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The speaker discusses the history and personality of Islam, including the importance of learning about the prophets and the significance of the Prophet Muhammad. They share stories about chef named Jesus Christ and his teacher Omar. The transcript describes a man named Alayhi Salatu who was shot at by a spouse and killed by a spouse's spouse. The speaker describes a man named Eliana humare who was shot at by a spouse and had a headache.

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Today I will talk about today tomorrow we'll talk about a few more attributes of the prophets of Allah Hadees. What have you said to them? And in the final morning of Ramadan, if Ramadan is, in fact 29 days and not 30?

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I'll have I'll draw a conclusion to Charlotte from all these lessons that we've shared.

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I don't really think there's anything more beneficial than then learning about him. So Allah, how do you sell them?

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I think it's probably the most important thing for us as Muslims to do

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most and that doesn't know his profit ideas. Salatu Salam is a Muslim that will find it very difficult to adhere to this, to this law, to follow these rules and to be able to do that for the rest of their lives without knowing Himani has Salatu was Salam and eventually loving Him the way He should be loved Alia salatu salam.

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Today I'm going to talk about Supetar, who Sheikh Leia talking about how he looked at it historically was salam.

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We've talked about almost every major attribute of his of his ethics and morals and behaviors. So voice like we said, let's see what the Sahaba said about how he looked,

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keeping in mind that none of the Sahaba

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really ever stared at him out of his Salatu was Salam out of respect for him.

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The older Sahaba just couldn't find it in them to stare at his face of Allah. Hi, Sahil Salam, they always looked down. The descriptions we have on him Alia salatu. Salam are from the children of the Sahaba, who grew up later and told us these stories because as children, they would sit and he will look at his face on a lie side beside them. And they memorized and they said this is what he looked like. But the majority of Sahaba didn't really have much of a description, they will just say things very simple. And I'll give you examples. My favorite is not maybe my favorite will be at the end. This is my second favorite one of description that we have a description of Java or even some oral

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mobiola line who is with his story he tells us Scala mushy to Latin to Jah hell primary. Laila tell badDo I want one night in the direction of the full moon. It was a full moon I was walking towards it. fall for her Raja min Yachty here or sudo Allah. Dr. Ali Saddam came from that direction.

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To overthrow you know, karma or own Guru. You know, when you hear about su Linda, I started looking at the moon and looking at the face of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and looking at the moon and looking at the face of the prophets of Allah as I've said them, the whole of Allah he now why do you want to see the law he said Allah Allah He was telling us and our Allah if you ain't enough, I swear to you that his face is more beautiful in my eyes and the full moon. So I'm Allah Ali, right? He was like, Yo, send them over hora. I'll be Allah one who says, allow you too? Why do you have an accent I mean, when he was sued in the US, I've never seen a face more beautiful than the face of the

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Prophet audience about us. And I'm Anna shinza Treasury fee or royalty here. It looks as if the sun is running through his veins or your Serratos and he was radiant. It was like he was glowing. It gives a lot to us to them. Now this could be factual or this could be the effect of love.

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Those whom you love, they look good to you. People that you love, you love their faces. You love everything about them the person that you love you just love every every attribute every aspect of who they are. Sahaba truly loved him some Allah Allah Himself Musa naman and that's how they felt when they looked at it. I did narrated narrated by Aisha she said towards the end of his life when he got really sick.

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He would sweat and she said in sweat would glow everything about him was glowing. So when he woke up it she told him yellow sort of Allah like an eyeball. So the spa is not a whether you like it seems like one of the poets when he gave his famous verse of poetry, he gave it in the wrong person. So he smiles fully What are you talking about Bekaa? That's it me know who your seat okay seems like he meant to is Bala. We're either in a water ILA see what he would do? He he LaMarche Callum and Barry Pina Motorhead Lily, when you look at the the aspects of his face it it lights up just like the sword under the sun would light up or just like lightning would light up so Allah has been called La

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haga Rasulullah. He said Allah I sent me love you this was maybe a couple of hours before he passed away. So Allah Allah He was like he was telling them

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the Hadith narrated by Emma by heftiness in the Shama at the meeting, and this hadith is a very long one. So I'm not going to read the whole thing but I'm to share with you aspects of it. The Hadith that I was taught by a chef noted the merits of Rahmatullah Lee and his students after Michelle Toby Muhammad said a shot and they both did a study of the of the authenticity of its of its chain of narration, and they concluded that it's Huson which is which goes against a lot of what the other conclusions are, and I'm very comfortable with their study, I'm going to share with you this hadith, and the hadith is obviously eternal Hassan probably Allah who I'm going to his uncle hint is going

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to be heard. Now if you looked into

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My this series of lessons you probably understand who is the Hernan was Hynde was his uncle from his mother's side. Above Alia saga they're married Khadija Khadija had three children from previous marriages one of them was named Hinton Have you heard it was it was a gentleman and he was a child when the priority is thought was a married his mother. So he grew up and was raised by Rasulullah audience last time he's a Muslim who has similar Islam when you look at all this, like, just wasn't the name that we commonly know. So I sent that yeah,

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swiftly Rasul Allah He was not to be he had to Allah and give me a give me a description of the Prophet Allah you stood up to them to hold on, I'm trying to forget the way he looked. I thought it was a child when the Prophet either you saw son passed away. So he's struggling, you know how it is what happens when someone you don't see someone for a while, you start to forget, it's really very, very sad. Besides things in the

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white hands down, probably the most saddest thing in the world, when you figure it out. You can't remember how someone that you truly love looks like anymore. Well, lucky, that would have been the most heartbreaking moments in your life. And you remember, this person meant the world to you and you haven't, you just can't remember the way they look properly, and it breaks your heart. And that's an idea had the Prophet Allah you saw them passed away when he was a child when he was young, and he was growing up and he's like, I can't, can't remember how he looked properly. So he got sets and went to his uncle said, Tell me something. What kind of run was soft, and in the Hadith, he was

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someone who's very good at describing he just had a way with words. And his description is amazing. By the way, it's very long, but I'm gonna take three aspects of it. So this is how he described the Allahu Akbar God Rasulullah. He said Allah hi to you early. You sell them a farm animal for human use class.

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Use class.

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Allah Azza wa salam This is one of the most beautiful descriptions your parents pocket man will Buck them and he was granted class whose class innately you just by nature, he was classy. And he was granted more of it by Allah subhanaw taala you know something narrativity trying to spam some things like it's just it's just like class is the big deal. Five stars something that's the beyond what I'm used to seeing. I don't feel like I deserve it. But it was fun. It was a big deal. When you were around about a usato Sam you felt you around someone for him. He was just he was just class wasn't about what he wore wasn't about how much money he had never had a lot of it and that didn't matter.

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But he was just was just a classy person. I mean, you saw through some of what you who the primary data tell about that his face glowed just like the moon glows that when it's full.

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And then he begins to describe in money and so it was to them Minella mirboo Very well salamin and emotions that the Illa to the upper is taller from the sun but someone who is Yanni his average height, and he's not as tall as someone who is a basketball player Forgive me if that's what you're doing. But he was closer to being a bit. It was a it was a bit taller. So Allah honey, so have you seen them? I'll email him and he wanted to share it. In in follow up that after you saw two who Farakka will Yuja with a crew who will either whoever thorough Lee Seville jardel, Qaddafi will be sadly, I just thought that you described that he had he had a full head of hair. And it wasn't hair

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that was really curly. And it wasn't very, very loose, it was something in between. And if he if he was able, he parted it in the middle of it and stood out to a salon when he was able to kind of if not to just put it backwards or whatever way it went. And he usually didn't have his hair any anywhere under his ear Alehissalaam like it didn't usually didn't go under the lobe of his ear, which meant he had pretty long hair. I didn't select those. And for the majority of his life, actually there's narrations that talked about him braiding his hair out of his thought to us them to small braids at certain points in his life. So please take it easy on your boys when it comes to

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hear of all the things you want to fight with them. Maybe maybe, you know, maybe there isn't the one the right one to fight the value. Saddam did many different things. He shaved his head, but that's how he was described in terms of how his hair was audio Salatu was Salam.

