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The history and cultural context of the Day of Justice in Korea is discussed, including the transformation of the human body during the day and the transformation of the "naughty body" during the day. The "naughty body" is caused by the caterpillar and people are put on a scale to measure their deeds. The "naughty body" is also discussed, where the "naughty body" is a result of luck and luck in general, and a secret must be kept secret to protect a creature.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah on any human being as marine

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or prison thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala I made the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Hamdulillah, we finished from salt of the earth and the solar that comes after the salt of Korea. So tonight, our study, our focus is on salt and salt and Korea. That's the only name for it. It doesn't have any other authentic name that has been recorded in the authentic hadith, nor in the books of the year. So the only name for the solar is solid, and Korea. And it is a murky solar by consensus of the LMS. So that means it was revealed to the province on the maharlika. Before the usual and of course, any medical school is going to discuss the Day of Judgment. And so you find this paramount in the soldier from the very beginning to the end. It's all about the Day of Judgment what happens

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on the last day, what happens during the first blow of breath in the trumpet, what happens in the second blow of breath in the trumpet and so on. So it's a very heavy discussion on the Day of Judgment. Also, Pamela, the one who looks at the sower, it becomes very clear that its objective is to teach you something you would have never ever known except through and why this is the objective of the surah is to teach you something that you would have never ever known except by why In other words, except by individual Allahu alayhi wa sallam being taught that thing. And then him teaching us sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Surah Tada, my brothers and sisters, it's made up of 11, eight. This

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is according to the goofy count, the most half that we have is called a goofy cow. And it has it's made up of 11. As in other accounts, in other accounts of the old amount, this surah is made up of 10, eight and the only other say it's made up of eight. Now I know I do repeat this often. And some of you asked me last time, what does that mean, when you say 1011? Eight. So they had a confusion? And let me just explain that. Because when I say that the goofy count is 11 eight, and other than that would count the smaller as 10. Others would count as eight. What does that mean? Does that mean there's a lot that are missing? Let's correct that understanding and say that the lemma used to base

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the counting Actually, this is a subject called add delay. And the amount used to base the counting according to grammatical principles in the Arabic language. So what made sense grammatically, they join them together. And others would say no, it's we stopped right here because there's an error right here. So they would stop. For example, those who said it's 10 if they said to Amanda is one

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and the coffee count said no, I'm Korea is one. Man Korea is another air. Now both the correct and the ones that sit on Korea is one area and stop what was their proof their proof was that it was authentically narrated that masala masala when he prayed in solid with you saw, he said I'm Korean and he stopped. So when the products are selling them stop that made an error when he stopped that made an error. And if he continued, then that would have made, obviously until where he ended would have been counted an error. So perhaps in another time, another seller would have said oh Korea, Ottoman Korea, and then those would have counted that as a complete a, but whatever we say 10 1120

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whatever whatever number we give the Abba surah you need to understand that all agreed to the fact that all the words are the same. No word is taken and no word is inserted. It's just the difference of where do we count the only the last as being and so on. For me this Sora it's got that he left that this difference of opinion in terms of the number of as it doesn't make a big deal anyway, but just to explain it so that you're aware of these things only when you read them in other Masada and so on. Nothing was authentically integrated in Missoula in terms of a special virtue. So we just remained the same and that this sort of sort of tempura is just like any other photo in the Quran,

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carrying the same virtue as what the Koran would carry of virtue. We're going to speak first and foremost, before we begin with the first word on Korea, we need to explain and speak about the placement of the solar. Now this is very important, and its relationship with the previous oil and the future swaps that are going to come straight after it. For the Korea my brothers and sisters is a soldier that belongs to a cluster of soil. So these there are four swords that are tied and closely related with each other. And these are and you got to focus so you can understand what's happening in the placement of the solar. We've already taken sort of the xara that's one of the four

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the one after it was what sort of an idea now

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Luton Korea and then after it's worth, at the castle unhaggle mata castle. These four swords are very closely tied and related with each other, sort of the Zen Zilla spoke about the last day and spoke about the earth shaking either Susanna tomatoes inshallah, and it spoke about the state of the people on that day and how they scared and they're shocked on an inside the human being would scream and say What's wrong with it? I spoke about the last day, and the state of the people and how they end in shock and they're afraid, the sooner that is after, which is sort of the idea that it spoke about the state and the attitude of the human being right now in this dunya. So Allah said, in an

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incentive to be reckoned with, that the human being no doubt is ungrateful to his master, remember, and then they went on why not only help them hide in a shady, and he's in love of this dunya and in love of the higher of this dunya which is the wolf and so on. So sort of the IDF spoke about the attitude of the human being right now in this dunya. Now, sort of an Korea that comes after, interestingly will speak about the Day of Judgment. So just like sort of the sencilla spoke about the Day of Judgment. So total Korea now speak about the Day of Judgment, and it will be full of warnings and so on. And then sort of the ticker for which is after salata, Korea, again, we'll speak

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about the state of mankind the attitude of the human from the very beginning and hair Kamata care for the want of for cleanliness, the one of cleanliness, has distracted you, in other words, is distracted you from the purpose of this life and so on the initial panorama, sort of the Zen center last day, sort of an idea about this do near the human attitude, sort of Korea again, adopt the last day, and then sort of the castle again about the human and the human attitude. And so until you see last day, human last day and human, this is what brings these false worlds together. So in other words, surah, one and three are similar. And four, two and four are similar. Now sold at the Zen

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center and Korea, we said a similar similar to Zelda and Korea is similar. And so in other words, this sort of that we're about to study today sooner than Korea, it actually completes the IDs that were left hanging in sort of the Zelda Zelda. Zelda introduced us to a few things, and it was unclean. Now, sooner than that, well, Korea takes the step ahead. And it explains some things that were left unexplained in sort of the cell setup. For example, in sort of the Celts era, Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said something Yama myth karnavati, hyaluron era and chawan Yama, that anyone who does just the speck of dust in wave of goodwill see and in bad we'll see you'll see the young

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either wait you'll see it of your digital see your deeds sooner than perianal came and said to us that from anthropology from our xeno admin hoffart noisiness In other words, sought at the center and spoke about seeing the deeds sort of the content of Korea continues and completes that Id teaches us that now. After you saw the deeds now they're put on the scale and they're being weighed. So you see them first, then they are weighed and sold at the Zen center. It's said to us that it mentioned when the people come out of the grave, they will come and they will be divided and they'll spread out. You're meeting your school nurse a stet a neuro amerihome remember the word saltus

