, what they were. And some scholars say that based on his observations out of your salatu salam, meaning based on being taught and mentored by Djibouti for a long time, based on being exposed to the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala, he would see things he would, he saw parts of John Nissan's

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parts of genuine and he was able to come from his own observation, say these are the heaviest. And the reason he was because all of a sudden was exposed to a lot of this stuff. So he would tell us things based on I saw this, so be careful of that. Right. And he told the ladies, right, you know, he saw things. So he he would he would explain what he saw what he experienced. So this answer that he's going to offer could be revelation from God, or it could be from his observations on it. You saw to some of the scholars, Islamic scholars are happy with both ways of interpretation, no problem. But it's an interesting question. Like I remember, just a few weeks ago, a young boy came

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and asked me a question. And he said, What is your favorite Hadith? And he completely stumped me, I had nothing I could not I. And actually, he got me interested. So I went home and said, like, you know, what is my fear. So I start putting together a list, I put a list of like 450 Hadith, and then it's way too much. So I started, like, I cut it down to 100. And I still have no idea where to go by. But at the heart of it is ask these type of questions. He had to come up with answers like what's the what's the most important this? What's the best, active, worst? What's the heaviest in the music. And actually, I have a when I was in university, I used to put these together, I used to

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clump up a hadith that have similar wordings to them or similar questions. The Prophet Allah your son was asked him that I would put them together. And I'm going to do that in shallow once we're done. This theme, the theme of the summer, the themes of the summer, I'm going to show them in the fall switch the kind of

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spice things up a bit, instead of doing topic based themes, I'll do pattern based themes meaning Hadith to have the same patterns or the same wordings are in there just just for the benefit of kind of listening, looking at things from a different angle. So he's asked, I think it's awesome. Are you in an earlier hub with Elijah which of the deeds are most beloved to Allah spy Bacala, a Salah to Allah Octi ha.

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Pray on time.

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In his assessment, I use law to Islam. This is the most beloved act of worship to Allah subhanaw taala. The fact that you take the appointment you have with him seriously. The fact that when he gives you an appointment, you show up for it, that you don't feel like you don't have to, or it's not important enough or you have more you have things that are more important to you than to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and speak to Allah subhanaw taala invocate him and supplicate him and be in his presence jelajah la Lu, that you see that to be very important. That's what's most relevant, then he gives you an appointment, your show up to it most beloved, the act of worship to Allah

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subhanaw taala. And of course, that's its own its own lecture, but to film, and then what's not a film we have worldwide today, and then showing your parents better is showing the best you've got, as I explained yesterday, better is the best you've got what's the best you got? That's your better. And that's in the standard of that will differ from one person to the other. One person is better, maybe better than someone else's or less based on the person and based on how much what they who they are and what they've done. But better is the best you got. What's your best you show your best? And in the Quran? Allah subhanaw taala used the term about Ron BYD they are well run BYD the team,

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but he also reused a more interesting term right? What was the other term he used with Buddy Dean?

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He's not better. There's another word, Exxon right will be really Dany Sena and that's really to explain that son is excellence and excellence is also subjective. These are subjective terms bit of an accent or subjective they're based on Allah His son is not like mine. Hola accent is your accent is not like my if you do something with excellence and I do excellence depending on our skill set or age or experience or expertise. And what we're going through at the moment will have different outcomes, but it's the best you got. That's why the word bitterly by me is showing your parents the best you've got the best what's the best that will differ depending on the situation depending on

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the child depending on the parents

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So when you come and ask me questions, and it's a long half an hour story, you have to tell me first about your you can lead me into any direction you want for me to say to tell you whatever you want to hear about your relationship with your parents, but what it comes down to, is, are you showing them the best you've got? Knowing that this is what they actually want? Or are you trying to make up a criteria and say, well, they don't fit it and I don't have to do that anymore. I don't want to do that. Think of that's very important. Very important. God, I wanted to throw him a and then went UCLA, LG thumbnailed. You heard FISA, beautiful, and they're striving for the sake of Allah subhanaw

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taala and dedicating your life and your time, but for serving him Subhana wa Tada, but had definitely be hidden, well, at least as to who led me. He told me those things out of his salt was to them. And if I asked him for more, he would have given me more if I told him then what he would have told me. And then what he would have told me. And I know when I'm your father, and although I know he stuck with three, and then he stopped. I probably because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was yeah, he told them not to ask all these questions all the time. So it felt like he was more than enough. And you have to be quiet at that point. But but he gave us something beautiful, these three

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gems, what the most beloved things to Allah, your appointment with him, that you're always in connection with Allah Subhanallah you never lose it. You're always speaking to Allah, you never forget about Allah, Allah does not because he doesn't forget about you. He never forgets about us. Don't forget about him. And make sure that that appointment is sacred to you, and you treat it with the sanctity that it deserves. And then make sure you show your parents the best you've got. And we'll talk about that more, I will, I will bore bore you more with this as we go along. But I do want you to at least start thinking about those, especially my younger brothers and sisters. Because

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as you grow up, better, better is going to be a big part of your life. And you know, as you go into your 20s and 30s it becomes important what it's going to look like. And I I've worked in the geriatric medic medicine

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where you have to go to anywhere where you where you're on certain words, or you have to go to certain homes and

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yeah, it's getting pretty.

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It's not pretty, not pretty at all.

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And I think it comes from a lack of understanding of what this word actually means. And then the third one is is you had PCBs, it doesn't have to doesn't mean combat this specifically, it means striving to strive for the sake of Allah for you to dedicate yourself for a cause that serves Allah subhanho wa Taala these three things is what Allah subhanaw taala loves the most think about them use Allah we will all only find benefit with them I hope that was administered your will Imam Al Bukhari you will email Muslim

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quality so he I believe he must obey the law who can file certainly do some Allah Allah you he also have you send them Are you a humble your light Allah Akbar la sala to Allah Roxy helpful to some a ba la toma we are already doing well to some a PA and as soon as you heard with isa de la

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Allah had definitely been well we started to who less than a third of Rasulullah sallallahu ano speculum 100 Allah Allah, Allah and just to really go so Allah who was telling him about I'm gonna be

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