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Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The importance of following the Sunless Law of Prophet Muhammad's teachings and protecting one's physical appearance is emphasized. The need for patience and avoiding the statement of morality is emphasized. The importance of learning to be a good Muslim and avoiding confusion is emphasized. The segment also touches on the benefits of having a strong immune system and staying healthy.
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Can I shadow under Mohammed Abdullah? Who were a pseudo who see khumba Yolanda taco lava cut further macoun C'mon Kala la putana for the Quran Allah Kareem Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Yeah, Xena, Taka la Hakata hottie Aleta Mouton. illa Anta Muslim mana money

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in a payroll column column en la Sano. Howdy hadden Mohammed in some lohani he while he was off, he was telling them Bashara ohmori Maha Dasa to Hakuna Matata. wakulla bedenken Dona Ana Paula Bella Tintin. Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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hamdulillah or praise due to a lot of blood I mean for his blessing for his mercy for his guidance for his forgiveness and for all the risk that Allah have provided for all of us until today. May Allah Baraka

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increase in our daily life. I mean, May Allah increase our health and our well so that we can serve him better? I mean,

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in sha Allah log on to Brian souplesse beginner class with the morning dose that was recommended by our profits and loss alarm, the best of a loss creation to recite every morning, similar manner Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Wanda early Muhammad kamasan later on Ebrahim wala only Ibrahim in Naka Hamid and Majeed Amar Houma because

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why because I'm saying why beacon

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or become can a motor what you like and not sure oh Bismillah Hilaire de la jolla door ro masumi. Shea when you fill out od one of his summer he was semi alene or D to build I hear a Ba ba ba bill Islami Dina Bobby Mohammed in Libya Allahumma zlatni illman nafi and forest con even amalan mata Kabbalah Allahumma Killa j Gen. Y Jelena Milan

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robina Tina dunya how Santa Clara de hacer la joaquina subhana wa salam O Allah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Angela in er hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen Ameen. yarrabah alameen.

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We try our level best to make all the Oscars geekier. So that a lot of Allah Allah mean, or make us among the people who remember him in good time in bed time. When we are healthy, or when we are sick, we will always remember Allah urban and the mean.

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Whether they are male or females or Corinne was accurate.

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A lot promised those who always remember him that Allah will reward us kindly, and also will forgive all our sin. That is the significance of remembering Allah horrible enemy,

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to all the brothers and sisters again, before we continue that may convey the salon from our good brother and sister from Karachi.

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Wish I was there for a conference, and also some family members from Dubai, whom we met, before we came back to Malaysia

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and hamdulillah

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The conference was organized by the young generation to reach out to the younger generation of Muslim in Karachi, Pakistan, and also to the elite kind of community who feel that it's easy to understand Islam through English kind of lecture than the old

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way of teaching.

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We know that as we grow, we are exposed to many things. Even our children here is exposed to many things. So it's easier for people to have some understanding about the beauty the value of Islam, when we understand it in the language that we are used to a majority of us here so understand English, and that's why we choose this medium of communication.

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Brothers and sisters in

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Same time.

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We know that Islam is a religion, who is here to discipline ourselves to have self development first before we do any other things. That's why we talk about faith, man, we talked about me, myself and I, everything go inward first, before you look outwards. We have to make sure that we become a better person before we want to help others.

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The same thing goes through that we hope that a lot of will Allah Minh will make it easy for us to act upon the knowledge that we have learned until today, because at the end of the day, the ayah that I always could, and it was quoted by our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and the companions of the Prophet the Sahaba. Khalifa Rashidi, even the great scholars for Imam Abu hanifa money shopping and humbly they always remind us with the reminder of Allah by putting this I

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am on La haka toccata. wallet, the moon in the moon. Now, the ayah the ending of the ayah is a very important reminder. The Quran was sent by Allah as zyk curry as Ezekiel in Xemnas zakra in Allahu Allah Hafiz own, Allah says that we are revealed the Quran as zippier as a reminder, that's why the Quran is to keep on reminding everyone of us what to do, what to say, or what to eat, what to drink, and then in the same time, what not to do, what not to say, what not to eat, what not to dream, and the do's and the don'ts.

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Then a lot of will Allah mean remind us that if every one of us one amongst blessing,

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to be not only now until the end of time, make sure that we try our level best to be obedient to Allah command.

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We are not saying that we are Angel, but we must try our level best to be obedient to Allah probably Allah mean by doing what he wants us to do, and stay away from what he forbid.

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Secondly, a lot of Allah, Allah mean, remind us that every one of us will have their days every one of us will have to return back to a lot sooner or later.

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We have a brothers who have been with us for a long time, but lately he has never been with the car he was very, very sick. A answers to prayer for him. I will say it

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is a brother from Bangladesh, the family we just visit him last night having a very

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serious kind of tumor inside the stomach.

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So May Allah make easy for him and strengthen his faith, increase his suburb and also to his family. And we are laudable I we know that every sickness and illness there is a cure. Yeah, that's what we must believe first. Yeah, the prophet said locally that eight hour every sickness or illness that is the medicine for today. What we are trying is, we never give up. Number one.

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After we try our level best, we must learn to have our inner peace, we must not be too worried to anxiety, depression, because that will kill

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depression, sometime anxiety, unnecessary worry, will also destroy us before the sickness destroys us. So what is important a lot of other men always remind us Allah basically Allah He had no clue but by remembering Allah, you will have inner peace. That is what we are trying to work within ourselves how to remember Allah in that time.

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Good time we do remember very little, because we be busy. We have a lot of other things. But when that time, we do remember but how do we remember Allah at that time? Yeah, normally been a human. When we remember Allah embed them. We want Allah to respond to us and cure our sickness immediately if possible.

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Nothing is impossible for us.

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Yeah, remember nothing is impossible for a lot of anime but we must have the right belief

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and why a lot of people and a mean one

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to have inner peace because Allah say Yo lionpaw oh man when when I

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remember the day will come all your well all your children cannot help you anymore

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even you have everybody around you all the specialists around you they can help you

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that's why Allah say yom lion Omar loon wala by noon

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Illa man Attila the Colombian saline,

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except those who have prepared themselves to return to Allah in a peaceful manner, submitting themselves to Allah be Calvin Salim with a very sad myth at heart, the heart have learned to submit to Allah Kadar

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and that's why a lot of trouble al amin remind all of us here you hygena aminata como wala tanzu nappsa maka de Leyva D. O you who believe in Allah, be faithful to Him. And always look into ourselves, me, my and I,

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Me Myself, I What have we prepared for our tomorrow? This is something very, very important for all of us.

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And we hope that

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we will set an example for our coming generation, our children here, they also have to prepare themselves, you know.

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We also believe what Allah has said that peas belong to Him.

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There's a prayer that we have been asking a lot, a lot in my salon. One meaning cause center, oh, Allah, you appease, these belong to you, please only come from you. So always remember this. If you think of your problem, then the problem will grow.

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If you want peace.

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While you are Daniel bass, you must learn how to hit the water but but you must do your level best you must be committed. It's just like when a person is sick, he will or she would try their best to look for medication. If they have the mean, they have to do what they can. If they can travel abroad travel abroad, there's nothing wrong. There is not a sin to travel abroad, if you think that they can offer you a better treatment. In the brother that I mentioned the travel the travel to China, when they got some info that China are very aggressive. The specialist in China they are not like here, they are very aggressive and they are very daring.

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They go all out.

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Whether we are in or out, they'll go all out.

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when he was there, when they look at him,

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they arrange to send him back.

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Because they said that is too big.

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But we never give up hope. As a believer.

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Human will try the best human will say what they know. But Allah have all the final say. There is one thing very important.

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If you don't try then we are not doing our paths. After we are trying. Then we have to learn how to submit to Allah and believe in Allah miracle.

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When Allah says it is going to happen, it happened.

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We don't give up hope.

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Because when we want to die brother and sister we did not die because of sickness. No.

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We die because Allah has ordained us to go back to him. It's not because of this pain that is just sub

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reasoning. People who are healthy also die.

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People who eat very well also die while eating. So you die. It's not because of sickness sickness is just one of the trial from among honorable alameen but we are not here to ask for any sickness. We are always

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online to give us help this way the Prophet Li made his own ma Don't forget five

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before the other five, come to us.

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But normally we forgot

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where you are alive Don't forget to do whatever you can before death come to us.

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This is very important that means we have to plan

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and we have to plan how to die sometime. Whether you want to die in a good we have a good ending, or we just die as a normal person die is up to us to decide.

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When the Prophet salallahu, Assam before I start continuing the book,

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do his migration and show you is just simply a very easy example. When he was making his migration from Makkah to Medina.

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He plan

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he made sure that everything is being planned properly before he takes his journey.

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He plan who to travel with him, which direction he is going to move. If you look at the direction that we are traveling from Mecca to Medina, now by road, that is the direction of the hegira of the Prophet savasana. That is his foot

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when they want to rebuild a new road to Medina, compared to the old one from Gita, where you can bypass taboo, no taboo. Bader

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so the new road is the road of hegira.

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It was well planned

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when it was well planned.

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When I'm not tested the prophet and Abu Bakr and the proper was in the cave of poor

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and that time the Prophet said in Nala Hama Allah

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The Prophet said Abu Bakar

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Don't worry

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because where they are well plan you don't have to worry Allah will be with us

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in the war on the first war

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to do the Prophet is the first time for him to engage hidden or no

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he did not know so you know how the situation in bother.

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At that time, a locker room

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the profit was also worried because this is the first time they want to engage in a better

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way the Muslim is not

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well equipped.

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Where the enemy of Islam is so well equipped.

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The number is greater than the Muslim

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who have that kind of feeling to being human.

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But Abubakar used to give him a lot of moral support

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in hijra, yeah Rasul Allah is the one who

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Yeah, give all the support to Abubakar in bother Abubakar give a lot of support to the profits of masala

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but when we have planned everything,

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then I believe that we have more confidence

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of ourselves. But when we don't know what is going to happen, of course we need other people to backup.

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We need other people to also give a lot of input so that we all are ready for the worst.

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Long Walk away but at the end of the day, a luggage they would carry across but you need that kind of considered backup support moral support is very important in life. When somebody is down somebody must bring them up.

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Yeah day we are down. So whoever has strong must help us. The other day we the one was strong one day is going to have facedown downside then the others must pull them back and put them up that's how unless it what the hour no eligibility what taqwa we must be rabid to help each other.

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For the sake of Allah. Allah mean.

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We believe brothers and sisters, that we are who are here every Sunday, people who are prepared. Yeah, we're preparing ourselves before we return back to MIT among people. I mean

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a lot of things have been changing.

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We know the changes, something that is not clear something is very clear. But we must have faith in Allah. Allah mean

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that how on the Prophet was sayin to strengthen the faith of the followers?

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Our last class, we were talking about a page 41 if I'm not wrong page 41 Yeah, I have to reconfirm with all the students, brothers and sisters because sometimes they remember better than me. Yeah. As we age now, we are not really very old yet, but we are aging.

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We know that we do have our own weaknesses.

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We were talking about the last ayah and last class page 41 laqad, con Allah comfy Rasulullah who swattin how Santa in Surah as we are allowable, and Ameen remind all of us You surely have in Alas, messenger, Prophet Mohammed, some Muslim, and excel in example, beautiful example, as a man, as a young man before he became a prophet, as a businessman, as a husband, as a father, as a leader.

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You can follow him.

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If you want to be a successful youth, you can follow him, he never lie, he never cheat. He never wastes time, even when he was young.

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He used to do a lot of good thing how the poor

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helped the elders respect the elders. Yeah. And also, he always loved people who are younger than him. From a young age, there is his character.

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And hamdulillah very honest, sincere, trustworthy, permitted. That is Mohammed bin Abdullah, in the beginning.

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When he reached the age of teenagers,

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people start to trust him more.

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Because of his mindset, even his 20

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he was appointed as one of the committee of helpful

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helpful for dual is a group of committee who's in charge to make sure that all the different tribes will live within Makkah have peace among themselves.

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Everybody has to honor help each other earlier than that, the bigger tribe will bully the weak one. The rich will exploit the poor.

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So Mohammed bin a nice men and men who loves fairness, justice, always promote justice, fairness.

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And people trust him and appoint him to be one of the members of the hateful fool

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and later on Alhamdulillah

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he become a very successful businessman, to the extent that his beloved wife, Khadija, who was his boss, at one time, offer his hand to these men, normally, for the boss to get married with the air is very difficult,

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very difficult.

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And hamdulillah he become a very successful husband, loving husband, caring husband, and in the same time, he also become a very loving and caring father.

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He have his own children with Katia and also he have stepchildren from Katia.

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Brothers and sisters, the prophet is the best example. If only we are trying to follow

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but we cannot be a prophet. Don't ever think that you follow him you become a prophet. No.

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We are just a good follower.

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Allah who loves us so much. When he created all of us. He sent down guidance, the Quran, he appointed prophets,

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to guide all of us,

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asking Allah to help their people. One of the responsibility of prophets will vary

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merciful towards the people that's why Prophet was not saying to judge people no prophet was not centering towards the law yet no. The reinforcement of the Islamic law was later in our almost towards the end of the prophethood then the reinforcement was there before that the proper was sent is the straw most iraq Mata lil al Amin.

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People who have committed sins came to the Prophet compares to the Prophet, the prophet just let them go home Go home Go,

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to show us how merciful the prophets in La Silla.

00:25:47 --> 00:25:58

These are people who are very sincere, he they confess themselves not their fault. They were arrested, they confess the Prophet don't even want to entertain them go home.

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Today extend the prophecy today if you had seen last night only knew and Allah knows and no one knows. Why must you talk to me? Why must you tell me? Mama? Very unique.

00:26:13 --> 00:26:16

He is not standing by Allah to spy on anyone. No, no, no, no.

00:26:18 --> 00:26:22

No, he is and to bring mercy if somebody is wrong, he will correct them.

00:26:23 --> 00:26:27

If somebody is far away from God, He will bring them closer

00:26:28 --> 00:26:35

to somebody who has not been good. He'll try to make them good. But he is not going to say that you're so bad. No.

00:26:36 --> 00:26:47

It gives them hope because Allah Cole latinautor Minh rahmatullah wa rahmatullah Oh people don't ever lose hope.

00:26:48 --> 00:26:58

Nevertheless, hope because Allah is always dead to forgive us. very merciful. very forgiving, Allahu Akbar, Manila, him.

00:27:01 --> 00:27:04

The prophets were very merciful towards their people.

00:27:06 --> 00:27:10

They the Prophet, want them to see the truth and be guided by the truth.

00:27:13 --> 00:27:17

Not only that, they make dua to Allah.

00:27:18 --> 00:27:21

This is one thing that is very lacking among us today.

00:27:23 --> 00:27:27

When people are not to our standard, we are better now.

00:27:28 --> 00:27:31

People are not praying we start to judge them No.

00:27:34 --> 00:27:35

Yesterday we are informed

00:27:39 --> 00:27:40

that they are young girls.

00:27:41 --> 00:27:47

They are busy in a shopping mall. Time for prayer they went into the masala

00:27:48 --> 00:27:49

young girls

00:27:50 --> 00:27:51

and they want to pray

00:27:53 --> 00:28:01

but they experienced a very bad experience from some elderly sisters who also in the masala to pray

00:28:03 --> 00:28:09

with the other sales code and don't pray. You don't have to pray. Man you don't make Egypt don't pray.

00:28:11 --> 00:28:15

They mean when they are coming in to the masala they don't wear hijab.

00:28:16 --> 00:28:27

We have a lot of people Muslim some time because the weakness of Eman they don't wear hijab, they only wear hijab when they want to pray. So after pray Egypt gone again.

00:28:29 --> 00:28:30

This is called Egypt for prayer.

00:28:32 --> 00:28:36

So this elderly lady you don't have to pray. If you don't pay Egypt don't pray.

00:28:39 --> 00:28:58

But these young girls Alhamdulillah even they are ignorant in their own way the man is weak but they just don't bother what this ugly sister is saying to them. And then they got caught another one because I know he just the way shirt they have images

00:29:00 --> 00:29:15

and shit sometimes we get t shirts and then some you have Tiger here you have maybe only Allah knows what picture in front or the back we are not alert about many things.

00:29:16 --> 00:29:19

So they say haram haram your prayer will not be accepted.

00:29:21 --> 00:29:35

But they just take some silicone and there is inside and they pray and they just left the place. Some sister was there. They were shocked. They do not know what to say what to do.

00:29:36 --> 00:29:40

So they were asking us yesterday, as in the future.

00:29:42 --> 00:29:49

When the girl is having this problem, you can just pack the elderly sisters in

00:29:51 --> 00:29:53

Sharla we will help them we will talk to them.

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

Maybe what the elder sisters say there's some truth there's some truth

00:30:00 --> 00:30:03

As a Muslim, we should not wear that kind of dress.

00:30:04 --> 00:30:04


00:30:06 --> 00:30:07

but they are not aware of

00:30:08 --> 00:30:23

a lot of brothers are not aware about what kind of T shirt that you can wear something they got free t shirt is good for you. And now what can you do they forget about that they only know free t shirt. No. Yeah. So.

00:30:24 --> 00:30:25

But anyhow,

00:30:26 --> 00:30:35

in the same time, the sister said, should I? Should I be very confrontation with the elderly lady? I said, No.

00:30:37 --> 00:30:39

You should just tell them

00:30:41 --> 00:30:44

paying for the remainder. Let me follow up with this younger sister.

00:30:46 --> 00:30:47

So you help both sides.

00:30:48 --> 00:30:54

The eldest one, they mean well, but the approach is wrong. This shows no mercy.

00:30:56 --> 00:31:04

Because some time we know what is right. But the way we want to educate others, we don't use the best approach.

00:31:05 --> 00:31:19

You are chasing these people further and further. We do not know what happened later on here. But I'm just going to show you how badly we have sabar and then we pray for them. Give them

00:31:20 --> 00:31:28

the benefit of that have good feeling that maybe they do not know and hope to advise them and make to offer them.

00:31:29 --> 00:31:41

That's why I'm saying Islam is not here to give us the ticket to go and judge people. No, Islam is about you, me, myself and I how to become a better person.

00:31:42 --> 00:31:47

How to show a good example to others, that we are good believers.

00:31:50 --> 00:32:00

prophets always make dua to Allah to guide their people and save them not to condemn them. Not to destroy them.

00:32:02 --> 00:32:06

Not to demoralize them not to humiliate them now.

00:32:11 --> 00:32:38

Even Amal morona Hey muka in the time of all the profits, you will never come across that there is any form of humiliation or any kind of action that really they want to expose to the public how bad this person is. That's why all the bad guys who with the color of Allah have been tarnished, their name is not been mentioned

00:32:41 --> 00:32:42

why their name is not being mentioned.

00:32:45 --> 00:32:47

Yeah, they have accepted the tada

00:32:48 --> 00:32:51

you don't have to name the name anymore.

00:32:53 --> 00:33:03

The lady who commit Zina the men who come in the name is never been mentioned. See how wise Yeah, the profits.

00:33:04 --> 00:33:05


00:33:06 --> 00:33:11

we a different kind of group of people. We hope we will change inshallah.

00:33:12 --> 00:33:16

At least we make dough. Now we don't even make

00:33:18 --> 00:33:23

and sometimes the worst thing that happened to us, we just wait for people to commit sin.

00:33:27 --> 00:33:29

We love them to commit sin.

00:33:31 --> 00:33:36

Something so that we can humiliate them very, very bad.

00:33:38 --> 00:33:46

Even their commission we should show mercy give them hope for them to repent, teach them guide them.

00:33:48 --> 00:34:00

Abu hurayrah the companions of the Prophet samosa reported that Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said, they call leanbean Du Bois to Mr. Jab Amati

00:34:02 --> 00:34:08

every pop prophet had an accepted door acceptable for his people

00:34:09 --> 00:34:14

in the door of the prophet to his people normally is very, very powerful.

00:34:15 --> 00:34:21

Now, what do you mean by the arm from the prophet to his people? Because the Prophet is a leader to his people.

00:34:24 --> 00:34:30

It says like the daughter of the parent is very powerful to the children because the parent is a leader to the children.

00:34:32 --> 00:34:44

The same go insha Allah the dose of the leader is very powerful for his followers because he is the leader he is responsible. He is taking care of his people like how we take care of our children

00:34:45 --> 00:34:48

is very powerful. So we have to keep on making dua.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:52

Even we don't see the results yet.

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

I do believe all of us here Do me a lot. But sometimes we don't see any result. Why why

00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

You just keep on doing it just to never give up.

00:35:06 --> 00:35:09

His profit has already made his daughter

00:35:12 --> 00:35:19

and show you one of our profits and Muslim. When he was going to talk if you know Tai

00:35:20 --> 00:35:32

Chi is a resort area when summertime most of the people who don't travel outside would like to go to Thai. cooling is like camping. Fraser here

00:35:34 --> 00:35:35


00:35:37 --> 00:35:38

now you have

00:35:39 --> 00:35:49

cablecar to bring up the pie. And and hopefully you'll see a lot of what you've got this a special kind of

00:35:50 --> 00:35:50


00:35:53 --> 00:35:55

that went bad Wouldn't that boondock a boon?

00:35:57 --> 00:36:01

Yeah, baboon. You have a lot of Deadwood

00:36:05 --> 00:36:07

when he was on his way

00:36:08 --> 00:36:12

is because after Katia pass away and Abu Talib pass away,

00:36:13 --> 00:36:16

because the year of sadness.

00:36:18 --> 00:36:24

He was hoping to get some family members over there to support his mission.

00:36:26 --> 00:36:29

In return, they throw stone at him.

00:36:30 --> 00:36:36

They don't receive this man with honor. He is the Messenger of Allah,

00:36:37 --> 00:36:38

the last prophet

00:36:40 --> 00:36:42

but these people throw stones at him.

00:36:45 --> 00:36:56

Some of the companion who was with him just can't take and then they protect him, they will also be stoned. He was injured, bleeding

00:36:58 --> 00:37:00

and he will move backward. He left

00:37:02 --> 00:37:05

while he was resting and then the tree

00:37:06 --> 00:37:12

a lot command the angel that is in charge of the mountain around time

00:37:14 --> 00:37:21

to come to the prophet and seek His permission to destroy the whole nation of die

00:37:23 --> 00:37:26

because they had injured the Messenger of Allah.

00:37:31 --> 00:37:36

Our Prophet sallahu wa salam respond in Neelam as

00:37:40 --> 00:37:45

I was not saying by God, Almighty Allah to bring disaster

00:37:47 --> 00:37:51

to bring destruction to the world now.

00:37:53 --> 00:37:59

While Akina Maha Wallach in what is still there even worse,

00:38:00 --> 00:38:03

but I was sent by Allah as a savior

00:38:05 --> 00:38:08

that he had a color a savior,

00:38:09 --> 00:38:22

to save the people from darkness to light, from false to the truth. From bottle to heart. There's all I'm not here to judge people to destroy people. No, no, no.

00:38:24 --> 00:38:26

We're Rama to bring mercy

00:38:29 --> 00:38:37

to show mercy and to teach mercy to the people so that everybody will learn how to love each other care for each other.

00:38:41 --> 00:38:42

And then he ended up with

00:38:44 --> 00:38:49

a llama de comb. in Nome, Leia lavon.

00:38:51 --> 00:38:54

He say all login guidance to this paper.

00:38:55 --> 00:38:59

They throw stones at me because they do not know who am I?

00:39:02 --> 00:39:07

They do not know who is Prophet Mohammed. He said maybe he's a troublemaker.

00:39:10 --> 00:39:11

Maybe he is.

00:39:13 --> 00:39:19

Anything you can say no, you don't like your person. You can say anything. You can label him with anything.

00:39:21 --> 00:39:22

But in return he made

00:39:24 --> 00:39:26

if these people now

00:39:27 --> 00:39:29

do not believe in me,

00:39:30 --> 00:39:32

make the other children.

00:39:33 --> 00:39:43

If the children do not believe in me, make the coming generation to become believer. Allahu Akbar. See the vision of a messenger a prophet.

00:39:46 --> 00:39:47

Allahu Akbar.

00:39:52 --> 00:39:55

Is that easy to make two alpha people hurt you?

00:39:58 --> 00:39:59

Is that easy?

00:40:04 --> 00:40:07

But if you don't want to meet a DA Is that okay?

00:40:10 --> 00:40:15

I think the minimum though I will teach you how to make is the minimum though and

00:40:16 --> 00:40:17

later on remind me

00:40:23 --> 00:40:36

ah profit has already made his daughter might have saved my dog for my oma to intercede for them on dushman day. There's another dawn that the Prophet asked Allah

00:40:38 --> 00:40:42

let me become the intercession.

00:40:43 --> 00:41:01

Let me become the person who gives shafa to my oma and that's why the proper salons I was given a great burden of shafa for the in the Day of Judgment where he will come Mati Mati, where is my oma, where is my mama

00:41:03 --> 00:41:18

because his oma is the greatest nation among all the other nation. by billion, the oma profit mama is not my million by billions. Were the owner of all the profit.

00:41:20 --> 00:41:22

They don't reach even 10,000

00:41:23 --> 00:41:34

you have maybe some profit, only 10 followers, 100 followers, 1000s of followers, they have zero followers, but they are still profit.

00:41:36 --> 00:41:41

They have done their job. If Allah is Allah who give he they are not them, but they have

00:41:43 --> 00:41:47

done what they have to do and they have gone on babe message

00:41:48 --> 00:42:14

intercession or shafa. One of the intercession that the Prophet promised all of us is when you hear the Amazon everyday, male or female, when you hear the Amazon is being called, follow Don't forget while you're eating, driving, talking, no problem talk. But when as an Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, stop use it

00:42:16 --> 00:42:23

don't forget to respond. Even the sister while not praying because you have your breaking

00:42:24 --> 00:42:37

back when Amazon is on you can respond when you are jogging, walking in the evening the answer time then Amazon's not while you're walking down with a mockingbird

00:42:38 --> 00:42:46

and then you walk again. And then the Amazon was in was it Allah Allah what you continue You follow?

00:42:47 --> 00:42:55

A shadow Allah in a nama you see a shadow Allah in a llama when they say hi Allah sola you don't say hyah la sala What do you say?

00:42:56 --> 00:43:01

La hawla wala quwata illa Billah when they say higher alfalah What do you say?

00:43:04 --> 00:43:21

I hope you remember I hope you remember insha Allah. I'm worried that people who do not use to eat they will say the same hyah la sala de la sala. No no, when you hire la sala and hire Aparna you just respond La hawla wala quwata illa Billah?

00:43:23 --> 00:43:37

Why Why you say La hawla wala? Why don't you say the same like the mozzie with the other you say Allahu Akbar Allah what you're just saying you're repeating the same word, but come to hyah la sala if you don't say hi Ella sala heterophylla

00:43:41 --> 00:44:04

You don't say that Why? Because when come to prayer come to success or is in the hands of a modern planet is the power of Allah what is just talking about the greatness of Allah so Allah is the same as shadow Allah Allah lower shadow under Mohammed Rosa is the Shahada is the same, you cannot change that.

00:44:06 --> 00:44:06

Neither you should.

00:44:10 --> 00:44:18

Even you love Abu Bakr. You love Omar, you love Ali don't add their name when as an is

00:44:20 --> 00:44:23

because not from the teaching of Islam.

00:44:25 --> 00:44:28

Because it's not equal to the people to pray, you know.

00:44:29 --> 00:44:34

If only Allah will they'll come. If not, they can just distract the most.

00:44:35 --> 00:44:49

They can sit just beside the most not only then you have the poor and the needy, who want some help from the Muslim. They will come and sit in front the mouse, but when Alan come in, they don't even enter the most

00:44:51 --> 00:44:59

La hawla wala quwata illa de la hawla wala quwata illa de la at the end of the Amazon the prophets of Muslims say

00:45:00 --> 00:45:10

After La ilaha illa Allah we also say La la la la then makes our upon me whoever performs slavery Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad

00:45:11 --> 00:45:19

Ali Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Mohammedan Majid then continue with a de la Mora Bahaji da da da

00:45:21 --> 00:45:33

was Salatu will call EMA RT Mohammed Daniel was see letter well for the ILA wha hoo moto mood and Illa de What

00:45:36 --> 00:45:38

are you want to enact Allah tala Mia

00:45:40 --> 00:45:44

the Prophet sallahu wa sallam said whoever is tight that every other man

00:45:47 --> 00:45:52

then he had the right to my shot.

00:45:54 --> 00:45:55

Can you imagine

00:45:57 --> 00:45:58


00:45:59 --> 00:46:18

blessed we are, we will be receiving the shaft and the proper is going to look for us. Number one is the magazine. The magazine the profit will call then come come forward because the Prophet can identify them by their neck.

