Farhan Abdul Azeez – Sweetness of Hajj – 08 – Offering a Sacrifice

Farhan Abdul Azeez
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the three types of hedging, including hedging fraud, which only requires a sacrifice, hedging fraud, and hedging fraud which requires a sacrifice. They touch on spiritual aspects of soccer, including the belief that a person can perform soccer sacrifice without others. The shaping of the body and the importance of showing full submission to Islam are emphasized. The speakers also discuss the shaping of the body and the importance of not being too busy.
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All right, so let's talk about the sacrifice. So the fifth first. Okay, so number one, we talked about three types of hedges the three types of hedge our

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heads, Iran, which is what is hedged? Iran

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has an AMA and one correct. Very good has a dominant one. What's the type of hedge?

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hedge to metal? And what's that?

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Yeah, I'm gonna first you get out of the home and then hedge. And then the third kind is

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hedging fraud. In this in the case of hedge fraud, there is no requirement to make a sacrifice. Okay, so that's one point I wanted to put out there. If you're doing hedge fraud, which is only hedge, right? No Amara, then you do not have to make a sacrifice. That's number one. Otherwise, if you're doing clearance or tomato, it's required of you to perform to perform a sacrifice each person who's going to hide. So if you're in if you're back home, you're not going to hide and you want to do a quarterback. Right? You could do one for the family, right? But it has if you're going to hide each person is required to perform a sacrifice who's there if you're doing it on automatic, which is

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the overwhelming majority of people right now.

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If you are doing the slaughter yourself, if you're doing the slaughter yourself, it should be done in Mecca, or Amina Mecca or Amina, okay. And there's a whole bunch of slaughterhouses there, they'll have signs from slaughterhouse if you want to go do it yourself. I personally have never done it over there by myself. Although it would be a great experience, if you could, but there is definitely some difficulties associated with it. Obviously getting there, then sometimes dealing with the animal afterwards, like cleaning and all that stuff. Sometimes they make you do it, which is a big mess. You know, you have so many responsibilities, and it's very difficult to take care of all of it

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and you do especially the stamp allows you that someone can solder on your behalf. When you sign up for Hajj packages here, it's just automatic, you know, they give you the price on the flyer, then they say on the bottom has fees, Qurbani fees, bah, bah, bah, all these extra fees. So one of those fees you're paying for is the animal of the soldering of the animals. So that's taken care of for you. If someone cannot perform the soccer sacrifice because they cannot afford it, then what is that person to do? He is the fast three days in hedge and seven days after hedge. Three days in hedge and seven days after hedge. The scholars differ when those three days can be can be done because you

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don't have much time. For sake of time, we're not going to get into those differences of opinion. If that situation does come up and show that you could ask your email what to do. So let's go ahead and talk about the spiritual aspects of of the soldering of the animal. Allah tada after mentioning that Ibrahim Edison was blessed Behold, I mean, Helene was blessed with a very forbearing son. Allah says, as I mentioned, phenom Bella who Sayaka Buddha in the Rafi miamian, ni,

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fold Ma

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Ma, Ma certegy duni insha. Allah wamena saw beating, Allah says in one, his son was old enough to walk with him. He said, Oh, my son, I have seen in a dream that I'm going to slaughter you. So look, what do you think his son said, Oh, my beloved father, do what you are commanded. if Allah wills you shall find me amongst those who are patient. So Allah who was came over, he was commanded to slaughter his son is married.

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Right? So the scholars say, for them, Bella Lama who say, whenever his mind was old enough, you know, to walk, meaning like to take care of himself. That's the age in which a father begins to see himself in his child. That's the age when the father begins to see himself and his child. And SubhanAllah. We mentioned about how he was deprived of children for a very long time, right? So his heart was in love with this man, not a sinner. But Allah now asked him to solder his son is married. So what Ibrahim took his marine to the place of slaughter.

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He put him down. He put him down on the ground, and it's mine I think his son, he says, Oh, my father put me down and put my face away from you look at look at the level of his main audience. And I'm this is an example brothers and sisters for us how we deal with our parents. Right? He says, All my father turned my face away from you. So that way, you won't have any hesitancy in carrying out the command of our last panel.

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And he says and after you've done it, then cut then I forgot exactly the narration says but something along the lines that he said was so that my mother won't cry when she sees right so she I forgot what he exactly told him to say, but it was along the lines. He was concerned for what his mother how his mother would feel right. So a lesson that is what happened. When he put his mind it sent him down on the ground, and he put the knife to his neck. What happened?

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What happened when he put the knife to his neck?

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One more time.

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He was changed a goat.

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a goat was brought. He wasn't he didn't like Transformers of him.

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Like Transformers in disguise?

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He's a prophet and he's a transformer.

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ago it was brought correct. So but what happened though? Was it just the knife put to his neck? And that's it passed the test. Boom, you're done.

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Now what did he have to do?

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He had to try to cut it.

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How many of you guys slaughter an animal for Qurbani?

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A few how you actually do it man after the session is how long you'll want to do it. What happens when you put the knife to the neck and it doesn't cut? What do you do?

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sharpen the knife. What else do you do?

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Go harder, bro. I mean, you kind of freaking out right? You got this go in front of you was kicking us off. You got a knife to his neck and it's like, it ain't working. What are you gonna do right is nice enough, has a smile down. He has the knife to his neck and he begins to cut and it doesn't cut. So what does he do?

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I'm done with the test. I tried it didn't work. What did he do?

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He pushes harder and harder and harder and harder back and forth back and forth harder and harder. Until then and then when he's submitted to Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah says, phenom

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as lama

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jabeen, one day in Hawaii.

