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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam, ala hawala, he was a big man. So we've gone through the other three steps of Hajj. We're now out of our three steps of the day of tentative hedger. We're now out of our harem. And now we're ready to go to partially out of our harem, and we're ready to go to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So let's turn first talk about the fifth and let's then talk about the spiritual aspects. Number one, the wife and the father is a pillar of hedge. It is a pillar of hedge, meaning if you don't do falafel, if either your hedge is invalid, your hedge is invalid.

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How do you perform the life? You start with the GABA? To your left? Very good. You start with a cabinet to your left. Now, is your shoulder uncovered in this the left? No. is do you do Raman in this though, if you go fast, the first three circuits No, we said there's only and only for which the love

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the first off when you come into Mecca called the life of the Buddha. Very good. Okay. Now, first of all laugh It is a rule of life that you have to have will do when performing the life. Okay.

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You must be in a state of will do for performing the life. So what happens is someone who loses their will do in the middle of the life? What's the ruling? What does he do?

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He's got to go back into renewable though.

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What does he do now when it comes back?

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So a difference of opinion. Some scholars say they start back from where he left off. Others say well, it's kind of like prayer, right? So that's like if you if you lose your will do on the third record, you don't come back and start in the third account right, you start all over again. So some scholars say you have to start all over again. Now, other scholars have also given the roxa made it easy for the elderly you know who may lose it or will do it during the life because to get out of the muck off and stuff is very difficult right? I mean the huge crowds to get to a bathroom and come back you might be talking a few hours. So for the elderly it can be very difficult to do that. So in

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that case, they give the they give the the nanny the leeway that they can finish it off as it is because of the extreme difficulty upon the individual. But typically speaking for most people, if they lose it will do they have to go make will do again and then come back to scholars differ whether they should start all over from the beginning or they should start from where they left off. While allow them to move on. It's safer to start from the beginning again. So you don't have any negligence especially if it's the lawfully follow because this is the kind of house you don't want to mess with it, you know saying indefinite life okay, I can see you maybe taking the shortcut

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stuff. But in this case, I would probably advise not to just to be safe. Now you start with the Blackstone. Now how do you see the Blackstone? Okay, so this is a picture of the of the Kaaba, this is kind of a graphic, you see the, the black stone is, you guys see it on the on the screen where it is. It's right there. It's the corner right next to the door. Okay, it's the corner right next to the door. That's the black stone. Okay, that's where you start. Now you'll see in the bottom, there'll be a green light to your rights. Right on the top, you know, like the the level this the floors will be a green light that lines up with the Blackstone. So coming straight off in the

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Blackstone, the cannabis to your left. So you're looking you're looking, you're looking at the green light, let's say for example, this wire is the green light, the green light, right? So I'm looking, I'm looking I see once I get in line with the green light, that's when your thought begins. Okay, now the problem is that, what did he do? He went to the black stone, and he kissed the black stone. Now, so that's what's preferred to kiss the black stone if you're unable to do so, which definitely in the first setup the law, you definitely won't be able to do so. Because if you want to get inside, it takes you a few rounds to get inside, right? You got to work your way in. So if he so

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what's the ruling? Number one is if you try and touch it, you try and kiss it if you can, if you can kiss it, then what do you try to do next, touch it with your hand, and then kiss your hand. And if you can do that, this doesn't really apply to us. But the message was I sent him once he he had, he was riding on his ride and he had a stick and he touched to use the stick to touch the black stone and then kiss the stick. And if you're unable to do that, which is the overwhelming majority of people you see in the picture, what do they do? Once they line up with the black stone? What do you do?

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Raise your right hand towards the black stone. You say Allahu Akbar. And that sense, you don't kiss your hand. You don't do this. You don't do this. You don't do the you know, whatever. People do all these weird things. You'll see a lot of weird stuff and a lot and Hajj in general, we will see a lot of weird stuff on the left, raise your right hand towards Allahu Akbar. And then you start and you've now started your first circuit, I believe and Omar is narrated authentically that he would say Bismillah Allahu Akbar Bismillah Allahu Akbar. And that's also acceptable either one this mean that low echo low echo with your right hand you point towards that you don't like hit your chest or

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anything like that. That's it and you begin your thought. So that and then you start and you go around cabinets your left Syria going counterclockwise, right counterclockwise around the cabinet

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and you

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Do that how many times? Seven times? Very good. We said you have to have will do. And then what if the time for prayer comes? Let's say you go to velocity file, but you're going at around level of time you did the job or are you you know, the animals done, you shaved your hair, you're going on the on the 10th day of the ledger at around level of time, and boom, you're through your first set, and then is called and as time for slots and mobile, what do you do?

