Quranic Seerah #04 Doomed a Decade Early

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The history of Islam is discussed, including political crisis, rise of Islamists, and the use of symbols to assert legitimacy. A woman named Malra Abuhashem claims to be a prophet, but claims to be a false false statement. The speaker suggests that these events have led to distraction and confusion, and the truthful and trustworthy Islam may not be possible. The importance of faith in achieving success is emphasized, with caution and protective measures being necessary to respond to requests of others.

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Continuing with the Quranic Syrah the Quranic discourse or timeline of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is life.

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Sisters, if we can please keep it down, just like a little Phaedra

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we said yesterday at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received first revelation at 40 years old, continuing from there for approximately three years from that point.

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Revelation continue to come to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam though not that much. And this without rewinding goes back the concept of if you just give the Quran enough pause a little bit of Quran is more than enough to transform you.

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Some Quran continues to come down and the Muslims are enjoined to perform the night prayers and solidify their faith further and further. And then approximately three years later, Allah azza wa jal revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to warn the tribes in and around Mecca, if you will, the sub tribes of Quraishi and there are Shiraz carabin.

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And so he climbs mount Safa, one of the two hills that we paste between in Hudson Amara, and he calls out to all of the sub tribes of Quraysh.

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And every single one of them hears of this and they come right away because he was not a person to be ignored. He was a very respectable person in terms of his family, in terms of also his track record and his ethics, his character, all of that. So everyone came the narrations. I had bucatini say that even those who could not come sent someone to represent them.

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And when they all gathered around them, he said to them, oh my people, if I were to tell you that a cavalry was behind this mountain and army of horses horsemen, and they were about to raid you they were about to overrun Mecca. Would you believe me? And they all concurred in one breath they expressed manager rubner la que que viva we have never experienced a single lie from you. You are I mean, that's your nickname. We all call you the trustworthy one. Impeccable integrity. We all know that about you. He said in that case, if you all attest to my honesty, then know that I am a warner to you before the coming of a grave tournament before the coming of the day of judgment. And so the

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first person to rise in in revolt, to protest against this was His own uncle. And you can imagine how painful that was His own uncle Abu Lahab

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and he said to him this is why you gathered us this is why you interrupted our day this is why you pulled us away from our our business.

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And he said to him tab bad luck I said it all yo man you have lost meaning my you have misfortune for the rest of your day.

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And so Allah azza wa jal revealed in the Quran a response in defense of his prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam saying Tibet yada ABI la had been whatever. Doomed are the two hands. He wants to go get back to work. He's suhagra Sullivan once put it he's corporate polish. Time is money for him. He was you want to get back to work? Doomed are the two hands of Abu Lahab WhatsApp. And he too is doomed man. And who man who were my guess up all of his fortunes will not benefit him and everything he has earned sale Siela now on that Allah hub, he will enter to burn in a blazing fire till the end of the surah.

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And so that is when the Dawa went public, if you will, he was receiving Quran he was selecting selectively choosing people to tell them some people are slowly becoming Muslim. Other people are just saying ignore him. But now he went public. So the resistance began and Allah Who was the first to defend his Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when the backlash transpired, how does this prove the truth of Islam, the short of this Islam this one snapshot? Well, in two different ways, at least, the first of them is that they all recognize that is the truthful, he is the trustworthy and that enough is sufficient to prove his prophethood you know, even the Tamia Rama, Allah he says

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something very important to understand. You know, we talked about miracles talk about these complex issues and he says, Anyone who claims to be a prophet is one of two people. He's the best of the best. That's why Allah chose them to be a prophet, right? Or they're the

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The worst of the worst. They're the most conniving, exploitative, manipulative, ignorant also, they are making up stuff, eventually they're gonna get exposed all of that. And the true prophet is the opposite of all of it, right? selfless and well mannered, and accurate. And all of that. He says, so those who lay claim to prophethood, there's no middle ground, there's no room for confusion. You just inspect their personality, and you'll automatically know whether they were a prophet or not. So they all concurred, he was a man that had incorruptible integrity, that alone would prove the truth of Islam. Clear. The second one is a prophecy that we just heard in the Surah. Abu Lahab, was

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declared to be a person of the Hellfire 10 years before his death.

