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AI: Summary © The "hasn't been enough" mental health crisis is a holistic approach that can be tackled through a holistic approach. The "hasn't been enough" crisis is a problem for people, but not part of their way of life. The "hasn't been enough" crisis is a way of life that is linked to a way of life that is not linked to a way of life that dictates everything. The "hasn't been enough" crisis is a way of life that is addictive to men and women, and is a source of pain that is caused by sexual activities. The "hasn't been enough" crisis is a way of life that is addictive to men and women, and is a source of pain that is caused by sexual activities.
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smil Alhamdulillah, Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you, thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. And this way of life, this way of life that was brought by all the messages of God, that called people to nothing but goodness didn't leave out anything in one's life, a complete complete blueprint on how a person should live their life from A to Z. That's right. And it didn't even leave out our next topic. That's right, a billion dollar industry. That's not really brought anything good, though, produced a lot of money, and has gotten a lot of people addicted. What is this, you're gonna have to sit tight for our next topic, that many people are going to be really

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amazed that we're even talking about, can we talk about this? Is this something that we should shy away from all this and more here on the D show? Sit tight? We'll be right back. This is the thing.

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Salam Alaikum.

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Peace be with you. Peace be with you. Now, how are you, man? I'm doing good. It's so good to be with you. Thank you for finding the time to be with us. Now you're the director of mental health. Can you explain for our viewing audience? What is what people have mental issues? They come and see you What does this mean you explain to us? Well, it's part of an organization that I work at access, California Family Resource Center. And basically, it's a holistic approach to help people with their problems. So we've got different departments. So it's immigration, it is housing, it is welfare, it is financial system. But also all these things can really press and they can really generate a lot

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of emotional stress on the individual or the family. So that holistic approach is can we help people in their totality, rather than just take care of the housing, but not addressing their familiar problems or their emotional problems. And people have this impression that mental challenges or mental health challenges are like schizophrenia, crazy people, insane people. And the reality is, there is just so much emotions, that can really be bothersome and challenging to the individual. A person who does not have legal status, they can develop anxiety as a result, a person who's having a problem with their loved ones, a person who just relocated from one place to another adjustment

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issues, or sometimes it just family problems, couples having issues with one another. So when we speak about mental health, we're not just talking about people that need to be medicated. We're talking about people who are having problems, just because they're humans, that is just part of the challenge that we have as, as humans, and they happen to be in charge of that, of that program. Well, Mashallah that you find a time to be with us here. So, before we dwell into our topic, I introduced the show and I said, Look, we follow this way of life, I need to mention the name. All right, because a lot of times, you know, a person will be so qualified for the job. And then what in

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the past, you know, the person had all the credentials, but he was African American, he didn't get the job. So sometimes when people hear because they're a little bit timid, of this word, and I'll say in a second, but I want to define it. It's a way of life that was lived by all the messengers of God, including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, peace be upon the Christ, and the last and final messenger problem how at peace be upon them. It's a way of calling a human being to submit to the one creator alone, and to do good to develop good and noble character, and it doesn't shy away from anything, but sometimes, I didn't even mention the word yet. When we mentioned it, some people are

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going to be a little timid, a little bit afraid, but pornography is addictive, and many people are under this hypnosis spell, and now it's corrupting homes corrupting societies. But is this something that now is relevant in Islam does Islam I said the word does Islam Now, come and even address and and and and are we should we shy away from talking about something like this? Well, let me just begin by appreciating you addressing this topic.

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The point being is that you could have chosen a much safer topic.