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Exactly. You pray, obviously, you pray with the demand. And when the prayer is over, what do you do?

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Continue from exactly right, where you left off, you continue from right to left and you continue making the call off, no problem. Okay.

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So that's what you do when the time for prayer comes in. And you you go, you do seven circuits to complete that the law. Now this area here, you see this area right here, the hip beam?

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Or hazardous mine? You see that area right there? That is actually part of the Kava. Originally that's if you pray inside there, you're praying inside the Kaaba. Okay, because what happened during the time of the crash? During the time the Messenger of Allah sometimes life what before I think before he was a prophet, what happened was he, you know, either a flood or a storm or something came in and damage the cabin said they rebuilt it again. What happened was the price of Pamela even though they're not Muslims, they still have the purity to know that you don't take any interest from her from interest, and from other haram sources of money, right? So they collected the money to

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build a cabin again, but they didn't have enough money to finish building the garden. So what did they do, they built the cabinet as it's built. And then you have the extra portion there, which was originally part of the cabinet. Meaning if you can pray inside there, you prayed inside the cabinet. will also means though, when you're performing fall off, notice is empty, you can't cut through there because you're not going around the cabinet. So you have to go around the cabinet. And throughout the history of Islam. We've had many, many different governor, you know, Governor governances, who've broken the cabinet down and built it back up to the original, then the next

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governance comes and breaks it back down and puts it back to the way it was at the time the message was I sent him then it because based on narrations of rasa, he once said that he had had he had the chance he would have done it right. And then and then back and forth, you know, and so they then finally one of the owner, I forgot who it was, he said he told advise immutable meaning. Enough is enough. If we keep doing this, what's going to happen is it's going to become a toy amongst the kings. One person says break it. One person says build it, break it, build it so close enough is enough. This is what it is. That's it, it's fine. Okay, so anyway, I don't remember the exact

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narration. The President told us something about rebuilding the Kaaba. I don't remember the exact narration so don't just forget that cuz I don't remember exactly what it was. But the point being the inside part is part of the cabinet and therefore during the life what concerns us is you don't go inside the the hazardous mind during that during your life. Okay.

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Now, what if you have a doubt? What if you're going during the life and you forgot how much you did? Like I'm on the fourth row on the fifth?

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Exactly, exactly. You go back to what certain so in this case, fourth or fifth, you'll say, among the fourth. If you're not sure if you have doubt what if you finish all seven and then you have doubt, like Oh, man, did I do six or do seven?

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When you're done, you're done. You finished your seven last token Allah you did it, you did it. That's it. But if during it, you're not sure, then take the more certain number of the two. Right now. What about so when you're doing the life itself, you'll notice there's two particular stones that are labeled here, two sides, this side, the Blackstone and the side preceding the Blackstone, so the last side you will come across before you start your second circuit. That's called a rural Yemeni, the Yemeni corner because it faces Yemen. The prophet SAW Selim, he said about that corner. He said that in the mess hell hedgerow. Swati, we're really Imani. You have been latonia hapa. He

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says, certainly touching the Blackstone and the Yemeni corner lowers, lower away one sin and this is authentic hadith Sahih Al Jazeera. So if you cannot touch the look in your mind, if you're able to touch it, that's great. And you will find people doing all sorts of crazy things, kissing it, jumping on it, hugging it, all of that it's not from the sender. There has been nothing. He did none of that. All he did was simply touch it. He didn't kiss his hand afterwards. He didn't kiss it itself. He simply touched it and when you touch it, you wipe away your sins, you'll find people doing very strange things. Don't do that. Okay? You touch it and there wasn't unsaved that wipes

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away your sins. Now again, if you cannot touch it, you don't point to it like you do the Blackstone okay.

