Sweetness of Salah – 16 – Concluding Remarks.

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The segment discusses various issues related to Islam, including praying the same way as before, praying differently, wanting a child, and wanting a child. It also touches on the importance of forgiveness and the use of a token to obtain it. The segment emphasizes the importance of learning from past experiences and finding one's own happiness. The segment ends with a recommendation to go to a club and a workshop.

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Now knowing there was once after 911 with all these stories about, you know, Muslims and stuff and so this news reporter, Michigan, she was, you know, recording and she had the US praying the Muslims were praying. And then she said she something interesting after after the prayer finished and everybody was kind of making their own thought and stuff and quiet ever no one was walking or moving or talking. She said, it seems like they just came out of an amazing spiritual journey. That's what a non Muslim reported thing. Because everybody was like quiet and humble and just be calm. So it was interesting. Now,

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what's the first thing we say brothers and sisters, when we finish Salah, the first words we say are

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a stop federal law. We ask Allah for forgiveness. So I'm gonna just kind of, if you're taking notes, and I even though you found most of this has already been mentioned, but when I mentioned it again, and I advise you to take notes again, as we go through this so you can get kind of a summary in one place in your notes.

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We ask Allah for forgiveness, but we mentioned so many ways in which he forgives us. Why? before we answer the question, let's go through the journey of set out one more time and let's see how Allah forgives our sins. Number one, before we even say number one, this is pre number 1% of setting a deacon mahadi Muslim that a man had a river in front of his home and he took a shower and five times a day What do you have any dirt left on him? It's a No way. He's, he's just like that. So now wipes away the sins five times a day as you pray and wipes away the sins. Now, let's start on this journey, how to pull away from your sins. Number one.

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Prayer itself is an expiation of sins the process of setting

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the five daily prayers and the jumat. To Juma are an explanation for what is between them so long as one is not guilty of major sins.

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So brothers and sisters between acid and mccullen what are the sins we have committed when we swiped away? malubay shot order since we committed is like delay between a shot and budget whatever thing you committed is like delay between Juma and Juma. Whatever sins we committed has been wiped away. So long is not that any major sins? Number two, we already mentioned that Heidi, when we make will do what are the parts that I'm saying. When you wash your hands, the sins fall off from your hands. When you wash your face to sins, your eyes have committed a washed away when you wash your feet, the sins your feet have walked towards or washed away, hide your fruit

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until you come out from the loo free of sin.

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Number three.

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The positive side when you want to dimension you mentioned is heavy. every step you take is what?

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One sin forgiven. And the next step you take is one rank RISD. So every step you take to the mission as you come, Your sins are forgiven. Number four, when you sit before the prayer, and you wait for the comments to be called, what are the angels stay for you? The angels say Allahumma Allahu Allah, Allah,

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Allah forgive him or Allah have mercy on him.

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So the angels are praying for you for forgiveness, but doesn't stop there. Number five. And I forgot to mention this already. So I mentioned it to you now. And this would also go in the section of tech videos. If you want to put in your notes there, make a note. So you can have the show and this part of the box that i'm saying is an authentic hadith. And basically it's about Ronnie authenticated by Benito himolla. He says that in the lab the EDA use on me, to to be Ruby cola for will be out on our last thing you want to think for cutting them out, I got to stop. And he says one of the believers tends to pray.

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his sins are brought to him and put on top of his head and on top of his shoulders.

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Every time he makes record or sujood his sins fall off of him.

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had him and was amazing. But this is by the way. Let me just give you this quick tangent we'll come right back. The believer when he looks at his sins, when he recognizes his sins, he looks at it like a mountain on top of him even the smallest and he is committed. He looks at like it's a mountain on top of this about to fall in question. The hypocrite when he commits the sins you know when he looks at him like you know when someone when the fly comes next to you he just kind of shoo him away.

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That's how the hypocrite looks at his sins.

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First of all less forgiving problem. Let's stop stopped for a month I'm covered.