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angelakos people come out and they'll be divided. How is this division? How would the description of the people be forgotten Korea came and added an image to that yo mia kuno nurse who can follow Sheila puth so they come out of their graves and they all divided how how do the people come out of the grave? What would the stage be what kind of chaos are the people in an image now is depicted for that? And along would say come for ocean? Like scattered morph and we're going to speak about why exactly they will also Panama Yani described the human beings on the Day of Judgment like a scattered morph, you need to study the Mothman See, how does the moth act in his life and as a

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result you'll understand exactly why Allah subhanaw taala described them as such on the hereafter when we get to that if we're going to explain it in detail in Sharma This is the initial panel the logic and the and the connection between solar sensor and Fullerton Korea. Now the first one in these four was which one sorta to sell Jana and then an idea and then Antalya. And within these three sold there is actually something powerful that's being taught in these three soar. Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us and we learn in these three. So the process of being judged is in five steps. The process of judgment is in five steps. Watch this. The process of judgment judgment number

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one is the people are given their books either in their left or in their right. Where was this mentioned way before in sort of the issue of amendment Odia kitabi Amina

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mamanuca kitabi cinelli that's the first of five steps of the judgment. That's number one. Now, the second step, you're showing your deeds that is mentioned were in sort of the Center for the Yama myth color formatting higher on yada, yada, yada. That's the second thing you will see the beach now. There are people that will come on the Day of Judgment, they might have mountains and mountains of good deeds, but they could be useless. Right? What would what would the any what's the decisive factor between someone coming with mountains of good deeds, and they're accepted by a law and someone coming with mountains of good deeds and they're not accepted? What's the thing that decides

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The intention the sincerity. So so little idea came to say, Well, how similar methods to do what is in the chest, which is the heart and the intentions have been exposed on that day. And that's the third step of in the process of judgment. So number one, the books are given. Number two, you're showing the deeds, but these deeds, what about them, certain ideas came to say you're not only showing the deeds, you're also showing the intentions behind the deeds that will be exposed as well. Then number four, the process is found now in Fullerton, Korea, after the details have been shown, and the intentions have been exposed. Now they are put on the scale from an opponent noisy nervous

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scale is weighed heavy woman comfort noise, you know, and whoever skill becomes like now they evaluated basically now they're being evaluated, then they're being scaled. And then after this is your judgment, what will you end up in the paradise or in the Hellfire at the end of surah tempura for whoever

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was offered more zero for more.

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Now don't have any beautiful so Pamela, from sort of the Zelda, Vietnam Korea, it explains this process of judgment and that it is in five steps and it ends right towards the end of Torah which is the sutra that we're going to study today. Before we begin with the first word Korea what connects soul with an idea with alpha now we're just explaining the the normal thing we do the relationship between the previous one idea and the coming sorta now, which is sort of them Korea, my brothers and sisters in Sudan idea. Allah subhanho wa Taala said, a friend a llama is about a fellow man from

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Memphis to do two things were mentioned that didn't the person didn't use the human being know about the day in which everything in the grave will be brought out. And didn't he know that whatever is is in the chest will be exposed to things were mentioned that the end of sort of the idea what happens next, the people come out of the grave, and the intentions are exposed. What happens next? for them Korea came after sort of an idea to answer that question. So now sort of an idea to say that the skills are brought forth for men and football that noise you know, for who of Eurasia to Baba mmm hoffart noise you know, from Ohio. We're so nice to Pamela. The question that was left in sort of

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the idea what happens after the people come out of the grave? What happens after the intentions are exposed sort of the coriana came to give us an answer to that by saying that the skills will be brought forth, people's deeds will be weighed. And after that two parties are formed two outcomes are possible. The people of Asia Tobia which is the paradise or the people of Nelson Hermia, which is the Hellfire Alaska las panatela to save us from a fire. We begin with this super, ultra powerful word. Actually, this was so powerful that a lot made it and a on its own. One word

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was acquired in saltwater Allah subhanho wa Taala he says kita Bonanza Level A como Bella could leave the bow at Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he revealed this book and it is a source of Baraka and the purpose of it so that we may ponder over it's a at any every single area in Nepal and deserves a time for study.

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And Korea. One word, it was so powerful that it was made an A on its own because of what kind of benefit and what kind of warning is involved in this one word. We need to study and understand what is meant by in Korea. And what does it imply and what kind of warning is inside of the word of Korea?

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Korea. It comes from the word karma. And karma it means when two things are brought together, and they hit so so hard with each other, that they produce a loud blasting sound. And as a result, you become disturbed, scared and terrified. That is what happens. If the noise doesn't scare you and shake you from the inside. It's not cold. It's not cold, I thought it needs to ski at the end, then that'll be a problem. Like for example, if we're sitting here and we heard a loud massive bang outside if you

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You're terrified and your heart is shaking and pounding that is called a cover. That's called a powder. That's the first thing. The other thing is the herbs. They used to say, you're around Abu Belasco when the sleeve used to be beaten really hard with the staff with the cane. And it was really, really loud. They used to refer to that as Karen Belasco. And the one who hears that sound, he becomes disturbed, and he cringes, you know? Like, what's that? You know, I feel sorry for him, because he's been beating really, really hard on Mahanama kind of pain he's going through. So in other words, it needs to create the disturbing effect. If someone's being hit with a cane, right,

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and you really didn't feel anything towards that. I mean, it's normal hitting that you don't call that a collar. But you know, what I held on a quarter level or sometimes videos go around from Yani all our brothers and sisters, all overseas, you know, sometimes you really find the huge metal pole, they come and they smash the people with it. As an instant reaction. When you see it, you cringe. And you feel pain from the inside for the person that's being punished. That is now called karma, that is around with the staff. In other words, this is like a painful hit. When it creates that fire kind of effect, then it will be called a Korea. The other usage of this word current they used to

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use it with if a door is knocked in the mind during the night. They say current bed, he knocked the door in the middle of night. And you know, this is what happens. When you're sleeping in the middle of the night and someone knocks the door really hard. You know what happens? This is what happens. You weren't expecting it. So a Patreon is something that you weren't expecting. Number two, when someone knocks the door really hard in the middle of the night, it disturbs your peace is gone. And that is what a Korea does it reduce that piece away from your life. And it disturbs you. The other thing is, if someone knocks the door during the middle of the night, you're scared from Korea, it

