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Allah’s Mercy

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rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala mode Selena Mohammed in early he was a big man, my beloved brothers and sister in Islam sermonic Morocco's Allahu barakato.

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All Praise to Allah subhana wa tada the Most Merciful, the most kind of Allah Allah Allah law IV witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanho wa Taala. from him do we come unto him all we return to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names and he's the most high and the most great, we ask a lot to send our greetings and our peace and salutations to our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his perfect and pure family, to his companions, and to all those who follow his soon until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us to be from amongst them. I mean,

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Alhamdulillah we have, over the past couple of weeks discussed the issue of tawheed. And as I said, the heat and I continue to mention, though he is the crux of our religion, our religion speaks about so many things. In fact, Islam is not a religion. It's a Deen, a way of life, that Islam is in every aspect. Islam is going even how we use the toilet This is about this is all part of Islam. But the essence of Islam is the concept of the heat the oneness of Allah, and the connection that we have between us and Allah subhana wa Tada. It is for this reason that Allah has placed us on this dunya that we may magnify him, sanctify him glorify Him, that we should have a relationship with Allah

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subhanaw taala and every decision in our life, every action in our life, even using the toilet is about growing near to Allah subhanaw taala getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's why when the prophets when the Muslims encountered the Romans, one of them was surprised. They said, has your prophet even taught you how to use the bathroom? said yes. So part of the dean, the dean is all encompassing. It's not just about what we do in the masjid. Every decision in our life is attached to our overall relationship. My overall objective is to get close to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And we said that the perfection, you can never be perfect in this dunya no one is perfect. But the job is to pursue perfection, to continuously strive to be perfect to live your life as if though you can see Allah if you could see a law now if you allow us in front of you, and you have to make a decision. What decisions would you take? What job would you take? What person would you marry? What person would you be friend? If Allah Subhana Allah says in front of you, how would you live your life and we said, The objective is to reach a line. That Yes, we cannot see a line of dunya we live as if we can see him. And then insha Allah in the Quran, we will see Allah and this is the highest

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level of reward, the greatest reward is to see Allah but we all be sitting like this in general one day and gazing at the face of Allah subhana wa Taala.

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But many times we speak of Allah, and we worship Allah and we make sudo to Allah, but we to be asked, Who is Allah? What would we say? How do we understand Allah? How can we love Allah, if we don't know who he is? is Allah merciful is the kind is the the one who punishes is he is mighty is power is all these attributes of Allah, how does Allah want us to understand him? We can't picture in our mind. But we should have a relationship with Allah, our objective in life, and this is the secret to Islam and the success of the Sahaba that they loved Allah above themselves and enough, that's how they gave up, they sleep. That's how they gave up the harem. For us, it's so difficult to

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give up and reform our lives. Why? Because our love for Allah is not what should be, once Allah becomes the beloved, in your life, that everything is for the sake of Allah. You love Allah genuinely. You know, if you love someone, that beloved person, you can't wait to go back to him or to her to spend time with that person. With the things that you love in this life. You want to spend as much time with that object or watching that program. That's the thing that you love the most. That's why nobody says and says the thing he loves the most is some extra to the outcome here rasulillah Is it something different between you and us? He stuck with that he loves Allah so much

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that we need in the company of a line solder? Then he brings him happiness? How do we get to that level? How do we get the it's not a genetic answer. You're born with a stopwatch, it develops over time. So how did Allah bring that love into the hearts of people and we make to our Yeah, Allah, Let us love you like that, that we love you above everything in this dunya above ourselves, our family, our business, our wealth, that when the sada comes, it brings us happiness, and it's not a burden that sada is in enjoyment and not a burden. When you get to that level of taco

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And there are some people that experience it too. Even today, we can all get the but we have to have a relationship with Allah first. And so therefore it begins by knowing who Allah is. So who is Allah? And if you feel kids asked you who's Allah? We say what Allah says about himself. And Allah when you open the Quran Bismillah In the name of Allah, Who are you? Oh Allah, Who are you are a man or Rahim, Allah begins with these attributes as to who he is.

