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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Mala Anna via via the Hoonah Vienna Mohamed Anwar early he was Safi he was a limit Lahoma to Sleeman Kathira I'm about to shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow under Mohammed Abdul Hora su are praised due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Allah you it was salam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad salallahu Salam has lost on final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, as a cat, I'm Raha Lehmann fit Islam. Actor Allahu indicati Hafele Quran or Karana Javi Allah me the baddest infill

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Islam, we are solid for Odonata Citator we're actually in Amara, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned as a cat in the Quran so many times as you read a pea masala to the cat or BMO salata to the cat, there is several so many times 26 times it was mentioned alongside with the Salah, which is the most important pillars in Islam. That's why in the visa, that's why the visa some companions after the process of them die, what Abu Bakr said, Allah Allahu Allah Almighty Allah Nam and for Rabina Salatu was the cat, Allah who I will fight anyone who will make a distinguish between the importance or the obligations of the salah and the Zakat, they are equal on the same level if you deny, as a cat, as

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if you deny a solid and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala order us to give zakat and to help coho yo Maha Saudi give, do the day you collect any the are basic this in regard to farms, and also Allah Subhana Allah said to the people in charge, hold them in am Wiley him sadaqa take from their money, and from their wealth sort of here means a cat. Because as a cat, what we talked about the technical definition we talked about as a cat came in the Quran, using the word Zakat, and using the word have rights and do and use the word sadaqa which is the most common one because each one of these words give you a very unique meaning as a cat. It means something that will grow something it will purify, then it will

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grow. Now if you I'm not I'm not good at gardening, but from the little bit that I know and gardens if you clean the weeds and you know clean all up put the chemical to kill the thing

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that, you know, eat the plant, when you purify the, the plant and the soil what happened, it grows. Same thing a soda is basically is to purify you so it will increase you Zeca any nama as a cat literally means a zyada increase. So Allah use this word to tell you, whatever you're going to give, it will actually increase you in the dunya and in the Accra help its duty. So when you give it to the people who deserve it, if it's an individual of its Institute, don't think that you're doing a favor to them. We're not doing a favor to the fakir to the poor, when we give him his cut? It does this help it does his right.

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You know, it's not like I'm doing a favor to my parents want to do good to them, because that's their rights. And it's no no favor here to anyone. So that's why it was odd. That's one of the beautiful meaning of it. It's hap, why did you bail in San. Also the third one, a sadaqa, which is the word used a lot. And opponents refer to this Akkad sadaqa, which it means a salt truthfulness, because the one who gave it, it shows the truthfulness of that person. I know that the money that you're earning today is not something that you found in the street. I know that you work so hard studying at college, I know that you work so hard in your youth, getting pick up jobs and after time

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and you you know it was not an easy for you. Where are you at today where you have enough money to give witness a hard journey. But you know what, I know that if this is the case, people will hold into that when they work so hard to earn. But when Allah subhanaw taala tell them to give the Allah subhanaw taala is higher in the heart than anything else. The love for the wealth is a natural things. So for you just to give it out,

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I will never forget when he was young in high school, I was with some older students of knowledge. Looking one businessman asked to calculate his zakat.

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I'll never forget when the calculated is that it was 42 million has occurred.

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So for me as a kid, that's 2.5%. Okay. So when I was like, Well, I don't think even I have in my hand ever 500 At the time, and a 42 million.

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But do you imagine how much wealthy this person is? He said to them? Are you crazy?

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You think I will give 42 million Cuba to people I don't know.

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Ah, I work so hard for that. And he didn't. He said, Give me something better.

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I will never get that attitude. And I learned in my early time when I was young man. It's not easy to give this.

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Allah honey. I know so many stories of people used to give.

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I know a brother when I was talking about a soda connoisseur cat came and cry to me, you know took me in the site. He said Jeff I made a promise to Allah if I make a million dollars I'll give 50% So the first year I made this second year I made 3 million or somewhere in that my business.

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I give 25% or 30%

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on Allah still sold a bit to me. He said I make $5 million.

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He said Well Allah He a share. You know after five, six years, he said well Allah here share. It is so hard to give the 2.5%

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Someone like me, my God, like you know, $500 Foreign dollars. It's okay. Yeah.

