Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L186A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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How do we want to say Leonardo's reveal Kareem? I'm about for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim labiche rashly acidity we're Sidley Emery. washlet better melissani yokocho. Cody probenecid in our ilma

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lesson number 185 suited for corn is number one to 20

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Translation tobacco, he was greatly blessed and lovey who Missoula he sent down

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on the criterion

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a plan of the day he his servant, leader corner, so that he is so that you may become a little Alameda for the world. No VIERA owner and Modi who logo for him melco kingdom as some of the heavens and the earth, women and not yet he makes one other a child while M and not yocan it is local for him. Surely any partner from Milwaukee in the kingdom was senator and he created comerciais in everything.

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Then he estimated it decaduro a do you measure?

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What the hurdle and they adopted me from D other than Him lehighton God's love not yes Latina they create Shea anything while home while they you know corner they are created. Well now and more young licona they possess the unforeseen for themselves. They've run any harm and no need for any benefit. Any profit. were more and more young. The corner they own Moulton that winner and now harriton life winner and now misura resurrection on me said and novena those who disbelieved in not have this ima except if con ally

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if there are Who? He fabricated it. Well, I know who and he helped him. I know he attended. Oman people are her own other ones. Forgot So in fact, they came women with injustice was azura and falsehood and truth will call me and they said I said I'll tell you stories. myths overly of the first ones except for the hair. he forged it for here then it to me it is dictated I know he upon him the cotton in morning was a sailor and in evening

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say Angela who he sent it down under the who yeah I know he knows a cetera the hidden fee in a similar way the heavens on earth and the earth in the hole indeed he can he is ever before and always all forgiving rahima always All Merciful. will call you and they said man what Lee is full. However this also the messenger yet he eats the food when she and he walks fee in us walk the markets. Lola Why not? In Taylor. He was sent down LA to him Malecon an angel for corner so he would be now who with him now VIERA a warner

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Oh, you are it is cast.

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He drew him Kansan a treasure

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or the corner it is the home for him Gen metal a garden. Yeah kulu he eats men have from it. What color and he said a while you're in the wrong doors in not that the owner you will follow in law except Rajan mn Masuda when bewitched under look kafer how bearable they struck. Lucky for you lm sell the examples. The descriptions for new so this trade fella so not yesterday earnings they are capable

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sebelah anyway,

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did Erica he was greatly busted under the hole in if he will, Jana he made lacquer for you higher on better men than the liquor that Jeanette gardens dodgy it flows men from the hair underneath it and handle the rivers. Well john and he makes lacquer for you persona palaces. Then rather coverable they belied the saw with the our third dinner, and we prepared Lehman for who he relied besar with the hour, sir, you're abusing fire, either when we're at home, it's all them. Men from McCarran in a place by eating one fall. Send me through the herd. Let her for it. Delay us in a raging fury.

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Where and the funeral, a roll or rolling

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well either and when they will cast men hair from it in it. McKernan a place that you can narrow maccarone once chained together, though they're called Holika their server destruction that do not they Oh y'all call a Leona today suborn destruction were hidden one where the O nd will call for destruction kathira many

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say is vaniqa that higher better on our Gen garden a hold of the eternity and the T which worried he was promised on those who fear Allah Kamath it was the home for them desert a recompense were masura and a destination the home for them fee her in it man whatever you own it they will finally do ones abiding eternally. Canada it was Allah upon or Baker Europe Why then a promise must schooler want to be asked

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and on the Yeshua whom he will gather them warmer and whatever you're doing they worship men from dooney besides Allahu Allah for Tony then he will say a date and tell you all about him. You are misguided either the My servants How old are these?

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home they destroyed a sebelah the way

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they said so behind okay your glory may not Cana it was young Bobby, it is proper law now for us. And that method we take men from Dominica besides you men from earlier any guardians when I can but my daughter whom you benefited them wherever a home and their forefathers had until now so they forgot as recur. The remembrance What can you and they will own a people build or destroyed For God so in fact COVID will come they will lie to you. They may because of what

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you all say. Or the man with what the coluna you all say for me so not tested the owner you all are able soften any averting weather and no muscle any helping women and whoever you're with him he does wrong men come from you know they're cool. We will make him taste either than a punishment could be a great winner and not all of a sudden we have sent out the mecca before you mean from a loosening the messengers in there except in the home indeed a kimono show surely they eat the food while I'm showing it and they walk fee in a swap the markets

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and we have made by other comb. Some of you Libra have been for others fitna 10 a trial. A test Varun Do you all enjoy with patience? What can and he was he is ever Rebecca yoga basura always all seeing

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that the recitation of these verses

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la de la

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oh okay

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hello and

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send me

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boo boo,

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boo boo

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me, Paul

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duni camino

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boom Bhima una

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one a

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