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The very first attribute, or the most encompassing attribute of Allah is His mercy. Yes, he is the most powerful. Yes, He is the Creator is the Sustainer. He's the one the only the one that deserves worship alone. But the first thing Allah says about himself, AR Rahman AR Rahim, that when you think of me, the first thing you should think of is Rama. And what is the difference between Rahman and Rahim? Both of them come from Rama, both of him comes from mercy. What's the difference? And this is one of the names of a law or a man. He's the one who in his essence, in his makeup in his DNA, if we should say, it is made up of Rama, that the very nature of a law is mercy, that his mercy

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encompasses everything Allah says what it was, he had Kula shade, that everything in creation, even he believes, receives of Allah's mercy, that nothing is away from the mercy of Allah, that this is a mercy, a general mercy for all creation. Allah is aware of every single atom in His Kingdom, and he looks towards his creation, with mercy and with kindness. That is what a man is. As for him, this is specific mercy, we could say our man is a passive state. Allah is always merciful all the time. And Rahim is when Allah is active, when he does something, he does it with a hammer. So when Allah is not doing anything, and I was always busy with something, his natural state is merciful. And when he

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acts, he acts in mercy. So that's why you find your year on some programs that will translate the generally merciful and especially merciful, gentle mercy, and specific, most subtle, I say that in every action he does, it is done with mercy and the facility and have gone further to say a man is a special kind of mercy for the believers. So Allah is merciful to everything in terms of is Ramadan. As for him, it's a specific mercy to his believers and to those on karma. Every single one of us is entitled to the mercy of Allah. Allah has promised us this. And just to make you understand this concept of Rama

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the womb of a mother in Arabic is called Rahim. The womb in Arabic is called the Rahim. That's why we say sila to Rahim, Silla Torah and keeping family ties, it actually literally means keeping the ties of the uterus or the womb, the womb, keeping the ties that connects you of the uterus, the Rahim. This Rama and Rahman and this hadith which Allah says, I've taken my name Rahman and Rahim, from the Rahim from the uterus, from the womb, because the Most Merciful thing, the most great, the greatest aspect of mercy you and I will ever experience on the dunya is that of our mother, that when we are a baby, she encompasses us with love, affection, protection, from all angles, the uterus

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is there to protect and to love and to care. So Allah says, that's who I am. And only obviously Allah's mercy is greater than that. Look at the connection. Allah wants you to think of him, the very first thing you think about is like that loving, predictive utility that encompasses the entire creation and analysis and sustains it looks after them when you sleep. No one looks off except Allah who keeps it heart beating, who keeps those blood blood flowing, who watches out for you all the time? It is our man and our Rahim. That's what Allah is. That way Allah begins. That's who he wants you to think of his names. And there are many names, the 99 Names of Allah, we can't mention all of

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them, but of them. And if any of us go through difficulty, and we feel despondent, and we feel away from Allah, and we always feel that we're not doing enough and will never do enough in the eyes in relation to Allah. Think of these names. He's a lot of far and aloha, four of the names that are mentioned the most in the Quran. In fact, Rahmani r Rahim of Allah, it is the names which are mentioned the most. before Allah mentioned shadow, a cop the most severe and punishment. Every time you find punishment. more than double you'd find mercy. Allies al Horford who is far far, far far amid. fara is a shield in Arabic the mirror is the shield. So Allah says I'm the one that shields

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you from harm, that when the harm from yourselves the sins that you commit, I will protect you from my punishment. And a fool is the one who forgives why widely that whenever you come to

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forgiveness, it is guaranteed for you. That's what our food is about forgiveness is our food. Like, are we making the Ramadan alemannic our food for now Allah you are our food, who is our food? Our food is the one that not only forgive since these are great, these forgiving sins is one thing, but to remove it as if it never existed is even better than that. So I will take your record and delete it. And pm Allah would scan say you've committed the sin. you're found guilty, but I will stop the punishment. That's I forgive you. That's my Farah. As for abu allah Subhan. You come on Kiana. You said I know I did the sin, but you won't find your books. It's expanded completely your records are

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gone. That is what is so obvious is that and we make the dua in Ramadan and we can continue making it a lot at the web. And again, in English, the meaning is lost because Toba you will find means forgiveness. tobiah two is to return. That the one who comes back to you when you run away. When you leave and desert Allah he comes back to you, he returns to you. When you come back to him he's already Allah is the one waiting for you to come back. So you have distanced yourself from his mercy. But the minute you want to come back and even if you don't come back, he comes to you. He makes you become old and reflective. He gives you sickness to make you realize and come back to him.