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But the believer

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even the smallest sin he's so worried that Allah is going to take him to punishment for this year. So if he had an authority, he said to them, then I committed one mistake for him to clear my name is Asher I came in at one mistake and I was prevented from gambling for six months. One mistake. So the believer when he knows this now that all of a sudden

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are placed on his forehead. He is so uncommitted that he's so scared to get a loan Please forgive me. Somebody stands in prayer he stands with humility in front of Allah when he goes into record and since fall off because this is since fall off. What number are we on number

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number five, number five

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number six. Let's go through number one again. Number one, the prayers itself or expiation between each prayer number two we'll do number three, every step you take to the masjid number four, it is the job of the angels to you Allah Finola, Mark Hamill, as you're waiting for prayer, number five is the sins falling off your shoulders when you go into records to do then you're heading Number

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Number six, the two at the beginning of Salah when you start prayer, what do you say one of the what is one of the drives you can say? A lot of back then you made a

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mistake. Oh my god, this is between between me and my sins, like the east and the west all cleanse me of my sins with water and snow and ice in the dark as you know. Number seven, what do we say when you say I mean at the same time as the angels? Hope you know that.

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All of your sins are forgiven. If you say I mean the same time the angels say amin number eight the process of sending an authentic hadith is a Muslim. Every time you make such

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a sin is removed and a rank is raised the same reward as when you walk to the message every time you make sense that a sin is removed and a rank is raised. Number nine, what do we say sitting between the two cents does

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a biscuit Allah forgive me We ask Allah for forgiveness again, number 10 after Salah

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now, there's something new to your notes after Salah just like that. He says before Allah the angels prefer you the

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same party that after sundown so long as you stay in the position you were sitting in. You don't move from that position. So if you if you move backwards, you lost it. Stay in the same position

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and you don't lose we'll do what I'm saying is angels will be praying for this person allama below Allah Mohammed, Allah forgive him Allah have mercy on him to have the angels again, number 11

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now this is also new so this is new notes. The person I'm sending a hadith after Salah This is a Muslim after Salah if you say Subhana Allah 33 times hamdulillah 33 times 33 times and to make 100 you say that you know in the law, why don't I show

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him what

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the person says houfy Rockhopper Yahoo, we're in Canada at MIT news.

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If you just do this panel of 30 333 or 33 nine I don't know what

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the prophecy is, all of your sins will be forgiven, even if it's as numerous as the foam indicee. panel. Now look at this we think that's awesome. Check this out. Number 12.

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Number 12. Similar ID this actually different is this is in isn't in the books at the moment. This is classified as person Bible scholars.

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The process I'm saying are two things this also not in your notes. There are two things that that is so easy for people to do. That will get them to paradise. But people who do them are few.

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Two things. What are the he says number one

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of our two homes? You said you had to compete do but equally Salatin Ashura? Well, yeah, I should have kept biru ashra. For him sooner. Why me? Finlayson. Well, cool, awesome. So me and Phil meezan. He sort of says, this duration says after Salah, you say Subhanallah 10 times and hamdulillah 10 times out of 10 times, that's how much total 30 times five prayers and how much

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he has

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150 30 times five is 100 150 on the tongue, but 1500 on the skills. Why? Because minja had been

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fella who ashram 30 or you do one good deed you get 10 times the reward. Now number two, he said there's two things that people don't do, but they're easy enough to do with a good agenda guaranteed. That's number 110 times after each prayer number two, before they sleep, they say Subhana Allah 33 times and I'm gonna love 33 times below 34 times he says it's 100 on the tongue but how much on the scale

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1000 on the scale. So total How much do we have 1000 plus 1500 is

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2509 with Muslim says

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he says for a Yukon yeah manaphy Cooley, Yeoman Medina and vain were hum semia say

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sees who does in just one day and night in 24 hours, who commits 2500 bad deeds. Why does he say that?

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Because in Manhattanites with happiness, he adds every good deed you do wipes away a bad deed. Suppose What I'm saying is all you have to do is this 10 times after every prayers panel, I'm done that look, that's 151,500 of good deeds. And before you receive another 1000 he's saying, if you commit 2500, bad deeds, these just simple two acts, wipe out all of those bad deeds. You have a clean slate, gender is yours. Yalla

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we're talking about the mercy of Allah here. You can't quantify it in any better way.

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Just Just Just imagine.

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Do you see why we started the first session. So that is a gift for the ummah. What again, you can't ask for a better gift than this. What a purification for the believer, how can one who goes through this 12 different ways in which all your sins are forgiven? Then go and enter Hellfire? All you got to do is pray with for sure five times a day on the appointed time. Because when you do that everything else in your life is rectified.