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creates that effect, it scales, the one who hears it. And the other thing is, when someone knocks the door in the middle of the night, you don't know who it is, you're shocked. All of a sudden it came out of Korea is like that people won't have any idea what you're smack them, something will come all of a sudden, and that which wasn't expected. So these are some of the meanings linguistic meanings of al Qaeda. And it is also used to describe a person who goes through horrible rough times in his life through calamities, only they used to say, at home, or

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any when someone goes through a lot of tough time and calamities in his life, then that person is referred to as a partner, or con con has hit this person. And you know, what's the relationship between it and what we've spoken about is that Mikey get disturbed by the by a loud sound, and it takes your peace away. Going through a horrible and tough life also does the same. It takes the peace away from your life. So it has that any connection with it. And and Korea is one of the names of the names of the Day of Judgment. There are about 82 names for the Day of Judgment both in the plan and the ni authentics Universal Law Center. One of the names is Al Korea. And so lots of Hannah

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Montana is teaching us that the Day of Judgment is like that my visitor that comes at night, he comes all of a sudden, on the day of judgment is going to come all of a sudden like that. unexpected. The people are shocked. Just like when you knock the door in the middle of the night the person inside his shop. He's terrified. He's scared. And the human being won't have any clue what happened in the previous episode of gela. What did he say?

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What is wrong with it? Why is the earth doing what it's doing right now. So alpha is one of the names of the Day of Judgment. And it refers to the idea that it just comes all of a sudden and unexpected visitor comes all of a sudden, and the people are terrified and horrified in the screaming from the intense terror that they're feeling inside of their hearts. And Korea, the Striking Calamity. It's a Striking Calamity that strikes anytime a muscle panatela gives us permission. Now, this is a very unique style. And here we need to discuss this. And this style only occurs twice in the poll here and inside of that have a look at the style of Korea, Korea,

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Korea. The only other time this repeated was in salt and pepper and half man half woman half and in Korean interestingly enough enough.

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Why don't build Cora Cora as mentioned. Now, first and foremost what is the tie is there a tie between them Cora will help there is a tie the word and how it comes from the word half. Half and half means truth. And then help convey refers to the Day of Judgment. And you know what is the only truth that is promised in the day of judgment in the SATA attitude in the south right as a las panatela

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He mentioned that the hour is something helped when he says

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Leonardo, da da da he has one shot and

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the Quran spoke about the hour being something like it's the inevitable truth. It is going it's about it's going to happen. It's the truth that is unhappy. And Ill Korea is the Striking Calamity. So putting them together, it's like a muscle panda what Allah is saying, and Korea is how the Striking Calamity is unhealthy is a truth is a certainty. It's an inevitable reality it's going to happen. And you know, this is the thing that Korea is disturbing. It's a sound that is disturbing. And you know, when the truth is spoken to the people of falsehood, they're disturbed by it. When the word of truth is spoken to the people upon false hope they are disturbed by it. So um, Korea and

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America come together in that meeting, Allah subhanho wa Taala is an MBA by NACA for bellhop, Gala. belville, Fatima, who for either who has a hip and Allah subhanaw taala, he describes what kind of effect does the truth have on the false hood. He says that by noclip, we hold the truth on the false hood. We throw the truth on the false hood. And you know what happens? He says fed mahu from the milk and he it brain bashes. What kind of pain is experienced in someone's brain being smashed, fed mobile for either who has their head, it's like you get a speed, the truth is a speed. And there's someone standing there and he's the fossil, and I drive that spear I hold three dots straight at

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him, and it goes straight through his brain, he's dead in an instant he's gone. That's the effect the truth has on the false world. It's very painful. So this is how they're connected. uncaught error is something that is disturbing. And happy is something that is powerful. And when the hug is thrown upon the disbeliever, and upon those who are inclined to fall short, what happens to them as a result, you've grown, they're disturbed, and then they're shaking and terrified from the inside. Okay, so this is in relation to the unique style between Korea and Hong Kong.

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Now the word Korea

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and Roman law they see the word Emperor. grammatically it's known as a motor in the Arabic language is known as a mocha. In other words, the subject of the sentence, because it has an N at the beginning. In other words, when I say

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that's unclean, that's ambiguous, because nothing is mentioned after it. So it can describe what it is, you know, in other words, in Arabic, when you have a motto that you're supposed to have a hubbub in English, we call it the subject and the predicate. When you have a subject, you're supposed to have a predicate. For example, a normal sentence would be, the man is tall. That's a complete sentence. But if I say to the man, and stop, what happens, you're left, you're left hanging with your ID. What about the man? What did you want to say? and Korea is like that?

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A lot. He's saying the Striking Calamity. And he just stops. What about it? So what is the natural question that comes into your mind? If I if I was to say to the man, and stop? What's the natural question that comes in your mind? What about it? Look at this, when Alonzo john said and Korea, the Striking Calamity, what do people ask

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amasau shall read their mind and the next area was man Korea. You're asking what what? What is? Moses to Macario? What is on camera? But this is exactly what you're thinking. And Allah azzawajal reads the mind of the human being he knows how he thinks. So the next day was the question that is in your mind, mannakkara. What about it? What is this?

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So Panama? And when you have a question, What do you want? You want an answer? So then the third area comes to tell us you will never be able to know the answer on your own. So losses. Woman Adorama Carmen Carrera. What will give you any clue as to what uncaria really is? So Pamela, the first time it's mentioned, it's unclean, then you're thinking about it. Then the second area is melancholia. What is empathy? And then the third is when you have that question, what is Korea you want an answer in the third AR mcentee tell us listen, you want the answer? You will never be able to know the answer except if I reveal it. And now after one hour talk about Korea until the end of

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the solar is just going to be clues about what Korea really is an initial panel, but before we move on to the next

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we said that Alcoa is a loud banging sound. But what does it refer to? What color what disturbing sound is made on the Day of Judgment. You see, we know that the Day of Judgment is full of calamities from the very beginning to the end of it. And by the use of this word, we know that there are there are going to be a lot of things that strike against each other. So the sun

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is going to strike again they be the sun is going to strike against the moon. Now shampoo and thermo. And that is going to be a powder. And that the oceans are going to strike with each other to form one ocean and they're going to explode what even.

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And that is a Korra. And the stars, why even nujoma?

