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in an hamdulillah Hina Hamid who want to stay in and who want to study you want to sell feel maybe you want to I kind of already went through bIllahi min surely and fusina was a yachtie and Medina may have the love of Allah medulla who am I to blame for that hurt the other Why should you know illallah wa who la sharika who has to do under Mohammed Abdullah who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa only he was it was seldom Yeah, you have Medina Amman otaku la haka. toccata he was moved on to the moon. Yeah, you have NASA tokoto Bakula, the Halacha Kumi Neff su Hadith you were all up I mean has Jaha WebEx I mean who Maddie Jalan cathedral one is what Tapachula Lolita Luna v one or ham in Allah

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who can add a commodity but yeah you have Latina Amman it up Allah it's up Hola Hola, Kulu Conan salida Kamala como la La Nouba como mejor de la hora Sudha who forgot the first if it was an elderly man, my bad friend that's the kind of Hadith the Kitab Allahu wa hadal had you had your Mohammed bin Salman Allahu alayhi wa salam was shot on the morning data to have a cooler more data team Vida we're collaborating dolla Dolla dolla time for now.

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One of the advices I always give to anyone who's going to Palestine, to visit to pray, and Mr. Luxa is, do not go as a tourist.

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Don't go with the idea of seeing all the sites and checking off the boxes, like many do,

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but rather mingle with the people, spend time with the people talk to the people.

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And I find that in my experiences.

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That's the life changing part about visiting codes

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is interacting with the people because you see from them things that you may not have seen your whole life you only read about in books, in books of the past in the lives of the Sahaba and in the Quran and the examples of the NBA before us. You literally get to experience get to see get to meet people walking in those shoes.

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If you go out if you're a Mr. Luxa and you're leaving the masjid to your left, there's different gates to enter the compound. One of them is called Babyz Silsila, the chain gate. And if you go out that gate and you go out about 50 yards, you'll find a small cafe shop on your right.

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Corner boo Khadija.

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It's the cafe of a man by the name of Abu Khadija. And when we went to visit him with our group, he welcomed us and he said welcome home, welcome to your home.

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And when I say don't go like a tourist as part of that, meaning that people of Palestine again and again will tell you this is your home.

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He said that when I see you I feel like I'm seeing my family.

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And he began to tell us a story. His shop was owned by his father who passed away to him hula

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But beneath his shop are some tunnels. And so the Israeli Government wants that shop.

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And besides, of course, exerting pressure on him and harassing him in the lake and putting fines and fees and things that are very difficult to pay, when you're all you're allowed to sell his coffee and tea, he's applied for a permit to sell food. And he's still not been granted that for seven years.

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They've offered him 5 million 10 million, they kept going up until it became 30 plus million and not just 30 plus million, it's a check for 30 plus million. Plus, we're a passport to where it whichever country you want to go, a free to get out of this hell that we're putting you through to live wherever you want as a king. And the final offer actually was a blank check. You named the price.

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And you know what he told us as tears were literally forming in his eyes. He said my father before he died.

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He told me

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this land is not yours. So you can't sell it, how do you sell what does not belong to you?

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He said this land belongs to the Muslim ummah.

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And so he says, I cannot sell it no matter what they offer me and no matter what I go through on an individual day to day basement of harassment, and the lake, I cannot sell this because this this shop, it belongs to all of you, the Muslim.

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And when you meet him, your mind just can't go and think to the Companions. So he about rooming a Roman companion who converted to Islam and he became he came into Mecca as a very poor person, but he became successful in business. But of course, the Quran didn't let him make him.

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And so he finally was able to sneak out and set out and hedge on and doing so they they discovered and they chase him down. And they, they they they stopped him.

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He they said you came to us as a poor person, now you're leaving with all your wealth, and now it's not gonna work like that. So he said, Fine. How about I tell you where all my wealth is? You can take it

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and they said, Okay, fine, that's a deal. We'll take your money, we'll let you go. And so he told them where his wealth was. And he proceeded to Medina, with just the horse that he was on, and whatever he had from his belongings, and all the wealth, a lifetime of accumulation of business that he spent in Mecca, within the blink of an eye within the word of within the statement of within within the blink of an eye or within the time it takes to utter a statement. All of it was gone.

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And when he reached the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, and poobah, the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam greets him by saying yeah, but yeah, here Robbie hell Beja Yeah, about yeah, here, Robbie.

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Yeah, about yeah, here I'll be held via Oh, yeah. What a beautiful transaction you did. You've succeeded in that you've never done a better business transaction than that. And no one proceeded.