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He continues to describe him describe them similar How do you sell them?

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And he says, as her alone

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is that gel Hawa GB diva BF RP Reaper runnin Boehner Houma era Ponyo rule of absorb, I just had a loan. He was white with a little bit of a pinkish color to it. His eyebrows weren't thick, they were thin but they were full and it wasn't a unibrow was empty in the middle. And right in the middle there was a vein whenever he got upset either use a legitimate bulge and they knew he was upset from the vein in his head. I'll use lottosend Whenever he was upset with something. Well, I see LGB and he had a big forehead I thought was salam, barley and family had a wide mouth ation of morphology or morphological snon He had very clear teeth, his teeth weren't colored morphology, meaning there was

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there was a space and most people think the space is right in the middle of the space was on the side of the two middle teeth. And the two the two front teeth were together and then there was a small little space, which beside both and this was out of something. It was an aspect of beauty. I mean that's that's how they

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they saw they saw these things going on OPA Hu G do Domian V SAPA il tilde and a very clear next time Allah Allah you saw Have you seen them

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at Chateau de la Aney but I know

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he had hair on his arms and his upper his upper chest. Clearly your Saturday when a shoddy female either like the rest of his body he didn't have a lot of hair on it.

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Now who is who who ms roba La Rochelle on Nigeria tell healthy Isla even a little bit Isla sobre yatta yatta very

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small line up here that went down his chest Allah use a lot wisdom to His navel. So I got plenty he was 30 It was so good. He had a wide chest and he didn't have a culturally who Salatu Salam is stomach and his and his chest were all oh one thing. Look America IDs that in an autograph. He had large joints Anakin Salatu was Salam and in his hands and legs were long.

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Chanel caffine compliant and oakmoss at Mercy halacha domain is Hans Otto salatu salam, the fingers were thick and they were very sharp at the end like they got smaller at the end Alia Salatu was Salam and his feet.

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Mercy helper domain, his feet were flattered on the other side, on your side. And he had a very clear, very clear arch where the arch usually is young boy and Humala. He didn't have you know, some some people end up having a lot of dry skin on there if you didn't have dry skin Zala you saw some anywhere on his hands or on his feet. So Allah on his lap he was selling them.

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Men who sell after the annual oil and water job but he didn't have much of a behind Allahu salatu salam and he was just very light skinned under under what he wore. The blue Muhammad Allah Allah sudo Allah Sula Hillman pioneer for whom Ohana is one of his relatives and he was changing but the photo for a to be Vulcan in a V so Allah Allah us LM Cara, please. Methanol methanol, I saw on his stomach these ripples one after the other to one in front of the other. He had a six pack so he's like

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yeah, aside from just one pack that I carry, he had his six packs that Allah Allah Islam you sell them

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he would continue to describe him this is how he described him ha

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ha futile therapy.

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Novato who eat an early Ottawa woman nobody he LSMS a Julio nobody hidden moolah. Hubba yesu for us harbor Who are you have to do Roman law here when

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you look down Allah alayhi salatu salam he looked at the earth way more than he stared at the sky

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whenever he looked at someone you didn't stare for long at least I mean look and then he looked away you always make sure it was hard walked ahead of him and whoever he met he started the setup for a study who salatu salam gonna Burdine and Mota mercy can other human health soldiers Allah was he was sturdy it was very he was very held together the Hadith unbroken in the raw value salatu salam went to Benny Mohammed and based on their name and kind of figured out what they really loved your their their unclean Villa that only understood the the the language of force we went to get them down when they said we don't understand any of this stuff. We do not one word everything you're saying is just

