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A lot of color or color insane omega.

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When the man sees

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people being taken thrown out of the earth,

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running here running there, the earth shaking, trembling, quaking, the man will be astonished me wielded, who is banned, shocked, amazed, puzzled what is happening to the earth.

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It's quaking underneath me.

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He will be shocked. Why? Because he will witness with his very eyes.

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The reality here is a lot she Yeah, the overwhelming will mean who will witness

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the happening, who witness Yom

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Yom Alma road promised stay here witness yambol horos The day of coming out and he'll witness yom and qiyamah the Day of Resurrection. As for those deniers, they'll witness yom AlHassan the day of grief, regret, remorse today of sorrow. Now awareness for the first time, what they regarded as the impossible. That will never happen. But this time, they're witnessing that which they thought will never ever happen, but it's happening.

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It is happening. They'll be in a state of confusion. bewilderment. They'll be in a state of loss.

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A lot of brothers This is to be

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and they'll say,

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what is it? What's the problem with it? Why is happening right now out? As for the believing servants, those that believed in the almighty Lord, those that believed in that day? What would they say, though when is all these things happening to them on that day, that all of it to them is in accordance to the firm belief and conviction?

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Gone we are waiting on a member authonomy model Kadena that will say to us, the disbelievers who has taken us awaken us from a place of risk have Wow, man was so calm Busan

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I will say this is what your Lord the Most Gracious has promised.

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And the prophets the messengers have spoken the truth did not alone us will send messengers. Why don't you send Mohammed masala Marisa Moosa? No, Ibrahim, Adam, why? as a joke, why are you saying teachers? Why is he made scholars inheritors of prophets and messengers? Why so can warn mankind? Why when you will want you rejected? Brother pray No, I haven't got time brother leave interest No, leave me alone. Brother. Do not do this. No,

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you won't. That's why Allah says messengers to warn mankind against evil to one mankind against this mighty day, which is to be well liked to be.

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So on that day that you be among those that say Alhamdulillah lady and Jan.

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All praises you to Allah dress save me.

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And not those that say yeah, we lend well to us. Yeah, serata briefly upon us.

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That will be the day the creatures and that was the day when the person will say or call an insane malahat and the person who cried out

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what is the matter of the earth? Yama eating 200 diesel.

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On that day, the earth

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it will declare, oh, it's tidings. Anything that you had done on this earth, it will relate it is going to be liable for you or against you. Whether it is murder, theft, robbery,

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conspiracy policies in the land or in the sea.

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oppression, innocent intercourse backbiting, cheating. No matter what you did on this earth, you will be judged will lay the land the earth that you are walking on.

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will speak against you or for you on that day. If you pray today in windy Park, on Woodland Park, that park on that day, that portion, that section will speak for you and not against you. Yet if you go and steal someone that section that you stole from it will speak against you

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So wherever you go wherever you walk, wherever you look, whatever you do on this land, know that the lands but eyes,

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it is looking at you and our day of resurrection or have a mouth that will speak with and will speak either for you or against you. So wherever you go wherever you go, you cannot hide

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and know that wherever you go, I want this land to be for me, not against me.

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Yama, Eden to hardy to bear on that they will declare everything.

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Just like our limbs will declare everything about us. Our limbs that we have borrowed and are using the ones that our Lord owns these hands, this is the smell of this tongue, this he everything, which you do not iron but your Lord owns, you will be questioned and that will speak need to spread you can use rest on that day.

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Your tongue will bear witness to what is said through it. Your hands your legs, a bear witness to what days you committed through them, your eyes and ears a bear witness to what you saw and what you heard through them. Gaming your skin will lie your skin will bear witness over for you or against you.

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Yo ma Tasha Dora Lee him as a senior to whom ID Marshal ondina Kenyatta know, the day when the 10s and hands and legs will be a witness against them to what they did on this earth. And the man who say the person who say, Why have you born what is against me? I used you all this life. Why did you bear witness against me? And the limbs will say

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the one that has made everyone speak has made me speak today

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and made me speak today.

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You're eating to hunger to

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be an narangba ohana because mohale The Lord has commanded it. It's law of the land the earth has commanded it. So it's got no choice. But like whether it wants to be on your side or anyone else's side. Now, there's no such feed on that day. It will speak with a wants to speak or not because your Lord has commanded it he commanded to equate to tremble to shake and it did. He commanded to throw you out and it did and he command it to relate everything that happened on and it did and it will