A Dream Every Muslim Should Know Of

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I'm about to share with you a dream every single Muslim should know of a dream role yet which Mohammed Allah is Salatu was Salam had this role yet this dream is found in Sahil Buhari, what's the story, but also la Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam from his habits after Salah. He asks the people who hadn't been camaraderie, any one of you saw a dream last night. So I can explain so I can describe the meaning of your dream.

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And also a lesson in one day, he told us a habit about his own dream, and that's what we want to really focus on and learn very well. He said last night, Attorney Roger land, two people came to me in my dream, and they woke me up in the dream. So I got up. So he told me in public proceed, proceed. And in this dream, there are seven scenes. I want to share with you inshallah, and we'll explain what each one is. So we'll lay some Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, Fanta lacunas and I went with these two people who are they, you will know Sharla we went and went and we saw a man lying on the ground.

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And the man was laying on the ground, His head was right here and behind his head was a man holding a rock hajra so this man holding the rock looks at the man lying down and he throws the rock and it smashes and crushes the guy's head.

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Like brother, this is how I sell them. In this member. We speak about Raja hope, and the same member. We speak about how fear and you will never ever have hope until you fear something. One more time, you will never have hope unless you fear something. Because without fear you have nothing to hope for. So we need to be balanced between health and Raja hope and fear. So let's go back to the first scene. A man with a rock brings the rock and smashes the guy's head destroys the head. Rasul Allah says feta damage rock rules and rules. So the thrower of the rock runs after the rock to pick it up. By the time he picks up the rock he returns back to the man lying on the ground, his head

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comes back to normal as if nothing happened. And he does it again he smashes the head. The pain is fresh, continuous. So it also Elias Allah Selim says in the dream sapan Allah Maha Danny why what's these two people doing? What's going on? So the two people next to the Prophet I said, and they say intelligent, intelligent, proceed, proceed. Scene number two, pursue allies. Allahu alayhi wa sallam described a very similar position, and then lying on his back, and a man standing on above his head. Does he have a rock? No, he has a hook, a hook made out of iron headed steel. And what does he do three things. Yet at the end, he goes to the guy's head, half of the site, first half of the head,

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he gets the hook and he poked his eye and he goes all the way back he left cafe which is the back of the head, tears his face apart. Then he goes into the same side but the nose now we go from the eyes to the nose, and he rips his nose all the way to the back.

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Then he goes to the third part, which is the mouth and he tears The all the way to the back process and explaining it as detailed as making it be me Allah accept from all of us. The prophecy as Adam says, and by the time this man goes to the other side of the faith,

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that first side goes back to normal. And he does it with the eye pokes it all the way tilaka fat meaning the back of the head and he goes into the nostrils the nose, he rips all the way to the back and the mouth rips all the way to the back. So if you are distressed maybe some of you have never heard this before. Maybe Rasul Allah says Subhana Allah Maha van. He is also terrified. He says to the people next in the dream, what's going on? Who are these two people? They said in panic in panic, proceed proceed to scene number three, what scene number three, also a lie sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He says that we saw a 10 nor attend nor is an oven, an oven that is a cone shaped les

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sallahu Maharaj and Ruslan says, Some men oven and so we looked inside the oven and we saw men and the woman without any clothes, nothing naked or raw.

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The Prophet says, then the fire surely not the fire is turned on. When the fire is turned on the naked men and women they tried to leave the oven and they cannot because the oven is cold.

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Closed. So so last the people next time, man How old are who are these people they said in tonic and tonic. Proceed proceed to see number four. Also, Elisa Selim says in scene number four, he saw a man swimming, swimming in a river read like blood, no more kadem. And as that man is swimming, there's another man standing on the shore or the bank of the river, holding pujara rocks. And when the man's swimming, he comes to the edge of the river. He opened his mouth, and the one standing throws the rock inside the mouth is the best and the guy goes back to swimming. Then he comes back to the bank, he opened his mouth, then that man standing throws another rock, and he goes back to swimming and

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swimming. So the Prophet says to the two people, man, how old What's going on? They said, in Italian, Italian, proceed, proceed. Then we go to see number five out of seven. That scene is interesting. But so Elias Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, and I saw one man

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with such repulsive appearance, his look is something I've never seen before. Scary, freaky. repulsive. You see like, you don't unbelievable I've never seen anything like that before. Sort of Swaziland says this man was kindling fire you shall alien not ySr how Lucha and he used to turn that fire on and used to go around that fire. Very scary, scary scene. So the Prophet as the two people, man, who is this man, they said, in panic in pilot proceed, proceed. So they went to the six scene. What's going on here? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he now he saw

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a beautiful garden with so much dense vegetation a 100 and now a positive cashflow positive All hail inshallah, but the six scene is different than the previous five, beautiful garden. He says what I thought when

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I saw a man who was so so tall, I can barely see his head for how tall he was. Well, how old are you and around that tall man are so many children. I have never seen so many kids in these amounts in my life before. So I asked what's going on and so on, but they never tell him what's really happening. And then we go to the seventh scene. And the last one before we explain all seven insha Allah Rasool Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, from Pelican so we proceeded until we saw a garden that I've never seen anything like before not even the one before was like this one. This was special. And in it is around is a gate.

