Let’s Contemplate the Qur’an Together

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Qur’an Week

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you been up?

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Then don't they ponder the Quran?

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Or do certain hearts have their own locks on them

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I need my heart and yours to experience the Quran. This is billionaires Legacy Project. Welcome to Quran.

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From a young age went to the machines went to so many different masalas and learn from different Imams, but that lasts six days why learn was a covenant to I probably could say, learn my entire life this week. Let Allah be the one to ask the questions this week, let your questions go. First time I came in here, and it was just such a surreal experience, what is this is telling me?

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What am I getting from this? What is Allah giving me here?

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You know, it's not all that unfair to ask the question, why do I need to know about every single Surah of the Quran? What am I gonna get from it? Anyway, so much of the Quran is talking about the same thing. So once I have a basic idea of what the Quran is about, I'm already Muslim. So there's no need for me to think about that too deeply. Either they don't see the point, because nobody's ever shown them the point. Or even if they see the point, and they say, I want to engage with the Quran, they just don't know where to begin. This is a disconnect from the Quran, that at some level I experienced in my life. And I think millions of Muslims around the world experience in their life

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for one week, I think is the solution to this problem. I want to come to your community, I want to spend a week with you. And I want to contemplate a surah of the Quran with you. I want you to see how beautiful it is, how relevant it is, and how it speaks to you and me in a way that nothing else does. His teaching style is amazing in a way that he takes you through a journey. It made us really think from a completely different perspective of how to view the Quran and it's definitely inspired myself to continue my studies. I like his teaching style because the way he teaches is very engaging. And the examples he uses are very understandable. Like he uses examples that we would

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understand. I'd like you to go to the link below and sign up for a Quran week that is coming near you. And if you happen to find that there isn't one coming near you, I'd like you to request one on the same link so that we can in the future bring Quran week this incredible Quran experience to a community that you can access. See you there