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Why? Well collectible, even tougher, the stars are going to fall from the sky, and they're going to strike the earth. And that's another corner. So it's called a parka. Because it's the day of judgment is a very, very noisy day. And it's a noise that disturbs you've never heard anything like this. And all of a sudden, it just comes from nowhere, right? And it begins with the blow of breath in the trumpet bias of you know, you set up. So you can just imagine how horrifying This is for the people that live at that time, where the people are screaming and they're running around your corner in Santo Yama is in a in and this is on the day of judgment as it's happening the last day on this

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earth. People are running away and saying ain't in my photo. Where's the escape? Where's the refuge? Where's the house? Where's the shelter? Where can we run? Right? And they're screaming and very, very noisy. So because it's a noisy day, and there's so much sound that is happening on that day. It's called a little Korea. That's the first day Allah subhanaw taala. And you know, just to understand exactly the placement of this Korea, when does it actually happen? You know, after the minus signs are finished, and after the major signs are finished, once the major signs are finished, and they go on and the last one of them is a fire that comes out from Yemen, it drives the people to

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the land of gathering. That's it straight after that people would live in, in a sham for a few years, everyone is living a normal life, Allah azza wa jal would cause death upon all the believers at that time, there will remain Not a single believer, then the day of judgment will occur. As soon as it happens, it will happen with a blow of breath from a slow feeling inside of the trumpet. And when that sound is produced, that is when it is happening, that's when everything is heating with each other. The stars are coming down, the sun and the moon are heating with each other. The oceans are on fire and exploding and all that is happening while Korea it occurs. And it basically it

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executes upon the disbelievers themselves now, and and then after this, everyone dies, after Korea has taken its effect. And after it's affected and driven that terror through so many people, everyone dies. And then people remain for a period of 40 as Abu huraira. All their loved one was it 40 mahana, 40 years, 40 months, 40 days, 40 centuries for decades, we got no ID, but for a period of 40. And then after this is sort of rather you said I would blow a breath in the trumpet once again, for either whom to move on and the people get up and they rise. And that's when the earth is shaking, it has gelatin or bosons, right? That's when the earth is shaking, and the people are

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coming out. And in sort of the casual Masada would say, Who knew that the hamlet Hamlet that the pregnant woman or the pregnant creature could be an animal could be a woman, whatever it is, the pregnant creature will drop the load that it's carrying with me and he says while Tobu that the hamlet Hamlet before it, he says your metadata

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about the breastfeeding creatures will will abandon that which is breastfeeding. And then he says and you will see the people in a drunken state and they're not drunk in a drunken state. In other words, they're wobbly. They can't stand straight. Why? Because if the earth is shaking, what happens you can't stand straight. So you look like you're drunk, but you're really not drink drunk. Well, I can now that you should eat however, the punishment of a lie is intense, and it's heavy. So this is when Korea happens because someone I met said that the Korea happens when the people come out of the grief. But one of the more correct opinion and you will see as we move on in the solar is that the

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Korea happens with the first blow of breath in the trumpet. And Korea is the last day on this earth, then that's another new Earth that is produced later on with the second law of breath in the trumpet one lohana Okay, so that's one thing.

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There's something that is, this is one more thing that is really beautiful to mention about Korea to Korea what Madoka Korea is handling, however, put so much effort into teaching us even the slightest things that happen in the Quran. And it produces a wonderful, a beautiful meaning with the I

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know the scholars of grammar.

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They said this is another opinion they said that alpha is the subject is the subject and they said that the predicate has been emitted. And it is a theory. In other words, they said that the AI is alpha to alpha, but which means the Korea is coming. That's a complete sentence. Right? And they said that at the end this word it wasn't mentioned. It was removed because the Quran has been mentioning over and over again.

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The hour is coming. And so a lot of social does not repeat himself, especially when user is supposed to be a summary of the entire plan. And in a summary, you don't repeat yourself. So they said that the predicate is actually there, but it's been removed. It's unclear to Attia and the scholars of Bolivar,

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which is opposite to these. Yeah. And he explained to you what that is, they mentioned No, there is no admission, the IRA is just uncoil. There is no predicate that has been removed. And that's it. Now, let me explain this. What's the difference between these two? There's any subjects in Arabic a subject called now, and a subject called Bulava? narrow my brothers and sisters is the science of Arabic. How a sentence is structured? That's, in other words, how do I put the boom at the end? Should I put a fat? How should I put a cursor here what so on that's not it's the science of the language, but ever is a level above that. It's the art of seeing something, how something is said

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the art of seeing something you think of architecture, think of architecture, like architecture. At first, there's science behind the architecture, right? There's science behind the building, it's the boring part, right? The science, it's putting the structure together, that's first. Once you've done all that, and all that boring stuff. The second thing is now the art, how are you going to style the building? How are you going to design the building? The finishing touches of the building? Right? That's a level above the science of the design itself. Okay. And but what comes first, the science, the boring part comes first, then the art comes after. Now similar to the Arabic language, we have

00:31:37--> 00:32:17

something called the grammar. That's like sort of the boring part. The grammar is the it's very technical, it's scientific, it's very mathematical could really only get really boring. That's, that's one half, which is the grammar and level above that is something called and better. And that's when you begin to experience the artistic beauty in the words that Allah Subhana Allah speaks, right? The artistic beauty in that. So it won't only be about what did Allah say? It will also be how they will not say it. In what style Did he say it? So now let's explain something and that's why when the people have now they said, It's, um, Korean Attia. That's like the grammar

00:32:17--> 00:32:27

stuff. But the people of Bulava, those who extract the beauty. They didn't agree with that. And look why. Look, look what they mentioned. It was incredible. They said that.

00:32:30--> 00:32:43

When, when? When does a person say one word? And when does a person say one word? Let's say for example, when does someone say accident? and stops? And when does he not complete a sentence? Yes. In other words,

00:32:44--> 00:33:23

someone is going to scream at accident when there's one. When this emergency when there's panic when there's a sense of urgency, right? This is different to someone walking in and saying, brothers and sisters, there is a accident outside on the other side of the road next to a petrol station, please, that he only had enough time to speak a sentence because he wasn't worried about anything. But when one speaks one word, and he screams up one word accident, then on its own, it indicates a state of emergency and urgency, and that there is no time to speak in detail. In other words, it's here. It's right now accident, right? You got to do something, do something right now. Or someone screams out

00:33:23--> 00:34:02

fire. He didn't have time to say excuse me, there's a fire in the building and level two, please go down and evacuate doesn't have time to do that. In other words, it's right here right now. So the people have been ever said this is more powerful than to say, I'm Korea. Korea is on its way. It's not it's already here. It's seconds away. It could strike any time. And Korea, the Striking Calamity, there was no time to speak more words. And that creates that sense of urgency and panic and worry. What are you doing? What are you doing to save yourself from this urges and decision in the state of emergency right? So this is exactly what the initial Pamela the idea. It creates this

00:34:02--> 00:34:42

alarm. It creates this panic. The sense of urgency Hurry up. There's no time left. It's about the strike calling. What are you going to do? I'm Korea one word. That's what it created one level Allah showcase. He said that the word Korea is repeated three times in the solar, which makes this reminder really heavy and grand and scary. And it gives a great importance to the listener. Jani, Allah Korea, Korea, North Korea three times. In other words, it's three times heavier than what we expected. Japan a lot. Then Alonzo Hill, he says man Korea Next

00:34:44--> 00:34:47

question. What are you doing about Korea? Korea?

