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The segment discusses theics of the earthquake and theics of resurrection. Theics of the earthquake include the weight of the Earth, the meaning of "will" and "will" in relation to the Earth, and the potential for "will" to create life. Theics of the resurrection include the ability to create life and the need for "will" to be created.

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day when the earthquake will hit this wall this earth

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the day when the earthquake will hit this earth. Yeah, Johan tokoto.

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Artesia, you know the

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Yama Tarragona to the Heroku model die model data in an Autobot what are the data handling handling autorun sakara. One

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Oh man, mankind fee your Lord and be useful to him.

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The earthquake of the hour is indeed a mighty terrible thing. Today you shall see it.

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Today you shall see it. Every nursing mother will forget her nursing, every pregnant one will drop her load.

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You will see mankind as though they are in a drunken state yet they are not in a drunken state but servi is the punishment of your Lord.

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A warning from the almighty Lord

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about this earthquake,

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warning us admonishing us beware just to listen to prepare for it.

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Have we not admonished a beautiful song?

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named surah Allah

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O surah in the Quran COVID earthquake

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which gives

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a violent shake to all those jlc hearts, warning humanity

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of the Day of Resurrection. The day when the earth this earth that you are walking on

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since you were born, you had been eating sitting, sleeping, drinking, playing joking, worshiping Allah to Allah on this earth. This firm Earth on that day you will tremble and quake and shake

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and it will be a powerful blast.

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And it will make every single creature terrified by the hour the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, either Zulu Zilla till all those things.

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Today when the earth is shaken by convulsions,

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define earthquake on this earth. Zelzal a means to shake violently over and over and over again. And it's not just a limited portion of the Earth a small territory No, it means the entire earth will shake what on earth call us after that, after the quake, it will spit out throw out all its burden human beings, mankind, Jean animals will all be thrown out. And this will be the resurrection.

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Allah to Allah reassemble

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the humans in their graves, he will make them exactly in the same shape and form as they were in this life. And this will be as you all know, after the blow of the trumpet by Israel field, and is known to be the second blow of the trumpet known as the blow of revival and resurrection.

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Thus mankind will be resurrected from the life of the dead.

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There are the noise out there of this time.

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There are the noise out there, this side note there is no such thing as resurrection, that you know all those ability to turn our bones, our dust into beings with feelings, and senses. And without a doubt this denial stems from the ignorance of the power of the mighty law.

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Glorified is He

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our originator? our Creator, our organizer,

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our fashion designer, who created man for the first time for the first time out of nothing, Adam dusty created us. Anyhow bear those infidels deny resurrection you created you idiot.

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Did you exist for non existence?

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Does non existence have the ability to exist?

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Or to create

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your house do you stupid is man

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into hoceima

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No humble, Sulaiman ignatia. Buddha would collected the beautiful Hadith that Muhammad wa salam was asked, oh prophet of Allah, has Allah give a life to the dead?

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And why is the sign of that in his creation?

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And in some very, very smart in a wise way.

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He said, Have you not passed your family's barren river, and the barren river is a place where it's bare feet of vegetation, it's dead, there's no life in it. It suggests a prophet of Allah, to have you not pastored again and found it to be full of life, brain Thresh alive. you suggest so messenger of Allah. He said, likewise, Allah to Allah will give a life to the dead. And this is a sign in his creation.

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The pagan Arab who is trying to play or mock or joke about Islam, he grabbed a bit of dust, which was bones decomposed bones. He said, yeah.

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I didn't say I sort of believed him the robot because how well Mohammed how Allah give life to this, how will you give life to this? And instead of mockery he will sign it. Now.

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Muhammad said to him,

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it looked him in the eye.

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He will give life to this. He will cause you to die. Thus he will resurrect you and throw you in whole fire.

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My daughter Bella. Wanna see your Hanako call me?

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corny you

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will be cool.

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I love you jala lacuna surgery. very narrow. For either to Minho. Tokido la sala de la casa Mati well armed because in any local Muslim, Bella holla, holla holla.

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He puts forth a parable, this man, if it gets his own creation size that will give love to this after it's been decomposed, say Mohammed Allah, He will give him life, he will give love to this, he will give love to this.

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The one who created a for the first time

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the one who produces for us what fire from the green trees fire from the green trees

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is the one is not he created the heavens and the earth, able to create the life of them. And dude, he's and he's the knower of all creation.

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While Illa Allah and we believe in that decreases. We believe that he will give life

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just as he gave us life the first time