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SubhanAllah but now we go back to the question, why the number 13? Is we say a simple formula after every prayer. Why do we say it's the Thrilla we just mentioned 12 different ways in which our sins are forgiven. Now, number one,

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number one, we may have had shortcomings in our prayers. It's hard to have to shoot the whole way and none of us can really do it 100% It's hard. It's very hard, maybe only for sure for 20% or 10% or 30%. So we sit still for Eliana beam, forgive my sins for my shortcomings in my period that I just made. Number two humility to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Do we know that Allah accepted our prayer?

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Do we have a guarantee from Allah that accepted our prayer? No, you Abraham on the son of Allah says, What is

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What is

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Ebrahim in his mind? They're building the cab.

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Can you get better deep and that's, you know, when we talk about

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a fundraiser, I fundraise for investors, I know what it's like you always do all the heavy the profit, you build just the bird's nest in the mission. And you allow those for your palace in paradise. What about have you built the captain?

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Everybody who goes there and paid you got portion of the reward? Thank you.

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I put the cap back up.

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He knew everything. He says it's fine. You know what they say you know what they're concerned about? accept it or not.

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Accept from us. That's my brothers and sisters. No matter what you do for Allah. No matter how much you do for your community, and you think I should be the president of the mission. I should be the biggest leader and people should all come and say thank you so and so for being the man. If I wasn't here, the mission would crumble on its walls.

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We're humbled to Allah, we're concerned that Allah except our deeds are not.

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So we think it's done for Allah in case we have any shortcomings, any deficiencies, and we don't know if it's accepted and thirdly, out of humility. Now brothers and sisters. What's interesting is, you know, you see people with the best of a hat. That doesn't mean the Creed's. You see the last frequent you see people walking around with them, they're talking to you, but they're safe. They're moving their fingers as if they're remembering Allah remembering Allah, if they're talking to you. I remember I

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remember in July I saw a man.

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He's sitting in the job, he's listening to the football, and he's moving his fingers on the screen the most.

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Correct, really, the problem is that even one stone on the ground Your job is Bothell is nullified and you're sitting here doing this and you're claiming to listen to the Imam as remembering Allah. Allah say, it's my job to loan you legitimately to the mythical man if you don't see a lot of stuff, given a man two hearts in his body, you can do two things at once. You're remembering a lot. You're listening. You can't do that. So you find people a lot of times they're they're doing they misbehave, but they're not remembering a lot. That's a problem. Why it's good if it reminds you to remember a law, but it's a problem if you're doing it and you're not remembering a lot. You know, I

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mean, I mean, nobody thought that he saw a man. He was making stuff up. He's like, he's literally like this stuff.

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Brother, let's make sure you weren't mister for loss.

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He looks at me he sees man. She's

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the son of my brother in a sister Monica Hannah behind.

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The way you're making a stepfather like this. You need to ask Allah for forgiveness for the way you're saying. Oh Allah ask for forgiveness. So when we say except for a lot,

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we have to be conscious of Allah. Oh Allah, please forgive me for any shortcomings that I have.

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And you know what's interesting?

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Even in hajj when the believers leave out of Allah says, The human Hey to our fatherless will still ask Allah for forgiveness. So an atavism point when everybody's sins are forgiven. But last days after you leave out of all your sins are forgiven, ask Allah for forgiveness. So humility, Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Now, a question that needs to be asked that we have to address this something I have to address before we end. And then we'll get into concluding remarks. I'm gonna cut out another whole section. We'll get right to concluding but I need any share this with you, rather than maybe somebody saying, wow.

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All I got to do is pray five times a day. We've mentioned so many ways in which Allah forgives my sins. And I do the ecard 10 times after each prayer and I do that before I sleep. And I'm guaranteed gentlemen. So I can go ahead and go to the club. I could drink alcohol as long as I keep it under 2500 I'm good. You have a girlfriend I can

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make people think like that. Allah so merciful. I'm taking care of. So what's the response to that? That mentality number one brothers and sisters

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is you know what's with humans? What's interesting is that if you are kind to someone, one of the ways that you can that person can get angry is when you keep taking advantage of their kindness, right? Is that one of the things that make you angry the most? If you're kind to someone you keep forgiving him but they keep doing the same mistake and they do more.

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Somebody comes to your house and he steals something. I forget. Oh, he does anything I'm gonna steal his iPad this time he does a HDTV shoot, no problem. I got everything. switches, just give me the keys. You know, just go sleep in the garage. Just a point where kindness ends like man, stop that.