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to wait up Evers Can you wrestle Can you wrestle

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I saw so I was trying to explain Quran. We have Roca, and can you wrestle and wrestle him we'll listen to you. He was like champions, like, alright, well wrestle. So they get into the valley, you saw those takes his shirt off and he extended. There was a certain way the Ottomans had a certain way similar to Roman wrestling, or is that the right word? Is that they say the Olympic sport. It's called what is called Roman wrestling or

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the Olympic sport. So it's very similar to that type of stuff a little bit different. A few differences. Actually, there are people who actually still know how it works. The only I don't, but it's actually quite well described still till this thing. So we'd go out of your slot goes to them. And he would wrestle with Roxanna regarded as the champion a couple of moments and we're kind of on his back. He gets up he's like, no, no, again, there's two or three, so he does it again. Rakhine has on his back, he's like three out of five, the again, we're kind of on his back. The prophet Ali aside, there was an empire. I know this is enough. Listen to me, but Biomedicine we were not

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listening to anything. I mean, there's no because people in the left some of the haunting side of the ascendant it was to have a saw him wrestle and actually bring the guy down. He will continue in

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describing him and he would say kinda lawsuit Allah He moto Wildseed Alexa and the email speak about it. Like he said.

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He said, the prophet Ali's Ostrom was always going through one, sorrow and pain after the other. He was just one person actually, every time something bad finished something bad happened after it. It's just one cozying up to you after the other.

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The image because he was always thinking he was always contemplating. They said to hurrah, we never saw him fully rested

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The imitable Sunni Islam Allah Allah he will send them always smiling. We in a sec de la you have to kill them will be really hard. He didn't speak for long he will stay quiet for a long time only speak when needed. Kalam will fossil, get a killer mobile Java and tell him when he spoke what he said was clear. And it was appropriate. It was the right thing to think that was needed to be set at the moment. And he used elegance to lottosend the fewest words to explain the most profound concepts. The meeting place of your geography will Mohini was an easygoing person. He wasn't difficult and he wasn't humiliated by others. You didn't let people walk all over him it was to them

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you probably were never meant to work in duck but you don't move in her she magnified any blessing no matter how small it was. He never ever said anything negative about a blessing he was giving us that Allah Allah you have your synonyms

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either as a cold shower because he when he spoke, he used his hand not his finger. He always used his hand out it used to swell. Well either I Jabba Culebra her, and he was he was he was in awe of something he would go like this in a sec. Were either to have a Shara barraba Be bow Clinica ferryhill Yamuna about you know Abraham Isla you saw it go like this a lot. So tell him when he's talking. You make these these movements of Allah Anya so how do you send them either tap or tell Tabata Jamia? So I sent him when he moved, he moved all together and he looked at the person in front of him as he was Julian Lobo Hickey hit Tab assume the majority of his laughter was was a big

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smile. While you have to and Mr. Lee have been meaning when His smile is teeth were like poodles. sallallahu alayhi salatu salam, this is how they're describing a Medina. So that was the whole aroma Han both of whom are haram were almost sulayem. And they were both related to him through a robot and he would go sleep in their house. And sometimes he would sleep there so Allah he's like, you send them during the day and it would get hot and he would he would sweat as a human being. So more Selenium or Mahara would come and she would bring a little container and she would take the sweat of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. So one day is sleeping and she's putting something under his so

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he wakes up and what are you doing for toilet net? Who Yeah, who do Anakapalle rasool Allah nobody could be used to be and we take it and use it as baraka for the for their children. But at Opera House, I suddenly left her to do your photo. Ns Ma'am, I supposed to close them what a hurry. Um, what do you mean Kathy? Rasulillah so I mean, I never touched anything so soft and so comforting than the hand of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam of Baroda Amina Celje what have you ever made reIation miski It was it was cool and it smelled like misc all the time. So aloha to you. So have you seen them?

