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But no this is the position now please remember again we say hello at the bottom, when we come up with to do with in the second workout of the fourth quarter and welcome to the third record, we say Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater and becomes a position of stillness and calmness. Now when we're sitting into Shabbat, number one, it's the same city. So the same feelings we have about the same sitting in front of Hellfire and the humility and that we're hoping for the forgiveness of Allah, those same feelings now continue until the end of the prayer

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they continue to the end of the prayer but now we already covered us we're not going to cover that again. We're going to cover the Shabbat itself

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now Subhanallah we just came you know since that you make two cents that's and then you come into the position of sitting to end the prayer. So what's interesting is we just said such that is the most greatest pillar of the pillars of solar

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so how then now should we feel when we're sitting like we just came from the greatest part of Salah

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you know how you look at it?

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You look at it like you know, it's like almost like you know when you have you go to your best friend you need help

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you ask him You can you help me out here? And you sit down you talk to him and everything and finally before you leave him you know what he tells you? He says Hey, is there anything else you need?

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And he goes I can take care of for you.

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Just let me know man I got you

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don't be shy ask me I'll give you I'll take care of you.

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This brothers and sisters This position is like the cherry on top of

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like the cream I'm the icing on the cake. We just came up and said stuff. And to top it all off. Allah we already talked about how close Allah is to us Have there been any well being I've used between me in my sleep. Now. Allah has like he's telling us before you leave

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anything you need, I'll take care of you. So what do we start with we start with now just like that's how we praise Allah before we make do I just like when you say something to me that we say it open our look and then we go into suit to make to hear again, we begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and this is in your handout, the spike in generations you can see your hand only has one of them

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is the ratio of they've been through

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all types of greetings are for Allah you know when you greet Matt and royalty. You know you say your your your your you know, your honor for a judge. We say Your Majesty for a queen or a king, Your Royal Highness those kind of things.

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means all these royal compliments are for Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Oh, all in every form of royal compliment is for Allah. We said that, at the beginning to be Mr. Cropper given the meaning of every type of compliments, then

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all these compliments, his greetings are for Allah subhanho wa Taala alone, as I understood, all the greetings, the wonderful good readings you give to royalty is for Allah and Allah alone, then you say what's going on? And the prayers now the scholars actually say prayers also includes any form of rabada

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so all my data are for you Allah alone and it reminds you of sincerity, why you're worshiping Allah and you're telling them you're talking to a lot number How do you say that you're talking to a minor so now you say he actually was fun to watch he will fight you back all the Royal greetings and all of the subtle winds and all the bad jokes all the worship and what brought you back to the all good things are for you Allah alone.

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Then you say

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and by the way, you back the scholars you say that refers to like internally by the for example in the flop the other of the Muslim, the character of the Muslim, this is also what the scholar sees included in a play you guys, when you think a Santa Monica, au Vu What about our console PCB upon your old profits and the mercy of Allah and His blessings?

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Now a couple points here number one is why do we go to the second person for the prophets I send them I said I'm on a cut Are you under me? Oh, you, peace be upon you all messenger of Allah. Are we talking to the pumps on Send them?

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So what's interesting is that you know, I'm looking at these look around for example, to interloper in them and a cobra. Now, if you turn away, if they turn away, then it is only upon you, O Muhammad, Allah, Allah now to give the message in a way that touches the hearts and

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touches the hearts.

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So Allah address the problem is going to be the second person. Now when we recite Quran, do we change it because we're not talking to the Prophet? No. You know, he said, he said, you know, Allah says, Allah had saying, He is Allah, Who is one. So he says, Allah is talking to the Prophet. We don't talk to the Prophet. So we should remove every part in the parentheses, one, take it out. Just say hello.

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Yeah, you want capitalism and capitalism, that's ridiculous. You don't change the words of Allah. And just like that, he says how he wants on Islam, you only when you come out you animal as a surah mineral Quran, the prophet will teach us that the shadow just like he taught us the surah from the Quran. Therefore, we say it just like the Prophet todos Santa Monica, you want to be able to gather. That's what we say.

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Now, I want you to imagine this, those of you who are here for the first session, you'll understand this more than everybody else.

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Imagine if the pumps I send them walks through the door right now.

