Feiz Mohammad – Tafseer Al Falaq 03

Feiz Mohammad
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And they used to soar

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and Nashville fall lock the popularity of these extremely high. And everyone knows that. Why? Because they contain an official instruction

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and official command order, which is to take refuge in the almighty law and none but him.

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seeking His protection, his safety,

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his guard

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against everything in the face of any source of evil, whether hidden or visible, known or unknown, minor or major, four, have we not taken him as our Lord? Have we not take it to Allah as our protector? As our guardian as our mosta? Say if you have so what do we do?

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If you want genuine protection, genuine safety, genuine God

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the only one you can resort to is Rob bill al Ameen, around bill Falco, and Robin as the law of Daybreak the law of men and the law of Allah Allah men, and we know that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam loved these two songs daily as a dog but to ignore Amir now writes in the Hadith collected by Muslims,

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that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, Have you not heard the unique verses that were revealed last night? He mentioned cool to be Robin Falak and cool. To be Robin say I seek refuge in Allah, Lord of Daybreak and Lord of men. And likewise in Mohammed Abdul Ismail Buhari, Rahim Allah Allah collected the shatta rhodiola Anna Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before going to sleep every single night, he will place his hands together like this.

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He will place him together below into them and recite a class called hawala who had alfalah Colorado bureau bill Falak and anass arangodb Robinette, then he will wipe his hands of whatever is possible of his body, starting from his head, his face and then the front of his body and so forth. He will repeat this three times every single time he went to bed. But why is he doing this? Because if we know the understanding the definition of these verses, this is a strong shield against this occurs. Therefore, while law he cannot stand, he hates it. Likewise, when he was ill with several illness, he would repeat this action if Tony became ill throughout the day or night, and if he could not do

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on his behalf or sharada yellowtail Anna would recite on his behalf and wipe his hands over his body and that was collected by hammered even worse made alcohol Bukhari and Muslim Asiatic in this have a likewise the scholars have said that these two SOS alpha lock one ness

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was specifically revealed for exorcism which is the expelling of the devils and of evil spirits as Abdullah if the must road narrated that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam disliked exorcism to be made in other than these two sore or and likewise we know the heyday of the famous hadith of zeytinburnu, Oregon, that a Jew came and cast a magical spell on whom on Warhammer Salalah alayhi wa sallam and the Jews name was

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lobate Hassan. So when Warhammer Salaam was struck by black magic,

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and he started suffering from this job rumalaya Salim came down to him, revealed Team ellmau with their team which is full of oneness and then informed him of the of her cast a spell and in which will the charm was placed in some Hamas alum straightaway told Ali ignore Vitaly, go fetch the charm, go fetch dispell grab it, and untie the charms slowly, one by one on tired and we saw it with the untwine cool to be Robin Falak and Colorado rock Venus. So when he did that, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam stood up as though he's been released after being taught

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by right.

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So we know these sort are very, very deadly against the devil. And I'm pretty sure those who do excess exorcisms don't understand this because we're live. We finished with it is many times, especially the verse. Men Sheree number 30 filler card will lie you repeat is on this person who's possessed or struck by black magic, as they will lie

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You're getting a sword and stabbing him and stabbing him and stabbing him and the more you say it will lie is witnessed or lying or the The more you say it, the more aggro he becomes.

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It becomes wild This is the devil himself. So when you say we say to be wrong bill fall off and you get to one min shorter in

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the fall or God, you should see the situation of dispossessed

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will lie brothers and sisters, your hair will stand up.

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While law hair your hair will stand up. And this is not a myth. This is the reality.

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