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My favorite description of him Ollie Salatu Salam is the description of save Nadeem the beauty of him because he, I think he lived with him. But all he as my as long as he can remember in his life, but he married his daughter. And he was one of the closest people to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam by far I mean, I had been beaten. So he describes the value sought to ascend in very few words because I gave you a long description. You're not gonna memorize anything I told you. But he said something really simple here but Daniela Sula. He said Allah Allah you heard he was a lemma and you are the nurse Isadora you had the most generous chest now it's your chest as a figure of speech. You

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had the most generous heart when he was just very generous anything you asked him anything you required of him. He gave you his time and his wealth and whatever it is you asked for. You didn't feel that he was being burdened by use of a license. This is what he didn't feel he didn't let you feel that you were burdening him even if you were even if you totally were as the four unexplained in the alikoum gun. Within the year you're stuck gaming Kumala hula is to him and of helping do you did certain things. You entered his house and sat there for hours and waited around for the food and then sat after the food and he didn't say anything? It harmed him because you're ruining er he can

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deal with his family he can take care of his children but he would too is too polite to say anything he just loved was and accepted it to Allah subhanaw taala and the friends and Allah does not. I don't Allah is saying I am not ashamed to talk about how can you get out of his house to eat if he asked me to eat and then leave and go home. As you are then see Sabra or the Adorama home a charlatan you live with him he treats you well. The longer you live with him the better he treats you.

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The longer the more time you spend with him the better he treats you some of our Hollywood Simon said he elevates your status he He empowers you he pushes you forward either yourself or not the opposite. He never takes you for granted. He never stops noticing you or doesn't forget about you or put you aside because someone new is coming in. Now the longer you spend time with him the more you spent time with him either usados the higher he you lifted your Salah Salem, Eliana humare cotton, and he was just the most easygoing person that you've ever met. I've everyone I've ever seen. He's the easiest going. Never nothing was a big problem.

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Nothing was a big deal. He got upset almost for nothing.

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In the Behala would point out some Mikaila Garner rasool Allah He la moodiness See he never got upset for himself, but either to the ad hoc to outgrow the unhelpful, them young liberal lobby he wouldn't have Tesla. But if Huck was being if someone was was oppressive, if someone was crossing the lineup, he would get upset out of your slots, and they wouldn't stop until that was rectified. Until he fixed the problem. Then, for himself, you can see what you want. But what do you want to say Say what you want? He's not going to get upset on the ustilago now Jordan Sadara Kurama home Aisha Watson Eliana humare kitten. Listen to this man Nora, who buddy had an herb woman Hi, Lapa.

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Wuma revertant hubba when you saw him for the first time it used to assume you revered him. Then you spend a little time with him you love him but Allah How do you use him? The first time you meet him? You feel this reverence this person has found you play it down but then you spend a little bit of time with him either you still don't get to know him and then you love him sort of always. The last piece of is China Jordan T Sutherland who occurrent Muhammad inshAllah 10 Eliana humare Gutten. My buddy Hatton have a woman Hala problematise button harbor who ma e to popular who will miss La, Allah Allah us. I never saw anyone before him or after him like I've never seen a human being ever

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like him since since the day I met him. So Allah Allah, so have you seen them. And that last phrase there summarizes who he was out of his love to us from those who saw Him, those who had the blessing of seeing him out of your salatu salam and knowing him and witnessing what he did and who he was and what he was able to achieve and accomplish out of your soul to us from His mercy and His compassion, his love, and his perseverance and his grit and his bravery and his generosity on the hill. So that was the all tested that we never saw anything like we saw him once and then there's no one that ever came that was remotely even remotely similar to him on the Hill Salatu was Salam. O that will be

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will come the wahama suddenly you're sending robotic eye let's say you didn't know how do you know, Medina? Reiner earlier you also be a Jemaine but she was a part of your country similar to what Allah was telling him about. Mohammed. Alright, so he's talking a lot about a lot of people today.

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Just so you know, the ultimate is not tonight. It's tomorrow night so inshallah that will be a Wednesday night.