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And you know what he went through

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the suffering he went through the insults and the attacks and the physical abuse, and the character assassination and how many children he lost and I'm in person and thought and all these things. And he walks through the door, and you have the opportunity to go to him and shake his hand and say, a Santa Monica, you're gonna be what I had to lie about. I can't

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imagine if you could think that onto the Prophet. How would you feel? You know, and before I continue, you know, job in a bit similar, but I want to read this. He says that I went out with the roughs. I sent them on a night that had a full moon in the desert, so does that many pretty things. It doesn't, it's pretty plain, but he's seeing this huge full moon and he's out with a profit center and he says,

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He says, for it in the VSI, salaam, Allah, Allah on camera, the rosary was wearing this red cloak and he says, vagina, Guru.

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Guru, you know what you're assuming nice.

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fella who are in the journal.

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He says, I began looking at the full moon. He's sitting here, and he's looking at the prophets. I said him his face, looking at the full moon, looking at the Muslim space. And he says, I came to the conclusion that the Prophet is more beautiful than the full moon.

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You know,

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how many more he tells his mother, you have a mother sleeping in a suit Allah? Yeah. Oh, my mother described to me how the Prophet looked? And she says, Yeah, he says, yeah.

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Eight a Shem. So

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if you saw him, it would have been like, you're seeing the sun rising. The beauty of a sunrise. If you saw the prophets, I send him his face. That's the beauty that you would see.

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Imagine if you walked through the door because they said How would you feel

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you know the puffs I sort of said in a heartbeat that me I'm a no weak classified. So here. Remember, the bunny says it's so heavy. He says, ma'am, and I hadn't you suddenly morning in the law.

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The law rule he had to our dad he said

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he says no one sends to them upon me. Except that Allah returns to me my soul and I say why Nico was sent out to that person.

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So now when you're in yet, and you say a Santa Monica, you have to be your rahmatullah wa barakato no brothers and sisters, that your Salaam is being presented to the prophets when I sent him and his soul is returned to him and he sent sent home to you

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so just like we would feel if you walked through the door and shook his hand let us feel that feeling as we're in prayer, because I'm starting to sweat suddenly wanting to contribute money hate to contribute these sensors are upon me sympathy is upon me because no matter where you are, it will reach me

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just panela all of us now say some of the law it he was selling

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the profits returning all of our center to us so when you're inside out and you see this you're you think about these things to help you have a show then you say

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hey, peace be upon us and all the rights of slaves of Allah know what's interesting is this number one, we make drop for ourselves.

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Number two we make to have for the rights of slaves of Allah. Not all slaves have a lot Why?

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Why not everyone?

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Because this is a form of motivation. You know what happens? But is it sisters about just imagine this, I just put these numbers together. I don't know if they're true or not. I just hypothesize there's 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. Let's say 400,000,003 five times a day.

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400 million Muslims pray five times a day on a higher note you guys disagree voter just bear with me for a second 400 million Muslims are day a day are saying nine different times because the data shows and five just for our era talking about some notes 100 or two or anything. Just the five obligatory prayers. They make this to a Salaam arena.

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They wish peace and security upon all the rights of slaves of a law. You know what that is? 400 million times nine

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$3.6 billion a day a day. That outrageous thing alone gets across the world.

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About two days, three days, five days, 10 days a month, a year, 50 years 100 years. Yeah, we can't even imagine how many too hot the righteous season are receiving every day.

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So that's amazing motivation we want to be amongst the sunny team. And not only that every time brothers and sisters you make up for your brother and within his absence or your sister in interactions, the process that I said there's an angel who says when I come in and for you is the same so when you make this too hot and angel tells you you have the same room the same too hot for you.

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Can you imagine we're seeing this man, this means so much to us now. Then we say

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I should do a law in the law. What are you gonna do no Mohammedan Abu What? So let's break this down quickly. We say the testimony of faith, there is a there is that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger and slave and messenger number one, I have been witness that there is no God but Allah should do it now. In the law.

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No brothers and sisters, we have to understand some of the prophets I send him he said

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that if if someone had sins, to the point that it was rain on scrolls, as far as the eye could see 99 scrolls this equivalence.

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And they were brought all these sins were brought these scrolls. Imagine the probably like bigger than the huge scrolls.

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And they're put on the one side of the skill and the and, and then the slave he feels it can destroyed. He imagine witnessing this, you see all these bad deeds on one side of the scale. He says, I'm done. Allah tells him Oh, my slave, you have something on the other side. He's his What do I have?

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A small like card is rock. This is not you know, in the law, you were a Muslim?

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I mean, really?