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Everybody has limits. Now what about a lot of parents? Do we think that we talked about in the beginning? Can we use the buses Allah gave us a sin against Allah subhana wa Tada. That's kind of strange. You know, it's as simple as this. The basic answer is as simple as this. If you want to play games with Allah, you want to say Oh Allah, your mercy, I'm going to use that against you.

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I'm going to use your mercy against you. Oh Allah. Allah says, In the Luna team, you saw the rune Allah wha hoo ha the room. The hypocrites who think like this, they try and deceive Allah. Make him if con man I'm good. But Allah deceives them.

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It's as simple as this. If Allah so wills, if this is the mentality you have, if Allah wills to say, none of your sins are forgiven, that's it. We'll do that we'll forgive your sins. I mean, doesn't forgive your sins. forgiven? That's all he has to do. Does he have power to do that? Absolutely. Allah says, You ivypool me

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He punishes me wills will feed on email

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me for forgives when emails. It's in the hands of Allah. And you know, perhaps what will summarize this concept the best is the verses and instead of saying that either were less potent, Allah says about on the tongue of Isa and

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he's talking about those who used to worship Him. Instead of Allah subhanaw taala it's a powerful section and sort of the last page of ceremony the read if you have a chance, Allah subhanaw taala he says, I saw everything

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the room, no matter

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what you

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ice hockey team, about the sleeves of Allah. He says if you wish to punish Smith punish them, then they are your sleeves you could do with them as you wish.

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But if you forgive them, then you are certainly Aziz al Hakim, the mighty and the wise. What is Allah say in response? This is the response to this mentality, I could do whatever I want. Allah is forgiving. Allah, Allah says.

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Paula long

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for the cleanest way to

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call Idina Fie

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all the love

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that he can film was alim. He says today on the Day of Judgment, this is the day young young found saw the opinion of suitable those who are truthful and sincere with Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the day their truthfulness with Allah will benefit them.

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integrity and integrity

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for them is gardens underneath which rivers flow

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Hadid Deena v.

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They will stay there in forever. All the love

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Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah. But isn't sisters this should shake us Allah His pleasure has granted to us. You know Allah will call the people of Jenna. Yeah. Jana ob? O Allah will say, oh people agenda. Are you pleased? Are you satisfied? This is a call a lot is talking to us. Are you satisfied?

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They will see you.

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But couldn't have been a man if it hadn't been hunted? Oh Allah, how could we not be pleased and satisfied when you have given us things you have never you have not given to anyone else. All of gender from the hood and ain and the palaces and the rivers and the fruits and the clothes and the companionship of the prophets.

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Allah says

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and that will be come after thought I'm in dyadic.

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Should I not grant you something better than all of what you have in Jenna

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says Of course, all my C's were hidden and he couldn't read one.

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us how to combat the amateur.

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I will grant you My pleasure.

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So I will never be angry again with you after today.

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When who gets this brothers and sisters, how the young young fowl saw the cleaner for

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those who are truthful with Allah, those who know that we are, we are prone to make mistakes. But we continue to commit ourselves to the prayer five times a day, the one who approaches on out like this, then these 1213 ways in which all his sins are forgiven, are granted to him. But the one who plays games with the law, and this is what's important brothers, you may not ever reach the level of the Sahaba, where you can pray it arrows are coming into your body and you're still praying, you may never reach that level. But if you have sincerity with Allah, then the Day of Judgment is the day in which your sincerity will be rewarded. And you will be granted the pleasure of Allah subhana wa

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Tada. This is a long journey. We had brothers and sisters and I cut out a whole section which I won't share with you for sake of time. But we ended with a few points. Number one

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is we learned all of this. And the biggest question on everybody's mind is how can I implement this. I mean, we've sat from 10am to 8pm, all day long, and we've learned so much inshallah. But this is like a mountain then how to, maybe in two days, I'm going to forget everything.

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Number one, I said the notes were important, the notes are important. If you don't have the notes, then you're going to it's natural that we're going to forget, you have the notes, then what my advice is to allow them. And this is my advice to myself because I promise to you. I'm not saying this out of humility and Allah is Allah knows me more than any of you know me.

