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Should you Allah Illallah who the hula Sharika who actually do under Mohammed and Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam? Yeah, you have Ladino mono tabula haka. Takata. He will move on to Misty moon. Yeah, you have nurse with Sakura Bakula? The haka. Come in FCM Wahida to hold up I mean Huzzah. Jaha Baba thymine humare Jalen cathedra one Isa, what's up? Hola. Hola, Anita. Luna b What are ham? In hola can RT Kamala peba yeah you hola Lena Amador taco Allah will go to Conan sadita your Salah Komamura como Villa comedonal belcam Juan Manuel de la hora Sula, who forgot the fez. If it was in our Lima my bad fenders are going to add keytab Allah wa hadal how do

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you how do you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam wa Shara moody Mahathir to have Hakuna Matata tiene vida, que la vida and dadada dadada to infinity.

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The Prophet sallallaahu Salam

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in the

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time in Mecca, one things were extremely difficult. At the culmination of a three year board boycott, the last of which was known as I'm in his inner the year of sorrow

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because of the death of two of the closest people to the prophesy Salem himself, his wife, Anita Alana, and his uncle Abu Talib, who was a father figure for him for up until that point 42 years.

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And he died as a non Muslim.

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In the death of the two of them was extremely difficult upon the prophets that I sent them. But one of the practical implications of the death of Abu Talib was that he no longer had the protection that he wants enjoyed.

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And so as things became more difficult upon the Muslims and upon him specifically in Mecca, and after 10 years of Dawa, and the doors being closed, he went to the city of thought if to give Dawa there now thought if,

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if any of you've been there before, you know, it's it's over 60 miles away from Mecca.

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And it's situated in a very high elevation.

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And so, the process that I'm set off on this journey of over 60 miles with his adopted sons eight and the Hadith of Allah on who

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in the desert heat, and they left in the middle of the day, because that was a time when no one was suspect him to leave.

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And the elevation gain is over 5000 feet, from Mecca to life.

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And so he sets out on this journey now him Muhammad wa sallam, the Father, not the messenger, but the father is leaving behind in the hornet's nest of Mecca, four of his daughters.

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But he goes to thought if nevertheless to give the message to give the Dawa, and he does so and he spent some time there, and no one who he presented the message to accepted him.

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He presented to the people and he presented the leaders of thought of three brothers, all of whom mocked and ridiculed the Messenger of Allah and finally, after spending at least 10 days there, and five, to hasten his his exit from the city they sent as you know, the slaves and the children to like to stone him as he left the city.

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And so the stoning it wasn't just

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any from here to the door of the masjid methylene like this distance, these mobs of people chased a prophet and were stoning him and throwing rocks at him until he reached a garden that was situated two miles plus outside of five.

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belonging to one of the leaders of the enemies of Assam and Mecca, thought F was because of its high elevation had better weather. And so it was almost like a vacation homes, they would have been thought.

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And so two miles of continuously being stoned. And that's why when you read the narration that he was bloodied until his Sandalwood sticking to his feet, you can imagine that two miles continuous.

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And that's why when I should ask the Messenger of Allah, was there a day harder in your life than a day of oh, he said, No, it was a day of fire if he says, he said, When I left by VCs, when a man woman, Allah when she was overwhelmed with sorrow and sadness, he sees fed up in our energy economy, sad. I didn't get any become aware of my surroundings, and what's going on to our rich continent that I'm going to try them is over 30 miles away from five. So you can imagine the level of pain and sorrow and anguish, both physical and emotional that he was feeling sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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It was at this moment in an iteration that some scholars have debated its authenticity. But regardless of the debate, there is an absolutely no doubt in every letter of this dua, there is a truth of new Bula

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when he turns to Allah in this situation, and he says Allahumma in the daycare school data for Kuwaiti Oh ALLAH is only you

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only to you though I complain the weakness of my strength worked in letter Hina T will hawan er the nurse and the scarcity of my resources and my humiliation in front of the people. Yeah, I'll have a Rahimi. Oh, the Most Merciful of those who showed mercy and terrible must have it. You know what, and Toby, You are the Lord of the oppressed, and you are my Lord.

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You're not meant

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to Whom have you left my affair? Either bury the integer Hemani to someone far away in five that will turn me away. I mean, I do in my lecture who somebody or an enemy and Mecca who you've given control of my affair over.

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Then he says in them you can be careful who your fellow body, but Oh Allah, so long as I know that you are not angry with me, then I don't mind when I can have you. It's like a hero, Saudi, but your your is your safety. Your blessing is easier for me if you can do so.

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Then he says, I want to be known what you can know the extra Kotla Hello, Matt.

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Oh Allah I seek refuge in the light of Your countenance that wipes away all darknesses will son who had he mo dunya and akhira and all the affairs of this dunya and the hereafter would be rectified. And your hidden order book, The O Allah that perhaps your anger will descend upon me.

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Or you're

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an NCAA USA hook, or your anger your displeasure will come upon me look a lot better.

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How would I want to Quwata illa buck, and you have the right to censor so long as you wish and there's absolutely no power or might in changing the condition except with you Oh ALLAH. So you see, the Messenger of Allah made this extremely powerful.

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turning to Allah, presenting his situation in front of Allah and begging Allah to help him acknowledging that Allah has the power and the strength. And then when we fast forward in the theater a few more years to the day that I shot a lot of thought was the most difficult to the process that I'm the day you've all heard.

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Once that I sent him his lip was was gashed in his cheek was cut open and his helmet was smashed into his skull that they weren't able to stop the bleeding until they had to put burning embers in the wound to seal it from bleeding some Allah Allah He was.

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And as he's wiping away the blood from his face, he sang K for you, usually who come how can people be successful, who have injured the face of their prophet? Well, who will you meet Allah and is only in all these dunya is calling them to Allah subhanho wa Taala when his uncle Hamza was murdered and not just murdered but mutilated, beloved, Jehovah was mutilated, and lost his arms, the list goes on of the companions. And again in that moments as the Muslims in the Messenger of Allah ascended the mountain of hurt, as the battle came to a close, before he sat down, went down

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and saw all the murders, but he knows what happened.

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He tells the Companions who are with him.

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make straight lines, just like the Imam says for Salah, make straight lines, had that with Niala Robbie so that I may praise my lord. Imagine that.

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The pain that he's physically feeling and the emotional feeling he's having of knowing so many of his close companions were martyred and not just murdered but mutilated. And then the narration season. Buhari records this in this companions form lines and lines and rows behind the Messenger of Allah Azza Salam, and he raised his hands and he began making a dua to Allah. And he says Allah Malik Al hamdu Kulu O Allah to you belongs all praise Allah malapa Be the man Mabasa Oh Allah there is no one who can restrict what you give and expand what am I really my bad what am I back then email corrupt there is no one who could bring close to what you make distant nor make distant what

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you bring close. What am I completely ma'am and that's what a man Yeah, nema aids and oh Allah there is no one who can withhold what you give. Nor can anyone give what you withhold. And so after praising Allah, and acknowledging and recognizing and teaching the Companions behind him or reading these in their hands, making dua to Allah, that Allah is fully in control.

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He then asked Allah subhanaw taala and he asked him for blessings of this dunya and the hereafter he says, Allah whom I'm so to Allah, and I'm in Baraka, Attica what I meant to go off on the go, it is good, Oh Allah, open, expand for us.

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The blessings and the mercy and the bounties and your provision. And he says, Oh Allah in the ESET Who can name and Hakeem and Medina who do what I Azula Well, I asked you for an abiding blessing that will never go away or or be removed. Aloma in the ESET Who can name Yeoman I

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Hello welcome Neoma how to bow ALLAH ask you for a blessing on the day of utter poverty and security on the day of fear.

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Allah Maha even becoming su EMA athletes and I wish I remember not I mean Oh ALLAH and I seek refuge in You from the evil that the of what you give us and the harm of what you give us in the evil of what you have presented from us. And then you see the beautiful die he continues Allahumma Habib, Elaine and Iman, was the new vehicle Rubina. Well, Canada he didn't look comfortable for Su COVID sandwich and me a little while she didn't know Allah, beautify faith in our hearts

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cause us to love Iman and beautify in our hearts and allow us to hate disbelief and wicked deeds and sins and make us amongst the righteous Allama telephoned amnesty mean, while he was unanimously meanwhile heckled over Saudi him later Hosea, well, MF TuneIn Oh Allah we asked you to allow us to die as Muslims and to be resurrected as Muslims and to raise us in the Companions, that companionship of the righteous not to be not to be amongst those who are humiliated or put to trial. And then he then after asking Allah for his dunya and as Afra he then makes dua against the enemies who did this to them. Allah Who Makati will capitalise Alladhina so dunya and Sibenik Oh ALLAH fight

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those who hinder the people from your path. Well, you can be born at OSU duck and who does who reject your messengers which Allah him which Allah 102nd or other but you know Allah, send upon them your punishment, and your basement. Allahu Makati, dill kepada Ladino to the Kitab Yeah, help Oh ALLAH fight the disbelievers from those who have been given the Scripture.

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Oh, the Lord of the truth.

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And again, this imagine this powerful dua being set at a time when so 70 Plus companions were murdered. In the companions are there aligning behind the Messenger of Allah and they're learning something. The learning that in these times, in times of Phaeton in times when the lives are being lost, in times of massacres in the like, which they faced, that we turn to Allah, that you turn to Allah. And then you fast forward again just a few more years in the as the messenger of Allah set out with his companions to perform Amara in the sixth year after hijra, and as we know, they were prevented from entering the masjid and entering entering Mecca. And then so Hayden armor comes out.

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And for sake of time, a negotiation ensues. And a treaty is written down.

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And as they're writing this treaty, Abu Jandal, the son of Suhail, was a Muslim and he was being tortured in Mecca. He wasn't allowed to make his era he escapes. And he comes you're a Sufi for you the He is literally dragging his chains behind him as he reaches the Muslims. And he throws himself in front of the Muslims. And just as he did that, so heinous putting condition upon the prophets, I send them that if any Muslim from us leaves and comes to you, you send them back to us. They are not allowed to to join you in Medina.

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But if any non Muslim,

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any Muslim from you leaves and joins us, we don't have to send him back. This had not even been written in the treaty yet. So he had said those words and his son all of a sudden comes and and his companions they say that you could will cannot leave either been studied and Fila they said literally, we can see the severe signs of torture upon him.

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So he says, This is the first person you he doesn't go with you. Process them says, well, we didn't even write it down yet. says no, I'm gonna walk away from this deal. He says, Okay, fine. Forget the deal just between me and you, leader to leader.

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You know me, I know, you just just let this one go for me.

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He says absolutely not.

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And so then So Haley is seeing this. He's seeing in front of his eyes, that he is about to be sent back to be tortured.

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To what end that comes to him Allah knows.

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And so he says he turns to the Muslims. And he says, a national Muslim in order to Sri Keane Mukherjee to Muslim are you going to send me back when I came to you as a Muslim? And I thought, oh my god, don't you see what I'm faced? You see the torture upon me.

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But the process of him couldn't do anything.

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And he was sent back. I'm gonna hit Baba at that moment. He kind of just, if he felt something, he goes to the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, he says Yasuda Allah Allah Sena be Allah haka, or messenger will argue the Prophet of Allah and truth sees Bella. Yes. Then he says, unless the added help, but I do want to add

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Battle, aren't we on the truth in our enemies and falsehood?

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Yes, so he says, yeah Rasulullah said he may not have been Denning yet if he didn't, then why should we kind of humiliate ourselves in this way? All the conditions of the treaty war against the Muslims? How should we do that? So the maximum was one of these days in near Rasulullah. Well as to our See, one now city, I am the messenger of Allah, and I will never disobey Allah. And indeed, Allah is constantly in my aid.

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Fabiani, again he, he's hearing this but he's seeing something else. You're saying Allah is my helper, but I'm seeing Abu Jandal being tortured and being sent back. And so he says, Any he looking for anything he's pulling at straws he's, he's he says, I want to connect to the Dona Ana Sonetel, Beethoven Overbey or messenger of Allah, didn't you tell us we will make the walk around the house of Allah will perform Umrah?

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When people say now, didn't you say the help of ALLAH is coming close? Don't you? Doesn't Allah say in the Quran that Allah in Nasrallah, he tallied the victory of Allah is near? Does it Allah say in the Quran, Emma ujjivan Muqtada EDA, da, well, I'm making into the, where's my dua being answered? We have these questions.