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And what do you do during the life?

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What do you do during the life?

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Do whatever you want. Yeah, Vicar.

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Reflecting on the Lawson's Allah, all that stuff. Don't take selfies for the love for love of Allah. Right? People are just like getting a picture with a cab as a stop that stuff and you're around the Kaaba. You know what if somebody gets a phone call and they pick up their phone during the life? Yo, what are you doing? Yeah, I'm doing what you do.

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Right? That's fine doesn't invalidate the law for anything. Right?

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But what's recommended obviously is making the making the ticket, you know, a radio or an all these sorts of things, is there any prescribed to either one says during the life, the only thing that's prescribed is when you get between the nuclear money and the hazardous one. So the last quarter of the circuit between those two parts you say, or have been attina for dunya hacer una will afra de hacer una Okinawa na, or master Grant has good in this world and good in the hereafter and save us from the punishment of the Fire. Okay, so that's what you say during the talk. Now specifically for a woman, this cover the type of woman because like we said, hedge for women is exactly the same even

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if you're on your your period, except for one thing, which is you do not perform

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Of course, as well but you don't perform the last. So this the left velocity father is a pillar of of hedge, so you can miss the waffle Doom, and your hedges valid. You can miss the walk off into a dat and your hedges hedges valid, but you must perform the Laughlin Nevada, you must perform this the left another name for this fall off is the Lofa zyada that the wife of visiting because you're visiting the house on the left hand side. Another name for the left is Jada. Okay, so

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what do this is? What's some things for the sisters? Okay, number one, we said the wife is a pillar, therefore it's a must. Okay, so you have to do it this one. If you're on your period, then you must wait until you get off. Okay? Even if it's after the 13th of the Ninja, no problem 1415 whatever, you must wait till you're off, okay?

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If you're expecting it to come soon, you're someone who gets it very regularly, you know when it's gonna come. And let's say you're leaving, you know, was Delica. And you know what's going to come soon what you can do, we said, you don't have to go in order of the Jamaat and then the, and then the sacrifices and the shaving of the cutting of the hair, you can go straight from Rosetta, to the huddle, and do your toe off right away. If you know what's coming soon. That way you you're safe. And every other part even if it comes close, you don't have to worry about it, you can still do it without a problem, right? So you can do that.

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Another thing I would recommend is, you know, if you can, if you look at the dates, one expected the 10th of that, which is going to be because we know roughly within a day or two when it's going to be and you know, your period typically lasts for certain amount of days, maybe five days or seven days or whatever, try and book your return flights a day after when it would theoretically and if you started on the 10th. So that way, you giving yourself a little leeway, right? You're giving yourself a little leeway that way, if you miss it, if it comes for some reason at that if it comes at that time, at least you have a chance to still perform the life of the Father, before you leave. Okay?

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If you're local to the area, if a sister is local to Mecca, right, then for her, she must wait until she becomes pure. And then she can go and perform the law. She must wait. She has no other option. She must wait. And until then, and until she performs with the law for the fall. But she still remains to be in a partial state of the head on exactly. She could do the sacrifice. She could do the the haircuts, you could do the Gemma rods, but because she hasn't done too after the father, she remains in a partial state of a harem. Until she does that a lot. Now, what about someone who came from America and the flight leaves, you know, on the 14th and then head, it's one of those Express

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packages, you got to leave the next day and your period came? What do you do in that case, and that case, the scholars have given the officer that even if you're on your period, what you do is you perform the pull off because you have no other choice, you're not it's not easy for you to come back again, you won't be able to get out of the state of Alabama and it's a pillar of hygiene. Therefore what you are told to do is to go perform the bowl off and you don't perform obviously to other guys behind Malcolm Ibrahim, the wife and then you leave right away. You do your throw off and then you leave right away. And that's allowed according to the scholars and that's the opinion or even Tamia

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and the HANA fees and the families and many the other scholars and it's a very practical opinion the sisters who you know they can't delay it obviously then that's allowed for them Okay, so that's kind of in a nutshell the fifth of the woman's head everything else the life of the farewell falafel get to you don't have to do if you're on if you're if you're on your period, right that you don't have to do. It's not a problem. You don't have to make it up or anything. This is the only one that must be done. Okay. So let's talk about some spiritual aspects of the TOEFL, TOEFL the folder. This is it. This is it. All the journey was meant building you up to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala to