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That is

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a lovely look, is to be gentle and loving and soft. It's that quality that again, a mother gives to her baby. So Latif, the most gentle and the softest in all of us. When he deals with his creation is Allah dude, and

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jalapeno kumada Rama, Allah mentions in the idea of love between a husband and a wife, my wife, that deep love and connection between husband and wife, Allah describes my wife is Allah, Allah Dude, I am the loving when it comes to my condition. I love my creation, more than any other one more than the creation love themselves. And I and Allah loves us. And sometimes as Muslims, we don't use the word love enough. When we speak to Allah, when we speak about Allah, you find other religions, they will say Jesus's love, Allah says, of his names is the loving. This is his name, I love you. Whatever Allah commands is out of love, and whatever Allah once his love. He's an haleem I'll have

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him is the forbidding forbidding me what is forbidden in English. It means the one who is patient with the wrongs done against him. We also notice Allah has given us the instruments to further our life. If we use that against him. We use his gifts to disobey Him, and should he take us to account what we do? And he's justified to do that. What will become of us, but Allah is patience. we disobey Him, we abuse him. We don't give him his hack. We don't remember him. And when we we give our advice to someone other than him, he's the one that feeds us and gives us and protects us. And yet we go to others and pray and ask for help and to ask for forgiveness. Some will praise other than Allah for

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the same Allah. Allah Praise be to Allah has granted us the same.

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Yet he does not hold us to account.

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He allows us to live our life that is that is being held him and held him that's his name. He's foreboding and patient with his creation even though they are impatient with him. Allah says in the Quran Keter Babu Kumar NFC Rama cutterbar means to make compulsory like you know quotevalet camassia Allah has made fasting compulsory on you what is compulsory and Allah? How can Allah say something is fettled on Allah? No one can command Allah to do something, but he says cassava Allah and FC I have made fuddled on myself Rama look at this is cassava boo Kumar and FC Rama of the things that Allah has made compulsory for himself I must be merciful all the time. And now humann Amina mean

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consumer and that any of you commit some mistake, BJ letting out of your ignorance, not recognizing a law even if you did it deliberately doesn't mean unintentionally. Even if you did it deliberately intentionally through matava and then you come back to Allah. He after that will also help you correct yourself for Innova for Rahim. Then you will automatically find Allah Forgiving and Merciful.

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Allah wants you to know this as we ease Allah says never be a baddie, and many people often say to my bad, my slave say to the creation, I was telling them to convey to them that they load that I am a forgiving, Most Merciful whenever they think of me think of mercy and forgiveness kuliah eva de la nostra Juana and fusi him. Allah says to all of us, the one that committed sin, the one who's 6070 years old.

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made one Sala, the one who was committing all the kinds of *can anything, any sin that you do this I applied to the center. This is for the sinner. If you committed sin and this is for you, Allah says clearly everybody say to my servant, not the good one. I let the answer for him, the one who sinned against himself, say to the bad one. Let the economic Rahmatullah don't ever give up on my mercy. Don't give up on Allah. I have not given up on you what the sin is its general anything other than chick, indecent murder, drugs, whatever it might be. No sada for 18 years, lots of little mini Rahmatullah. Don't give up on my mercy Don't lose hope in Allah in the love of food in a lie

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through the Uber Jamia that I can forgive all sins. Allah forgives every single sin in the world for him because it is my nature. I'm a fool Rahim. I am the one that forgives and I merciful more than anyone else forgives in else, anyone else's mercy. Well, either Sarika evadne, for any corrib Allah tells the prophets of Salaam, if anyone comes to you and ask, tell me about a law? Who is Allah with Allah, what should you respond in equally, I'm near to him already. I know he's a face. I know his situation. I know his difficulty in his life orgy without a diary that and I always respond to the one who calls out to me, anytime, any day, any place, you want to go to me, I'm available, what

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swana like our worldly life, there is no person, even the one that is closest to you that you can have access to him or her at any time of the day.

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Imagine the CEO of your company and law is above all that the President, you will don't have direct access to these people. And Allah says I am near to you. anytime of the day or night you call I respond. I am v waiting for you. We don't know if the other creations of Allah have this, this access to a lot with the angels, as we said, visit mostly they go to one day in their life and they can never return to that Masjid. As for this occasion of insan, Allah says, I'm near to you. And whenever you call on me, I answer that da, g with that. What is that? And I answer you when you call on me for this energy bully? So you answer me also, when I call you, then answer me as well. What

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you mean will be and so believe in me, will allow me to do so that you may become late, right? I answer you and I am near and I'm waiting. That's what Allison is a part of Darla sees of himself.

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To give you an understanding of who Allah is an obvious mercy. And what I want us to think about when you make suju to Allah. And when you asked how many times when we ask, we ask Can we think this is an impossibility? When that goes through your mind you have not given a license to do when the doctor is saying you are terminally ill there's nothing we can do. You must raise your hand say I know you are near Allah, I know you year and I know your answer. And I know with just one word, you can remove all of my problems. That is true belief. Amanda runs into the machine one day in a business on the member and he says Yasser Allah to Allah, we are destroyed. We need the rain, maybe

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some raisins immediately. And he makes dua, and immediately the clouds begin to form and it begins to rain. The next friday, A week later the same man runs into the machine he says we are destroyed were destroyed. Now this is why we are ready it's raining too much. Now it's been a week and the rain has to stop and Aviva smiles raises his hands and says yeah, Allah around us, not on us. And Sahaba say immediately we saw the clouds dispersing. This is the kind of man that we should have, that when you make do are you must believe I always yearning me and almost the power to fix anything, couldn't find a corner everything is within his power. I answered that door. I knew I know

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your situation. And I'm with you if you're with me. Now v Sol Sol Sol m says that Allah when he created the universe created creation. He also created mercy, and divided mercy into 100 pieces of well known Heidi. And it divided mercy into 100 parts 100% and he took 1% of that 100 and he sent it down to his creation and he gave mercy to his creation, so much so that the animal will lift the feet of the elephant will lift his foot up and not to tempt on his young. The mercy that you feel for your kids and your mother feels for you. And the animals feel for each other. And the plants every single mercy in all of creation is only 1% What about the other 99 Allah says I keep that for

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myself. I have the 99 that's what love is. That's what Allah is. When Allah decreed the creation, and he pledged himself by writing in his book, Allah again made compulsory that my mercy will always exceed my punishment, that Allah's mercy will forever be more than his punishment, that you will always choose forgiveness.

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Mercy of a punishment, no one will be punished, except the one who deprives himself for loss mercy, like LeBron James is to his father, I'm scared, oh, my father, that man is going to punish you.

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But the one who hates to punish you or forcing him to punish you.

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There was an incident of battle that occurred in the time of the prophets of Salaam. And during a battle, we know this confusion. And people were running and screaming, and they saw a lady panicking and shouting with my son with my child, because she thought that she lost the child, the battle could have occurred, the child could have died. And as she's running frantically, she finds her boy, he finds a son, and she picks this child up. And if you're a parent, and maybe you've lost your child for a minute or two in the supermarket, and then you find your child again, just before you give the child the hiding, you know, you grab the child, and you hug the child and that feeling of

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relief. Now this lady thought a child had died. It's a battle. You know, people bodies are lying on the ground, my child is probably dead. And she finds him he picks him up and grabs him and the Sahaba look at this lady, and she's hugging this child and kissing this child. And you know, pulling a shot close, not wanting to let go and be substances. Can you imagine this woman even taking this child and throwing the child in the fire? This is only possible this mother will never do that. And so the resources, Allah is more reluctant to punish you than this woman is to put the her child and janam personnel Bosley says if you truly understood Allah's mercy, you would prefer a lot to judge

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you on piano than your own mother. If I told you that your mother will stand and question you on piano to send you the general agenda we all think will pass and hamdullah if mommy's there is no way she can seem to gentlemen, Allah is more reluctant to sing you to jam than your own mother.

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This is what law is. When you ask you if you know you're in difficulty, you are dying, and your father had to kill your mother to kill you have no doubt if I asked my parents are going to help me allies more willing to help you the young parents, that's who Allah must be when you make the law and you make it safer to him.

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We know on piano, but even those who are law punish and they are justified in the punishment, Allah subhanaw taala will remove them from janome out of his mercy, that they will be sentenced for a certain period and then Allah will take those same sinners, those same evil people, the murderers and the drug addicts and over committed sin and didn't come to minister far. You will take them out of janam to the point way, how bad must you be before Allah will say this first season Jana, we know the Hadith, Musa says whoever has the heat and didn't come a chick. The only thing he didn't do he didn't make one sujood he didn't make one Salah he didn't make one Allahu Akbar even, but the only

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thing he didn't do is committed. He committed every sin. But he didn't come here. He didn't worship someone besides Allah. He did not turn to anyone and make dua and make to you he turned to a life he needed something, this person, all of them will be removed from gem. No one will be in Jannah eternally unless you come a chick. This is Allah's mercy.

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In a hadith could see the Hadith quitsies way.

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Allah says, Allah mentions that he has an abundant and excess amount of angels who travel through the dunya the job is just to travel around the dunya seeking out gatherings in which Allah's Name is being remembered. And when the angels find this a place like this Juma right now, they sit with the people, and they fold their wings around each other filling and they come in groups, so much so that it falls this dunya up into the lowest summer

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when they depart and they leave the gathering when it's done, and they rise up to the summer. Now the substances that Allah asks them, and Allah is not in need of asking, Allah knows the answer every question he asks them, From where have you come? Or angels? Where did you come from? And they the angels would say, we've come from a group of your servants on Earth, they will sing Subhana Allah glorifying you and saying Allahu Akbar exalting you and saying, and they be a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except que la ilaha illa Allah, and they praise you by saying Alhamdulillah and they also make dua, they also ask of you things. So Allah will say, and Allah

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knows what the answer is, what do they ask of me? What do they want from me? And the angels will say they ask of you, your Allah that you into them into Jenna, then Allah would say, But have they seen my agenda? angels would say no, they make you are believing in it, but they never saw it. So Allah says, so can you imagine how they would make out if they actually saw my agenda? Then Allah says, The angels will say they also ask that you protect them from the US youth to protect them from that, that they are protected. So Allah says from what they want prediction, the angels who say they asked you to protect them from them. So let's have they seen my Jana an angel to say No, they haven't seen

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it. So Allah will say, and how would it then be m Can you imagine how they would make dua if they actually saw my janome

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And the angels say that asked for you to forgive them. Then a lot the prophets on says that Allah says, I have forgiven them already. And I have bestowed upon them whatever they asked, I've given them that. And I've granted them protection from which they asked protection. The angel will say Allah but in that group, they were someone who just walked past and he saw a group and he sat down, maybe a minute, two minutes, is he also in this door, who was merely passing by and sat down with him, so Allah will say, and to him also I have given my forgiveness. He was sits with him even if he didn't participate, he just said they, he will also not suffer and you'll get the same as they got.

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This is what lots of panels and this happens every moment every day all the time. And inshallah our names also with Allah subhanaw taala because we are remembering him. Look at this Hadith, Allah says, I am as my servant thinks of me, the way you think of me is how I will be. I am with him when he makes mentioned to you remember Allah, Allah will mention you not mention you mentioned you by name. If you mentioned Allah by name, he mentions you by name. If he mentions me to himself, he remembers me personally, I will remember him and mentioning personally in myself. And if he mentions me in a gathering a group of people, then I will mention him in a gathering bigger than the

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gathering he mentioned in the company of the angels and gibreel. And if he draws near to me a short distance, I will draw near to him a bigger distance. And if he comes walking to me, I come running to him. Allah mentions a servant of the prophets of Allah mentions a servant of Allah committed a sin. And that servant said, Oh Allah, forgive me, my son. And he Allah said, My servant has committed a sin. And he knows that he has a lord who forgives and punishes. When the Sahaba forgave him. Then the person sent again the same son, he did it again. And he came back to on Wednesday Allah forgive me, my son and the law says, My servant has committed a sin. And he acknowledges that

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he has a robber who forgives and punishes them. When the servants send again and he came back to Allah and Allah said the same thing. He knows that he has a Rob who forgives and he punishes so do what you wish for I forgiven you. This is in Buhari, continue as you wish and every time you come back to me, even the same sin 5060 years, I will forgive you, and I will forgive you and forgive you. This is our last panel data is one item. See, you know, obviously sins are bad, we don't look at it. But some sins actually is a mercy. It will take us to gender because that sin is that problem that weakness, we fight with ourselves every day. Some days were strong, and we fight that urge.

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Other days were weak we give in but then we go back into Toba. And that brings us closer to Allah. And we continue this battle for 5060 years until we die. And it will be that sentimental interesting to Jenna, because we continue to fight that sin continuously make dua don't. One of the tools of shavon is he says give up on Toba that you can't come back to Allah now that's the one of the tools of shaytaan

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a man from amongst those will be for universal sees what's called to account on the Day of Judgment you'll be called to account and it was found he did nothing of good or bad any good deeds. He just no sorta no did nothing. The only thing good he did was that used to lend money. And if a person out of desperation, couldn't pay him back, he would forgive that person. So Allah says, I am worthy to let the guy off the hook the data off the hook let him so I let those off the hook when it's a last turn to take his distribution. This is what law is. So when you think of generosity, Allah is more generous. When you think of someone who's kind of like more kind. When you think of someone who

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loves you know, Allah loves you more than that person.