00:46:20 --> 00:46:36

Know when you want to assign you must know, make sure you use it. Your sound hand and your neck is going to be a bit high No. So in that they have just one last card that all the miles didn't have longer neck like the Giraffa.

00:46:38 --> 00:46:58

Everybody's neck is normal only then. But at that time when you don't worry you'll you'll become normal again. Don't worry, you don't look ugly. Just for that then with a profit from parking. This is the margin This is margin This is warehousing Almighty Almighty. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah

00:47:01 --> 00:47:04

the shofar, the prophet is so important.

00:47:05 --> 00:47:08

And look at the second Shabbat I want to share with all the good brother and sister.

00:47:10 --> 00:47:15

They are good also they are not good also this should not say that shafa is not good.

00:47:18 --> 00:47:19

The reason?

00:47:20 --> 00:47:25

All his oma insha Allah, who do not permit sheary

00:47:26 --> 00:47:37

when they die in a DR Judgment Day of Resurrection, Allah will permit all of us to bypass the Sierra the first Sierra, you know, what is the Euro?

00:47:38 --> 00:47:40

The long British.

00:47:42 --> 00:47:53

Here we have Sarah, almost 13 we want to follow the right way the right path, the straight path over there, there is one Sarah, that everybody must pass through.

00:47:54 --> 00:47:57

Even all the profit will pass through,

00:47:58 --> 00:48:12

follow with 70,000 of the amount of profit or pass through like lightning very fast. And there will be a last follow us or the prophet who will crawl

00:48:13 --> 00:48:19

because of the burden they have to carry the scene that they have committed.

00:48:20 --> 00:48:24

But those who commit sherek they will try but they were drunk.

00:48:26 --> 00:48:28

They were drunk and there are hooks.

00:48:29 --> 00:48:35

Yeah, under the bridge the hook, the hook will hook you and then we'll throw you to *.

00:48:37 --> 00:48:45

But for those who have doing some good deeds, or you're crying you fall, the hope will hold you and bring you back

00:48:46 --> 00:48:47

and let you cry again.

00:48:51 --> 00:48:56

Whoever passed to that long bridge, then you will be

00:48:57 --> 00:49:01

facing another shot the bridge called Tara.

00:49:03 --> 00:49:05

Tara, another bridge

00:49:06 --> 00:49:08

before enter the gate of paradise.

00:49:10 --> 00:49:13

Whoever keep on falling, they mean they go to *.

00:49:14 --> 00:49:30

But those who save Have a safe journey past the long bridge, they will be stationed in an area before they enter the gate of paradise. All of them got to go to the shorter bridge called Tara.

00:49:32 --> 00:49:36

And what the prophet said about Kundera

00:49:37 --> 00:49:42

even we have been good. We have to be dead for a moment.

00:49:43 --> 00:49:49

Why? I think I share with all the brother and sister here Why? Why

00:49:51 --> 00:49:53

do you remember the story? Why?

00:49:57 --> 00:49:57


00:49:58 --> 00:49:59

yeah, it's

00:50:00 --> 00:50:01

About hutan

00:50:02 --> 00:50:12

is about that, that you, you borrowed money with some discipline, you have an intention not to pay

00:50:15 --> 00:50:17

you will be stopped over there.

00:50:20 --> 00:50:32

Even you die as a Shahid or shahida protect Islam you fight for a law you know people who die as a shape will go to Paradise without

00:50:33 --> 00:50:37

any judgment anymore but because of Hooton

00:50:39 --> 00:50:40

that you will stop there

00:50:43 --> 00:51:00

and also because we are committed so much sin hurting another Muslim zoom, you oppress you exploit another Muslim you keep on lying and cheating another Muslim you will be stopped there for a while to settle all your problem

00:51:01 --> 00:51:02

among Muslim

00:51:03 --> 00:51:10

thing that you don't settle here you have to settle there. So, you have a choice when to settle here or over there.

00:51:12 --> 00:51:13

I think better settle here

00:51:15 --> 00:51:18

sad over there he had nothing to settle he had no no money anymore.

00:51:20 --> 00:51:23

all your money is gone. How are you going to pay back?

00:51:25 --> 00:51:31

So if you owe anybody any money, even the husband if they owe their wife money settle here.

00:51:32 --> 00:51:34

You sometime they are husband or the wife

00:51:36 --> 00:51:40

and the wife or their husband is considered the car.

00:51:41 --> 00:51:46

maker is the responsible husband to give to the wife is there right?

00:51:48 --> 00:52:11

So there's a difference. But for all the men if they like when you get married, you marry with Mahara Wu Tang dowry you do forget to bring some cash. And the caddy don't have the machine. You have some credit card you say no, no credit card. But you can still proceed with the marriage. Mahara dowry

00:52:13 --> 00:52:18

200 only not much. Yeah. 2000 10,000 but then you don't pay her

00:52:20 --> 00:52:21

is a hotel.

00:52:22 --> 00:52:23

Remember that?

00:52:25 --> 00:52:31

When you hook down, but if you really have the intention to pay the person

00:52:33 --> 00:52:36

you have the mean and you're looking for the person you can find him?

00:52:37 --> 00:52:59

Or you have the mean, or no no, you don't have the means. You don't have the mean. You really want to pay but you can you getting poorer and poorer, you must quickly humbly approach the person say Please forgive me. Whatever I had you think is valuable that you can make use of it. Take it my wash. My handphone take it.

00:53:01 --> 00:53:06

Think maybe got 500 there 300. Here, take it.

00:53:07 --> 00:53:09

I don't have a bike. I have bicycle ticket.

00:53:10 --> 00:53:15

Whatever you are sincere. Take a thesis on that I have.

00:53:17 --> 00:53:17

Forgive me.

00:53:20 --> 00:53:22

I believe that the person will forgive you.

00:53:23 --> 00:53:31

If you're sincere, but if you really are sincere, you ask them for forgiveness. They are very mean No.

00:53:33 --> 00:53:41

I want every penny to be paid back. Because I'm very hurt and very angry with you. I'm not going to forgive you forever.

00:53:44 --> 00:53:50

Of course you're going to see that in Akira you cannot run away in your car Cara you will see that in Canberra.

00:53:52 --> 00:53:54

But a lot of

00:53:55 --> 00:53:58

the Prophet Salaam Salaam said in the Hadees

00:53:59 --> 00:54:06

that day when you are in contura is you still have this problem. He the prophets Allah will come

00:54:08 --> 00:54:14

He will come and he was taped to the person. Do you forgive him?

00:54:15 --> 00:54:18

In return, I give my shafa

00:54:21 --> 00:54:24

He will give the Sherpa as

00:54:26 --> 00:54:28

a replacement of the Wu Tang.

00:54:31 --> 00:54:50

Look at the prophet SAW Muslims so merciful, caring, loving still think of us until the day of judgment. We have been so wrong here. But he is still waiting for us over there to save us. Allahu Akbar to show us his mercy.

00:54:52 --> 00:54:55

If you don't love this man is just too bad.

00:54:57 --> 00:54:59

And if you try to follow this man

00:55:00 --> 00:55:09

People is labeling you is just very, very sad. How can when we try to follow the best man on earth

00:55:10 --> 00:55:13

and people joke around with us,

00:55:15 --> 00:55:16

people humiliate us.

00:55:18 --> 00:55:25

people blame us label us that we are doing something so wrong. May Allah protect all of us. I mean,

00:55:27 --> 00:55:35

intercession Asha is to intercede with a strong person asking him to help others that need his help.

00:55:37 --> 00:55:41

There is literally meaning of shafa

00:55:42 --> 00:55:44

and you know, brother and sister,

00:55:45 --> 00:55:52

the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with his Yeah, mostly and with alas blessing

00:55:53 --> 00:56:02

that his oma every single one of us who are a good Muslim will also given by Allah that shafa

00:56:06 --> 00:56:17

that we do not just save our soul. We can even save the soul of our nerf one especially our parents who die as a Muslim person

00:56:18 --> 00:56:21

with a condition they die as a Muslim.

00:56:22 --> 00:56:37

But they are not a good one. They have been drinking gambling doing a lot of bad thing, but because we are good righteous children Allah give us the Chava to save the pandas Why is very important to invest on your children.

00:56:38 --> 00:56:43

Make sure that you leave righteous children behind you have peace in sha Allah.

00:56:46 --> 00:56:51

Make sure that we have them there is our asset the best asset

00:56:54 --> 00:56:55


00:56:57 --> 00:56:59

how beautiful when you can save your parents

00:57:03 --> 00:57:04

they have been

00:57:05 --> 00:57:07

so loving so carrying for us here

00:57:08 --> 00:57:17

they have sacrificed a lot but they also have their own problem. But now the children are righteous and Allah dren then

00:57:18 --> 00:57:23

Jana and also shafa go and look for your parent.

00:57:25 --> 00:57:28

But only those who die as Muslim who do not commit share it

00:57:34 --> 00:57:36

who have sharper again.

00:57:38 --> 00:57:40

All of us have another special shopper.

00:57:42 --> 00:57:44

If you perform hash together,

00:57:45 --> 00:57:47

we perform ombre together.

00:57:48 --> 00:58:07

We pray together with paths together in a day of judgment. When a monster you go to Paradise. Then suddenly you saw your friend who pray with you who fast with you who went O'Meara and hydrate is not going to Jana. haystack somewhere. You say Oh Allah

00:58:08 --> 00:58:18

He was my friend. We pray together. We fast together. We perform Umrah together, we perform Hajj together, I just can't go there without him.

00:58:20 --> 00:58:23

Allows mercy brothers and sisters

00:58:25 --> 00:58:35

allows multi Go Go and invite them to go to Paradise and the extra strap ah Masha

00:58:39 --> 00:58:48

to show us that Allah do not want to hurt us, keep on showing us and ways how to save our soul.