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come to the house of Allah pounds out of the ultimate destination. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says what he says was a rebate he added up, you know and purify my house for those who come to perform the law. He called the Kava his house, right. So going to his house now being a guest at his house should generate in US feelings like none other, that you are honored to be a guest of Allah subhana wa tada at his house in the most blessed days of the year. Right. Alongside essays. He says, film and Leopoldo

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home while you foo Malia tofu bill by at Lottie CO, then let them complete their prescribed duties and perform their vows and perform fell off around the ancient house so the hides verse 28. Now the wife in the fall but what is the word he fell by mean?

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The file that comes from the root word failed or file been filed on which means a flood, a flood, right and so when we say e file that means like a burst when a flood you know like the river gushes forth and there's flooding with the file that means like a burst and what does it What does it in reference to when you go into the house of Allah spawn Tada, you're bursting with emotions for candidates add, you're bursting with feelings and desires to be close to lessons and to visit the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when you first see the Kava

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It's a feeling like none other. And everybody has a unique experience. The first time you lay eyes in the cabinet. And this is there's this notion that the first time you see the cabinet is answered, and that is not narrated from the Messenger of Allah and I send them the only narration that's there is a narration of it. But I've asked someone that when he first saw the cabinet, he raised his hands and made drop. So if you want to make draw, that's fine. But there's nothing specifically from the messenger of loss. I said them that says when you see the cowboy for the first time your dries answered, but regardless, seeing the gap is such a remarkable experience, especially the first time

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you see it, you I mean, you you you can't fill your heart enough with looking at it. You could just sit there and just look at the cabinet. And looking at the cabinet is a bad it is considered a worship. Right. It's a panel each glance at the guy but gives you a greater sense of delight and love for the house of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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I remember when I first went the first time in my life when I saw the guy but I actually I looked at it and then I looked down. I because I felt ashamed. I literally I felt ashamed. I looked at the galba I was in all of it, but I couldn't keep looking at it. I looked down and the reason why is I felt I felt the Annie Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah is honoring me to come to his house to be his guests and her and her judgment. Omar Abdullah down for Jabu there the delegation of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And I know myself, I know the sins I've committed. And for Allah to honor me to go to his house to be a guest at his house why I felt I just felt ashamed I couldn't even look at I just looked down because I felt ashamed to to look at other people that have a feeling of love and joy and they can't stop looking at everybody has a unique experience. But every experience is so so unique and it's sweetness and there's joy seeing the cab I remember the story of the old woman. She's in beta or B beta B are we at the house of minority until she finally got there. She held on to the ropes of the Galveston Bay Toby I'm at the house of Allah. Allah honored me to be his guest. And then she died

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right there out of the overwhelming emotions she had for being a guest of Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah says, while you're powerful bill baited it, let them you know, may fall off around the house that is that is old and it means old.

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But it also has another meaning anybody know?

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It also has another meaning.

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The process that I'm told abubaker

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Becker and Tati hola homina. Now, what does that mean?

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Oh, Abu Bakar glad tidings see you You are the one who Allah has

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freed from hellfire. liberated from alpha it means liberating means freeing to Subhana Allah you're going to the house of Allah that's liberating. Right? You're going to the house of allowed us liberating meaning you're hoping that after all you've done in hedge all your efforts, all your your struggles and your sweat and, and footsteps every single thing you've done to get to where you are right now. You're hoping that your visit to beta it up the house that is liberating. You're hoping that Allah subhanaw taala will liberate your heart from all its lowly desires, all its weaknesses, all its abou de la shavon is servitude to shape on. And now your heart is free to worship Allah

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subhana wa Tada. Elevated Isaiah, the house that is free, because Hajj itself is a journey of freedom hides itself as a journey of freedom. And Subhanallah You know, when we talk about freedom, what is freedom in Islam? What is freedom in Islam, you know, people say freedom is to do whatever you want, say whatever you want, do whatever you want, and that's not freedom. And that's not that's not the definition of freedom. Money. I'm out of his setup. She says about her son that she was she thought she was gonna she was. I mean the wife of amaran says about the sun she thought she was going to have when she did it. She says if kornati Mirage ramanagara Nina la cama de Bella Tony

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mahalo la ola I have dedicated what is in my womb to be free. And what was he dedicated him to

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worshiping Allah and Allah. That's what she defined freedom as to be free in worship of Allah Subhan

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No, Todd, that's why I'm in this hobby who wants to roast him and Persia and he asked him what brought you to us? What brought you people You scum, you know from from the desert, what brought you to us are mighty Persians. And you know, he said, he said jet not a bad man a bad is a bad, a bad, a terrible a bad woman doing it the dunya dunya with a pharaoh woman, Jody adjani era as

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he says, We are a people who have come to take out people from the the worship of other slaves, to the worship of the lord of the slaves, and to take people from the constriction of this world, to the breadth of this world in the Hereafter, and to take people from the injustices of other religions, to the justice of Islam. That is that's freedom, the ultimate freedom brothers and sisters of freedom of the hearts, their freedom when you're when the heart is free from all the shackles of this dunya and it's free to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala will love it. It tastes a happiness. It tastes a comfort it tastes a joy that it will not give anything up to to exchange for

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that joy and happiness. Right even a miracle Mahalo to Allah when he was put in prison and they close the they close the gates, you know, he said

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they closed the gate of the prison. They locked him in the prison cell you know what he said? He said, fell booty Baba, you know, be su de la hooba Babu Ballina, houfy he'll walk Ma Ma e Romeo tipo de la.

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He was the man whose heart was free. He says that when they close the prison cell he said he recited the verses that had either Allah says, Allah has placed a wall a barrier between them inside this wall

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valtellina houfy her Rama is the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala well var hero and outside this wall is the punishment of a law that's coming. Right and then he made the famous statement what can my enemies do to me? What can my enemies do to me my paradise in my garden is in my chest.

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My Paradise in my garden is in my chest. He says if I travel, you know they are with me and they never leave me. He says imprisonment for me is a chance to be alone with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he says to be killed in the way of a lot is to die a Shaheed and to be exiled from my land is a spiritual journey. Right? So Subhana Allah, this is a freedom of man who's speaking with the freedom of the heart, right people whose spirits are refused to be, you know, imprisoned to this world or to imprison to, to oppressive regimes and governments, they stand up, they stand up, and they stay strong. Right. And so Pamela, when you're making thought brothers and sisters, remember, the

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Messenger of a loss I sent him was there, you might walk in the same place and you might touch the black stone and touch where the messenger blast is, and I'm touched, or kiss where he kissed. Imagine that. Imagine that. And when you go around the cabin seven times, here's a lesson that you could take for the non Hajaj as well. When you go around the cabin seven times. It's interesting, because you see, you do the same series of seven circuits again and again, right, and every time you're making the poll if you're hoping to draw closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala hoping that allows answering your that you're being freed from from Hellfire and freed from the shackles of this world

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and free to to have your heart worship Allah subhana wa Tada. And similarly, brothers and sisters, our lives, think about our lives, our lives, our circuits. You wake up in the morning, you go to school, you go to work, you come back home, when you go to sleep, tomorrow, hit replay, go to work, go to school, come back home and sleep next day, go to work, go to home, come back home sleep every single day. It's the same thing. Every day is we just keep doing these repetitive cycles in our life. And what are we learning from the life that we have the same cycles that we're doing in the life but we're hoping to draw close to the last panel. The whole time remind isn't Allah subhana wa

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tada we're in Vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala reminding you that when you go back home, and you go back to the same circuits of your life, every moment of those circuits have led every day the day you draw closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala the everyday via day you renew your ticket of Allah and your worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. So it's a lesson for us to learn as well.

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And remember, you know, Subhana, Allah, there was a, you know, there was a group of Hajaj from one country, what they did is this, they're doing tawaf all the men, big, strong men.

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They all get together and they held hands.