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Easy. You know, we do that when we do like a summer trip. You pay like you know, 500 for like just internet. If it's not easy, it's easy. But when you're in a car is 403 600,000 700,000. I now will tell you in our community people listening to me today, there is a cat if we collected correctly, it will be

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in half a million and up and a million enough among us among the people who are with us.

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If there's a card being given correctly, I can guarantee you you will not have you know, a port in our community.

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Just south east somebody was telling me that he calculated how much wealthier Muslims on in the southeast. It is over a billion dollars.

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You do the math. How much that is I got it.

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So, as a cat is something not easy, it's almost it's said it's a truthfulness that show how true believer you are.

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Allah subhanaw taala and the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Salam warn us from not giving the Zakat from not fulfilling the rights of the Zakat while levena yakni zunar The hammer will feel ba those who hold gold and silver What are you gonna have is Abby Mila? Furbish Sheldon be either been early yo man yo man are you having

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to coin behind jiba Juno goon wobbu

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Kennestone only foreseen calm come for the womb, goon tomb tech news soon. The verse was explained by the Hadith and the visa Salam said there's gold and silver that people hold and to indignant, give this a cut of it.

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There do right over it. Allah will turn it to be to be heated in the day of judgment. And they will be burned by this gold and this silver.

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And Nabi SallAllahu sallam said that in the day of judgment before even people go to Jerusalem in the beginning, the people who hold the Zakat, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that it will be looked like a snake chase them in the Day of Judgment, catch them squeezed him, you see how the Python squeezed its prey, you know, it squeezed them

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and the person says what does this what they have done and it will be said this is this account this I'm your wealth

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that you never give this account of it.

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And the more you don't give this account, the more of that will be and it will be brought to the processor and said it will be brought like like he did in the hellfire, the Gold and Silver's imagine. Basically today we have dollars and stuff. So also that basically transferred to what is the value of gold and silver.

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And it will be heated in the hellfire and it will be put on his back sides, chest

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until the processor limb said until he will be purified than Yun Brophy Emery legend natin emila Now, then, after all this will be seen this person got to hellfire or paradise based on the rest of his deeds. But this is one of the earliest thing that you will be judged for. That's why the person who should be careful about giving this a cut quickly because I don't want to be late on my hope. But today

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there's a cut or obligatory on four categories.

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So in this category, very few of our community involved in it, which is basically farming, you know, and also the other one is cattles. I'm not talking about that if you have a question about that come to me, I will tell you the answer for it. But the other ones is if man anything of value, like currency, like cold, silver, and also the third the fourth one is businesses, anything for sale that anything that you sell. These are the four areas where your Zakat is in order for the Zakat to be obligatory tends to be one of these four so for example I have a car

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do you sell this car no I'm using it so it's not obligated not applicable.

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I have you know

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500 gram of gold not for us just been my saving in the bank I you know I put it as a as a backup money like it's saving dollars and my portfolio I have gold there is a cat on it.

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I have stocks do you sell it? It's It's for sale? That's right. You can sell it yes. Is basically is a cat on it. So I have a house that I'm living in. Are you trading your house? Are you in a business of recent No, just my house. Under my son's house, I have a property for me and my kids no zakat on it.

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Unless you're in a business of buying land and selling land. In this case, there is a cap on it.

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The second condition is so the first would be from a monistic a second condition is to reach the Lisa a certain amount if you have it in the day if you're a cat, you have to give the cat What's that amount? And for Cara Hill Allah debate should we design or assign that amount buy silver or buy gold in the old days silver and gold for hundreds and hundreds of years from the time of the process until today. So

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Silver and Gold were equal to each other, almost equal to each other, that the difference between the value of silver and gold is very small.

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But in modern days, the gap is huge. So then you sub the amount that you have to have in your account and the day of the Zakat according to the gold is 5437. Today, I calculate that before I came, I looked at how many 85 have gram of gold worth, that's an estimate 85 gram of gold hardware. That's where if you have 80 grams of gold there is that's what there's a cat comes after that there is a cat and if you go by silver, which is 595 grams, if I calculate that that's $474

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see the huge gap that's why many of them scan Scott said you should go buy the silver.