00:58:49 --> 00:58:56

How you can save others just become good, kind, loving, caring, merciful.

00:58:59 --> 00:59:05

intercession with Allah may only be done with of course his permission.

00:59:06 --> 00:59:18

But this is in a stain on the Prophet. If you look at the book, you remember the book that we have taught all of you, maybe two, three years ago, the book on the last day

00:59:21 --> 00:59:22

if you still have the book, go through

00:59:24 --> 00:59:28

yeah interlink all this interlinked. This is the Arcana man.

00:59:29 --> 00:59:41

So that will give you more evidence. What we have said to you is not just an opinion, but it's from the Hadith of the Prophet samosa lamb is true.

00:59:44 --> 00:59:59

The most important intercession on judgment day is when the Prophet salon will devoutly ask Allah to save his ummah, from the punishment of hair and to admit them into Jannah. That is why the property

01:00:00 --> 01:00:16

Hello Mati at Hulu knowledge when he said all my oma will go to Paradise will go to Jana inshallah this the prophets promised all my oma but then the Prophet continue by saying

01:00:17 --> 01:00:18


01:00:21 --> 01:00:22

he have to say that

01:00:24 --> 01:00:27

all my Omar will go to Paradise except

01:00:29 --> 01:00:31

there's always an exception

01:00:33 --> 01:00:44

is that what allows it while Astley in the insanity of course in the every day every second every hour every time

01:00:45 --> 01:00:51

all of us been human will become a loser all of us are elusive.

01:00:52 --> 01:01:19

Then Allah container Illa Xena then Illa except a group that will not end as a loser. So the Prophet here said who are not the loser in Surah will actually lol Xena Amano when you have faith in man. Fake only you'll be a loser LLN Amen. ominous Ali had fake must follow with Amala action, righteous deeds.

01:01:20 --> 01:01:30

After doing that you can still be a loser. If you just think of yourself that you want to go to Paradise. I don't care about my wife. I don't care my husband don't care my children. No no.

01:01:32 --> 01:01:43

Illallah Xena Amano huami la sala de la Sol bellhop. You must remind each other save your close one.

01:01:44 --> 01:01:46

The person that you live with who are close to you.

01:01:47 --> 01:02:14

Save your husband, your husband is a river, save your wife, your wife is a robot, save a buddy who you know, your family member who are all Muslim, save a friend who are not yet Muslim, by inviting them to Islam. It is our duty. Prophet was sent for that not just for him. I saved myself, my family college. I don't care about other people. No, they have to convey the message. They have to share the truth with other people.

01:02:17 --> 01:02:18


01:02:20 --> 01:02:21

the prophets say

01:02:22 --> 01:02:24

but of course to do all this good thing,

01:02:25 --> 01:02:31

too, to have faith, to do righteous deeds, to invite people to do what is good.

01:02:32 --> 01:02:35

You need a lot of patience. That's where Allah say whatever so be some.

01:02:37 --> 01:02:38

All Prophet,

01:02:39 --> 01:02:43

have patience. Our Prophet have the greatest patience sobre.

01:02:48 --> 01:02:57

The Prophet said the other had this that I caught early Kali Amati at coluna Jana, all my oma will go to Paradise in sha Allah,

01:02:58 --> 01:02:59

in man

01:03:01 --> 01:03:14

in common other than the prophet in Sahih Muslim, the prophet say, except those who do not want to go, how can you let them go their way they don't want to go?

01:03:15 --> 01:03:28

How can you save a person when they pay the person do not want to be saved? You can? Can you save somebody who do not want to be saved? Can you help somebody who do not want you to help him? Can you do that? You just can't.

01:03:30 --> 01:03:33

Can you teach somebody who do not want to listen to you? You just can't

01:03:36 --> 01:03:41

he's drowning you out. We'll throw a rock to him when you said he'd want to hold the

01:03:42 --> 01:03:43


01:03:45 --> 01:03:56

so the Prophet sanathana is here to say all my oma insha Allah will go to Paradise except a lemon about those who refuse to go to Jelena.

01:03:58 --> 01:04:11

AKA you ask every Muslim Do you want to go Jana? Cause every years Yes. But sometimes I came across in a very long time ago. Brave Muslim very brave Muslim. If ever they go to Ghana, who's going to help?

01:04:13 --> 01:04:18

Now why must God created *? Jana will be cute no 4000

01:04:19 --> 01:04:20

is easy to set now.

01:04:22 --> 01:04:37

So daring he knows you have Muslims on them. I don't know where they are just joking with me. And I hope is a joke. No. But we don't joke around like this is like you're asking for help. Can you imagine you're asking for help.

01:04:41 --> 01:04:46

You know, in the month of Ramadan, the door of the gate of * is closed.

01:04:48 --> 01:04:51

But if you want to knock at the gate and open for me he will open.

01:04:53 --> 01:04:55

Don't think he can open he can open

01:04:58 --> 01:04:59

then the profit continue

01:05:00 --> 01:05:15

Because when you say except those who refuse to go to Paradise companion was shocked, is there among the omens of Prophet Mohammed who do not want to go to Paradise? The companion was shocked surprised for the companion weird strange

01:05:17 --> 01:05:24

that's why they asked the propeller my buyer who are the one who refused who do not want to go to Paradise

01:05:25 --> 01:05:31

the proper man upon me duckula Jana woman, a sore knee Papa da da

01:05:33 --> 01:05:34


01:05:36 --> 01:06:04

what the prophet is telling us brother and sister whoever follow my Sunnah obey my teaching love the way I want them to do thing, he will go to Paradise because I'm going to bring them to paradise. Whoever refuse to follow my Sunnah he know what is my Sunnah he refuse to follow. He believed my Sunnah he abused my son. What right? Do he has to be my own man?

01:06:07 --> 01:06:12

You refuse to follow me in this wall you refuse to follow me?

01:06:14 --> 01:06:16

Then how can you follow me in the next slide?

01:06:20 --> 01:06:21

So don't

01:06:22 --> 01:06:37

belittle the Sunnah of the Prophet wherever want to go the agenda and receive the stuff from from Prophet Mohammed samosa is not difficult. Just try your best they cannot be 100% perfect

01:06:38 --> 01:06:45

50% may be also difficult some that may have some percent don't have 0%

01:06:47 --> 01:06:54

Do whatever you think that you can when you are still alive. And we are still able

01:06:57 --> 01:06:59

to give you an example

01:07:02 --> 01:07:06

you love your husband if your husband happy that him keep his beard

01:07:10 --> 01:07:13

if we can keep our beard let our son keep his beard

01:07:14 --> 01:07:15


01:07:17 --> 01:07:21

maybe we're worried our bit become a problem. Sometimes what can we do

01:07:22 --> 01:07:38

beard also become a problem our bit become problem the city Punjabi bit no problem. Very Viet you know, they can have bit they can be anywhere no problem. Because there is there right. But how about our right? Like we have no right.

01:07:43 --> 01:07:46

The Nan can wear the hijab

01:07:48 --> 01:07:51

when a Muslim woman wonder whether we can have our

01:07:54 --> 01:07:54


01:07:56 --> 01:07:58

some mother who are not changing yet

01:08:00 --> 01:08:03

wearing Hijab but your daughter is wearing Hijab

01:08:05 --> 01:08:06

be very happy with them.

01:08:08 --> 01:08:09

support them

01:08:10 --> 01:08:14

don't go against them, because this is the teaching of the prophets of masala

01:08:16 --> 01:08:19

then slowly we hope that we become better

01:08:20 --> 01:08:24

and we also change something changes come from the children

01:08:25 --> 01:08:36

we should have guide them but they was guided by someone else with the or with the help of Allah and then we should be proud and then we want

01:08:37 --> 01:08:40

to be together to become a better Muslim.

01:08:42 --> 01:08:53

This is very important and estimate the importance of following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad masala called the prophesy man, Aparna duckula Jana man Asana

01:08:56 --> 01:09:01

even the profit can give you sharper because you hit him sooner you don't like his teaching.

01:09:04 --> 01:09:07

And that's why the prophecy nobody can have

01:09:09 --> 01:09:11

real faith true faith

01:09:13 --> 01:09:29

until he left prefer Muhammad Sinatra, more than anyone else, even to himself. You'd like to do so many things to yourself. But you must make sure that you do not do something against the teaching of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

01:09:31 --> 01:09:36

so no tattooing on your body. Even you learn to make tattoos.

01:09:37 --> 01:09:40

You like some design.

01:09:41 --> 01:09:42

You want design on the book.

01:09:44 --> 01:09:47

Paper no problem. Not on your body.

01:09:49 --> 01:09:51

What happens does is daredi

01:09:53 --> 01:09:54

and sometimes the tattoo is

01:09:57 --> 01:09:59

if you have the mean to clean, you clean it

01:10:00 --> 01:10:10

If you cause more harm, you just cover it were common that do not expose it insha Allah, Allah forgive all the passengers,

01:10:12 --> 01:10:34

we should not understand. We should not understand from this hadith that a prophet is granted just one acceptable supplication throughout his life. We know that this is not true and that Allah accept from the profit much more than he accept from other people the profit is very very general

01:10:36 --> 01:10:40

but the beauty part of the profits to our he do not only do our for Muslim

01:10:42 --> 01:10:50

but we Muslim today a very selfish when we made our we only focus inward, inward inward we forget to do our outward

01:10:52 --> 01:11:08

we fail to reach out to our friend who are not yet Muslim. We fail to talk to our neighbors who are not yet Muslim. We fail to talk to our friend, our close friend who are not yet Muslim about Islam. We don't even pray for them. Can you imagine?

01:11:09 --> 01:11:14

What kind of heart we have? We are heartless people.