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

This is kind of like a riddle. Like your lift your lift thinking what can it be? an overhaul sorted out will give us some clues about this one word, but still at the end of the day, you're still left clues

00:35:01--> 00:35:38

You wouldn't understand that the magnitude of this thought out, you know how sometimes like you're given a riddle, like a muscle and I received the riddle today still thinking about I have no idea what the answer is. But they said that there is something that a woman requires at least five times a day. And a man requires that only once, at least once a lifetime. We don't think about it. You see what happens, what happens? Yellow, you sleep and you're thinking and you wake up and it's in your fault, right? This is the effect that the word manilkara does. It's supposed to ring in your ear and ringing your fault and it's always there, you sleep Moncada. You wake up Moncada. What is it? What's

00:35:38--> 00:36:15

this riddle? I haven't solved it yet. But he's caught out. And you looking at left and right and you're reading and this is how social brings you to read the entire power. Once you read the entire Quran, you'll you'll somehow get a summary and an image of what Korea is. But still, it won't give you that real understanding of what Korea is until you actually see it and know that it is have had a lot on the Day of Judgment. Now don't think about that rule because I have no idea what the essay is. We'll solve that later on the show. Then the third day Mr. Soldier Lee says one man a document camera, to be honest, any when you leave from here, you're supposed to be thinking mancora that's

00:36:15--> 00:36:29

the question that is supposed to be ringing in your mind day and night malerkotla Allah azza wa jal now comes in the third air since one Matador I come on camera, what will give you any clue as to what alcara really is? You know, there's something in the in the Quran that Yanni

00:36:31--> 00:37:01

you'll need to understand that you will see you observe is that sometimes almost says what a dog sometimes he says when you delete, when a dog is the past tense, what may you delete is the present tense. And there is a subtle difference between both of them. When Amazonian says what a dog in the past like here, then you better know that he will give us a clue. He's gonna give us a clue. Right? Anyway. Well, Madoka melena to the entire soda now is clues about later to cut the official

00:37:04--> 00:37:13

philosophy that Allah didn't give us. One Madoka man Obama, he said a dog in the past. Now he's going to tell us something about Obama now to allow him more than

00:37:15--> 00:37:57

most other family member data right? And so on every adult in Oklahoma would give us so this is no different one a document Korea, the next I am going to explain what Korea is some clues. And anytime the prison is used when there are no clues given like Allah subhanaw taala says what may you did he can unless after the coup kariba will give you any clue that perhaps the hour might be me. And really we don't know how near it is. We have no idea about the hour, no clue when it is going to be established and when is it going to happen and occur? So he says you delete it. So he says one day you delete Allah Allah. When Allah azza wa jal described our beloved only macoun. He said to the

00:37:57--> 00:38:00

pseudoscience, and what will give you any clue that perhaps Obama

00:38:01--> 00:38:36

came rushing to solimar seeking purification and guidance, purification and guidance was that it happens in the heart. And so he says, what do you do? In other words, because it's an internal thing, it's in the heart, don't have a clue. He doesn't know what's in the heart of the people. So the word God came to teach us that you will never have a clue what's inside the intentions of the people. So they'll massage and he says, One adorkable Korea, and he's going to give us a clue. The next day after yom a akun nurse who can fellowship the truth.

00:38:37--> 00:39:17

On the day, meaning on the day of al Qaeda, is going to be the day in which people are going to be like scattered moth and bunks that fly, that is called fellowship, people will be like scattered moth, now, you know, moths, essentially, they're scattered and they're all over the place anyway, essentially. And Allah subhanaw taala, he adds the word ultimate proof, a proof means to be scattered. So more, essentially, it's a creature that is already scattered, that don't fly in one direction. They're all scattered all over the place. And then the word faith now is telling us they're going to be scattered. So in other words, the word fulfill implies even more spreading out

00:39:17--> 00:39:18

and scattering of the people.

00:39:19--> 00:39:40

And this is a collective scene. This is happening to all of mankind. So the word a nurse, which is the plural is used, but different to the previous one, and inside the singular was used. Here, the plural is used because we're speaking about all of mankind, so it's more more appropriate to use an S than an insect. However Parramatta Have you ever seen moths that fly?

00:39:41--> 00:39:51

They fly near a fire or near a light and they fly in all directions and they crash into each other. And they're dispersed in a scanner and it's chaos.

00:39:52--> 00:40:00

And a lot of moths are like we said they're different to birds. Birds are organized. You look up in the sky, they're flying in one row in

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

In order, indirection, matza different, all that the butterfly in the morphogen and any sort of creature for large origin when he says the word and for us among is depicting the chaos that will happen on that day of Korea, that when the loud bang occurs, people will be running into each other. People will be like unfortunate. People will be scattered and people will be dispersed, someone is bumping into someone else then running in this direction someone is running into that direction. Your Mayor for one moment or he Ababa is running away from his brother will mean he will be he's running away from his mother and his father are sorry, but he spouses partner, but he and his

00:40:39--> 00:41:12

children. As soon as that sound, that blow of breath in the trumpet happens on the last day, and people hear and then they see everything banging, they become they start hitting into each other crushing into each other. Everybody's in different directions and running away. That is your mayor kuno National consortium approve the other things who came along? What was the question of the human being on that day when he's running around a pool? And he said to me even what I email my phone number for meaning, where can I run? Where's the house? Now look at this, you know that the Morph

00:41:13--> 00:41:45

is a creature and an insect without purpose. And it has no house different to the bee for example, at the end of the day, the bee would go into the hive and sleep. The Wasp would go inside of its nest it'll sleep that will go inside the hill and it'll sleep. But the moth where does it go the end of the night? doesn't go anywhere. It's got no house, for the people on the day of judgment or been described can followship they're running left and right and they have no place to go. So Pamela What an awesome description of Allah subhana wa tada and he compares the people on the Day of Judgment

00:41:47--> 00:42:30

of that of the unfortunate truth. The only akuto nurse who can flourish in Maputo, the word Alma fouth comes from the word Beth. And Beth means to divide. So the people on the day become divided. And everyone is by himself. Everyone is lonely, enter Subhana Allah, this is really incredible. Do we sit the Day of Judgment is that they, in which there has never ever been a gathering of mankind as such, this is the largest gathering of human beings to ever be experienced by anyone who is speaking about generations and generation from Adam, Allah, he served his time until the day of judgment. I mean, what's the population on earth? So almost 6 billion, what's the population under

00:42:30--> 00:42:31

the earth?