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They all got together and they held hands, and they're going to fall off and they're not letting anybody get in their way. They're coming in and they're coming in strong, right? So they're all just gonna bulrush in and just just make their way around around the toilet. Right You see, like what I used to do after hides or like when hedges over and I was in Mecca, I would go to the third floor and sit in front of the, you know, the the door to the cabinet, and just like read the Quran and watch, watch and so you see a lot of cool things. You see everybody, you know, packing around the black stuff.

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You know, when you see people sometimes like riding the wave, they get lifted up on top of the crowd and right there just like surfing, crowd surfing, right? You see all these different things people like waves and you push this away and that way and everything, somehow then you see all these groups of like sisters in the same color hijab, like from Malaysia, they all have a bright color hijabs. You see, like, the group just like going like this and like, going through this group of men, they all lock hands, and they're ready to come in. So one brother, he sees that you get so upset, he goes up to them, he grabs two burger hands, and he just slams it down. So what do you guys do, man? This

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is the law because, you know, the brother does. he slams his hand. He takes her brother who slammed his hand, he picked it up. And he kissed it.

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He takes it and he kisses.

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And the cross which is literally broke, literally broke the shell on his heart. It literally broke the shell on his heart. And he said that changed his life. After that he went from being shady then and Coates being very easy and nice with the people. Just that moment. So in this part of Hajj brothers and sisters the life you will be pushed like, there's no tomorrow, you will be elbowed and shoved and pushed and hit and every single thing you can imagine, though, if you have and now because of the construction, there is no second and third fourth off right now you guys know that right? You know those two rings around the Kaaba, they made that for the wheelchairs. And so the the

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laugh right now is going to be much more difficult because much more congested. So the more they cut down the hedge visas to compensate but still is gonna be congested, right? So you're going to be pushed. So don't let your arms hit anybody else right? What do we say yesterday? Allah says, fan out off fly for suka wala je de la fille had we going to hedge the no relations with their spouse and no disobedience and no arguments. And what is the last say next one? It's a fun room in Hawaii.

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Whatever good you do Allah knows it. So when you get pushed you turn around and you say Salaam wa Aiko you turn around you kiss the person's hand brothers kisser brothers hands, of course. Okay. All right. You see, you smile at them. You smile at them. You be you get show that Adam and Allah says whatever good you do a lot knows. Allah is aware of it. You're honoring the other guests who Allah has honored to be there. You're honoring our laws, guests. Don't you think that will increase a lost love for you? Because you're honoring his guests. So don't lose your patience in the law. You're right in front of the house of a law for crying out loud. You're right there, you can touch it. You

00:27:25--> 00:27:42

can touch it. So be careful about those things and and and remember that whatever you do have good Allah knows it. Now the macabre he brothers and sisters. This is the mahkum Ibrahim and if you can see a good there, you'll see this gold structure in front of the door the Kaaba over here.

00:27:43--> 00:28:23

That is in the in that in that gold structure is the footprints of Abraham out in Santa Ibrahim on a ceremony he was building the caliber he stood on a special rock from Jenna. You know that rock? The mechanical Rahim is a rock from gender. The process of sending me sending an authentic has he says in Brooklyn one macom Yakuza tan miniapp pootled Jenna palmists Allahu neuroma Wada with me optimist, Muhammad Allah, Bane, and he's our son himself. This is a sign that the hazardous word and the macabre him or two rubies of paradise. And he says Allah has distinguished their light and if he had not done so, then they would have illuminated that which is between the East and the West. So

00:28:23--> 00:29:02

you are going to be literally walking next to something from gender. You're at the house of Allah, and you're literally walking next to something from gender. How does that make your heart feel? Yeah, well, you've allowed me to come so close to something from gender and this world don't prevent me from being some in gender in the hereafter. Right? The hydrolysed what the Hadith says is from Paradise, the prophet sent him said in a hadith he says it has a little extra domina agenda. What can I shall do by Amina hat. So was it to hapa Khalid Sheikh he said Salaam said that the black stone you know is from Paradise, and he said and it was more white than snow until the people have

00:29:02--> 00:29:35

shinik. their sins caused it to become black. Another Hadith he says Netherland hedgerows for the mineral agenda. Well who shut Dubai out Amina Leben for sell water to hapa Benny Adam, he's I sent him said that the headdress word came down and it was more white than milk. And he said that and it was black. And it was made dark by the sins of the children of Adam and book and it's very disintermediate has some stuff here. So imagine brothers and sisters, not only may you touch somewhere that wasn't touched, or kiss somewhere that has an M kissed you could kiss something from Jenna.