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Why because I have a little funnier, it is better for the poor.

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So the mini big big golden Mini is a cat will not be giving. But in any case, I think whatever you take it's up to you both are correct. So you consider that that basically the point the line if I have in my account in the Dave's account either 500 like 85 gram gold which is equal to 505,437 or I have 595 gram of silver, which is equal today to $474 that's where my psychiatrists are recommended that you go buy the silver which is let's say 474 It is for today is 474 but as you know the price change every day.

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So that also leads me that you have to pick a day for your cat Hey mine's a Cat Day is in this day. Then in that day you you it's important to assign a day because as you see here the price difference goes ups and down so that the mines day and a half to put an effort. I don't know how some people so careless hire someone to do it for you if you don't want to do this, but you have to put some effort because you have to make some sort of calculations to know what is this is exactly like then how to make your socket how to give your socket simple. Can you imagine you have a pot? Okay, that pot we call it we it was a cat in Arabic This pot What are you going to put all the thing that you have to

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give zakat on it? So I go to my account, I have cash how much cash I have. I have $10,000 I put it in this ball.

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Okay, I have on my saving, you know 200 grams of gold, our one kilo of gold How much is that? Whatever you know $50,000 I put it in.

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So now I have 50 And what do we say cash then that 60,000 Then I go stocks. I have stocks, how much the stocks worth? When it say the stocks, the stocks or two types, the stocks for your retirement and the stocks that you sell them by the stocks that you invest in selling and buying or have a broker who do selling and buying for you. This is immediately you see what's the value of this stocks today. The value is 100,000 You put it on that pot and the day of the second, okay. merchandise, I'm a pharmacist, I see how many medicine I have

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and how much the inventory of my medicine to the pharmacy, my inventory the thing that I will sell, but not the thing that I'm taking by debt. Anything that I didn't It's not It's like because in business sometimes they give you thing you don't own it. It's the company on it but I'm talking about something you own it you absolutely will be selling it or you will be selling it it doesn't matter you sell it or not but something for sale. You calculate how much that and you put it in that pot. I'm a grocery store, how much inventory I have. That inventory is like 100 200 300,000 I put it in Janna. I'm a doctor. And I do for example, procedures. Okay these shots this anesthesia this

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things that I use that I'm going to be selling to my to my patient because it's when I go to the doctor I do a procedure He charged me he said all that is $1,000 for you know for this DJ that is take out your effort just the value how much that you basically value these things that you sell it to the patient. You are a mechanic you have tires you what you got the point I would assume so you take that merchandise, okay I'm gonna restaurant whatever the restaurant you put the food but not the plastic bags, not the item that people purchase. You take that and you put it in that pot then

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Have you come in and said Okay, so now I have 100,000 or like 200,000 Dogs now before I do this account I do the following a mind I'm gonna pay making payment this month the Date field has occurred let's say it is and yes, I have a house payment of $10,000 I have a credit card I have to pay off $5,000 This month is not like next year or like next month though this I have somebody I have to pay him his debt today or on this month I'm going to take it and give it to the person who took me took from me I took money from I have insurance I have taxes I have you know, whatever rent you take all this minus minus minus minus minus okay, then whatever left and that's pot that what

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you give 2.5% of

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that I hope it's not too much for you. I know you guys fasting so that's enough for you for today. Ebola kolyada Still for Hola Hola. Hola. Como estas

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hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Mallanna Viva

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any property that you have that you rent, there's a cat on the rent so the rent goes to that pot. Okay, so the day of that is I got it see what let's say you have an account that account to that business, you have shops that you're renting an animal. So there's a cat doesn't go on the value of the property, but only in the money that came out of that property. Like, that's another point. Another point is what if I have as a cat on the goal the goal that deserves the cat only the 24 carats

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24 Carrots, tape chef I have 21 carrots I have 18 Carrots. I'm sorry, I'm gonna give you a little bit of formula math. I hope you guys remember it. It is very very simple. Even me who don't like math, you know me and math we don't go along very well. So when math starts having problem I just left it you know and like mixing numbers and letters is not my thing. So anyway, so if I can get it you can get it math. Okay. This is a formula you just remember I have gold I want to give his account on it but this 25 carats are 18 karat so what do you do? You see how many grams of gold you have? Have 100 grams of gold then okay, it is 21 So what I do, I'll do the following. I will do I

