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Tafseer Az Zalzalah 06

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As for some hearts in this world, some hearts in this world will not be touched will not be moved, even if they are touched by a mountain of sin and crying.

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Hamad even was made Buhari of mithila Lee

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mentioned to us a beautiful Hadith on the authority of God, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us, Fear Allah to Allah Fie the whole fire, even if it is or if it were, by giving a portion a small portion of a date, small portion of the data is is that how easy is given one cents,

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a small portion of a date or by saying a good word. And he said, Do not despise any act of kindness, any act of kindness, even if it were by filling the drinking vessel of a thirsty person from your bucket, or meeting your brother with a smile.

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And he mentions in how they've collected Bible 40 Likewise, the motto lolly Oh, Billy Oh community of believing woman.

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The woman neighbor should not despise her woman neighbor. Even if she gives her a shaves. trata se trata is not the fault.

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But one that she trots on that basic thing, which is nothing, it's trivial. But she might have a guilty paradise because of that, or by committing sin, even though it's trivial insignificant, that might lead to hellfire.

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So as we see the creatures disorder really should

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bless our hearts. And not only that, we take it in the sense of it's just another sort of take every soldier of the Quran

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with recognition, understanding, implementation, and preparation for what that Sora

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prepares and warns us against. I called him with a smile or stuck with a lot Holy guacamole say muslimeen first of all in order for him