00:42:32--> 00:42:54

mahana What kind of numbers down there? All that will be raised in one instant. So this is the biggest gathering that is ever ever happened in the human history. And at the same time, it is the loneliest deal of experience. Don't be a football nowadays running away at my booth. Everyone is divided everyone is myself, me and my deeds and that's all I had a lot.

00:42:55--> 00:43:32

Maybe some amount Why don't you send them he says in a heartbeat. This is a beautiful Hadith my brothers and sisters. This is inside Muslim. He says muthoni lucam Casa de la Julian aka dunellen physiologia Dabba wallflower, Shia e Akana. Fie her wahoo. Are you any other people who know her? Well, and I asked him because she was Ico money now. We're unknown. Ducati Luna mania, the otter fleet, una manera de Panama. And the bizarre salami says, the example of myself and new people is like that of a man who came and lit a fire. And when he illuminated when the fire became bright, and yellow,

00:43:35--> 00:44:11

and everyone came around it, everyone began to run to it. Why? Because it's bright. It's colorful. It's like, colorful, and it's funny. It's decorative. People love the color. People love the brightness. So everyone began to run toward like scattered moth daddy says like scattered moth, everyone wants a piece of it. Everyone ran to it. When the vehcile alojado. He will send me standing there. And what is he doing? He's trying to push the people away from it. And he's trying to save the people. And he's grabbing one person while I can make a walk definitely to them. In the end, you slip out of his hands and you run towards that fire, some kind of way. And in the bizarre salami

00:44:11--> 00:44:22

told us in the Hadith, this is this is my example with you people I came and someone someone lit a fire. And this fire was so attractive. It was so bright for the people. They started running to it. And I

00:44:24--> 00:44:30

know I'm holding you back from this fire. Little did you know it's a fire. You're 40 or something out of here.

00:44:31--> 00:44:59

You started running through it, and you didn't know the end of it is going to be fire and you're going to burn. So I'm trying to stop the people but they slipped out of his hand and eventually they went into this fire. Who was you know, you know, my brothers and sisters and it this is a more of a more of if it's a fire. It goes to the fire. What No, I just before I came I watched a YouTube clip on it. A moth that flies into the candle and it burned itself. It burns itself. You know

00:45:00--> 00:45:34

Yoni when when they research them off, they said that the moth thinks that inside of this flame, there's a life. There's something inside the inside and you get to a new home. Right? And little did I know he got that he got burned and he died. However, this is exactly what happens when a lord describes the human beings on the day of judgment as scattered morph because they lived like a morphing this life. They had no purpose, no objective, a month, have you seen it? No one likes something strange. You find the line you see it up and down the mighty deeds itself, it goes back down into no purpose, absolute no purpose. This is like the human being trying to get from this

00:45:34--> 00:46:12

dunya something and from this something and from that something and little does he know that he's going to be his destruction. On the day of judgment, it's actually a fire now. It's not just the bright light. The bright light is here. On that day, it's that fire of the candle now, at the end of the story, a little soda, and then he's thrown in it, and he falls in it and he cannot save himself. Pamela, this is it. This is the thing with a Morph, you know the Morph? Essentially, what is it? At the beginning? What is it so well, it's a caterpillar it's something small, then it goes through a process and then it becomes beautiful on the outside. You appreciate it. you admire it. Measure

00:46:12--> 00:46:51

market swings in the color and the decoration and the patterns that are on its wings. But really what is it? What really exists the caterpillar exerts nothing. This is people like that in this dunya Yani all he's concerned about is his outlook right? How is his hair going to look today? How is his clothing going to be? What brand is he going to wear? What brand of shoes you're going to wear? What is he going to drive? What house is he going to have? What kind of furniture inside the house like like him off? On the outside? He can see he's concerned about the outside people that live a life like this. Essentially what are they a worm? They insert essentially their a worm

00:46:51--> 00:47:24

they're a caterpillar zero yummy nothing. So Pamela yo maya kuno National Conference Sheila phoof and as we said, and for us the moth has no purpose right? No house no purpose has created that like that. A mercury didn't like that so that every time you see it, you better say I shouldn't be like it right. Otherwise this is how I look compared to disbelieve is the people in chaos on the Day of Judgment like it so I should avoid being like it and everyday I have a listen and not just look at the month span love the Omega coolness and fellowship of truth. What the Kunal zhiban who can a man foosh

00:47:26--> 00:47:45

And on that day the mountains will be that will become like carded loose and we'll cut it loose and move the mountains panel getting a lot of soil is telling us about the mountains, the toughest and the strongest thing that exists on the face of this earth now the mountains they pick the nerve and they're solid

00:47:46--> 00:47:52

and it will become on that day loose like whoo Danny the window will come with blown away it's gone.

00:47:54--> 00:48:06

He says well Pacific Japan, Nova Scotia, Canada, Mombasa Yanni the mountains become whoo right at blowing up wall and then it just bursts and it becomes dust that

00:48:07--> 00:48:21

the wind comes and blows it away and it's gone. It's like nothing is up into it. If that is what happens with the toughest of creatures and creation in this life if that's what happens to it, you can just expect what's gonna happen to the human heart that's why the beginning of

00:48:22--> 00:48:35

the heart is going to be smashed is going to be terrified. If that's what happened with a mountain what is going to happen to the human being what the Koon zhiban who can handle him and fouche n n? n n is in the toughest year they say

00:48:36--> 00:48:58

on his wall but then why didn't Omar say water cooler g by Lucas fulfillment fouche What is the difference? Assume is one color Whoo. And the Asian is colorful rule that when you have rule that is black and white and yellow and red then multiple colors then you call that right? And you know how beautiful this is?