01:11:16 --> 01:11:34

You can do wonders brother and sister. Well, you have to you don't know how to talk. You bring somebody who know how to talk let them do the talking. While we are eating we are drinking. If that person can he Daya Can you imagine you save them from hellfire.

01:11:35 --> 01:11:36

Allahu Akbar.

01:11:37 --> 01:11:51

And if they are strong, they bring the Islam back to his family and they save their family. Can you imagine how much reward you get from a lot of blood? I mean, how painful is family to you that you have saved them

01:11:52 --> 01:11:54

but we forgot all this good thing.

01:11:59 --> 01:12:04

We know that this is not true yet that the profits to our is only

01:12:07 --> 01:12:23

very limited is open. Yeah, he do alpha own, not yet Muslim. Can you imagine he told us he don't know that we are going to leave. He don't know that. He's going to have the oma from Malaysia. He don't know. He had never been to Malaysia.

01:12:24 --> 01:12:27

But he has making the arm from his name.

01:12:29 --> 01:12:30

To the extent that his

01:12:32 --> 01:12:49

mother, Alhaji Juana Mata Alka akoni, when Oh Allah, I can meet up with my family, my family, the Sahaba was shocked. The Saba was saying, Alexa echo Nokia Rasulullah Are we not your family?

01:12:51 --> 01:13:04

You see how the Prophet express himself. He was loving to see all of us. But then he was saying the word he used a whiny, whiny brothers family.

01:13:06 --> 01:13:17

companion was shocked. Are we not your companion your family can prophesy unto us hubby. You are my companion.

01:13:21 --> 01:13:22

Honey who is that one?

01:13:24 --> 01:13:34

And one is those who come after all of you, who believe in me who follow my teaching without seeing me.

01:13:36 --> 01:13:37

Who are they?

01:13:38 --> 01:13:39

We add

01:13:40 --> 01:13:53

we never seen our property the leave in history, but we are so attached to his teaching. We know this is a saying the property so now we try our best to follow Allahu Akbar with the law.

01:13:57 --> 01:13:59

In the same time, brothers and sisters

01:14:00 --> 01:14:01

that's where the prophecy

01:14:04 --> 01:14:05

there will come a time.

01:14:06 --> 01:14:20

People will believe in me follow my teaching without seeing me. They are my family. But again brother and sister why he used the word family here and he used the word companion to the Sahaba

01:14:21 --> 01:14:25

we can be family and sometimes family are not close to Allah.

01:14:28 --> 01:14:35

We our brother and sister but we are not close but we are close to our companion why we are close to the companion. Why?

01:14:38 --> 01:14:40

Why we are close to the company.

01:14:42 --> 01:14:50

We are close to the companion because we all share the same struggle. The same mission.

01:14:52 --> 01:14:53

same frequency.

01:14:54 --> 01:14:59

You love Allah. I love Allah. You love the Sunnah. I love the Sunnah.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:11

You love knowledge, I left knowledge, he loves doing grouping, I love to do good things. We love to do everything together for the sake of Allah, of course you are closer

01:15:13 --> 01:15:16

in the sight of a law you are closer than just your family.

01:15:17 --> 01:15:20

Why? Because even Allah have warned us,

01:15:21 --> 01:15:39

that your family, your children, your partner can be your enemy. When you love Allah, they dislike when you like to pray, they don't like to pray when you want to go for class or they like to go clubbing. Example, cash contradict.

01:15:40 --> 01:15:42

So that's why companion normally

01:15:44 --> 01:15:52

in a way is closer. But the prophet is expressing his feeling to his oma that we are like his family.

01:15:53 --> 01:15:57

And that's why he is waiting for all of us.

01:15:59 --> 01:16:01

In the Dr. Joshua in

01:16:03 --> 01:16:06

let us try our best to follow his son

01:16:07 --> 01:16:13

to be a good person to show good example to others so people don't hate Muslim.

01:16:15 --> 01:16:31

People will love the Muslim by loving the Muslim people love Prophet Muhammad Salah Salah. Now people are abusing Prophet Mohammed cursing him is because maybe I don't know,

01:16:32 --> 01:16:37

is because of our own doing. We don't show good example. Yeah.

01:16:40 --> 01:16:48

But we believe that all the sisters and a brother were here a very serious in doing changes. And now I help those who help themselves.

01:16:50 --> 01:16:55

And Allah help us to reflect more. What can we do

01:16:57 --> 01:16:58

after this

01:16:59 --> 01:17:02

to show our left of the Prophet samosa lamb

01:17:04 --> 01:17:10

and to qualify ourselves to receive the sharper from our profit center in the Day of Judgment.

01:17:13 --> 01:17:18

Allah and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam never asked a lot from us.

01:17:20 --> 01:17:23

If only we can do the minimum first

01:17:24 --> 01:17:45

is a good sign. And then later on, you can come forward and ask us what is the best to do next, we will guide you slowly and you move forward. Then you see the changes within ourselves inshallah, before I open for q&a, brother and sister, do you remember one thing that I have to share with you?

01:17:52 --> 01:17:56

If you do not want to make dua for somebody who hurt you?

01:17:58 --> 01:17:59

What should you do?

01:18:03 --> 01:18:06

Should we do? Can you make another offer them

01:18:08 --> 01:18:09

to destroy them?

01:18:10 --> 01:18:11

Don't do that.

01:18:15 --> 01:18:18

They are not good to you? Maybe they're good for others.

01:18:21 --> 01:18:22

You can make another dog?

01:18:25 --> 01:18:28

May Allah protect you from them?

01:18:30 --> 01:18:31

Simple as that.

01:18:33 --> 01:18:34

You excuse yourself?

01:18:36 --> 01:18:37

made huami Allah protect

01:18:38 --> 01:18:39

you from them?

01:18:41 --> 01:18:42

Is that easier?

01:18:44 --> 01:18:46

I think there is is that at least that you can do?

01:18:49 --> 01:18:57

Because we are not supposed to curse anybody. If the Prophet was not saying to curse anyone, how can his own markers

01:18:59 --> 01:19:03

just May Allah protect us from the victim

01:19:06 --> 01:19:07

so that we have less problem

01:19:12 --> 01:19:14

because the Prophet did say

01:19:16 --> 01:19:19

we have the right to love whoever love Allah.

01:19:21 --> 01:19:22

We have the right to hate

01:19:24 --> 01:19:27

whoever do something that displease Allah.

01:19:30 --> 01:19:34

People who like to create fitna Batman is not people who will like

01:19:36 --> 01:19:38

especially will cricket not to you,

01:19:39 --> 01:19:42

to your family to me, we also have to protect ourselves.

01:19:44 --> 01:19:46

We must be strong

01:19:47 --> 01:19:53

and keep on asking Allah for protection every morning, every evening.

01:19:56 --> 01:19:58

So that a lot of Allah Minh remembers

01:20:01 --> 01:20:05

So brothers and sisters again before we enter this class

01:20:08 --> 01:20:21

we hope all of us have learned something very important about the important to understand the mission of all the prophets especially Prophet Mohammed so Muslim because there's no prophet after him

01:20:22 --> 01:20:24

and remember to meet

01:20:26 --> 01:20:29

not only in but also our

01:20:31 --> 01:20:34

to your friend who are not yet Muslim placement

01:20:36 --> 01:20:41

please make up for my family my sibling who are not yet Muslim there's still a lot

01:20:43 --> 01:20:44

we have been trying.

01:20:45 --> 01:20:49

But Allah made the final decision in

01:20:50 --> 01:20:51

la de

01:20:54 --> 01:21:06

la Kino Maha demon Manisha even proper Mohammed since I was reminded by Allah, you cannot give guidance to whom you please whom you like. But I Allah

01:21:07 --> 01:21:20

will give guidance to whom I like meaning guidance don't belong to any one of us belong to Allah. But the least we do is to not stop making

01:21:23 --> 01:21:28

and don't forget to mate to add to the brother who is not well and whoever we know among our friend

01:21:30 --> 01:21:33

may do it for the people in Syria

01:21:34 --> 01:21:38

in Yama wherever they are in America

01:21:40 --> 01:21:42

Allah is testing

01:21:43 --> 01:21:47

the Muslim more and more from time to time.

01:21:50 --> 01:21:51

Now my help

01:21:52 --> 01:21:52

I mean

01:21:56 --> 01:21:59

now we open for q&a. inshallah.

01:22:02 --> 01:22:04

Let me try to answer a written question first.

01:22:13 --> 01:22:15

Is it good for Muslim

01:22:19 --> 01:22:21

don't they I read the question.

01:22:22 --> 01:22:28

I was trying to rearrange the the phrase bad Let me read is written by somebody.

01:22:30 --> 01:22:31

Question is

01:22:33 --> 01:22:34

Malay Muslim

01:22:35 --> 01:22:37

like to do to ask a llama

01:22:40 --> 01:22:51

but is seen for a Madrid like going to omura going to further study and so on. What is the correct teaching on is

01:22:53 --> 01:23:00

the correct teaching according to the Prophet sama Sanam is he encourages Omar to always make dua

01:23:04 --> 01:23:09

anything you want to do is very important to seek a lot of guidance and protection.

01:23:11 --> 01:23:20

Going for O'Mara also is not an easy task, you are leaving your family. Anything can happen to you made the army Allah

01:23:22 --> 01:23:28

safeguard your journey through and flow because whoever go for ombre I think we want to come home

01:23:31 --> 01:23:39

and also made the arm for the family that we left behind there. So I there's a special talk by the prophet for travelers that will be the best dog

01:23:41 --> 01:23:44

is good to meet. Must you have

01:23:45 --> 01:24:33

majlis for that? Not necessary? If you have the meme, you want to get the family members friend plus where maybe yes, you will feel what you want to leave behind was yet. Normally this kind of gathering is what those who want to travel may want to say something. Maybe if I've done something wrong to my friend and my family member Forgive me because I'm going for O'Meara. Pray for me. And if I have something worse yet, yeah, I might not that I want to remind I want to leave it behind. I will remind everybody is aware there is a good gathering. A gathering remind us about we asking forgiveness. And then in the same thing, if there's any kind of a man that they want to leave

01:24:33 --> 01:24:37

behind, we do it to the people who are with us, you know?

