Hujjat Allah al-Baligah of Imam Wali Allah al-Dahlawi

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The speaker discusses the importance of studying the Hadith of Islam in India, as it is a source of pride for the Islamist movement. The students will be able to apply the work to their own time and understanding the wisdom of the Hadith and the secrets of the Prophet. The speaker also mentions the importance of learning from the great work of Islam, as it can help people apply it to their own life.

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One of the important work in Islam actually later centuries have been either

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Bible heavy, there have been efforts in Islam to study the wisdom of the Sharia and the secrets or the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam like by Isaiah not disarm, and by Mahara man email, Azadi and then email shall be in his greater worker modificata there have been efforts, but what we realize actually is many of those efforts, sometime they are very much influenced by certain school. So, you can begin to see really that more inclined towards the way of actually school, why would it be rough no lottery in India, he was much more violence history is actually skewed he know the mythology school, and he also studied the with all of my harmonica refine the, of the Hadith. So, he

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knows the way of the editor also properly, and he knows that philosophy refers to his knowledge is much, much wider, and also he has a much more bias. So that's why we show them this work, get through this work, the students will be able to understand the wisdom of the religion itself, that and how the karma and then the hadith of every single chapter, that he goes through each of these and brings in no other secrets and inner aspects of doing this properly. By work by studying this work, the students will be able to basically to put the whole islaam in a context on basically every single Boolean to make it get them connected or relate to each other, otherwise people read it,

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study is an arm I different parts, but it makes all these parts I the whole. So this is very, very important to understand. So when people study

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the mind it becomes you know, much more thinking and an able to find out the real wisdom and and massage and secrets of calm. But one thing also is much more earlier, there's too much focus on the wisdom and secrecy. It can create in the mind of people this misunderstanding that they can base the ruling on the Masada and come to a very, very clear Masada nagasaka it can be helpful, but they're never base and foundation to derive any ruling like for half an hour time when people have got a

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fair call them acid and they want to derive their outcome based on acid what are the delicate side This approach is very heavily and II know that they're just behind that. So his approach is very balanced. And he follows this way, the way of the early mahogany folk Aha, that you know is the source of Islam Allah will be the Quran the sooner the Jima and the peyote masala or another source under better understand the masala and the hacker one secret, it can help a jurist to understand Islam I the whole it's really a great work of will. And the students will be able to understand the wisdom of archery and, and the secrets of the Hadith. And to make in all the parts of Islam as a

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whole. And also to look at how he was able to, to look at the literature in the light of his own contest. So now the contest has changed, our society is changing, too we can learn from the great work that how we can apply apply the Hadith

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to our own time. And no doubt his discussions and his explanation of the secrets of the Hadith and the wisdom. They are very, very helpful in this matter. And but he's not like the people have come across in our time they want to make the metacity at the source of law, whatever they have. He refused this approach very very clearly and they criticize it very heavily. And he think he is no source always a bit of grant, the sooner the EMA and the previous knowledge of the McAfee secrets and the wisdom. It can be helpful for the jurist but they they never can be a source of design rulings.