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Allah knows that I am most in need of this reminder that anybody else

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who's who is not easy

00:23:16--> 00:23:38

to show is not easy. So the advice that I am following will love if it will work or not. But this is my humble opinion that brothers and sisters, look through your notes and choose one aspect, start from the beginning. Start from the middle, wherever you want to start from church, choose one part of salah and say I commit myself to help who you are. And this one part of

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somebody says, I'm going to start with Voodoo. Okay, fine, no problem,

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I advise you to do it. Because if you try and take everything at one time, it's going to overwhelm you will do. So now when I make will do I'm going to think about the sins that are being forgiven, I'm going to think about my limits being given nude from Allah subhanaw taala, I'm gonna think that the Prophet is gonna recognize me by this nude, I'm going to think that I can drink from the hand of the Prophet based on this new one that he recognized me with a drink of which I'll never feel thirsty. Again, I am going to make will do and make the day that the eight gates of gender will be open to me.

00:24:14--> 00:24:15

What a blessing.

00:24:16--> 00:24:19

And you keep working on this until the new master will do.

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Until every time you make will do you use little water, and you don't dance in front of the mirror and you don't do weird things. You start thinking about all these things. Once you have that Master, then move on to the next step. Maybe it's

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and we talked about you do what we talked about, maybe it's the community. You do what we talked to babies sitting before prayer and mentioning the 11 steps that we mentioned, to get in the zone.

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One step at a time, baby steps and the prompts that I'm starting to say heavy. Anytime you take one step to Allah, Allah is gonna take 10 steps back to you. You come walking to Allah, Allah is gonna come running to you. And if you draw close to Allah, that length of

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Han Allah draws close to you the length of a meter to promise from Allah. But you have to do your part, man. You can't say it's too hard for me. I give up after one day after 10 days. No, you keep trying until you meet Allah. And if you are succeeding with the love how the young young founders saw the pain of since the day of judgment is the day in which this sincerity with Allah will be rewarded with the pleasure of Allah and gender, which you will never leave it again.

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So that's the most important thing. Maybe something more important than that. Number two, is 759. I'm wrapping up this one I promise. So well, maybe five more minutes, but I'm wrapping up right now. Number two is always as we mentioned, be humble. If you ever if Allah gives you tofield to master these steps, and whatever Allah has taught you, that will help you develop who should in prayer. If you now think like, look at this guy, he yawns in prayer me, man, I've never gone in prayer.

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As soon as you become impressed with yourself, you lost everything.

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You've lost everything.

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Never be impressed with yourself. She thought is gonna come to you and see what can you

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bring with for sure you're crying? You're thinking about Allah, you are such a hand and

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humble yourself to Allah as we mentioned, how do you know Allah accepted your deeds? How do you know that you're, you're not should always be humbled to Allah.

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Now, number three, the second sentence, he says, very divisive. Amanda said do horrible, says do good deeds properly and sincerely and moderately. Then he sees Wow, demo. And Alinea. And then you had another ama ama?

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He says, Do good these properly, monetarily. But he says no, that none of you will enter Jannah based on their good deeds.

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We brothers and sisters can never worship Allah as is his right to be worshipped. We can we can

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we talked about how much Allah gave us can we ever thank Allah even for the blessing of icings we can

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so we do the best we can. There wasn't I would say is when I have an Armani man at one Maha Allah and know that the most love detail Allah is the one that has done consistently. Even if it's small, baby steps, choose one thing and consistently work on it. So know that brothers sisters even if we pray the best prayer, and we do everything else we fast we go to Hajj, we play Jackie's everything we do everything you can imagine.

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Our deeds will never enter us into paradise alone, out of his mercy will enter us into paradise. Number four, number four.

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Knowledge should equal fascia. Knowledge equals whatever we learn, if it doesn't allow us to draw closer to Allah, the no you haven't learned.

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In fact a lot about them about the people who learned the magic, he says

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one aka the animal.

00:28:19--> 00:28:44

Even those who learn the magical muscies they knew that if they learn magic, they will have no portion of the hereafter. But then he sees just to end the day within the same hour. And within the same hour. He says what a big summer shot OBE and porcelain. No can we Anna moon? was one of the Dynamo Do you have anything to add? No can we add them on if they only knew why? Because their knowledge didn't lead them to action.