01:24:39 --> 01:24:42

reciting Quran is something very good.

01:24:43 --> 01:24:46

But there is not an

01:24:47 --> 01:24:59

amount that the profits on the fix for everybody who want to go to this to this mastery site. You can recite by yourself, no problem, no problem. If you want to recite he has seen Al Baqarah

01:25:00 --> 01:25:16

In the alley in Moran serrato coffee, it depends on your your travel. If you're traveling to some area a lot of fitna, it is good tourist sites or coffee because coffee remind us about a lot of fitness,

01:25:17 --> 01:25:21

the fitness of that jar and so on is good. So it depends on

01:25:22 --> 01:25:26

what kind of activities that we are doing here.

01:25:29 --> 01:25:41

If you come across anybody show you that there is a Hudis Yeah, set the profit and parachute you to decide which time you want to go for Omron This

01:25:42 --> 01:26:05

is time you want to sit for an exam, this surah then you do if there is none. That means you can choose any surah to recite just to get a lust blessing to the Quran. And also you can make a general dua that would be my answer. sakamaki question from the sisters now. You have some mic

01:26:06 --> 01:26:09

for the sister good. Any other question from the sisters?

01:26:16 --> 01:26:30

Nine yet? Yes. Hosea patali salam alaikum wa Alaykum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Just now you said something about if we don't like the people,

01:26:32 --> 01:26:51

we should make $1 or two for our protectors? How about making $1 for them to get everything they want? on earth? And in year after, but double or triple it for us? Can Can you do that?

01:26:52 --> 01:26:54

Any good? Oh, you can do?

01:26:55 --> 01:27:01

Any? Good you can do. Don't bet though. That's all.

01:27:02 --> 01:27:10

That's all you have to think of is you have more mercy. And more suffering. Saba. You can do more than that.

01:27:13 --> 01:27:13

It does look a little

01:27:15 --> 01:27:21

beautiful question here. We have some time. We are more merciful. We don't mind.

01:27:23 --> 01:27:24


01:27:25 --> 01:27:30

brothers, any question out? You have a mic for the brother.

01:27:34 --> 01:27:59

slowly go walakum salam rahmatullah wa barakato. So recently, I saw a TV program on praying in the car, praying in the car. You just don't know what program is what channel it is, in the shows that you can bring the car during that walkthrough. And then after you reach home with destination you covered later. So I know what you think about that.

01:28:01 --> 01:28:33

Yeah, if the TV set so if they have dallin Alhamdulillah. If just the opinion, opinion, you people who don't have a better understanding, they will follow people who have understanding they wouldn't follow. Because there's no reason. If you are forced to situation, caught in a traffic jam, and then raining. There's no way for you to even stop somewhere to perform your answer prayer example, and is going to end

01:28:34 --> 01:28:49

then you are not at fault at all. It's not that you plan do not want to pray outside, you have the plan. Normally, you don't miss us on that particular day, the traffic is so bad, and heavy rain, you cannot just stop and pray.

01:28:50 --> 01:28:55

And if you can is you start to pray and then people is moving and then you're gonna cause another gym.

01:28:57 --> 01:29:07

Now the mouse is reminding a lot of people for Friday Jima, please remember where to park where not to park because you are not supposed to cause problem to other people.

01:29:08 --> 01:29:23

They give us the honor to perform our prayer. But you cannot just park anywhere and then your block that other people can move is very an Islamic Islam is not here to just think about yourself and don't think about the rights of other people.

01:29:24 --> 01:29:24


01:29:26 --> 01:29:28

that opinion is just an opinion.

01:29:29 --> 01:29:30

Just an opinion,

01:29:32 --> 01:29:41

is the same thing that people say that you can pray while you're in the plane. But it's not valid but you pray first. So when you landed then you pray again you make

01:29:43 --> 01:29:48

the fatwa from majelis kebangsaan said that there is no such prayer in Islam.

01:29:49 --> 01:30:00

Either you pray while standing, when you can stand it's valid. If you can stand you can still pray while sitting and still valid. When there's still water then you

01:30:00 --> 01:30:08

Use diamomd dry cleaning and it's still valid. There is no teaching in Islam to say, perform a prayer that is not valid.

01:30:10 --> 01:30:14

Why do you perform a prayer when it's not valid? Then don't perform

01:30:15 --> 01:30:19

even the karma you just call them in your mind. That's how it goes.

01:30:20 --> 01:30:21

No problem.

01:30:22 --> 01:30:26

Don't worry insha Allah next rather, there was just one that

01:30:31 --> 01:30:39

yeah, that's the one. Yeah. That there is no prayer. The Prophet taught his alma, prayers Holloman what

01:30:40 --> 01:30:41

you're doing

01:30:42 --> 01:30:55

when we're doing this are those that told us? Yeah, like I said again, if they have daleel you can follow. If not daleel is just an opinion. It's just the opinion. There's all

01:30:56 --> 01:31:00

I can say anything. Do you want to follow me is up to you?

01:31:02 --> 01:31:03

Is not law.

01:31:05 --> 01:31:20

Anything religion, you must have wrapped reference when there's not reference? It's not religion, it's my opinion. I can be right I can be wrong. That's why the four great mom said when you look into our opinion, is contradict the Quran and Sunnah don't follow.

01:31:22 --> 01:31:26

The Prophet have said to us so simple. If a person

01:31:27 --> 01:31:37

overslept, not because he don't pray, Father, he had the plan. So tired, overslept, the minute you wake up is 9am sunrise,

01:31:38 --> 01:31:46

take your window and pray there is your time. There's no sin for you. You don't come any sin, because your time is when you're awake.

01:31:47 --> 01:31:56

A person who forget when you remember, pray, and that even is outside of the prayer time. That is your time because you do not do it purposely.

01:31:58 --> 01:32:00

If you can you do it when you can.

01:32:02 --> 01:32:07

And that's when Allah has shown us so many ways you can spend you see, you can sit you even can

01:32:09 --> 01:32:10

do it while lying down.

01:32:12 --> 01:32:13

Walk skills that you have.

01:32:16 --> 01:32:17

Don't worry.

01:32:20 --> 01:32:25

Just do your prayer and your prayer is valid. That's how it goes. Now, Raja

01:32:28 --> 01:32:31

walaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato down from below here

01:32:33 --> 01:32:53

in Santa Monica rahmatullah wa alaikum. Salam, O, Allah. I just want to ask, what is the status or what's going to be? What do the non believers or non Muslims who have good hearts who have who have good hearts, good hearts who do good deeds good who have the who have the parents somewhere?

01:32:54 --> 01:33:09

They know the sooner but they don't have the hidayah? Maybe the hidayah don't come don't even come to them? Or they are in a remote place or where Islam don't go in? Okay. What will happen to them in Nigeria? Will they still be punished? Or is there any

01:33:11 --> 01:33:12


01:33:15 --> 01:33:18

in the book the last day you will find some daleel there.

01:33:20 --> 01:33:32

Number one, even this book, there is a delay earlier. Allah says in Surah, israa, amaku, Zb, nahata, Navara Sula, that we will not punish anyone until

01:33:33 --> 01:33:40

a messengers have been sent to them, meaning the messages have reached them. They purposely rejected

01:33:41 --> 01:33:44

then Allah will deal with them.

01:33:45 --> 01:34:00

If those who do not have the opportunity to know what is nobody talked to them, they are in a remote area, maybe in Amazon jungle somewhere or an athlete on in Malaysia you have a lot of people who don't have any clue about Islam.

01:34:01 --> 01:34:04

The only thing they know Islam terrorists, there's all

01:34:08 --> 01:34:15

the Prophet said and they have Jasmine. Allah will give them the final

01:34:16 --> 01:34:17

they will have their own test.

01:34:19 --> 01:34:21

And now between them and Allah.

01:34:22 --> 01:34:24

Allah is very Fairbrother.

01:34:25 --> 01:34:27

When Allah say he is our bill.

01:34:28 --> 01:34:31

He went to prove the earth is a very fair God.

01:34:32 --> 01:34:48

Then every single digit that we have done, he will show it to us the good one every bad one also he will display it so that we don't say that allow for God. A God may have overlooked No.

01:34:49 --> 01:34:59

He will just display everything for us number one, but he never said he's going to reward us yet. When my mom is paler than my mom is called

01:35:00 --> 01:35:02

In sharing your Odyssey, you will see

01:35:03 --> 01:35:07

but then it's up to Allah to value your deeds now

01:35:09 --> 01:35:15

is that you are doing your job is up to the your boss to value your job, whether they are happy with your job or not.

01:35:17 --> 01:35:30

So Allah is very fair, don't worry about Allah, we have to worry about we as the Muslim, have you share the knowledge of Islam to your close friend.

01:35:32 --> 01:35:49

To your family member, that is what we have to worry. Because why? If not a day of judgment, we will be called to be a witness. You have the knowledge, what do you do your knowledge, you'll know the truth, what you're doing the truth, we will be questioned by a lot.

01:35:51 --> 01:36:03

So May Allah help all of us, help us and help them? Sharla and your last question from the sister You have one more sisters, then we have one from brother, go back to the CCI shoppers, please pass the mic to sister Ayesha.

01:36:06 --> 01:36:27

Some sisters who have been with us for a very long time. That's why I can remember that name easily. And hamdulillah. So my constant qualico sobre. La Oh, it's not mentioned about you know, we need to emphasize on our our obligation to pass the message to do that. But the right words for the people.

