Sweetness of Salah – 13 – Sitting Between Two Sajda’s

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After sudo, is the sitting between the sets the agenda, Vina said setting the sitting between the two students. Now what's interesting is you are all sitting in I'm glad actually, we're not sitting on chairs, because look around you, if anybody's sitting in the position of the sitting,

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do you see anyone sitting like that? I see one young man,

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out of a group of what? 100?

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Nobody sits like this. Have you noticed? Have you thought about that? Why isn't anybody sitting like that everybody wants to you know, my mom would always say, when we're sending out especially a model, sit cross legged.

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Or we sit down, we laughs against the wall, the wall is full. People want to relax, feel comfortable. No one sits like this sitting up of sujood. Why?

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Say it's uncomfortable. It's not the most comfortable position to be in. But that's true. But you know, what else

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is that this is a sitting

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up humility.

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This sitting is a sitting of humility.

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What do I mean by that?

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You know,

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you know, when you've seen in Syria, what's happening? When you have executions lined up,

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the man comes to point blank, shoots the guy in the head. How do they sit before they're executed?

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Hmm, back against the wall.

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They sit like this.

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They sit like this. This is a sitting of humility. Now, as we come up from sujood, I forgot to mention let's just get this out of the way we already know that we don't already know the routine. What do we say we say? A long walk about what is it refocus. Allah is waiting, whenever you're thinking about you get up into the sitting and what are we saying? What do we have to do we have to come to

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a position of

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calmness and stillness. So we sit like this, that we have to understand that's given. Now we're sitting in this position of humility. And,

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and, and you know, what's interesting is Allah subhanaw taala says,

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do you want

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to do oma Ed,

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what's up?

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Matthew Jaffe, good

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to there.

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And Allah says, Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens in the earth, and on the day that the hour will be established. On that day the followers of Polson shall lose everything. What's out all couldn't imagine Giardia

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you will see every oma in a position of Jackie what is Jackie,

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this sitting

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when you're humbled that your knees go down and you're on your feet and your knees and that sense, you know, you don't want this I want to see what when does this happen? When do the people sit like this?

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When hopefully there will be broads.

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When Hellfire is brought on the day of judgments, everybody will drop to their knees on their feet in a city like this. And even Ibrahim and his son on the honeymoon of Allah the best friend of Allah will say Allahumma Selim, Selim O Allah security Save me Save me. If this is the condition of the funny novela What about you when I

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what gee?

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Yeah, well, maybe.

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Big crawl, when Hellfire will be bronze. Allah says on that day, people will remember

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how I spend my life.

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I do. I'm sitting here before hellfire.

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Did I do my life?

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I couldn't give up. No, I couldn't just commit to lowering my gaze for the sake of Allah. I couldn't commit to praying five times a day for the sake of Allah. I'm sitting here before hellfire.

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What good or remembrance to do on that day.

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It's too late.

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And when we sit like this, we sit in a position of humility.

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And we remember the day of judgment will be set like this again, and on the Day of Judgment, we will wish that we could beg Allah for forgiveness. So now in this dunya when we're praying to Allah, and we're sitting in a position of humility, what do we say we say love

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been filming my Lord forgive me

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before it's too late and we sit like this in a position where we can't ask for forgiveness now we say Oh Allah forgive me and you know when you say you're not be my lord there's supposed to be a yeah there but then yeah is drunk why you don't there's a child running across the street into their into the road and you see cars coming Are you gonna say oh my child stop and come back to me so you don't get hit by a car

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save the child you cry Oh in emotion whenever you can you're crying out Allah the guy has dropped out of desperation Oh ALLAH forgive me before it's too late before I can never ask for forgiveness again. Oh ALLAH forgive me.

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If you want to increase you can see if it's too high or how many YTD was important

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to me or forgive me and have mercy on me and guide me enrich me, give me out grab me sensitive sustenance and raise my rank. Now you see when you sit like this with what meaning does as

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you sit with the position of humility, begging Allah for forgiveness

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changes your perspective. Now

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the question that needs to be asked is, we just came from a position of sujood when the soul is closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala Why then are we asking Allah for forgiveness now?

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We just came from since that's the best time to ask forgiveness and such now.

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A couple points number one.

