Sweetness of Hajj – 09 – Trimming or Shaving the Hair

Farhan Abdul Azeez


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The importance of shaving hair for health is highlighted, including the " Number One" step of cutting or shaving hair. The speaker emphasizes the importance of privacy and shaving hair for shaving one's heads, while also discussing hedge references and the importance of following rules of Islam to achieve happiness. The speaker gives a brief overview of the shaving process, advising against leaving marks on shaves and gives a brief overview of the Islam process.

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Okay, so after we do this, the next step that Hassan did was, he went to cut the hair, you know, and help or exceed the shaving or the cutting of the hair. So let's talk about the fifth of this mindset of hedge the number one, you either cut or shave, you can cut your hair or shave your hair, which one is better,

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save your hair, of course, shaving the hair is better. Now, if you're cutting the, if the men are cutting their hair, then a common mistake is that they only cut from a side or a side, right, they do a little bit here, a little bit here a little bit here. And that's it. If you're getting a haircut, then you have to get a haircut, you got to get all the way around from all parts of the head, okay, then it's legit, and this counts and hamdulillah You know, that's fine. But But you if you don't do that, you're not actually doing the proper step of, of the, of the, of the requirement. Now the process that I'm who cut his hair, I companion a very lucky companion online who his name

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was Matt, even Abdullah

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Abdullah Ross, and I'm told them that Allah has put in your hands, the, you know, the head of the Messenger of Allah and I said, so when he began to, he said, Allah, Allah, Allah will follow. You know, he's thanking you for the opportunity. And he's the one shaving the hair of the Messenger of Allah. So he, what did he begin with? He began with the right side. Right? So usually the barber is there, no, but just to remind them, just tell them hey, start with the right side, just that usually they know, they're, you know, they obviously do this for everybody, right? So the sun has to start with the right side of the hair, you may be doing it yourself if you take clippers, or you take a

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shaver with you or something where you take the thing and you have you do it for your you know one another and in the group, you could do that. And as Barbara they'll be there around there charges like 2030 Riyadh, whatever, just make sure they're using a clean blade, because they put a blade on this thing and they and they just put some water on and they just shave it. You know, I've had done many times I'm done no problems, but just make sure it's a clean one. It's not a it's not a you know someone they already using someone else because sometimes you get some nicks and cuts and there's blood on it. So you don't want that to get getting onto you. Okay, so are you doing yourself if you

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do it yourself to start with the right side as the sender of the message of a loss, and I sell them

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as we said for the sisters, how much do you take off? fingerlings? That's it? Yep. And you take it all from the from the end of the hair. And as we said, you know, you should do it and privacy obviously is a little more easier and meaner. You see it more commonly a problem and after after the site, you know when they're on Mandala and they're all cutting their hair right there. You just want to avoid exposing your hair to the others. Okay, so that's kind of the basic tip around it nothing nothing too fancy is pretty simple. So the spiritual aspect of it what is it and remember number one the Protestant me said that it was important and it's authentic. It's a hadith classified as has

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some relevance to him Allah president said, Well, I'm gonna help Ocasek for another can be coonley shout out into Scotto Hassan. He says, As for shaving your hair, then for every hair that falls, you get a reward. For every hair that falls you get a reward. So imagine how many has Sinatra getting, you know, just add you got your sins wiped away. You're throwing these these, you know, the gem rotten is becoming light for you on the day of judgments, you know, you're slaughtering your knifes or giving the food to the poor. And now every hair that falls you get 1000s of maisonnette each one is one lesson, right? The President was also asked about the mucus serien the messenger boss Adam

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was asked about those who cut their hair, you know, and he said in response, he says, He says your ham Allah.

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May Allah have mercy on those who shave their hair? So he was asked a second time jasola What about the mocha city? And what about those who cut their hair? You know, he said in response, your ham Allahu Mahalia thing? may Allah have mercy on those who shave their hair. So he's asked a third time on messenger of Allah. What about those who cut their hair? And he said, your harmala when Mahalia clean may Allah have mercy on those who shave their hair, and the fourth time he was asked, and then he said, Somalia, Salaam yahama la casa de la Sol Have mercy on those who cut their hair but three times before that he made that for those who shave their hair. So why is that important? Because

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brothers and sisters,

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you're going on a journey to the house of Allah, you're going on a journey of freedom to free your heart from any of its lowly desires and to become you know, closer to Allah subhana wa Tada, why would you prevent yourself from the maximum reward that Allah has promised you? You shouldn't do that. Right? So the maximum reward is shaving your head three times a day out for the mercy of Allah, the Messenger of Allah is praying for mercy for you three times. Imagine if the President said Oh Allah have mercy on so and so three times from the mouth of the Messenger of Allah? How would that make you feel three times that there are so do what the president you know, it was better

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to do and also we learned an important lesson about following the sin of the Messenger of Allah and I sent him because he shaved his hair, right? You know, there's a movement amongst people nowadays who they reject the center of the messenger of a loss and I said, they rejected they say we only follow the crown we don't take this and and that was so foolish and there's so many different you know, problems with it because the fact of the matter is if you if you take the Quran only by rejecting the sinner, you are rejecting the Koran, because I was gonna say is one Docomo rasuluh woman a man who, who what cola has

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In a la casa de

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la saison, whatever the Messenger of Allah has given you then take it and whatever he has forbidden from you refrain from it and fear Allah Indeed Allah severe and penalty, so to hasher verse seven, Allah also say this little teeny Sam, he says that our beak Allah, you know, you had chemo caffeine, Shadow Robaina whom some big doofy foresee him

