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A Super Tool for the Quran-Centric Revival of the Ummah

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Mohammad Elshinawy

Channel: Mohammad Elshinawy

Episode Notes

Quran Reflect, Ramadan Prep

Episode Transcript

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Selling equal everyone. I just wanted to say that I hope more and more and more people start jumping onto this quote and reflect bandwagon. I'm just so interested in it at this point. I don't work for Klein reflected by the way, they don't pay me. They can't afford me.

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I work for the creator of the founder of Quran reflect, he pays better soprano, Hola, Thailand, there's more perks

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to that career, and he offers unlimited forever vacations. Now lots of pie no without together as a new agenda. No, but back to the point, like pause and reflect is extremely well thought out the mechanism put in there, the database element in particular, you know, it's so useful because so many of our scholars nowadays, and our students have knowledge, the sacred sciences, and those interested in the court. And in general, you know, they put together such beautiful reflections on the poor, and you see them floating around social media all the time. So well crafted, so nuanced. So well researched, sometimes the translation of you know, a gem from our scholarly heritage, so well put

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together. But then, you know, social media posts on Facebook, for example, something like 99.9% of its engagement happens in the first three days, then it's gone. Whereas before and reflect, you can look it up by if it's always there, whenever someone looks up the verse, or even by keyword in Arabic or in English or by a number. And then you know what the click of a button, it can be turned into a PDF, or you can even bundle it into a book. And so, you know, the narrative of the dour of the Muslims needs to continue to inch more and more into being a poor and centric narrative of the way it was in the earliest generations of Islam. And this mechanism number one is a pure alternative

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to social media. But number two, also, you know, considering the concept of you know, the shelf life, the longevity, the legacy element of our dedication to the core and and our commitment to it. I just I can't say enough about it. So if you're a scholar or a student of knowledge or writer on core and formally trained, especially make sure you avail yourself the platform and if you are, you know, an admirer of these people go encourage them or take their permission to transfer over their reflections to this platform and May Allah Subhana Allah make us a reason sometimes what we do behind the scenes is far greater than the things that we already got credit for because people

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discovered is wanted to put that out there and I hope this echoes and it's shared around in a way that can benefit me and my family and my children. But yeah, for and reflect make an account make accounts for your scholars and male laws, though did return us to this book a beautiful return. I love them.