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I don't know Tom says Didn't you say we will make the life the Prophet prophet of Allah has sent me says yes. But did I tell you that it would be this year that I explicitly say we'll make the loss this year? And he says, No, you didn't. Then he says, For indica it, it will move away from B then you indeed will make the life you will be there. Then you fast forward Subhanallah the next year when they made Amara

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and many of you are going to hammer on next week, or in the winter break or you've been hammered on hygiene before. It's remarkable.

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When you perform say

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and you send us off on marijuana, you know the process that I'm used to do the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah says one year later,

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he would face the Kaaba, the same place at the Kaaba, on one side of it. They would torture the companions in Mecca just a few years ago.

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He's looking at it imagine what's imagined. Put yourself in his shoes. Seven years after being driven out of your home. You're now back in Mecca performing Thoth and performing Amara, and you're looking at the Gabba with your own eyes. Imagine the flood of memories coming back to the Prophet of Allah ibn Misu, the first companion to recite the Quran publicly he stood in front of the Kaaba, out of a rough man Allah

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Han Collinson, he began to say, man, and he was beaten so severely that he almost died right in front of the Kaaba. These are memories perhaps playing through the mind of the companions as they're looking at the goblin. What are they seeing

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in law Allah? What had the whole Shadi killer the whole moon koala, hula hamdu Hawala coalition, Luca de la ilaha illa Huwa and Jessa wah wah Nosara. Abba Wahhabism Allah Saba, there is no God but Allah. He is one he fulfilled the promise to his slave. And he gave victory to his slave, and he alone defeated the Confederates the army, well hasn't been Azova We hear that a lot. And a lot we say, well, husband,

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what is that referring to in an exam when the Muslims were besieged, and they were attacked for over a month for a month, and nothing's coming in. It's other than arrows flying into Medina. And Allah subhanaw taala then sends a storm upon the people of Mecca who are camped outside and their tents are being uprooted and their fires are turned are blown out. And their horses are running in fear and they turn around and they rush back to Mecca. Allah did that. That's what Allah says in the Quran. Yeah, you know, the man with guru near a metre long Yeah, they come, if they

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come, you know,

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they, Henry, how would you know the lamp

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worker and Allahu Bhima Maroun Eversley your O you who believe remember the fever of Allah upon you.

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He says when an army came upon you, and we sent upon them a wind and an army, that you weren't able to see yourself and Allah was indeed seeing everything. But we see Subhanallah in these moments when you can lose clarity. When you can lose sites, when you can forget some of what we learned in times of ease at these moments of the most difficult circumstances. The Messenger of Allah was teaching the Companions turn back to Allah. And don't know Allah is my helper and Victor, will who honestly he will most indeed definitely give me give me victory. And we ask Allah to allow us to keep our hearts for

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For firm in times of fitna and to be able to witness the victory of Allah when that comes along I mean

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so now Amanda Rahim comes Allah Hello Bill Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Harada. And he wasabi has made

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you fast forward again one, two more years after that incidence. And we find something an aeration is very interesting of Abu Hurayrah. Ebola was a late convert to Islam. And the Muslims had sent an army to Mukta to face the Romans For the first time, because the Romans had assassinated a messenger that the President had sent a tribe loyal to them. And so

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the Muslim set out with an army of 3000. And the Romans gathered an army of 100,000.

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And then another 100,000 from the different tribes surrounding their empire joined in. And so an army of 200,000 is waiting the believers of 3000.

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And so imagine that seen a behold IRA for the first time joining the Muslim army,

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and he's looking out at an army, he says, As far as the eye can see, and he come with a huge amount of not just manpower but weaponry and gold and silk and embroidery and all the fans all their wealth, and their weapons and their size of the army. 200,000 So he says for Barry Farber, sorry, my eyes it was as if they were struck by lightning.

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And so 1000s of new Autocom they'll be a loved one who's standing right next to Abu Hurayrah and he tells them Yeah, about Hoda. Raka and Nikita Jammu and Kathira Oh, Ebola, it's as if you are seeing a massive army.