00:29:36--> 00:30:00

You could touch something from Jenna. Imagine that. That's why the Messenger of Allah, he was kissing the Blackstone and he was there for a long time. The nurses he was there for a long time and he was crying and crying and crying. Never mahatama is behind him watching him and the president when he's done, he turns around so I'm wondering, he says yeah, Amara hoonah to scapula barotz Oh Amar, here is where tears are shed profusely.

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

You're touching something from Paradise and brothers and sisters that has a blast what has a lot of forgotten the Messenger of Allah I sent him He says,

00:30:09--> 00:30:48

He says never often Allah will hedger, Yeoman tiama. Wonder who I know and you will see it will be here now what he's saying only on tape will be he Yes, Shadow Allah minister Lama who bihac this authentic hadith authenticate by urbania Rahim Allah, He says that a loss of Hannah who would to Allah will most definitely resurrect the black stone on the Day of Judgment, and it will have two eyes by which it sees. And it will have a tongue by which it speaks. You know, he says, Yes. How do alamanni Cinema who will be how it will testify on the day of judgment? To he who touched it with its rights? What does that mean?

00:30:50--> 00:31:21

President said that you shouldn't harm anyone to get to the agilus. What? Right It's a big crowd there if you're able to get it without harming anyone hamdulillah but the reality is, is so many people there and there's waves pushing you this way in that way and you're going to be so squishy gonna be so tight, you will initially fall off your wedding might fall off, all these things will happen. Right The sisters or their their brothers or their usually their brothers come from this local family. And the sisters kind of come from around like this. And there's like a big group of sisters, a big group of brothers and they're falling into one another. It's a big mess. If that's

00:31:21--> 00:31:53

the case, don't go there. It's not recommended to go there. But those who are going there the heads says that the hospital as well, you know what we'll do? It will testify in the Day of Judgment, who touched it with this with this, right? You know what that means? Imagine you know, when you're being you're aware that you're being recorded, you know, all of a sudden, you see Oh, cameras on your leg, you sit up, right? You're taking some notes, you're like, yeah, I'm not sleeping no more, you know, I'm saying like, right, you you recognize, imagine Brendan says that agile is what every time you pass by it, it's taking a picture not of you, but of your hearts as taking a picture of your hearts.

00:31:53--> 00:32:24

And what in what way did you greet it when you raise your right hand? Did you agree that out of love for following the way at the Messenger of Allah? And I said, No, I'm not I've said he told Blackstone, I know you are nothing but a stone, you don't harm or bring benefit. And if I didn't see the messenger of kiss you, I wouldn't have kissed you. Right out of love for the messenger of Allaah following the way the Messenger of Allah you you do that? Or is there something else right? So a test that takes a spiritual picture of your heart, you know, even our bass, he even says this is a statement it's often attributed to the Messenger of Allah I send them but there is no authentic

00:32:24--> 00:32:30

narration that I went to the Messenger of Allah arrived there's a statement of a bit of bass he says, and has a little sweat. Yeah, men who live in

00:32:32--> 00:33:05

the black stone is the right hand is like not his it's like the right hand of Allah on this earth. And they've been bothered I can hold out to Allah He says, The meaning of the statement is absolutely fine. What does it mean? It means that you know, when you when you give back to someone, you shake their hand, they had the the saying when you touch the black stone, or what do you signal to the black stone It is as if you're renewing your covenant with Allah subhanho wa Taala can know who you may know life will have this as if it's the right hand of a lot on this earth. And so Subhana Allah, imagine when you're touching it, or when you're signaling to it, you are renewing

00:33:05--> 00:33:25

your covenant with Allah subhanho wa Taala. How would that make you feel? Not that this is from Paradise, but that you're renewing recovering with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And also brothers and sisters in the talav. You see this area right here, between the black stone and the start of the door. People go to the door between the black stone and the start of the door is the area called l most

00:33:27--> 00:33:44

people actually go to the door itself and they hold on to the door thinking that's what drives answer. But that's not the case. Do I is mister job it's answered between the black stone and the start of the door. It's only six feet wide. And you have 5 million people trying to get there.