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Oh, son of Adam, this is perhaps my most favorite, my favorite Hadith he was asked me What's my favorite Hadith is this hadith. He could see where Allah himself says this words, Allah says, oh, son of Adam, as long as you call upon me, and put your hope in me, I have forgiven you for what you have done and I don't mind. Nope wishes or call me. Ask me. Forgive me. I give you what you want. I forgive you. How big or small I forgive that. Oh, son of Adam. If your sins were to reach the clouds of the sky 70 years, you made some noise. And now you come back and seek my forgiveness. I guarantee I will forgive you. Oh, son of Adam. If you were to come to me, and this is on piano with sins that

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are close to filling the earth, and then you would meet me now you come to me like this. You can live the life of sin, and you died without making Toba. What must I do with such a person? You a firearm? You looked at her arm you did everything wrong. You didn't make sada you didn't ask for forgiveness and you died. Now you come to me on piano. With sin equal to fooling the world you come to a lot like that. But without ascribing any partners with me you didn't come a cheat. You didn't go to a climate. You didn't go to a valley you didn't go to a chef or a prophet to an angel within your own.

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Worship Allah alone, you come to ally in that state with a world filled with sin, but no Sheikh, then Allah say, I will certainly bring to you forgiveness equal to filling the world, I will forgive you. That's what Allah is. Don't come and check with Allah, and you're guaranteed he's mercy, you're getting tedious forgiveness, guaranteed your place in general, guaranteed when you ask you will forgive, guaranteed that you will overlook every sin and mistake. This is helaas Hadees. For today, I had to live by a hadith and this is the seasons about the heat, about your connection with Allah. What do I think about when I think of Allah? How do I live my life? Another Hades could see meaning

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a hadith which Allah himself says, Allah says, Oh my servants, I have forbidden operation for myself. In the previous discussion, we said, Allah made something compulsory on himself photo for him His mercy. Allah has made something haram for himself, what could we have done for law? Who can question a law if he does something, I made something haram for me, I've made operation haram for myself, and I've made it forbidden. And therefore I also made haram for you. So don't oppress one another, all my servants, all of you are astray, except for those I have guided. So seek guidance from me asked me denia Allah, and I will guide you ask Allah for guidance, and He will guide you,

00:31:18--> 00:31:59

oh, my servant, all of you are hungry, except those who I feed. So seek food from me and I shall feed you. Don't ask anyone other than me, oh, my servants, all of you are naked, except for those who I've closed. So seek clothing from me and I guarantee I'll give you the clothing. All my servants, you send by night and by day, you transgress and this obey me day and night to do this, and I forgive all sins, I forgiven all of them. So seek forgiveness of me ask and I will forgive you, oh my servants, you will not attain harming me you will never harm me, so as to harm me, and you will not attain benefiting me, you can't increase me in goodness. So in terms of benefiting me,

00:31:59--> 00:32:10

all my servants, were the first of you and the last of you, the human energy of you to be as pious as the most pious of hearts, if all of you would like to be Mohamed Salah Salem,

00:32:11--> 00:32:49

that would not increase my kingdom in anything, do not benefit me in the least. And if all of you the first and the last the human in the gene, all of you, you had the worst of heart, all of you will not be beliefs like shaytaan that would not take away from my kingdom in the least. Oh my servants were the first of you and the last of you, the human and the gene to rise up in one place and asked me and asked me and asked me all of you asked, and I and I will give everyone what he requested. I satisfied all your demands you liquids that would not diminish from me any more than a needle takes a drop out of the water of the ocean. That's how little you take away from me even

00:32:49--> 00:33:35

less. That's who I am. Oh my servants. It is but your deeds. Allah now says to us, it is but your deeds that I judge and I will reward or punished what you have done. I only do and will only reward you on your deeds. So it will find good it in praise Allah Alhamdulillah and we will find other than that, of the oldest mercy and all the kindness and all the forgiveness you still in in Gangnam then blame no one but yourself. Because I Allah has done everything possible to enter you into gender, that little bit that last 1% is in your hands don't come a chick. So May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to give Allah what he deserves. May Allah place his love in our hearts. May Allah

00:33:35--> 00:33:45

subhanaw taala recognize His mercy and His kindness. May Allah May we worship Him as He deserves to be worshipped. I mean, what sort of Allah said no Mohammed Ali? Salaam sorry.

00:33:46--> 00:33:48

Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.