Naming of Quranic Chapters #23 Chapters Relating to times of day

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam ala. So they were looking at the naming of the Quranic chapters.

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And there is a group of chapters which are named, they have a general theme we can say, and they are named after timings, times. And I think that's a an important aspect. So last hat, Allah wants to draw our attention to important times, and important occasions. So chapter number 62, is called a Joomla Joomla, which is the Friday now a Joomla is called like this, because obviously in that school, right, there is a mentioned three vs mentioned Joomla. And some of the accounting rules related to that obviously didn't go into detail. But I just mentioned the importance of responding to the drama, and also to pay attention to the importance of this day that don't drama because it is

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the best day that the sun rises on. It's a great day, one of the great days of the week, it has many great occasions that happen, things that happen on the joumana was pantalla wants to bring our attention to that. So he named de soleil jamara to allow us to remember this great day and to make use of it in many ways possible. One of the blessings of the day of Juma is that Allah has guided us to this virtue because in the drama, there is a time which is which is very blessed. And any made in that time would be answered by a las panatela, in addition to it being a day of celebration a day, also related in a very big way to the creation of the Los pantalla has created us.

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The second one of these so on that we want to look at is the timings which are related to times of the day, but they are also related to prayers, prayers, which come today, and that's sort of L federal, which is Surah number 89 and Surah Al Asad which is 103. Now again, both of those are times federal, obviously is the time of dawn. And a similar name for a federal, on a different slightly different scale is alfalah, which is also surah number 113. Now it fell up literally means the breaking, as does federal also give the impression of an explosion. So these are times which are, you know, great times, there are things that are happening, the day is entering, it's almost

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breaking, you know, that's why we have we have the day break, meaning it's breaking the night it's there's almost like a change, you know, it's almost like coming into it like an explosion. That's why there is a federal there is entering into it. These are great times because

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they are the changing points. And this is one of the signs or last pantalla which Allah wants us to think about you literally live in the heart or you do in the heart of the lead, he makes the night enter into the day and the day into the night. So these are spectacular times of fudger when we are witnessing the the the ninth change in today and also when the day is going to start changing into night also also can generally mean time so it's not necessarily means the time of also meaning the time which is within Lahore and

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Mali. But it could also mean also meaning time generally as the man as rhombus mentioned, that is called awesome because it is pressing, it's the pressing of time. So these are some of the songs that are named like this also we have another surah which is Surah number 93. And that is named a boho which is the morning or the morning light. And again there is a silo which decides what will happen but more importantly, this is a time which again the day is is that is at his sharpest if you like and it's a time where most people

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especially in hot countries, that's the time when they're most productive. That's when they're working at this time, which is the time of

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surah number 92 Allah subhanaw taala has named a lady the night again because there is greatness in the night I mean we are the night at the moment we are reviving the night with a bad with Vicar so the night can be of great importance for people who want to seek

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proximity from Allah, those who want to seek elevation because the night as a last fantasise in Nashua at a lady I should work on what are como keila that the establishment of the night is is much more harder impression if you like on the person. It is

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shapes a person and that's why a piano lead is there you know people are sleeping others are wake up. So there is a lot of fun Tyler wants to indicate to us and to bring our attention to this important time as well. So all in all, you have these few soar in which our last pantalla has named them after times, federal and also as a Salawat are also important times because these are the times when the angels who are like overseeing the humans they change shifts. Also and

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also in the Hadith the Prophet sizer them said

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mon Sol Bourdain, the halogen whoever prays or maintains praying the Barbarian meaning the the timing of

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the future and also will enter our agenda and so on so so the great greatness in that as well. salaat Lhasa is considered also Salatu was far as some people also consider federal assault to stand different opinions as well in that matter. So these chapters in the Quran have been named like this, to bring our attention and to help us understand and also connect to the times which After all, the times are when we remember our last panel tantalize me then the night and the day, the opportunities for us to remember him