01:36:29 --> 01:36:41

You know, how do you say I tried to do through practice by being a good Muslim. But how do you say to not yet Muslim, to invite them to join the waves of Islam? Thank you.

01:36:45 --> 01:36:48

I was discussing this with the youth.

01:36:50 --> 01:37:03

And I called them to plan something. I think also it's time for me to have a special class training for this. So they have started to

01:37:05 --> 01:37:05


01:37:07 --> 01:37:36

study select few brothers. The sister not yet. Yeah. So it's good that any of your sister were interested to know further How is the best approach? When you want to talk to a not yet Muslim? How to start? Yeah, I think is easier when you have this special costs. conducted. It's not difficult. It's just how you relate yourself.

01:37:38 --> 01:37:41

I show you two now. Very simple.

01:37:42 --> 01:37:45

We do not know what is in their mind now.

01:37:46 --> 01:37:50

They are feeling toward Islam we do not know. So we have us.

01:37:51 --> 01:37:54

Ask them brother or sister. What do you think about

01:37:55 --> 01:37:56


01:37:58 --> 01:38:13

When they start, but you must be very friendly to them first. If not, they know it's very sensitive. I'm sorry. I don't talk about this. This rageous matter of worry. Then they put me behind Barnum said no. Because the mostly I'm too sensitive about Islamic

01:38:14 --> 01:38:15

religious issue.

01:38:17 --> 01:38:17


01:38:19 --> 01:38:41

but when you are very close to them very friendly while drinking or relaxing. I just said, What do you think about Islam? Now you asked him that way. What do he thinks? Or she thinks about Islam? If she is going to say something negative? Listen first least and you must have a lot of patient.

01:38:42 --> 01:38:46

Listen, don't jump into conclusion. Don't get upset, listen.

01:38:47 --> 01:38:55

But if she's going to command there's a lot of knowledge that you can get from her before you start the approach.

01:38:56 --> 01:39:00

You have to overcome her misunderstanding first.

01:39:02 --> 01:39:08

In a time the Prophet you don't have this issue, the prophet gets the best example today the Muslims show the worst example.

01:39:10 --> 01:39:16

So the situation became worse. But because they say Islam, you ask them question Islam.

01:39:17 --> 01:39:21

When they answer normally they will going to answer you about Muslim.

01:39:23 --> 01:39:29

The way they're going to answer it Muslim then you just listen until the end. Okay.

01:39:30 --> 01:39:33

I think I think you misunderstood my question.

01:39:34 --> 01:39:59

I was asking you about Islam, not about the people. But you are talking about the Muslim the Muslim is the people and just asking, what do you think about Islam? Then she may got confused for a while. I think I shared with you know this this No, no, that is the people the Muslim male for teaching. Islam is in the Quran. Have you read the Quran? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You're the read. Oh, no, no, no, no

01:40:00 --> 01:40:26

This book is too, too secret. No. is like a magic nobody touching. You forget everything ready? No, no, no, no, no, you still remember yourself, don't worry. But ask them see how they respond through their response, you will understand them better and you'll know how to explain. First thing to do that or now is to clear the doubt the misunderstanding they have towards our religion.

01:40:28 --> 01:40:28

The word that

01:40:29 --> 01:40:33

just try to do that first. But you must have patience. Don't get angry just

01:40:35 --> 01:40:36

learn how to smile.

01:40:39 --> 01:40:45

Because what they say is right then you have to admit you have to require then say, but I'm just asking you about Islam sister.

01:40:46 --> 01:40:54

I'm not talking about Muslim. You know, we also when I was in Karachi, when we asked the people about this, they also say we have more problem for Muslim

01:40:56 --> 01:41:11

Muslim are saying that what can you do? We can we must admit that we are not being honest, not committed, not sincere in our dealings, especially in our dealings. You know, we have a speaker discussion in Karachi.

01:41:12 --> 01:41:17

After our talk, we have a night all the speaker get together.

01:41:18 --> 01:41:27

One hour, almost one hour, the speaker, everyone except me alone, I was silent. I just listened.

01:41:28 --> 01:41:34

That night, I just don't have the vote to say anything. I just listen. All the speaker

01:41:36 --> 01:41:39

is sharing the experience with Muslims.

01:41:41 --> 01:41:45

how bad the Muslim when dealing is concerned

01:41:46 --> 01:41:47

when business is concerned,

01:41:49 --> 01:41:59

but because everybody is so negative, I also don't know what to say. I just leave until the end Allahu Akbar. Allah give me the patient to be silent.

01:42:01 --> 01:42:19

Because I also cannot say it's not true because it is via direct experience. And then when they make a deal with a not yet Muslim, even later on the thing have changed. They're not yet Muslim on the deal. On the agreement, a law is Islamic.

01:42:20 --> 01:42:24

A word is a word. If I say I accept this deal, I will accept

01:42:26 --> 01:42:30

I will never change even other people will offer me better. No, because I have make

01:42:32 --> 01:42:32

a deal.

01:42:34 --> 01:42:38

Oh, that is what Islam want us to do. But Muslim.

01:42:40 --> 01:42:52

me Oh my goodness. Now love forgive Lhasa. Salam Alikum walaikum salam wa Taala I say in my place, there is a surah and we have a practice every Friday night.

01:42:53 --> 01:42:55

Milan Juma now we reset

01:42:57 --> 01:43:00

our scene and make the metallic and all that.

01:43:02 --> 01:43:39

As far as I'm concerned, I go there because a lot of people in my family passed away and I think it is a contribution to them reading your see and doing the travel and maybe there is some people saying that this is not correct. We must only read surah Kofi nothing to do with your sin. And that is a practice of corsola they say. So, my belief that I will contribute something to the people already passed away, how do I contribute? He made the making, but then it is in a group when we do together is much better than alone, we are doing something

01:43:41 --> 01:43:53

I feel that way. Because when we in the JAMA we together with the same kind of motifs kind of feeling same kind of rush, we are asking that the war for the Cold War passed away.

01:43:54 --> 01:43:57

Now let us look into what the prophet said.

01:43:58 --> 01:44:00

If anybody wants to choose

01:44:02 --> 01:44:06

a surah to recite every Friday night

01:44:07 --> 01:44:08

or Thursday night here.

01:44:10 --> 01:45:00

Then let us look into what the prophet said in his Hadees if the Prophet Choose Yes When we choose Yes, if the Prophet chose Bukhara we chose Al Baqarah if the Prophet choose our coffee we choose and coffee example. Okay, let us look into that if they have no problem. I'm talking about how to follow the Prophet. If you want to fix a surah at a particular day. Let us check into what the Prophet he did he fix if there is a hum If not, then we don't fix that we just reset any Sora as far as we know. There's only I see no no. Just example. I'm just trying. If you have daleel anybody have daleel See the problem.

01:45:00 --> 01:45:01

First a resize so

01:45:03 --> 01:45:04

that you resize.

01:45:05 --> 01:45:06

Now don't

01:45:07 --> 01:45:12

do something encourage not only to the drama.

01:45:13 --> 01:45:40

The best door on the profit side is a door from a person to another person without you organize it without letting people know the ion domain. That is the best to adopt or to lucky. The Aki feleipe la Torah the prophecy, a dog from a brother to another brother without he knows without them knowing that we are praying for the disease is accepted will not be rejected because it come from your heart.

01:45:41 --> 01:45:43

When you are denied that mean

01:45:44 --> 01:45:47

some time is okay someday become a burden

01:45:48 --> 01:45:50

that people have to have some

01:45:52 --> 01:46:05

it become a burden to some people. We are this is something very very light. You can do I can do. The children can do wherever they are they don't have to wait until Thursday night.

01:46:06 --> 01:46:07

Every night you can make

01:46:08 --> 01:46:11

this a special night right? To this day life

01:46:13 --> 01:46:21

is good. If you want to say Thursday night the best time to make dough actually is on Friday

01:46:23 --> 01:46:30

night no is that from Friday? After Magnum is already considered Friday? No no no is that after tomorrow?

01:46:35 --> 01:46:48

We will know ball mobile that when we learn. I think we are exposed to all these things. It's a matter of we are so used traditionally. We are so used on Friday Thursday night.

01:46:49 --> 01:46:50

There's a all

01:46:51 --> 01:46:54

Yeah, I think it's because we are so used with that.

01:46:55 --> 01:47:31

So May Allah guide all of us. Important is made to Don't forget to make you want to read and read the Quran no problem. Insha Allah Allah will reward you see because of the coffee. What is the coffee? Yeah, so coffee is about a lot of reminder from Mama about the fitness that is important to read it on Friday night, according to the Prophet Yes, as a reminder, until even Friday, if you don't, if you miss Friday, Thursday, then you read mercy on Friday, because then Allah will protect you from fitna of that job

01:47:33 --> 01:47:58

then inshallah that's all for tonight to not tonight today for forgetting Masha Allah is a day no fly so fast even they I feel like Mike No, but may Allah what your patient brother and sister and please don't forget to make dua for others. My family to my sister is not very well lately in Denmark.

01:48:00 --> 01:48:06

We are co communicating with each other you know, some other thing is happening over there too.

01:48:07 --> 01:48:09

We have to make the offer denisha

01:48:10 --> 01:48:13

so we hope to see you again here soon.

01:48:14 --> 01:48:31

Saturday we have the class Sunday via class inshallah. So May Allah help us to become a better Muslim. I mean hanok Allahumma Monica, Shadow Allah Allah Allah hirokawa to LA salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

01:48:39 --> 01:48:40

Today is

01:48:50 --> 01:48:50


01:48:56 --> 01:48:57


10 – Knowing Allah’s Prophets And Messengers By Sheikh Hussain Yee

February 05, 2017 @ Al-Khaadem AKYMEDIA

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