Ramadan Series Day 01 – The Month of Ramadan

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The speaker discusses the concept of "Shakahair" in Arabic, which refers to the effect of heat on the body. The concept is related to the use of the word "fit," as it is used to reflect severe heat. The speaker also discusses the concept of "IT" and how it can affect our heart and affect our body, including the effects of fasting and the struggle towards a lasher.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen first day of Ramadan May Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us may Allah Spano tala give us life to live to finish the whole month of Ramadan the Allah give us life to see the knight of Allah other most importantly May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to resolve the desire to obey Him in the best way that pleases Him. He ought to be me why it is called Shaka Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned it in the Quran, Shahada Ramadan and it was either here or on the month of Ramadan where the Quran was revealed. But what does the word Ramadan mean? Basically, you go in the Arabic language or Ramadan

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is from Rama. Rama is extreme heat, extreme heat, and the influence or the effect of the sun, when it gets into the zenith when it is in the highest level in the sky, like in the middle of the day. And the reflection or the effect of this heat on the ground, mainly on the dust and on the sand and on the stones are on the rocks. That's how says Ramadan, Ramadan. And it's the out of the in the Arabic language they use this always to reflect severe heat. So why am I one of what's the relationship of Ramadan with severe heat. So there is many explanation on it. And number one, they say because when the Arabs came to call the names, the lunar months give the lunar months names,

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they gave it according to the time that month was and when they did that Ramadan that month was in the middle of this summer. So they call it Rama one has to have another meaning related to these two. And that's where the scholars came and says, what does it remove on you. They say Ramadan, from the real hard work that every Muslim try to do. And one of the meanings also from robotics and hinda is when something is absolutely very sharp, very tough. They say Ramadan with all what it brings with it. And with all the desire and the Act and the word people does actually will burn the sins and the disobedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala as the sun burns or the sun's effect on air, or the

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sun's heat effect on the

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ground and on the rocks to hurry bones, when you say it's so hot, my skin is burning. That's basically what the whole idea of our mobile that with all the hard work we do. May Allah accept from all of us, it burns our sins. And number two, they say even if the month of Ramadan doesn't come in the summer months, it all the time when the human being is fasting, there is always the feeling of thirst in the neck or in the throat I'm sorry, it's usually we say I am so thirsty, it feels like it is that hot outside. So the one of the signs and criteria of a fasting person that he or she is very thirst is very thirsty. And that's also reflect the, the idea of heat. And three, which is really

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nice. When I was preparing this, they said the hearts

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get affected by the heat of the multiple good deeds and the multiple goodness Ramadan, bring the heat, the hearts melt and become much softer. And I want to press on this point you see at all of us in the night 10pm long day, we still go and pray taraweeh and we wake up before fudger at four or 430 and to eat and Mexico and we struggle throughout the whole day, especially these days what are the days long, the heart that hearts gradually with all this hardship and all this Mujahed the struggle the heart become softer and softer and see how our hearts at the last 10 days of Ramadan in the night at tarawih how soft when we hear the aura and how we cry easily. So it is severe or

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excessive heat that the month came in that time this excessive heat that burns the sins and the disobedience to Allah and remove it metaphorically that the heat remove so the show the month of Ramadan remove the sins and the disobedience from our records and also metaphorically but also physically the

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action of fasting and the struggle towards a las panatela burns our heart melt our heart because of the many good deeds that the Muslims do. The hearts become much and much and much softer. May Allah subhana wa tada give us this real meaning of the month of Ramadan. Give us the effect of this on our hearts that our hearts become softer and softer and softer. And not only in the mobile, but when Ramadan ends and after Ramadan. That'll be me.