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Talk about, but reality is the messengers were sent in order to guide people. And they would address the challenges that the masses are facing at this point. So pornography, you said it was a billion dollar industry, it's a billion dollar industry a month in the US, every month, every month in the US, it's a billion dollar industry. Wow. So the $1 billion is not worldwide, it's not annual, it's monthly only in the US. estimation annually, it's about $52 billion. And which technology is probably going to jump a lot more than that. But then, like you said, you know, in your introduction, you said that this is a way of life from A to Z. And when we say it's a way of life,

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we're not talking about a way of life that dictates but rather, it's a way of life that really disciplines it's a way of life that guides. And if you look into the whole idea of Islam, I mean, one of the most important pillars of what Islam of what Jesus and Moses and Noah and Mohammed, peace be upon peace be upon all of them taught, is this whole idea of the subjugation of the passion. And that is teaching self control and self discipline, where the person is in charge of what they become, and who they are, rather, the other way around, having their desires and their lust and their different emotions, be out of control, producing who they become, rather, the person being in

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charge of what their destiny is going to be is going to be like, oh, Islam did not leave this out at all. It addressed it, because it's a human need, in a way, but it's a human need, that needs to be put in the proper channels, sexual passion, you know, so now we have got this passion that God has created in us. And in Islam, we are encouraged to enjoy that. But enjoy, do not abuse, enjoy it, by putting it into the proper channel. And the proper channel is that you must be in an ethical relationship, adding that ethical value to the relationship that you are in. And that would be where you direct your sexual energy. Now someone says, you know, okay, Islam calls to moderation, right?

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Not going to extremes. And someone says, You know what, I just want to watch it a little bit to get my relationship with my wife to boost it up a little bit. You know what I mean? I'm not going to take it anywhere else. I'll keep it with my wife. And we'll just do this part time, we'll watch this. And have you heard this excuse as I have, and that is part of the what the industry uses. But you have got to remember one thing, porn is somebody else's imagination. It is not my imagination. And it is not, you know, a wife's imagination. This is somebody else's imagination, and they're selling it to us. But see, remember this, a healthy sexual relationship between husband and wife is

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not developed will not be enhanced or enticed. Because, you know, they're watching porn, that is not how you enhance the sexual relationship between between partners. So what we will do is, there is actually a better alternative than watching and watching porn. And you know, I mean, we will talk a lot more about this. But what we see on porn is usually what really happens in Vegas. But I've heard that argument. And it's a really bad argument. It's, you know, like, you know, I am not really going to become alcoholic, I just want to live alcohol. And Islam closes the door completely on that in the Hadees. As you will know, the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam says, masskara, Cafiero hufa kalila

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Heron, that which makes you intoxicated in in large quantities, small quantities of it are forbidden. So now, because it has got that potential, then there is really no amount that would be considered to be a safe amount, Islam cuts it from the root, by all means, if it doesn't contribute to the betterment of society is out by all means. And the idea is very simple. It has got that potential into it can potentially lead there. Therefore, there is really no goodness that can come out of it. Now, to be honest, there may be some goodness coming out of it, but the harm always outweigh the goodness and at that point, whatever goodness may come out of it, it's not worth it.

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We're gonna take a break. We'll be right back with more here on The Daily Show.

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Do not feel a woman do not kill a child do not

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know going to different religious leaders, and Islam Hinduism, forms of Christianity. I even ran into people from the Nation of Islam.

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Do not kill an animal. Do not cut a tree down. Do not pollute the water. Do not burn their homes.

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back here on the deen show with Shaykh, yasir zaga. Now, I also when I opened up the show,

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I kind of defined what this beautiful way of life is, the way that's causing you to noble behavior is calling you to establish a direct connection with the one who created you, is calling you to be good to your neighbor to be good in society. But now a lot of people, they have attributed this, maybe you know, to the actions of a few bad apples. And there are a few bad apples in every bunch. So now for the person who likes what we have to say. But because we cater to a lot of the icons, not yet Muslims, because everyone has the potential to submit just to the one God, the same God that Jesus worship, that's the God that we're worshipping. And we're trying to develop ourselves to be

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the best human beings that we can. But someone's listening to you. And now we mentioned the word Islam and they right away think, man, look at these terrorists, I don't want to take nothing from it. What are you got to say to this person, so we can remove the block and continue on with that topic. And well, we first thank them for watching, by the way. And I think that is that is really beautiful. And one thing that has happened as a result of the bad apples, that is weak at defining Islam by what it's not. So we're constantly talking about all Islam is not terrorism. Islam is not violence, it's not extremism, it's not this. So we talk about what it's not, but rarely do we get a

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chance to talk about what it is. And, you know, part of what Islam teaches here is this idea of the subjugation of the passion, the idea of self discipline, that is part of the teachings, universal values, that some appreciates, that actually anybody you don't even have to be a Muslim to appreciate, you know, some people talking about let us protect our families, porn is not good to the family, let us protect our young boys about you know, or young girls, we're talking about the first time that a person is exposed to porn, as we talk right now is at the age of 1111, at the age of 11, so much sexual content is coming towards this kid beat a boy or a girl that they have not developed

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yet. They don't have to contend with the information that they've just bombarded with. And that you know, what, don't need to be a Muslim, you don't need to be a Christian or Jew or atheist or theist, in order to appreciate, you know, what the need to protect, you know, our families and our children from from that. So I would say to the people who are watching out there, you know what, you may not agree with my theology, you may not, you know, appreciate my faith. But the point is that this is an issue that is impacting the masses. And that is, you know, as a Muslim community, this is what we like to contribute out there. Now, the person says also another argument, someone says, Look, I'm

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not harming nobody, just me, myself and the video and I'm having a good time, I'm not murdering nobody, I'm not stealing from nobody was the problem.

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Actually, that is not a very good argument. This is like the person who says that I will drink I will not drive out just be at home, harm, don't to self is harmed on to society, harm done to self is harm done to society, okay, you may not be, you know, driving out there causing accidents, you know, getting your DUI, but it's taking away from the potential of a father that you can be, it's taken away from the potential of a good husband, that you can be, it's taken away from so much potential of you as an individual that you can bring into society. So, this is really not a good argument, because I am not harming anybody else. Therefore, it should be okay. That is not

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acceptable. And by the way, if you are in a relationship, then you are harming somebody else. Okay? Because you are leaking and misdirecting your sexual energy where it does not belong. Now, I heard this quote from a spokesman that was against pornography. And can you comment on this saying that the addiction of porn is far more serious than addiction of crack cocaine? You know, actually, a that is not, um, that was actually made to the Congress to the Congress, yes, that that quote was made into Congress. And the argument is very simple. And that is crack and cocaine, you can actually detoxing the body from it. There might be a time when your body is really cleansed from the remnants

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of crack cocaine, sexual images are so imprinted in our heads, that getting rid of it almost is next to impossible. So would you say this would contribute now to a person having these images and now going out harming an innocent woman, someone who's walking down the street, he just saw porn video and then he goes and acts out on this. That is actually not a good argument. No, there is no correlation between let's say rape, child molestation, sexual assault on people simply because a person is addicted to porn. That is not the problem that we have with porn at this at this point. It is the fact that it is addictive. It is costing money. But then again, look into the

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Bigger Picture and the kind of image that it sells to us as to definition of manhood and womanhood. A man is now his manhood is determined by the size of his penis, by how good he is by how much pain he is able to inflict on the woman. And now that stud, that is good, but the reality is, can you imagine if this is how we were to go around defining manhood, or objectifying women the way that porn does, or the whole idea of institutionalizing racism, simply because a person belongs to a certain ethnic background, therefore, we can say a lot more about his private parts. So it's not just the sex or what appears to be sex, there is the objectification of women that is taking place,

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there is racism that is taking place. And there is just the manipulation of these young minds that are out there in cheating them defining what is manhood. And what is womanhood. from watching this, would you say also, that the man would also have more of a now less of respect towards the average woman from watching this, looking at her just like, you know, piece of meat, just you know, someone who's not respected after watching her with men, so many times on the screen, he just has this passion that he just wants to fulfill this lustful desire and, you know, or even now he starts even not having much of a desire towards his own wife. There is actually a woman Her name is Gail Dion's

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she wrote a book called porn land. And what she has done is that she has analyzed the porn industry out there. And what we see happening is the whole idea of how women are disrespected in porn, because there is usually no sexual pleasure that is taking place, especially in hard core porn. It is all about how much pain can you inflict on the woman? How much can you make her scream, you know, all the and I don't mean to be graphic here. But like you said, you know, this is we're addressing an issue that is impacting the masses, you know, can you rupture this, can you rupture that. And the whole point is, it's all about impacting us on inflicting as much pain as possible. So the

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disrespect is, you know, to the whole sexual act that is taking place that's supposed to be very enjoyable between a man and a woman. But now it is a source of pain to one party. And the other party is seen as a person who can inflict most pain on the on the woman, women are presented as people who are always looking for it craving for it, and they just enjoy the pain that is inflicted upon them, because of what the men are doing to them. And when a young man sees this, now, TV does not only sell us products, TV also sells us ideas. It sells us ideas about who we are. And it sells us ideas about the people who are around us and who they are, and what TV makes out with this.

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From viewing porn with this, would you from any studies, would this help in preserving marriages? Or does it contribute to the divorce rate going up? You know, it's really sad, Eddie, and you know, in the capacity of a therapist, and I see many clients, Muslims as well as non Muslims. The saddest is when you've got a couple that walks into the office, and the man is looking down, say, Well, what brought you in today? And the wife would say, My husband is addicted to porn, and say, You know what, I feel like he's cheating on me. I cannot compete with the women that he sees on porn. And the worst of it yet is there is nothing that I can do to stimulate my husband. What porn does is that it

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kills the natural stimulants in a man. Women are naturally beautiful, they are naturally seductive, they're just naturally stimulating to a man. But what has happened is that the person who is addicted to porn has become so decent decides that his own wife is saying, I cannot excite my husband anymore. And I feel like I have really lost I cannot do what these women are doing. And because he's taking me for granted and he's gotten so used to me, he needs to be excited by different means. And I am unable to do what he sees on porn

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is amazing facts. Hopefully people can watch this and start to develop a change for the better leaving off

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this can we call it just pure evil? pure evil Yeah, and and go towards more good and that's where inviting people to goodness and good things. And we'll be back with more here in the details so tight.

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I am not afraid to stand alone.

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I sologne Do

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you know me better than myself? Show me the right way and I will not look, I will leave everything behind.

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A lot of that creator and the great everything is intelligent.

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Back here on the show with Shaykh yasir for zaga. Now, as human beings, we know that most of us, you know, the vast majority of people, they they reflect upon the creation and they know that look, you know, this all couldn't just come by chance design in the case of designer. So for those people who want to live by the game plan that was originated by the one who created them.

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If we are God conscious people, people who want to get close to the one who created us, is this a way that can bring us by watching this being involved in this in any way? Is this pleasing or displeasing? Totally to the one who created us? Well, as far as Islam is concerned, there is really no there is really no room for arguments it is done. It is it is it is extremely evil. So if you got a wife and husband or your by yourself, there's no excuse for this. So they're not not not at all. So how about self pleasure in Islam? itself? pleasure? Well, it depends what what do you mean by self? pleasure? Yeah. Okay. But remember, porn does not really give you It gives you a very

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momentary self pleasure. And like I said, You know, I don't wish to be graphic here. But what happens is that porn, decent sizes, yeah, and here is a sad fact. You know what soft porn, the stuff that we watch on TV is becoming so unbelievably hardcore in such a way that the porn industry is now competing with what we see on regular TV, because regular TV is just getting really bad. So now, a regular TV is becoming our soft porn that is available to everybody out there. But then you get used to that. So what happens is that we need to, you know, because of the excitement is gone, we need to come up with other creative ways. So that is why, for example, I come from California, and we've got

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the San Gabriel Valley. And that is the biggest porn industry in the world, where they make about 15,000 movies a year. Wow, that's just in San Gabriel Valley, there is a website of porn dedicated to porn website that comes up every 49 minutes. at every given minute, there are 29,000 people searching for porn. on daily basis, it is 68 million people looking for porn. Now, the sad fact is that 160,000 of this is people looking for child porn. So what happens is, it has really killed the natural stimulants in a person. So now we need to find other ways to excite that person. So what would be exciting? Well, you know, after a while, it just gets to be all the same. Because there is

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really that. So what you do is that you become creative. But in that creativity, where you're trying to solicit new viewers, or keep the ones that you have, what you get out is into grounds where it is not acceptable. They have the PCP now out of the PC p, which is the pseudo child pornography. And this was actually a case that was brought by Congress against the porn industry. And that is you cannot use children in porn, because that is illegal, that would be considered child rape and molestation. So what the porn industry has done two things, they bring these young people who are age wise, they are legal, but looks wise, they have got the faces and the bodies of people who are

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minors, so they would advertise it as barely legal. And again, this is to solicit people who would actually take joy out of watching child porn. And the other thing that they did is that they animated children in these apps. And actually, the it was a Supreme Court said that said that was legal, because you're not using real humans at that at that point. So they refer to this as PCB pseudo child porn. And yet that is very that is becoming popular amongst people. So what kind of person do you talk about?

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And briefly, we're almost out of time. Talk to us about the five principles. And then towards the end, I heard you mentioned that that very, very important one that we're talking about subjugation of one's passion. So can you start from number one and get to number five, and then how can a person really develop control over one's desires to live off this evil voice, we'll see, by by the end of the day, you know, Muslim, speak about, you know, the five, the five pillars, and the five articles of faith and all that. But by the end of the day, we are really after five principles by which a person is to govern their life. And that is emphasizing and ascertaining the oneness of God,

00:25:38--> 00:26:22

recognizing that there is a creator out there, and that creator has given us the blueprint that you have spoken about. The second one is the subjugation of passion, be in control over your passion, rather than being guided by your passion, or being guided by your lust and your decides. Number three is the whole idea that you develop that good character, about, about, about the self, there's a, you know, electrode that we have on the six C's of character, developing a person's own character. But then again, the person owns character can only manifests itself in how we act around those who are around the people who are around us. So that is becoming a source of benefit to

00:26:22--> 00:27:03

mankind, especially for our Christian friends who are watching us out there. That is actually the motto of Jesus peace be upon him, when he said, would you add any more Baraka in Mr. Kuhn, and he made me a man of blessings, wherever I may be, and we do all of this being God conscious. So these would be the five principles by which we want to lead our lives. So any closing comments or suggestions for the person who's addicted to this? And he's having a hard time getting away? What suggestions? What advice do you have for him? You know, I would say, and I thank you for saying to him or her because porn is not only an addiction of men, but women are addicted to it as well. I say

00:27:03--> 00:27:34

that there is really hope. And I'll say, please do get the help, please get professional help, please see a therapist out there to help you with the with the addiction. And remember, you know, simply because a person is addicted, that does not necessarily automatically make that person inherently bad. But we would say that at this point, we are making poor choices. And there is a way of getting rid of the poor choices by getting the professional help out there. Thank you very much again for being with us. May God Almighty the creator law rewards you Thank you.

00:27:35--> 00:28:15

And thank you for sitting tight through another episode of the deen show. And Islam, that way of life that I mentioned, the beginning is calling you to nothing but goodness to strive and to struggle against a lot of those evil inclinations that you might have. So to do a jihad, yes, right, a jihad, jihad against many of these things that you want to do but aren't necessarily good for you. And watching pornography is definitely something that's not good. It's not good for you, or society. And if you can't beat the evil that's within yourself, how are you going to beat the evil that surrounds you? That's right. Islam is something that is for the whole of mankind and when you live

00:28:15--> 00:28:38

it, it's the same way of life that Abraham lived, Jesus Christ Moses in the last and final messenger problem, Hama, peace be upon them. And when you live this way of life, it produces good and then you can live good in this like life and have the best in the next life with paradise, that strife paradise and that's what we're striving for. And we hope to see you next time here again on the D show. Until then peace be on to you.