Ali Hammuda – Who is Allah? – A 7 minute journey

Ali Hammuda
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Ya know so

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Who is Allah? We want to refresh our Eman. We want to be attached to our Creator. We want to fear nobody but to him we want to please none other than Him. So we wish Allah come with me to Surah to the Hadith chapter 57 of the Quran where Allah Who says introducing himself to us, lumen Kusama Allah.

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He is Allah who has the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. You are you need He alone is the one who gives life and death. Well who are there couldn't be che in Madeira and he is able to do whatever he wishes. You sent me home to home every summer What do you want to do? A homeowner has Eastwood Hakeem. Everything in the heavens and the earth glorify Allah He used the most mighty the most wise. Yeah, Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. semiya Do you know anybody who shares even one of these characteristics with Allah? Who is Allah? Come with me to Chapter Six of the Quran surah Allah says

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Wang the Homer 30 Holy wine dome I felt differently. Billa Yaga Musa in Lahore. He has the keys to the unseen no one knows them except to him. Why Alamo melfin Very well.

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And he knows everything that is on land and everything that is within the sea. While I'm at the school to me what a cutting in Omaha there isn't a single leaf that falls from any tree except that ALLAH has knowledge of it, while a hot button field will do nothing. And there isn't even a grain within the darkness of the land. While rot will be one area this nor is there anything moist, or anything that is solid.

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Except that Allah has knowledge of it. It is written within a clear record now

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you bring to your attention Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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The description of just one of Allah Almighty is creation. He is an angel, the chief of the angels, angels zebra eel Alayhi Salatu was Salam. The messengers of Allah Allah He was sent them saw him in his true angelic form. Ahmed narrates in his Muslim that Abdullah even no matter what the companion he said, Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during a fee Swati

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rasool Allah He is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, zebra de la la

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la who said to me it Jana.

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Jana in Manhattan center.

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Yes, spoke to me in Jannetty. He mean to her really, what do reveal Yakushima Allah.

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He says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so Angel Jibreel in his true angelic form, and he had no less than 600 wings. And every one of those wings was huge enough to fill the horizon and cover the skies. One

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wings spread out, covers every cloud covers every star covers the sun and the moon covers every inch of the blue sky that we see one way.

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What then can you make 600 wings? And if this is the majesty of just one of Allah Almighty is creation, what then can you make of the beauty and the majesty of the Creator Himself?

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I bring to your attention your brothers and sisters get a second creation from Allah Almighty. This is the description of one of the angels who are carrying the Throne of Allah. Have you dealt with the writing the Sunnah and on the authority of God, that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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with iannelli and Hadith the Anala Kim Min mela Iike Tila him in Hamilton harsh.

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Muddy or Dhoni? He was deadly he mercy euro to Serbia I mean.

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He said Ali Hassan Otto Salam, Allah has given me permission

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to give you all Muslims, a description of just one of the angels that are carrying the Throne of Allah.

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He said the distance between his earlobe and his shoulder, is the distance of 700 years worth of travel.

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If that is the distance between his ear and his shoulder, a hand span of a distance for us human beings. What then about the size of the rest of this angel? Well then about the enormity of the rest of his body, if this is the size of one of the angels who are carrying the Throne of Allah, what then about the enormity of the Throne of Allah itself? And if this is the size of the Throne of Allah, what then about the Lord, the Lord and the king of

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Allah asks and I'm Tara

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Hola Hola. Yes doula Humann for some out

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don't use C O P for

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at everything in the heavens and the earth for streets to Allah

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was Shem su one comma and sold as the sun and sold as the moon when no geomorphology bad, so do the stars and so do the mountains was shot on what the lab and so do the trees and so do the moving creatures what cathedral Mennonites and so do many people will cathedral and Gallina that and many people will be punished your Allah

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isn't that amazing?

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From all of creation that's in existence they are all in submission on into June to Allah whether we see it or realize it or not. And the only exception is a minority who happened to be from the weakest of all creation He is man he and the jinn they refuse to prostrate to Allah

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Vika Kennedy came under the Hong Kong confessor walk

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me a beautiful Auntie Masha

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god, I love

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Love feeling

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