00:48:59--> 00:49:07

That the mountains are most of Canada explained and spoke of installer the installer felt that he said woman and she barely

00:49:11--> 00:49:12


00:49:13--> 00:49:42

told us that mountains exist in many colors. Some are black, some are red, some are white. So what's the appropriate word to use? As opposed to assume so allows origin says what the Kunal zhiban who can any admin fouche loose very light in sort of an Irish language and he said what the Kunal Shiva who can lay with nomon fouche he otaku non GMO Canadian man fouche. So, there was a word that is added here in sort of the marriage there was no word that came to explain the mountains why.

00:49:44--> 00:50:00

So Pamela, again, this goes back to the theme of the sutra itself, you know, the word can feroce there was Alma fouth, and he had given an admin fouche map fourth and mudfish. And you know, by the way, when you wanted to make the end of the wall when you want it to

00:50:00--> 00:50:28

form this will loose when you make any when it was all crammed with each other, and you wanted to make it loose, you know what you're supposed to do back in the days, you're supposed to strike it with a staff keep eating it until it becomes threads and strengths. Right? So Pamela, Elaine annemann fouche was mentioned here because the beginning of the soil was unclear. Cora, what is Cora, to beat something, something to be I need to strike something with something else. The other thing is more, you know, the moths.

00:50:30--> 00:50:59

If they're not moving, and they're sitting there settle, right. They're peaceful. But if you get a stick and you bang it on the floor, what happens? They fly and they display and they scatter all over the place. So my surgeon said, California, Alabama, fourth, and the fourth one would they start scattering when you hit them when you hit something and then they start moving? All the soil itself is about alkota, or something that is beaten and something that you strike me these adjectives came. So Pamela, and they perfectly fit into the theme of the soul

00:51:01--> 00:51:08

amendment support at noisiness laws, or shall he says mythopoeic? No, as you know, now, this is the final part of the soul.

00:51:09--> 00:51:36

So, as for the one whose skills have become heavy, multiple ad nauseum on display is important. The stat means as a result, can In other words, the beginning of the school is seen to us, and Korea, and this loud sound, and the people are terrified, and they're running all over the place. When so called ferocious not fool. The people are like scattered morph, running and banging and hitting into each other, not only that,

00:51:37--> 00:51:45

foolish, the mountains, they've become like wall and they blown away, they does all this, all of it for

00:51:47--> 00:52:33

them and all that noise in all of it. All of this preparation. And all of this introduction was just so you can be brought forth and the skill brought forth and your deeds for the entire universe got up and down just for that. Some had Allah and Allah azza wa jal is teaching us what great event it was. Look at the introduction to it how it was right. For now for American support at noisiness Panama. And ago, Allah spoke about the mountains being weightless akuna zhiban Canadian mountains, mountain is something you associate with with an AR ago unless it was mosquitoes that the mountain is weightless, and now what is becoming heavy the deeds, the deeds of the human being are becoming

00:52:33--> 00:53:11

heavy, a lot. Getting it's like Alonzo gently saying that this dunya had no way really, really what had the weight were the deeds that you're going to do with that you are going to perform and do. So everything has changed on that day. And everything is different to the perspective that you saw it and what will be weighed on that day, the deeds will be weighed, and the people will be weighed themselves the deeds and the people themselves will be put on the scale. Mikey, the hadith of urban muscle de la mano, we mentioned that Muslim Baba luevano he was very skinny, I had very skinny legs. And he was walking towards the bottom of the tree of the miswak. And as he's walking, it was a windy

00:53:11--> 00:53:50

day and he's being swayed left and right with this when some of the Sahaba sitting down they saw him you know, and they laughed at him for notice I sent him he said minmatar Korea laughing and they said the only look from his skinny legs. He can't even remain steadfast in the ground is moving left and right because of how skinny his legs are. Suddenly so I sent him He said to them one law, I swear by a law that Evan was rude. His legs in the scale on the Day of Judgment are heavier than the mountain of fur that Hobbes describes that the person himself is put on the scale. We now have Ethan salami says You mean that the fat person is bought on the day of judgment and is put on the scale

00:53:50--> 00:54:06

layers you know, as you know, and the monkeys You know, he won't even weigh the weight of a wing of a mosquito right to the people themselves away and their deeds away. So losses from a meme and all that and then on top of that noisy No.

00:54:07--> 00:54:49

No ezine comes from the word monsoon monsoon is that which is wait so long, socially same as for the one whose scale became heavy by what was weighed on it, meaning his good deeds. And also my as you know, comes from the word me Zed, which is skilled. Now if we read that, it means as for the one who scales heavy is Gemma, there's a plural What does that mean? Is there one skill or more than one skills? I'm not gonna I'm not one and now it is there's nothing any remember, as I said, to only give clues in the slot and you won't get the entire and the full picture. So yeah, whatever it is, it's the things the deeds that one does is put on the scale. Allah azza wa jal, he says, an hour off

00:54:49--> 00:54:59

when was new, the oma even and how, what is put on the scale and happy spot on the scope and what is unhappy and happy is the deeds that you did sincerely for a while.

00:55:00--> 00:55:36

In accordance to the son of also masala and he doesn't come up with your own good deeds because there'll be weightless on the day of judgment in order for a deed to have some weight on that scale on the day of judgment and in order for it to be accepted it is supposed to be done purely sincerely for lost paradise see that we were reminded of the in the previous slot was William F a slope and then before that in sort of the center we will talk about Don't worry how small it is, with color what in hierarchy or whatever it is because the the speck of dust of good one does a lot of multiplies it. Mangia of it has been a fella who wash one fairly large and he says,

00:55:37--> 00:55:43

He says in the law lay of the moon with polidoro what integral hasakah your wife can if that means

00:55:44--> 00:56:05

if that speck of dust of Hasina have good you did on what you are if you multiply it until it becomes like a mountain itself, the initial Pamela for a moment suppose that no as you know, and that is how the deeds become heavy. And in you know, only when your scale is heavy, then that means it's an accepted deed. When it's heavy, that means it's an accepted the

00:56:08--> 00:56:33

the result of such a person a loss it for who he will be in ancient Ababa, Asia, Asia is different to higher. There's the word higher and Asia did not say for wealthier, higher Baba. He said for houfy Asia, Asia higher is just any life, life of hardship, life of ease, whatever it is, that's a higher, but most specific Asia is to have a life in which there is no worry of food and shelter.

