Nasheed Until You Return Back To Your Deen

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The name of Islam from the face of this earth that you are currently working

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on reflect that any so called Muslim country, any Arab country even

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the matter of Palestine militarily, while helicopters, airplanes, advance ammunition advanced artillery is being used to kill your Palestinian Muslim sisters.

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But I say again, this is our fault.

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This is the monsters fault.

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The reason for this humiliation, this defeat this abyss in the hands of the Cabal is no other than our fault. Why? Because we have become in bold enough transactions following the titles of the cows becoming satisfied.

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As a person authentic narration by Suleiman Abu Dawood on the authority of Abdullah Abdullah

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when you indulge in any transaction, take hold or tails of account, become satisfied of cultivation and abandons you had the last statement. Allah will cover you all.

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Never ever we live until you return back to

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back to

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when you indulge in any transactions. In other words,

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when you try to find a user's transaction, tried to find a loophole or why our exit

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someone says to AI persons after a very

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here's not like the verdict that the chef has passed, he starts calling another show.

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You should likewise or that like to stay because another and another thing?

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I've got the answer I want

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to find a way out

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and take hold of the tails of the cows was an

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indication of the importance to this whoa preoccupy yourself with this world and forgetting about the study on its rulings. Just grab, grab, grab, grab, grab, grab, grab, the wall is following the towels of the cows, the following the world in other words, you want to grab the gold

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gallery and keep the lights accumulates the wealth following the tails of the cow, the mean of it. And when you gather this wealth when it's all in front of you, you become satisfied with cultivation.

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you're satisfied with the cultivation that you have collected.

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under control constable constable

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brothers, sisters, what are you looking for? What are we doing?

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What's happening in

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Iraq today? See you

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say what is happening? that's gonna happen to you one day

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because you're comfortable you're

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wayna first world country

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the hits have been blown off.

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The legs have been amputated their arms, their bodies, they may have been just thrown off their bodies.

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And we are too comfortable.

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What are you

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waiting your prayer, your prayer, the sacrifice you're living in?

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is a really powerful data.

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You really follow that?

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when you take hold the total account login, boom, become xenophobes. Whoa.

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Do you abandon to sacrifice

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meaning that you will not want to confront

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Get comfortable.

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So how you gonna?

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How will you confirm a resurrection

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1000 sisters.

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Dad is telling you

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have you prefer the one next

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to you but little, little, little

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life in comparison in comparison and hereafter, it

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was just eternal, everlasting, never stopping.

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Stop. It's eternal, it's continuing.

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is a full stop

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where you're going to inc

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that doesn't exist.