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He called us like Dakota rubia. Allah says one day both then when they both submitted whenever he wants, and I put mine down, and he's putting the knife test going back and forth. And it's not working. He's going harder and harder. That's when he demonstrated his full submission to Allah subhana wa tada Yes, my heart loves his smile. But you know, my heart loves more.

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You Oh Allah. And your, your desire takes precedence in my hearts. So he put the knife to his neck, and a lot of days. One or they know who Abraham we called out to Abraham and he said, that you have indeed fulfilled division.

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Then Allah says, In Kedah licona, jerseyville mosinee. In

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between welfare there will be VBA. Now Lean, Allah says very early thus do We reward the good doers very early. That indeed was a manifest trial and we ran some him with a great sacrifice, meaning like a goat or a ram of some sort. Right? So follow him on Instagram. What did he do? What did he do? He didn't slaughter his son is mounted on that day. But you know what he did do? He slaughtered his knifes. He started his neffs he didn't start over his mind. But he started his naps, fully submitted to Allah subhanaw taala you want to be the heartbeat of Allah. You want to be the best friend have a lesson on data then guess what? Nothing can be greater in your heart than a lesson.

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Not even your own son, not even your wife or your mother, your father, your husband, not even your own daughter. Allison hatsan is number one. when Abraham demonstrated that for them cinema. He demonstrated full submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala ad, right.

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And so when we slaughter that's why I'm saying feel this next time for Qurbani this year all of you guys try and go and make a sacrifice, right find the local butcher shop that you can do it and go go as a group goes MSA said MSA event well, that may be kind of bad in the news right? MSA students go to slaughter animals with names

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like Muslim terrorists right here in Connecticut. Sorry, don't make it official. All right, but go together right and do this it's an experience and then think about what Abraham it said and feel what he felt. right he's putting the knife and he's and you're soldering and in your mind you're thinking Allah, this is it I jailed my knifes I jail my servitude, the shaman and the metamodel at the Jamaat and now you know what jelly is not good enough bro. I'm taking it out. We're ending this right here I'm slaughtering it. So you slaughter the knifes right? You submit to Allah sends out a fully and

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and completely and that's what's important that sacrifice of the animals not important. A loss as a sort of turn heads verse 37, he says llena de la la la la la de la

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ke toccoa Ming come. Casa de casa hora de komeito kabiru La da da Khun Wabash Shireen mosinee Allah says indeed it is neither the meat nor the blood that reaches Allah subhana wa tada Allah has no need for that. But what does he say what I cannot have a taco I mean come but what reaches of LA is the tequila in your heart right where to stop was in the heart tuck was what reaches the law. So where is your your spiritual states when this is being performed? Right? Where is your Are you feeling this feeling that you're submitting to Allah, Allah Allah, you're putting a lot of desire above your own desire when you're doing the slaughtering, you're not. So this is a very powerful

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thing that you can all feel here that actually the judge overwhelming don't get to feel there because they don't do it themselves. Right. So I would recommend going to do it yourself if you can an experience

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For one special because you've never done it before, right? Now those of you are going to have to do you have somebody doing your sacrifice for you. Take a moment out of the day, and reflect on this lesson. Just take a moment, step away from everybody. And think because it's very powerful. It's very powerful. Think about what you're just doing. Right.

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And then think about your life. Think about whatever Imani Sam did think it was being done in your name, that you're not doing yourself, right, somebody is doing it for you. And think about this. What inclinations do I have? That are against the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala be they political be they you know, emotional, be they intellectual? What inclinations do I have? They're not in line with Allah subhanaw taala is not in line with Allah Allah has sent and then realize that that's the moment this is the journey of change. This is a journey of your life, the journey of the heart. This is the moment where you need to commit to change and come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala has a

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journey of our Buddha Allah azza wa jal

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Allah subhanaw taala he says at the end of you know, after describing the ayat and sort of the ayat about hydrocortisone, Bukhara, and that next page in the same page where it concludes he says, Yeah, you

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know, yeah Lavina man, Hulu Hulu faesal Mika wanna

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show you on in hula Kumar?

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Allah says oh you believe enter perfectly completely fully into Islam for Cilmi calf, enter into meaning submit to Allah completely don't come you know and you're not you're half ready or half not ready look, you know, I'm down with this now I'm down with Hajj because you get to travel and see the world but you know, ain't down with the cat because I love my money. Right? I'm down with fasting because I get to lose some weight. You know, I'm saying get the diet and I'm saying I get to go to free of thoughts. I can enjoy myself but you know what, I just can't do that or I can't do this or I can't drop interest or I can't you know drop my girlfriend or I can't whatever. If you

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want to be a Muslim come to Allah completely men. submit yourself to Allah surrender yourself to Allah subhanho wa Taala so the slaughtering of the animal brothers and sisters teaches is very powerful lesson. Welcome to that one and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen was going to go into the next session which is shaving the head right so we did number one and number two, number three shaving the head.

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Aim hamdulillah horrible alaminos salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was a big mountain with slaughtering of the animal By the way, it can be done in the 10th 11th 12th or 13th of the hedger. It doesn't have to be done on the 10th. Okay, it can be done on any of those days The Omen not how to or am attached to, but to get out of Iran, you need to have done three of the four things. Okay. And he had done three of the four things which we're getting to the third thing right now. Okay, so you you know, what's usually what happens with the groups is that the group leader will get a phone call from the solder house saying your group's soldering has been done. So you'll

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be informed when it's done. If you don't, if the group doesn't have that set up, the scholars say then you can only you can assume it's been done. So on the first the 10th of the ledger, you can assume that it's been done, you know, as around midday or so you could consider it done while I was out on him.

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