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First of all, his basic point is the process and him said this. This is what the prophet said. So we follow the way of the prophets, the prophets that ask for a lot of forgiveness like this. So this is what we do. Number two, who said do not answer after such that. You don't want the day of judgment when all the mankind will go into a cinema say Adam, you are father, intercede on our behalf ask Allah to start the day of judgment. Adam will say the Prophet of Allah will say that scene see myself myself go to noon. They go to No,

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say never seen FC, but the prophets of Allah, what do you think it will be our state on that day?

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Go to Moosa until finally, we are told, go to Mohammed slicin. When we go to him, he will say, and Allah, and

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I will do this, this is my job, and he goes, and you make such a total love. And he praises him with words of praise. I've never been praised, but he's never been praised before, then does he make you out then? instead?

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Allah tells him Yeah, Muhammad

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said, wash back to shut it up on Amazon, raise your head and then make the intercession you will be granted it after sudo. So who says making sudo making don't have to sue does not answer. You know, if you have like five bars on your phone, just to get the basic simple analogy. You have five bars, full bars on your phone, you don't get dropped calls or nothing. Right? What about if it's four bars? You get dropped combs? No, you can tell the difference. And there's two different situations. Yes, it's a place of dramas the job but sitting also is a place where a while Why can't an answer like an answer? Absolutely. Now, what I want to share with you brothers and sisters, is that

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this city, we mentioned execution, you know what else is interesting is that this position of sitting is actually the position. You know, when when the police officers applied

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when the head is applied, let's say

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Allah says that basically that assault first off if you kill someone you will be killed. is the city of Allah and Allah, it's beautiful. People see it as barbaric. Are you kidding me? You want a criminal system that's set up for the criminals for the innocence. Can you imagine a family like a lot what happens our brothers and sisters ended up the military personnel went on a rampage and killed 24 men, women and children. You know what they did to them? What was their sentence when they came back? You know what it was?

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a demotion and a pickup. No, no, not even prison time. 24 women, men and children they killed but the justice of Islam the justice is put in the hands of the one who was the family the one who was killed. They can either kill the person having killed or forgive him or ask for blood money. So now what's interesting is when you have this loss, when you have the when somebody a murderer is brought to be killed. How does he fit?

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He sits like this, watch this video.

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Imagine the thoughts going through his mind.

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family can still forgive him. So you know, what's his greatest wish right now? Give me another chance.

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You happen

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to forget

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the magic would you imagine this? You're sitting Imagine you're this person, you're sitting there for what a mistake you made. And you're

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you're about to pay for it with your left and the most important thing you're looking for is forgiveness come to

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know how happy would you be one of the humans they come they come in and they say the family has forgiven. You

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know, brothers and sisters, when we sit before Allah, we haven't just committed one mistake. we've committed 1000s and 1000s of mistakes.

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And just like this man is hoping for forgiveness. When we sit before Allah, we say Oh ALLAH forgive me. We're hoping for forgiveness.

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And you know how desperate this man would be hoping for this is the desperation we need to have when we say is a bit fiddly. Oh ALLAH forgive me. And you know what's even more amazing than all of that? Is this man when he was forgiven, he's given a second chance at life again. You know how happy he is? You know how happy he is right now. You know what the promise I sent him. He said, it's a Muslim. He says no, lo

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and behold, but he Abdi, Allah is more happy with the repentance of his slave, then a man who was in the desert with his camel and he loves this camel.

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The camel has the food and the drink of this mat and he ran away, and he sees I am going to die. And he sits down beneath the tree, and he has given up hope, and Allah has given up hope I'm dead. Just like this man. He sits down and he is going to die.

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And then when the news comes to him, that Allah the family has forgiven him the promise I'm saying this man, he looks up after he realizes gonna die. And he sees the camel right in front of him. And he was so happy that I have been saved my life is given a second chance. He says, Hello, my

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Oh Allah, you are my slave and I am your Lord. There are others that he made a mistake because of how happy he was.

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The Prophet said Allah is more happy than this man. When one of the slaves make towboats Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So imagine how happy this person was when you stand before Allah when you sit before Allah humble and you some, some of you with humility and submissiveness, you seem to be happy.

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Please forgive me.

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When you come back to Allah, Allah is more happy than a man whose life was saved. Now when we sit like this, it has a whole nother meaning. Now when we sit like this, it has a whole nother name.