00:33:45--> 00:34:20

It's and you know what the sun is. You put your chest, you put your forearms you put your face against the wall, you put your whole body against the wall and you make to hop into is answered. The problem is and that corner there's a guard standing there. So if you're there for a couple minutes, he starts knocking you down. Last time when I went to hedge I was I just did that inevitable off. I was there I got there. So he knocked me down. But after that what happened was I fell down on my knees. Right? So the guy that it has like it has like angled it's angled from the from the bottom like this. And then it goes straight. So people are trying to get to the Blackstone from the side.

00:34:20--> 00:34:32

They a lot of them climb up on this angle. They try to get in there from above, but those are the ones who get crowd surfing later. Right. So I got knocked down to my knees but handler he didn't know I was there anymore, because it's all these people on top of you. I'm gonna had a couple of people's bellies right over me like this.

00:34:33--> 00:35:00

You know, and the sweating like crazy. So I was just like drenched in sweat. But handler handler my body was against the militarism. He didn't know I was there. I spent like 45 minutes dad. Nobody knew I was there. I'm just getting crushed. But whatever, bro, when you're there, you're making the law. I'll tell you I had people's bellies or sweat dripping on me. And it was one of the most enjoyable moments of my life. You might be thinking I'm crazy. But when you know what you're doing, you know what

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

What the significance of that is yeah Allah, nothing beats it. So that's the area if you can get to try and get to do as Mr. Job over there. After you finish the seven circuits of the life, what do you do?

00:35:12--> 00:35:21

You go to behind maqam Ibrahim, anywhere behind McCarney, Brahim the you're supposed to say as you approach it, you say, what does he mean?

00:35:23--> 00:35:55

He moves on. The iron surgeon Baccarat says and take from the place of alchemy about him as a place of prayer. So you go behind it you pray to it guys. Now if you were to go right here, right behind and say you know what a comment to Dean brothers Allah says tickbox Rahim. This is a comment, Rahim. The people are making pull off all over here. I'm gonna pray right here. You're not just foolish or sinful. You're not just foolish, but you're sinful because you're in the way that people are causing harm to the people you're gonna cause harm to yourself to. So move out of the way all the way to the back and they're just people making pull off there then guess what? It's perfectly fine. It's okay

00:35:55--> 00:36:14

to pray anywhere in the masjid. Anywhere in the masjid. And what's the sin now when you pray for him? You read to two sutras the first rock how you read certain casiotone and the second rock Are you read? superclass so as the calf you don't see it as a class and after you read to the guys behind mocha Brahim, what do you do then you go to

00:36:15--> 00:36:51

them and you drink them and it's also Sunnah to pour a little bit on your head. So you drink them and the person whom he says about them, he says Matt, who's mo Nima Sheree Bella, the water of Zamzam. It is what it is drank for. So you make an intention when you drink something that you want it to be mercy for you. You want it to be forgiveness for you. You want it to be so that you will never feel thirsty and the Day of Judgment is there even ambassy when he drank it, that was his intention. I never feel thirsty in the Day of Judgment. There's another narration he would make this dry when he would when he would drink them. He would say a llama in the saga, Andaman Nafisa what is

00:36:51--> 00:36:55

unwashed he was she found him in calida. He says all I asked you for

00:36:57--> 00:37:00

very wide provision. And I asked you for

00:37:01--> 00:37:23

an Ironman nafion you know, beneficial knowledge and enough of provision. And I asked you for a cure from all illnesses, right? So it's important brothers and sisters to have the proper intention when you're making the drinking thumbs up it is what it's designed for. But you have to have proper intention and also proper trust in Allah Subhana what's out, if you're having doubts, or you don't have trust in Allah, Allah will deal with you as you deal with him. And after that, you proceed to

00:37:24--> 00:37:40

the sign. But if you wish, you can take a break. If you need to sit down, you're tired. It's a long tail off because so many people you're all the way in the outskirts. You can take a break, that's fine, but then you get ready to go to site. We'll take a break for slots and outside and then we'll continue shala well after that when hamdulillah horrible anime