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Why are we even comparing? Why are we even weighing these two as a card versus 99 scrolls as far as I can see,

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but it's placed in the museum on the scale, and not either in the law outweighs everything else.

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Now, having said before he died, he advised his son, I advise you with two things he says, I advise you with not either in the law, because he says, if all the heavens, we talked about how wide the heavens are, if all the heavens and the earth were put on one side of a skill and not on the other side, the other side not below would outweigh all the heavens and older.

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So we have to when we feel when we say in the law, we have to feel it. You know, brothers and sisters, what is the greatest wish of every Muslim that when they die? What's their last words?

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You know, there's a man in Syria. You see the video, there's a man in Syria, he was very up until his neck.

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And they told him to say See, now you

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guys see this. They told him to say there's no god but but Shawn, you know what he's saying? Now, in the law that you know in the law, in the law, until you the video, you watch this, they took the dirt, and they covered his face and they bury him alive.

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We know what his last words were.

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That you know

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men can Afro Colombian human how do you do that? You know in the law, the halogen whoever sees no less words in this world will enter agenda. Now my question to you brothers and sisters is how can we say not? At the time of our death?

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There was an MCs menasha Allah shape

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matter honey, woman matter Allah shake, boy. What you live on is what you're going to die on. What you die on is going to be what you're resurrected on. That you don't live 99 every day of your life if you don't submit to Allah subhana wa tada and say I have submitted my soul completes you over love that how do you expect to at this time of death to be able to say now you know in Allah

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it's not gonna happen.

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It's not gonna happen.

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Unless without assays use the beetle levina

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ebtb dunia

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Allah will strengthen the believers

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to say this whole time but to say that you know in the love before they die, and when they're in the grain.

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I want you to imagine this brothers and sisters, brothers in a week had he described the two angels who will question the people in the grave. He says their hair is as long as so long that it's dragging on the ground behind them. Imagine you're in the great the small space, maybe two feet, three feet by seven, eight feet. That's it. The small space he starts and I'm saying this to him

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Just huge creatures come to the person in the green and they sit him up.

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And he said, there's so frightening they're either here so long when he sees their eyes look like lightning and their voices like thunder. You know, when you had you guys have bad storms here. Just the other day there's a hailstorm, right? When you hear the thunder when it's close, doesn't shake you. It shakes you imagine it being the cloth and quartered a small grain, you know, the small space, and the angel has a voice like thunder, and he says, run rock book. Who is your Lord?

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And great shakes and you're so scared. Well, why? Well lucky just the sight of seeing them will cause them to forget everything you ever need.

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So how then when you hear this booming voice and you see this frightening faces, can we say rugby Allah, my Lord is Allah

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min Hashanah sheet mahtani what you live on is what you die on.

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If you are a believer, Allah says he will strengthen you to save but will be Allah in the grave. But you have to live a life for Allah.

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Don't expect to live away from London to be given this blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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now then we say why should I not Mohammed and Abu

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Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah so I send them now again, this is a reminder that we only worship Allah now what do we say I will do is save the person I'm one of the biggest things he advised on was don't take migraine as a place of worship.

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Don't we see people going and saying God on a viola people even making sense that to the grave of the prophets. Even people will go and call on the Olia of Allah. And they might have been Oh, yeah, they might have been the friends of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But I remember when I went to India, my only time I went to India, and we passed by this grave, and they're all even schools would go and visit this grave. There's children all around, they're teaching their kids this. They're going and think, Oh, honey, so and so I asked the Lord to bless me with a child or ask, ask the Lord to me was whenever

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this is shaped,

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there is nothing greater than to eat. You can. This is the basics. And that's why you might think this is something simple like tohei does. I mean, really, that's the most basic thing. What did the prophets advise their children when they died?

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tauheed we mentioned how he said I'm told the sun stick tonight I had Allah

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shuhada he held on

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his God and he Benny Mata

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ad, he asked him who will you worship after me? That was the most important concern. So what are your children you're going to die in is telling you something your two children, what would you say, pray five times a day. Take care of your sisters, take care of your own take care of your mother.

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The prophets would say take care of that, you know, in the law, don't ever pollute, that you're not in love with any of these pollutions of quote unquote, growing close to Allah, the mushy goon, they used to say we only worship idols. We don't worship them. We're just there intercessors between us and a lot. The same claim Muslims say the oleana Billa or intercessors between us and Allah.

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Allah that's what we die on. That's what we hope to be resurrected on.