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will say 100 Time 21 or 18 Depends on the carrots then divided by 24

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simple the amount time the carrots divided by 24 that amount that comes if it is added up you know that's basically what it is. So you see the value of it and you put it in the pot

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good so that's how you do it those for a woman who were jury I don't believe that is a cat on the jury that woman use and if you if she gave it once in her lifetime on any amount in any new goal that you give you give one time only and you there's a cut of it or amount of money and on its behalf and in this case you will be inshallah in the safest state and this dopdf chef has employed him yeah tell him a whole lot and some of the Hanabi but if you give it on behalf of it that's also the middle of the half and another

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that you give us a cut on the jury that even the to us but only the gold not diamonds not there's no golden that

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we when we give this account that is eight categories mentioned in the Quran in regard to this account, but I will just go and things check can I get my zakat to dig a well if this will will be used by the poor only and majority of the people who will be using this the poor people you can give your zakat on it and align that needs well. hospital can I build a hospital from my Zakah if this hospital only for the poor, you can do that. But if this hospital treat everybody you cannot give the Mercer cart. Okay. And that's important distinguished to know. Can I give this a cat to schools? Yes, absolutely. If especially in non Muslim, non Muslim country, because that's part of protecting

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the entity of the Muslims and it's part of the form one of the form of jihad visa Villa check can I give my zakat to organization like care, you know, who defend the rights of Muslims? Absolutely. That's part of the jihad visa vie Allah to give the organization who defend the rights of Muslims

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Can I get my cat to the mustard? The mustard. There's a message to type that is a mustard who will take it as a cat. Like for us in the mustard most years a cat when it comes, for example, we make sure that we use it for the poor. And also we use it only for that for dollar supporting Dawa events because a Dawa il Allah teaching and giving Dawa is part of a jihad visa Bill Allah as Allah subhanaw taala says in regard to the Quran wotja Hit him behind. Yeah, then Kabira I know you might have a lot of other question but I am here every night every day, you are welcome to ask any question but make sure that you do you're correct. Make sure that you don't just say whatever. Now,

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ALLAH SubhanA data will ask you and believe me the day of judgment in some sense, in some sense, it is harder than IRS harder than accounting and modern audit in the modern days. A layup would

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lock the home up I saw him Why don't add it has an imbecile he said Allah counted how many breaths you have taken in this dunya

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so if he counted and we'll ask about all this like every single breath you take and you can imagine about the money that azul Academy have the normal parameters are by me no matter your money. But also in another sense it's much better because Allah's model is so forgiving. But you know,

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you only count on the last forgiving after you do your part but if you don't your do your part, don't count on it. Or we any I'm not gonna say because Allah smart Allah is so merciful, but make sure that you do your part. This is a very high rescue you don't want to take so I hope that helped you a little bit to understand this there's a God and how you can give it to is that Kamala Harris Allah bless your wealth and bless your what you give and what you keep. May Allah subhana wa Tada. Yoni always keep us among those who honor the real rules of Sharia and care for it. May Allah Subhana Allah forgive our sins may Allah in this Ramadan with his forgiveness, Melis mydala Endless

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Ramadan with his kindness Melis, patata Indus Ramadan while he's pleased with us and accept all the good deeds that we do, and help us to do more in the coming days, and to witness a little codger Allahumma. Amin he expected might be an Ramadan. If each comes in from a one.

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Eight comes out. That's as proof I'm fasting. Okay. Or you might be in Friday. Okay, mine's been fried and more likely to be in this Friday. So it comes in Friday. If you pray aid,

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only if you pray Juma prayer became an optional. And that's what the Prophet SAW salem said. And when the prophets of salaam said something, there is no other opinion to any 40

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to come and to challenge what the prophets are themselves and nobody so solid very explicit said we pray today.

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If you wish to pray July you can if you wish, you cannot buy if I don't pray Juma what I do, you pray, Lord, I don't. Because every day you have to five daily prayers. You have to pray five daily prayers. Zach from O'Hare, who went to Hong Kong on the la vita novena Muhammad Anwar