00:56:34--> 00:57:12

Any meaning the necessary parts of life the necessities of life are no concern that is now called Asia. Right? Like, you know, a king that lives in a palace and he's got everything he wants. We can sort of call this life Asia, because the essentials in life, they are no concern for him. So Allah says that the people in the paradise their life is our Asia. In other words, they have no concern in the necessities of life food is their shelter is there at all enjoyment is there and then he adds a word. And that sounds good enough Asia. Bahama law makes it even better. All we are all we are is yearning to be pleased. Right. So all we have is a life that is full of pleasure and contentment and

00:57:12--> 00:57:25

happiness and overjoyed life. The life is being described here. And not the person enjoying the life in this outline is describing the life he's enjoying not the person himself. In other words,

00:57:26--> 00:58:06

this life in the Paradise is a life full of joy. Not a moment will pass by without joy and enjoyment. There will be not any single moment of boredom or dissatisfaction amongst the vision in the ayah described the life and not the person. Because if the life is perfect, then the person is going to live that perfect life anyway. Right? So Pamela incredible. Oh, Felicia turabian and there's one more outcome what Allah azza wa jal, he says, what a meme and how fat noise you know, for mental health noise, you know, and as for the one who skills become like, he scaled became light, meaning his deeds weren't accepted. Then as a disbeliever. Remember, we said they can come

00:58:06--> 00:58:13

with mountains and mountains of good deeds. But what happens if it's not coupled with a sincere and a correct intention? What happens?

00:58:14--> 00:58:35

When a man falls, we make it scattered does. So men thought that no, as you know, whoever's skill became really loose, became the only weightless. That means there are beads on it, maybe he's standing on it as well. But all of it is not accepted. So it remains up, it doesn't go down. There's no way to Panama. Why mahatmas? You know, what is his result?

00:58:37--> 00:59:19

where we are, how we are comes from the word where and how a means to fly down a steep cliff, you know, like an eagle when it sees the prey? From the top of the cliff, what does it do? It comes flying down how we are, it's faster than falling down, right? Because when you fall, it's gravity that pulls you down. But when you fly down, that's Yani. You're forcing yourself to go there even quicker than someone falling. So how are we any sum on that? I've mentioned that how we is a valley in the Hellfire that is so deep that only God knows how deep it is the godfather of thrown in it, they're flying in it. They're not just falling in it the only gravity's taking them down. quicker

00:59:19--> 00:59:24

than that. They're flying in there for more. And let's get to the word moon. What does

00:59:26--> 01:00:00

his mother for? His mother is a deep valley in the fire. What does that mean? His mother is a deep valley in the fire. Look, you see a child. He runs through his mother automatically. So in other words, Jani. Whether the gaffer likes the fire or not, he's going to run through it just like a child wants to his mother cannot avoid it. Danny, the child can't help himself but run to the mother. And the gaffer on the day can't help himself but run through Shabnam right. There is no other place he's in chaos and is in disturbance.

01:00:00--> 01:00:35

Wherever he is, so he thinks maybe if I run there, I'm safe from where I middle those, you know, it gets really worse for him. That's one thing. The other thing is that mother, when the child eventually runs to her, what does she do? She hugs the kid, and she likes sort of a tight hug, she wraps her arms around him and makes sure he doesn't run away anyway, she locks him in. And so Johanna, upon the disbelievers would be like that. It'll hug them, and it'll tie them in. And it implies that they have no escape, they're trapped in their locked inside of it. janome would become very protective, right? Like a mother is protective over a child, and they're not able to go

01:00:35--> 01:00:40

anyways. panela What Madoka here, what will give you any clue as to what it is allows origin says

01:00:41--> 01:00:46

here, see here, what Madoka he would have meant, what would give you any clue as to what

01:00:48--> 01:01:08

is Madoka he Yeah. At the end, it implies Yanni shock implies emphasis and horror it magnifies and gives heaviness to the Hellfire itself. Then Allah describes it known here. And it's like someone's screaming now when I come out here, right? Did you hear what he said?

01:01:09--> 01:01:56

If I'm full of terror, and I wanted to scream at you say, Did you hear what he said? And the sound that comes from the boyfriend. That's exactly what's happening. Here. You got any idea what that is? Then Allah says, Now don't have just two words powerful. Now that means a fire hammer, a blazing fire, a blazing fire, intense, incredibly intense hotfile just how hard it is in the vehcile alojado salami says in the Hadith, what did you say in the Hadith, he said that the fire which the son of Adam lights in this life is 171 70 a part of the fire of the hill. And in other words, the hardest fire you can create in this dunya that still won seven years of the fire of Johanna. That's why I'm

01:01:56--> 01:02:32

here. For the Sahaba Romano they said they are also not only the ordinary fire of this dunya is enough to burn them or sell them he said yet that ordinary fire of this dunya that is able to burn them would be 69 times stronger than what it is just the idea that there's a loss paralysis. One more thing in the word hammer. Hammer comes from the word hammer, yummy. To means to protect someone. So the word heavy I mean something that is raging in flaming furious file. And it also means protective. How do you bring the two meanings together? It's a protective fire.

01:02:33--> 01:02:59

Incredible understanding is protective. It's protective, the fact that the fire it doesn't cause them to be cremated. You see what happens when you put in, you know, when they want to get rid of someone that put him in the fire. cremating what happens after it becomes ashes. This fire is a protective fire, it makes sure that that doesn't happen to the person. So it's kind of it's protective, it keeps him in his body. What happens normally julu

01:03:02--> 01:03:19

other protective, it makes sure that he doesn't become reduced to ashes. So what does it do? He burns his skin where the nerves are right? As soon as it reaches the nerves. And then that's it. There's no more sense in the post and he senses the loss among soldiers, but the neighbor whom

01:03:21--> 01:04:00

we gave them a fresh new cover and a coat of skin. Daniel nice level pallava so that they taste the punishment of the Fire for incredible words. Now what the final remark is the beginning of the soul and how it's connected to the end of the soul, the beginning of our social He scares us with the word alpha. and the end he scares us as well when he says ham ear, right? There's like this. There's terror in these two words. And the other thing is the beginning of the school I began with a question wama de la Mancha. And the end also ended with a question what a dog can hear when he spoke about jahannam We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to save us from the hellfire. We asked him Subhana

01:04:00--> 01:04:15

Allah to grant us and for those that are having an agenda, we asked him Subhana Allah to accept our gathering to forgive our sins in Moscow Subhana Allah to make us people and people of the Sunnah in the holy relic and further on a soul, aloha cinemavilla God Anna Vienna, Mohammed Juana and he will be as my union