00:28:45--> 00:29:19

So we will all brothers and sisters be asked about what we learned in this dunya so now what we learned today in this seminar, well I have presented I will be asked and you will be asked what have you done with the knowledge that Allah allowed you to learn? And you know, that he says will lie he says will Lahaina ahafo Allah and FC and your colony Madam olimpija I swear by Allah, I am not afraid that it will be told to me What have you learned? He said when I can will love I swear by law when I am fearful of an a hotline NFC annual colony, madam minister, FEMA.

00:29:21--> 00:29:24

I am afraid I will be asked what did you do with what you learned?

00:29:26--> 00:29:59

So I'm gonna attending a seminar for all of you and I really I see from the bottom of my heart You spent 10 hours here at the machine learning about the reward and put it and put it on your disk that your your skill of good deeds and grand new agenda for that little man. I mean, but brothers and sisters, if we just let it leave our ears and go out tomorrow we forget everything that we've lost. It's, you know, the poet he even says no kind of landed him in doing it to call shut up on that kind of thing that he blazed through. He says that if there's any other honor in learning and gaining knowledge other than having trouble

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

Have Allahu Allah having the consciousness of Allah that it needs to be the most honored person?

00:30:06--> 00:30:08

Because he knows the most about Allah.

00:30:09--> 00:30:22

So it's not knowledge. It's what you do with that knowledge. It's the Hachette that you the fear of Allah and the humility that you get with that knowledge. Lastly, and perhaps brothers and sisters, we come up with perhaps the most important

00:30:24--> 00:30:40

Oh, but I'm sorry, I forgot to mention this. I'm not gonna mention it's in your handouts at some point you say after select, okay, you can memorize I don't have time to mention it. Lastly, this is the take home point of this seminar. If you only remember one sentence from the seminar, I advise you remember this sentence. But if

00:30:41--> 00:30:48

you are only insula, you are insula. What you are outside of

00:30:50--> 00:30:55

you are insula, what you are outside of sola, what does that mean?

00:30:57--> 00:31:18

If as we mentioned, and we're just saying the same thing in different words, if brothers and sisters, we choose to live a life away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. We commit sins, we don't obey Allah, we publicize our sins. And but then when it comes to prayer, you want to have for sure we attended the seminar, we learned some tips, and we want to know how to shoot a lot of you will never have to shoot.

00:31:20--> 00:31:22

Allah is the one who gives you as a gift.

00:31:24--> 00:31:45

How can you expect to transgress against the commands of Allah throughout the day, even when it comes time for prayer, all of a sudden you're going to be a fascia doesn't work. doesn't work like that. The most of them said that every time you commit a sin, a black spot is placed on your heart until your heart is envelopes and black, covered in black. There's no new that will come in.

00:31:47--> 00:31:49

So if you want to have social and prayer,

00:31:51--> 00:32:28

you must brothers and sisters, leave off the sinful ways that that hold us back from Allah. We have to leave it off. And it's a struggle. It's hard and Allah knows that it's hard. And that's why he says one levena teto. Buddha. Well, the one who is who seeks guidance when it comes to the ones that if Diana, which means he's trying he's struggling, he's working hard every day to get guidance, he might try to lower his gaze, but one day he commits sin again, but he tries he makes obatala again and he tries again, for this person who is sincere to Allah and he keeps trying.

00:32:29--> 00:33:13

Allah says ultimately zada whom Buddha, Allah will increase them and guidance will tell Him and He will give them tequila. So brothers and sisters, this is the take home point from the whole seminar. If you don't have outside of Silla, who show up, then forget having it inside of sauna. We ask Allah Subhana Allah, to allow us to benefit from whatever we have learned to the one that was beneficial. And we ask Allah to allow this knowledge to benefit us and to be to be a means almost drawing closer to him. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us our sins, we ask Allah to make us amongst those who sat in the gathering remembering Allah. And when they stand up to leave the angels are told or or

00:33:13--> 00:33:47

the same formula for omnicon at the Buddha, if you can stand up all your sins are forgiven. In fact, your bad deeds have been converted into good deeds. We asked the last month to make us amongst those who is tranquility descends upon them and his mercy descends upon them and his forgiveness depends upon them. We ask Allah to grant that which we seek His pleasure. We ask Allah to grant is that which we seek His pleasure and ultimately, attendance and for those We ask Allah for, for those in the highest levels of gender, we ask Allah to give bless us and gift us with the blessing of for sure. both inside and outside Allah