Wahaj Tarin – The Moment You See The Face of Allah (SWT) AMAZING

Wahaj Tarin
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of individuals discussing the upcoming day of judgment by Allah. They discuss the importance of showing their face and the need for forgiveness. The group also mentions a new guest named Bella and a taco dish from Hassan.
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Then other you will come. You're in Jana enjoying its its wonders, and the caller will call nadelman Eddie, the caller will call the Jana or inhabitants of Jana in Nevada Contadora Kawartha Allah yes, there's eurocon For Ayala CRRT your Lord wishes an audience with your soul rush to the meeting of your Lord. So they come mounds are prepared for them Royals Royce as of the era, they will get on top of it and ride to the meeting of the Lord and then they reach fast opening Valley. Amara Botha Baraka wa Taala because he fenosa Hornak to the throne and de Courcey of Allah Allah Buddha says placed there and then their stations are placed their places and stations of honor some will sit

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McNab you may know some will sit on stations on stages of light, not glass under which there is light light light will hold you they will recline on light, others on pearls, others on jewelry others on gold and silver, the lowest level of undead they are those sitting on cushions of misc. So they will sit on cushions of misc and once they have they have set and found comfort.

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The caller calls yeah and Jana, or people have Jana, in Allah. Allah Hey Mohammed, you read a young Jesus. There is a promise of Allah left with you he wishes to honor the promise. So they look at each other and they say now what promises this Adam you by your will to Hannah, will you start getting to see Nana while you're the hidden agenda when he was not enough, Didn't he make our faces glow bright? Then he'd make us traverse over Jahannam and over Jahannam entered us into Jana. Didn't he make our right deeds supersede our wrong deeds? What is left over in hammer home Catholic as they are in this discussion alive comes from above them. So all of Jana is covered by it. They raised

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their heads and the Lord Allah, Allah subhana is in presence above them. So they look up Subhan Allah Allah can you imagine the ANA? Allah Allah says Yeah little Jana Salah Munna either you come peace beyond to you or dwellers of Jana so they say Allah Hama and the salah woman

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early well the Quran or Allah your peace from you come space, bless it off doubt how high and exalted Are you? So Allah Allah is the size and look at the ANA Aina the Lavina Allah only bill by eBay then we are only way on my servants who used to worship and obey me having never seen me. They never saw me. Someone told them believe they said we believe and our Lord way are those who believe and obey it having never seen me. So they say

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follow the ANA. Oh Lord, we are pleased be pleased with us. So Allah Allah Allah says in the law of the income level or skin comm Jannetty if I wasn't pleased with you, I wouldn't have put you on my agenda. So ask for something else today is the day of excess so all of Jana join on this and they say or show your face. So you want to look at you so Allah Allah Azza orders for the hijab to be removed hijab or who knows and the hijab of Allah is light and you will see your Lord like you see the sun at its noon or the moon that it's full, and if you want, would you even now there are a lot of behind now there are there will be faces looking at the Lord looking so much so that Allah or

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Buddha will talk to some individually and say, Do you remember on this day and on this day you did this and you did this? And the most of them will say

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oh Lord wants you forgive me. Allah says Bella Bella who feel that the bulk of them and Zillah taka Hatha it there's my forgiveness that has brought you here, my Allah Allah Azza Muslims make us of those who will lay eyes on the philosophize of Allah Allah is on the day of judgment by Allah Allah you won't protect you and guide you and guide you for your patience. I thank you for Colton Appleton taco Hassan atom coming Allah

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