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Think about that. I mean, if

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he had a brain, he will say, Oh, this is really easy. Muhammad said, become Muslim, so we don't go to the fire. Ahmed said I'm going to the fire. All I had to do was pretend that I was Muslim, and I could make the Quran sounds wrong. And then it would be really problematic. But Allah knew that he would be too arrogant to pretend even that and so he sealed his heart from ever doing something like this. Due to the arrogance in his heart. Is that clear. It's not about half of rain. Really. It is not about your IQ. It is about you being deserving of faith. Faith is not an accomplishment. Faith is a virtue that is given to you when I can add enough sin and to Mina iLab evening Allah.

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And so on the one hand, this is sorry to translate no soul can believe without Allah's permission. It's by invitation only this faith.

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And so on one hand, it's a prophecy that foretold that he would never become Muslim 10 years before his death. So it's another testament to the truth of Islam. And a seamless segue I guess, to the purity aspect. That's purity. The purity aspect is every single person needs to be a sentinel needs to be alert on the gates of their heart. What enters in here? Could it sabotage me being deserving of the gift of faith of the virtue of faith? Allah azza wa jal says Wallah who yeah lemma mafia, no fool cecum for the rule, Allah knows what dwells inside of your soul. So beware of him, Beware of him and what he knows about you. Because there could come a time where he turns off even your

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awareness about yourself, right? Because of what he knows in you, you know, it's not like Abu Lahab was doomed never had a chance or only had one chance. Allah could have known that he's had so many chances as a relative of the Prophet SAW Salem, he could have spoken to him so many times. And then over the three years, that was the cutoff, that's it, no more chances. So he got severed from access to his own heart to being able to believe does that make sense?

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Allah azza wa jal says

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yeah, you have Latina administer G booty Allah he will Rasul the either the icon Lima, you Hiko Oh, believers, respond to Allah and His Messenger, whenever they invite you to that which gives you life. That means so many things, right? The life of the hereafter is the true life. You know, commitment to Allah and his messenger protects us from being massacred on this earth it does. But the life of your heart also is where it all starts. Every time Allah and His Messenger invite you

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to respond, to comply, to submit to adhere, you have to respond quickly, because the chances are not unlimited. A time can come where you will not be able to respond. May Allah protect us all from that say I mean,

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and that is why that same idea continues to say why Allah and Allah Hi yah hoo Bay in el mar, Eva Calbee. And know that Allah intervene sometimes between a person and their heart,

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between the disbeliever and faith between the disobedient and becoming of the obedient. And likewise, by the way, the opposite is true. That Allah may come between a believer and sinning and come between a believer and ever disbelieving again. What's the formula respond to Allah and His Messenger, to the degree that you are responsive and sensitive, and careful and protective of this and not allow anything to dwell in there that resists that crowds, your responsiveness to Allah and His messenger? Are your chances because of that purity? To be invited to piety to be invited to faith? May Allah make us of its people? And that is why you know in the Quran, when you say, oh,

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Allah protect me. I mean, shattering my fallout from all the evil that could arise from what you create, right? The number one

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One thing you should intend is what? The evil that could be inside me. Right? The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam every morning part of his morning of God he used to say, well, I will be coming shattered enough see where Shari shaytani was shallaki

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Oh Allah I seek protection with you from the evil that dwells inside me. He began with that first. And from the evil of shaitan and his Shahrukh, you know, the shadows or the booby traps shaitan and his traps, you know, those traps they put for a bear to put his foot inside shaitan sets those all the time, but before he asked Allah to protect him from the booby traps of shaitan he asked Allah to protect him from the evil that could dwell within our own selves. So may Allah purify ourselves for us, fill it with faith and surety and sincerity and devotion and make us more responsive and more compliant. Whenever he calls us to that which will give us life Allahumma Amin was Allah Allahu wa

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salam ala kind of Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine