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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a belief in death and its consequences, including the appearance of the beast and the bodies of its victims. They also mention a large bill and a woman who is supposed to be killed. The speaker describes a test and a woman who is supposed to be killed, and describes the consequences of this belief.
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There is no fleeing from death,

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the angel of death

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and forcefully

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this believing soul out of his body goes in his nose, his

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pulling out of wit my middle piece, piece of metal, tries to put a piece of metal with wood and tried to pull it out and it becomes hard to pull out very hard. And his

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comes in

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Oh the angels between the heavens and the earth,

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all the angels in the heavens.

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Curse in the sole means the rejection of

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the asking

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for the nice, the enjoyment, the alcohol, the again the fornication, illicit promiscuity, sexual promiscuity, where is it all now?

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Where is it

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all the enjoyment will lie as soon as you see it.

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Everything is gone.

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All the enjoyment, all the good. All the good things, all the money, all the ladies

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all the drugs

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we did not enjoy not even a

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the body is washed its rounded and being carried on the shoulders of men to the grave for the burial. And he the narration mentions that this this believing servant says what? Whoa to me where that taken me

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to that

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taking you away to the black hole which had been informed off and informed informed as we are doing now. Day after day you are warned about your

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between the two worlds

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was your mother was your father was your ally was your buddy god What are you security

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is the only thing that can help you with the most important

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issues say $100 bill the largest new one in Australia, then it'll be a billion dollar bill.

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Bill a billion dollars this is gonna

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be a slave to paper.

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Paper Paper that can be destroyed. How can a man or lady be slave to paper with nothing, nothing at all.

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the money that you are given is only to get you through this life.

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You can hold and store

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possession day after day.

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Everything that you are given is an examination for you. It's gonna be either for or against you.

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Those who just won't always store hold, gather are gonna do this are gonna do that. Oh my children. Oh my children, my children they see a

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load of lies, load of garbage.

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So the taking to the grave, the bodies in the grave, the soul unites of the body. And he's this thumping of his companion shoes, leaving the grave and begins the ultimate examination. The ultimate test. Where's the HSC? Now, where is the degrees? Where is the thesis of the PhD or the Masters?

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As Oh by law? This is the test. This is the test.

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He is the thumping of his companion shoes and leaving the ground. And then

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two angels loose blackish stern angels philosophy reprimand. naman Kawasaki shake the body. They make him sit upright.

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in a state of fear, terror.

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Scared imagine yourself

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imagine yourself this is not a fairy tale. This is reality the fact

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you're gonna confront this mugger wanna pee? We are gonna construct them before our very eyes.

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This is not a fairy tale.

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This is what's gonna happen to all of us.

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Who is your Lord they will ask

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Who is your law?

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Oh law attorney. I do not know he says he doesn't know ladder at one athlete you do not know in order to decide what is your religion? Oh.

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I do not know.

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Who was the man that was sent amongst you? Oh, I heard someone say some such and such.

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And then it will be said you did not know. Nor did you read about him whereby he will be hit with a metal hammer and made two calls in him two screens VP, whereby all creation easy except man and she

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does the almighty law. He

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answers or announces the test result of this examination from the heavens. My sermon fly.

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Imagine you're

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saying my sermon fly?

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Is that what

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you're calling out from the heavens?

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Alive rather than citizen

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and you have to change that. You can make that answer. My server tells the trip.

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You have to get the ability still. To this state which is alive.