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And so we went to that gate and we open that gate. So then the two guys told me a flat, go up rise, and we rose all the way up until we found Mr. Dean a whole city made out of bricks of gold and silver Medina Camila hedger be now having a daddy will feel bad. And in it, I saw men I've never seen before. How they looked to opposite images in the same body. One half aged men now yakun so handsome. I've never seen men more handsome them then them that have but then their other half a shot man yakun it was so unattractive. So ugly, if you wish to say the other half strange. So then one of the two people that were with me told all these men jump into that river, jump into that not

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one not kind of a beautiful hollyball caliburn that river was so white and they jumped into it. But also Eliason says then when they left the river, they became all beautiful. Then

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one of the two people next to the prophets I send them they said look, so the Prophet looked and it was a beautiful palace in the shape of like a cloud to Lima. So they said to Hamza said lamb had a stroke had a beta, this is your palace. So he says barakallahu Pico Hamza Salim says, may Allah bless you. Now get me inside it. They said that not yet. The time will come where you will enter that place. So so last Adam says, You made me see so many strange things today. Please explain. They said, Now we will explain.

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The two people next to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the dream were angels. They were

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as for the one who was lying on the ground, and was being struck by a rock that crushed his head for how the Roger this man used to read the Quran, but he abandoned it, can you forgive tabouleh while I'm doing great job, but he completely ignored the client is no longer part of his life when that yeah my job and no longer applies its rulings. What can I do and the Salatin tuba and this person used to intentionally doesn't care in missing Salah. Yes, he get up, put your alarm. No, I got exams. I got this. You intentionally Miss Allah. The Prophet says this man's punishment because he intentionally Yana needs to sleep in and Miss Allah, may Allah make us of that group. You're also in

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love with the other group. group number two out of seven Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that the angels explained to him, the man who was lying on the ground, and there was a hook ripping their eyes, their nose and their mouth. were people in the morning when they wake up, they would go out and start lying, lying right and left. Can you be lying, whether about jobs, about their lies about their feelings about what they did about what they will do? Can you lie upon lie upon lie?

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Tableau will tell you but up until they lie that one lie that goes viral. A lie that spreads like wildfire. That's the punishment of the liars. May Allah protect us, the eye, the nose and the mouth. What about the scene, the third one, you had also a lot about the people in the oven. The two angel says, As for the naked men and women that you saw in the oven, they are azucena to was awani. May Allah protect us? They're the ones who commit that major sin of fornication and adultery. May Allah protect us. Yeah, Allah, may Allah protect the elders and the youngsters, the men and the woman yada, but I mean, that's the punishment, and Subhanallah the punishments, as you see them are

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similar to the sins that they committed, the closer off the closer off, you went for that moment of 510 minutes, and that fire gets turned on for 510 minutes, our Lord knows best to burn them into law protect us And forgive us all immutable item in scene number four, the man who was swimming in the river that is read like blood, and rocks will being thrown in their throat and into their stomachs for how the air killer Reba is the one who deals with interest and so on and eats from it. May Allah make our income. Helen, may Allah make our spending in the heartland and our income in both ways? Yeah. I mean, number five, that men that you saw in which their physical features was extremely

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scary, the one who is igniting the fire and ySr and goes around it is Malik, who's manic has you know, jahannam He's the gatekeeper of jahannam and will lie when I was preparing and reading it this morning and reviewing it. I told myself if the gatekeeper of jahannam was so scary rasulillah he said, I've never seen something like that before. Then what is it that he's protecting?

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Then how scary is what behind the gates May Allah protect you and your loved ones from Jana Aloma? I didn't mean I'd have been not alone. I mean, I'd have been

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there are also allies as well and the last two scenes. As for the very tall man, that we could not see his head for how tall he was an all the kids around him, had Ibrahim alayhis salam, and all these children are the children who died when they were young. There are in muslimeen. So all you who lost a child before the age of puberty, upset, good news. They are with the greatest of human beings. Ibrahim alayhis salam, and insha Allah Yama, Yama or you who lost your son or daughter when they were young. The evening in another Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us that they will be reunited with their believing mom and dad insha Allah, may Allah grant you

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patience, and grant you the reward of that calamity went through me hon. I mean, all these kids that are in muslimeen, one of the Sahaba asked also Allah in this hadith to do so Allah what only added machete in the whatever they were the children of the machete king. He says, What Aladdin mistaken and even the children from the mushrikeen parents who died before the age of puberty, and you might find a difference of opinion, but we respect both insha Allah, what about the seventh and last seen the men who will have gorgeous and have very unattractive? So ladies, I said and he says, These are the men. hello to our men on Sunday. However, eminent senior, they are the people who do the deed

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and they mix the deed with good stuff, and then they do the bad stuff. So they had that mix. So when we go to that river in sha Allah, we are wiped from that evil and evil

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Lawmakers, all of the people of Geneva, I know you might say everyone is a hotel of its own. That's true. But I want to say the whole idea of atoms as much as they possibly can, law or law protect us from every major sin and every minor sin that which lead us to jahannam yahama Rohini. May Allah grant us the Toba that is so sincerely Allah granted to us that we don't get filtered or punished in the graveyard table and down we go. Am I perfect in a way there's no such thing as upon us immutable and I mean