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The speaker discusses the importance of fulfilling Islam's obligations to the almighty Lord and seeking guidance from the Lord in Rome. They also mention a demo they are presenting and encourage listeners to use the verses of the holy Bible as a shield to defeat the devil.

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believes he's going to hold fire.

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He wants every single human being to be thrown in a hot pit of fire

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and prevented from the gardens of bliss. It is nothing but a struggle,

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a struggle with man for dominance, that's all it is. He knows he's gone to hell fire. Thus he wants all humanity and all gene to follow him. So he will work on you.

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And he will work on you and will lie he does not despair. He does not tire, he does not give up. If he cannot drive you to Cofer, or to shirk to major Singh, not to major sin to minus thing and he will work and work and work until he glues you lose you to him. And then he will drive you with him on the Day of Resurrection due to you following him into hellfire.

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Thus, destruction.

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For this the same person, the man fresh NLT

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with common sense,

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must be on his God is upmost power against this enemy is a cursed, who has placed manifests to these enmity, ever since the creation of Adam and desorbing nothing our brothers and sisters, but to

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correct your Eman your belief and wreak havoc in your life.

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We must fortify ourselves against this enemy. And the only way we're lucky we can ever ever do this. In a lot of us say well I'm powerful. I'm strong against the Satan but when it goes outside

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the devil has beaten him whether it is the gaze which is how long

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whether it is gambling, smoking a cigarette drinking alcohol

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sittings or gatherings of obscenity indecency yet he says no one powerful they said John's got no chance against me they will say no in

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yes defeat injure.

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As for the person

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who fulfills the obligations of the Almighty Lord, after the obligation, this is the god this is the weapon we are talking about. This is the ammunition and the only ammunition that you can ever use to beat to defeat this occurs

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first and foremost by fulfilling our obligations. Then by fulfilling the optional duties vary whether it is prayer, fasting, ombre remembrance, wherever you walk, sapan Allah and hamdulillah Allahu Akbar La ilaha illAllah wherever you walk,

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always fresh in your tongue with the remembrance of Allah

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and the shaitan voila, he will weaken and weaken and weaken because whoever possesses a strong faith will law he will be led to him and Billy to him and this Roy look at Tom Brady a lot Alan. The great Khalif the great halifa

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about this man.

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Certainly our honor, I say the devil fleeing from you.

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What are you doing? I see the devil fleeing from you. Thank you small little thing fighting for my mode. This is a demo of our model

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that is connected to Mr. Curry No.

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But he ran away from our mode

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low imagine your shaitan running away from you.

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Why it's beautiful, isn't it? Get built him.

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But the only way you can do that is

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by fulfilling Allah's law. And now

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the greatest way to defeat this occurs is seeking protection, seeking refuge seeking shelter in the almighty Lord in Rome, Bill al Ameen are on bill Falco are on Venus, in the law of Daybreak in the law of men in the law of

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Creation and does this is the we're gonna do tonight in Sharon Lata Anna learn what sort of follow up is and Sugata ness is an insha Allah Allah with a little elaboration we might understand

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the definition of these verses. So when we recite the NL prayer inshallah to Allah we know what we are reciting and not just to recite it because we have to recite it now we recite it because the almighty Lord has commanded us to use these verses against this devil. Use it as a shield.