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while you suddenly move, Nima Allah says,

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He says, but no by your Lord they will not believe they will not have a man until they make your messenger of Allah, the judge between them, the judge between that which they dispute amongst themselves. And after you give the ruling, they find nothing in their heart of disagreements. They completely and fully accept your ruling messenger of Allah settler he says

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and they submit fully to Allah spawn tada and submission. Right and so Subhanallah there would be no religion without the sender the Messenger of Allah How do we know how to do that? I'm saying he said Hulu Omni Manasa Coco, take from me the monastic of Hajj, right you learn for the Messenger of Allah how to perform hajj, how do we know how to pray? When the Quran doesn't say the standard then go and record and stand back up and going to do it. Where does it say it? He says son no come out it won't even suddenly pray like you see me pray. You know what's remarkable is another set of things that are going on. He says in

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verse 31, he says boiling

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to a buena la Tabby, Rooney, baby como la jolla. feenin luck Uber con la hula fudo Rahim. Allah says if you indeed love Allah, Allah saying, O Messenger of Allah, tell the people if you love Allah, then follow me. Allah will love you in turn. Follow me Allah will love you in turn and he will forgive you your sins that allows indeed forgiving abundantly forgiving, constantly merciful. You know what's interesting about this ayah Allah didn't say when in quantum to have gone on laugh lt airone Allah didn't say oh you if you love Allah obey me Allah will love you he sent it to me only follow me what's the difference between the bat and ba? What's the difference between the bat which

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means following and bow which means obeying, you know, your your your, your English teacher might give you an assignment you know, on Tuesday and say you know what, you have, you know, a 15 page paper need to have at least seven resources cited seven journal articles cited and I needed by Friday. Come back from vacation Tuesday, you're in class and boom, you got this 15 page paper due by Friday. You You might obey her, we're not going to do it happily. You're not going to be doing it happily at all. You're probably saying things you shouldn't be saying. Right? But you'll do it because your grade depends on it. That's far right. That's obedience may not be obedience from the

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heart. It's but it's obedience. Right? But if the bat following Allah says if you love Allah and follow me following someone means what they're doing out of love and desire for being with the person. Everything he does, I want to be like him, right? I want to be like Mike, right? This idea of you just want to be like the person you love him so much. You want to be like the person Allah says about the process. And then if you love Allah, then follow him. Right? So again, again, if you follow his way, then shave your hair. Right? shave your hair and Allah will love you and forgive your sins for doing that. Number two, the other you know, Jani reflection we can take from this type

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of hedges that, you know, people typically like their hair, right? Generally speaking, you know, most people don't go bald intentionally. Right. If they have here, they'd like to keep it. Keep it for as long as they can. He does like to hear it. They'll just keep it because they don't want to be bald right? Here's the irony. It's a sign of beauty, right? It's a sign of beauty. Right? You'd like to look good. You'd like to keep your hair nice you know, I see it all has showed up Mashallah. He's got styling and profiling, right?

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Just look at the hair. Mashallah, right give you like their hair, you know, gotta look good, right?

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what do we shave our hair? It's almost like we're removing any last piece of arrogance that may be in our heart. Right? We kind of feel

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good about my my hairstyle, just looking a little nice, you know, saying, you know what, for hedge

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I've jailed my neffs I've soldered my neffs I've had my sins forgiven out of it. Now before I go to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right, the point of hedges, what? To go to the house of Allah. Before I go to the house of Allah, I'll remove any last bit of arrogance from my hearts

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who have any last bit of arrogance from my heart, and I'll be ready to go to Allah subhana wa tada his house. And you know what's interesting? So Pamela,

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when someone has a newborn child, what do they do?

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Two things. The article entails two things. What is it

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fostering an animal feed.

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The people and what? shaving the hair? The baby one is born. Does it have any sense?

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When you leave out of fat, what do you do next? You slaughter and you shave your hair. Man heads a phantom, your fourth one on the F sock. Raja hakomi? Well,

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whoever performs hatch doesn't commit any sin, or doesn't have relations with his spouse, he comes back, like the day his mother gave birth to him. You had your app. There it is. Brand new person. Follow the sender of the Messenger of Allah I said, brand new person come back the day like your mother gave birth to you.

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After you do this, so you've done three of the four steps of how much of the the 10th of the ledger, you are now partially out of it, how long you are now, partially out of it. How long What does that mean? Everything that was previously forbidden to you is now held on for you except for one which is having relations with one spouse. Everything else is hot. you've cut your hair, you can go take a shower, and what I recommend is is when you pack for Hajj, pack lightly, don't take fancy schmancy stuff but take one really nice

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one really nice hijab one really nice though maybe not very heavy, so you won't be too hot. Because why? Where are you going next?

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Going to the house of Allah subhana wa Tada. You want to look nice. You've had your sins forgiven, you've jailed your neffs you've slaughtered your knifes you've removed any arrogance inshallah tada you're free like from sin like the day your mother gave birth to you. Now you're ready to go to the house of Allah subhana wa Tada. You've gone through the process. Now the goal of Hajj, the goal of Hajj to make the life at the house of Allah Subhana Allah is ready to be fulfilled so you you're out of a harem you can wear a nice nice though you could put on a special item get the best item you can find your most favorite at the right Egyptian mosque represent inside gym, right you wear your nice

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musk and you go shallots Allah not really.

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Okay, I can see what happened because I'll get in trouble.

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You weren't nice must and you go and you go to the house of assessments and now you're ready to go to the house of Allah subhana wa Tada. So we'll end the session with that wellfield outline and hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen