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The speaker describes the experience of the death of Sal, a character who is ill and sluggish. They encourage people to take action and forget everything they have happened to them. The speaker also talks about the story of the Afghanistan movie and how people are surprised by the beautiful state of the body of Sal.

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We must awaken from our sleep

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from our slumber before it's proclaimed before it's sheltered. So when Sal was ill, so when Sal was ill and so

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they'll cry out, no proclaiming public, his tongue has become heavy, his forehead has become sweaty, and the Angel of Death is indeed ready.

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yourself at a time of death.

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Imagine yourself at the time of death.

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Imagine you have to imagine because you want to be there.

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Today we fought

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before tranquility, who will act because we are money each other,

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this will vanish, will lie or vanish.

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This will vanish.

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Imagine yourself at the time of death. What for cross your mind, memories of family and friends? Can you regret? What happens? At the time of death does she feel

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the inevitable feeling of crossing the boundary from one world to another?

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What is life in the hereafter like, you'll be feeling this before your soul was taken?

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What is life in the hereafter like the darkness of the grave? The horror of the Day of Judgment, the recompense of stringency the thickness of the facade.

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Those who used to visit you see

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those who ended up with the envious unless you're finished, you're gone.

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Your family pay attention not to you anymore, but to your wealth.

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people staring at you, when you're dying, when you're experiencing the agonism death.

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Your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your son, your daughter, your niece, your nephew, your aunt, your uncle, your husband, your wife, all looking at you staring at you, but I cannot do anything nothing

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no matter what they do, how they do it, then they get they cannot do anything.

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Social Worker,

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then why do you not intervene? This is talking to the people who are looking over the dead person or in person, why do you not intervene when the soul of the dying person raises the throat, you are looking at this person and you at the moment I'm looking on,

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that we will assess the angels of death and nearer to him then you But you see,

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all these person is experiencing the death.

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Your family is over you, almost touching you yet the angels of death is closer than they are

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closer than they are but they cannot do anything.

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They cannot help you in any way.

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Know what is happening to you. They can see what you'll see. They cannot experience what you're experiencing because this now to this person is the knowledge of the unseen

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the knowledge of the unseen he is hitting.

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We know the story of the Afghanistan brother the movie when he was in Afghanistan under the influence of Russia Russian influence. When he made the Mujahideen brothers were advancing towards the enemy. He stepped on the line while on a landmine below in half of his body. Half of his body was blown off yet he was still in a state of consciousness. He was looking at towards the heavens and the Mujahideen around him looking at him in a state of shock. half his buddies to standing on the ground. And he was saying so Panama

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news. He was saying, look, look this season. Look how beautiful they are. And say what are you talking about? Cuz Look, look how they're nice. They're beautiful.

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Well, I can lead to zero.

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But you see not

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that you see