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And he says yeah, so that but then teaches him something that he didn't upgrade or didn't have the benefit of learning by experience. Habit was there at the Battle of better

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so he tells them a horror era in Nikola Tesla had manner better

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in aluminum solid Kathrada Oh Abu Hurayrah you were not with us in the Battle of bedden. We are not a people who are given victory based on numbers. We are not a people who are given victory based on numbers. And so Subhan Allah, when Allah says in the Quran, brothers and sisters, that what I answer on Allah Humayun Surah, that indeed Allah who will give victory to those who helped the religion of Allah, that promise is true.

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And Allah defines who those people are Alladhina in mechana home fill out a farmer Salah what was the caribou Mr. Ruble now if you want to have one in monka, they established a prayer that gives the car the enjoying the good and they forbid the evil, they are those who Allah will help so what we are witnessing to our brothers and sisters in the husband fell asleep. We remember first and foremost that what Allah talks about federal own and what he did to the Benissa and he was slaughtering their children, massacring babies and infants and, and children. Allah says what the daddy combat our own mirabito Maleme It was indeed a test from Allah, not a test from Quran. And so

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no matter what the Ummah faces will remember it's a test from Allah subhanho wa taala. And these tests are meant to push us back to Allah. Not to lose clarity not to lose focus, but rather to get closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. And when we know when we see and it's very painful, the bodies and images of of children being blown to pieces we remember the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah says salam, where he says that Matthew Shaheed who must sell cattle in a coma, he must sell Carosa he says the Shaheen the murderer will not feel the death, the pain of death, other than like someone feels like the pinch of his skin. So despite what their bodies have gone through that we see we

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know, Allah saves them. And Allah prepares a reward for them. They don't no matter what the death may be, the pain that they feel, is not what we expect. Because the Messenger of Allah says just like the prick of a thing, no matter what they go through, Allah has with them. And these tests are meant to push you and I and all the OMA back to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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They're meant to push us back to Allah. So when we see the people of Gaza staying firm on their religion, despite what they're going through, we take a lesson that we have to stay firm despite the little that we are going through when we see the woman of has ever for refusing to come out from under the rubble without their hijab, we take a lesson that will wear a hijab was pride in our debate with pride when we see the people of Gaza with only a little water left, still feed a thirsty dog and still use that water to make will do we will say to ourselves, we will continue to be terrible, terrible to the creation of Allah and we will never miss a Salah again. These are meant to

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push us back to Allah subhanho wa Taala these trials are meant to push us back to Allah and when we become a people befitting of the description Allah puts in the Quran

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We will then become a people befitting of the victory of Allah coming to us we are We ask Allah to make us amongst them Allahumma Amin in Allahumma Ecotec Sedona Nebby yeah you are Latina, Emmylou Allah he was sending with us Nima Allama, Sanjana, Muhammad you wanna Ali Mohammed que mas en Italia Brahim Wanda only Brahim indica. Hamidah Majeed Allama Burdick I know Muhammad you want to earn him 100 km Allah Allah Ebrahim while early but I'm here to flower let me mean and that can be damaging Allama can have no clue what like a sugar cooler will be it will be ethical hydrocodone Oh Allah. Allahu Allah Al hamdu bien Islam, well, it can hamdulillah Iman, well it can help to build Quran

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like Al hamdu Finola, can hamdulillah Kira, Subhana Allah Allah ma but not to have diabetic Subhana Kea Allah Masha Cava NACA Hakushu cric Subhana Allah Allah Mercado NACA how Podrick Subhana Allah inlanta Subhana Allah in the Quran immunoblotting mean la you know how you learn to Subhanak in I couldn't amino Bonnie mean Allah My name is Erica and to featheredge humble Muhammad Amin Allah, Allah Allah federal ninja and f1 in FE Philistine Allah McFetridge and whom Allah who manifest Catawba whom Allah Majid Bucha Castro whom Allah Medallia Raha whom Allah ma if he moved to LA whom Allah humara Milltown Taco Bell Shuhada and whom Allah Allah Allah it can be Mantova with the

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Kabbalah what to Japan was the mean Allah whom yeah how you are you you documented gonna study those tenderness and then I couldn't hold second night unfortunately it's only one column and Derek about Allah in the law I'm gonna be nothing less than what you weigh on hand fascia I will make a really common article to the Quran wealthy Masada

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brother just move forward