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So head to the Messenger of Allah, but Allah inspired the Messenger of Allah wa. So he did. And Allah revealed the verse about him until this recited till the Day of Judgment. Wamena see me yesterday enough, so mobility of all, body.

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And amongst the people are those who sell themselves seeking the pleasure of Allah, they will give up everything they have. So when you meet Abu Khadija you think Subhan Allah, I'm meeting someone from the sahaba. I took, I rode with someone to the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, perhaps when you've heard about it's been in the media prior to this new escalation. And I sat with a man who owns a home and in his home, his family, expanded his children got married and had kids in the lake. And so

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he eats, he built, he expanded his house, he has a small piece of land, but he expanded the house and of course, they gave him the demolition order. This is not allowed. You have to demolish your house. Now demolitions. It's not just you can just refuse because if you refuse will be thrown in jail. But not just that.

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Either you do it yourself, or you pay the Israeli government to do it for you. The cost of the bulldozer in the construction crew to destroy your house, you have to pay for it. And so the day came for them to destroy his house, but they actually stopped the demolition crew. And instead they said, You know what, this new expansion that you built for your children and your grandchildren, it's no longer yours. And they put in a settler, a squatter, if you want to call it in our terms, to live in that in his home instead. So when I walked into his home, I didn't we stayed on outside of his home when I walked into his plot of land, his driveway, you know, what was on the driveway was a

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huge bookshelf that was broken into pieces smashed into pieces, wood all over the place, huge branches from trees thrown in debris in the light filling up his driveway. And we sat and he told us his story. And as I'm sitting there, and I'm seeing this taking it in what's happening and he has the most vile

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Al settler living in his property, blasting the music and harassing him and throwing on his driveway all these things.

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Again the mind goes to the seed of the prophets of Allah. He was salam, whom Jimmy and the wife of Abu Lahab What does Allah say about her in the Quran? Why was she doomed to hellfire to carry the word that will burn them both. She used to throw thorns and spikes and harmful things in the path of the Messenger of Allah when he will leave his house. But how can you be patient? How can you live like that every single day?

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For years, there is something there that gives them strength that that the rest of the world doesn't have there's a level of Eman. There's a level of Yaqeen there's a level there's a level of hope and to work on in the Promise of Allah that is missing from much of the world that's mentioned missing from myself.

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But it's a faith that the Messenger of Allah lived by, he went through the same thing. And he persevered. And so his example is example of the messenger of ALLAH. So he persevered. The brother who drove me there, he walks, he's has a permanent disability, he walks with a limp. And when, when I was I asked him what happened. He told me that he's been arrested many times. It's rare, you find a Palestinian family, except that someone from their family beat their child, their cousin, their brother, their mother, their father has been imprisoned. It's a very common thing. Every family you meet, there'll be someone. And he's no different. But he said, I walked with this disability now

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because I was tortured.

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And then he shows me a video on his phone.

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He takes out his phone, and he shows me a school, that children have to walk through checkpoints, and teachers have to walk through checkpoints to get through.

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And the day before one of the teachers at the schools wedding, the day before her wedding.

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The forces came to arrest her.

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They came to arrest her. And this is again, a common practice. And so there's people there and you know, there's you know, back and forth kind of videos like similar to what you see. And then all of a sudden, I see this, the driver get thrown across the screen. He's showing me the video. He's has his limp, but he gets thrown across the screen and he gets he's thrown to the ground and he falls down.

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And then he's pointing and he has a huge smile on his face. And he's saying that's me. That's me.

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He's in his 50s or late, maybe early 60s.

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But I was shocked. Because

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how many Corojo Do you feel like as a man, you're defeated? You're thrown down while defending your sister

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trampled upon and sat upon and beaten. But he, he smiled.

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Like, I'll never forget that. He smiled. And he said, That's me. And again, the mind that Oh, where do they get this from? Where does this faith come from? And you just look in the Quran. When Allah subhanaw taala describes the wife of your own.

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When she believed in Musa Musa goes to his mother, his advisors and he says, he says, What do you know of as you have into Musa him and they began praising her and he said in Hatha Abu Dhabi and it because she worshipped someone besides me. So they advised him then kill her.

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So they brought us here. Well, the Allah subhanho wa Taala has set up and they pegged her into the ground under the sun. They pegged her arms and her feet into the ground and they began torturing her under the sun, and they took this huge boulder and they threw it over to crush her body forever to crush her body. Rubble falling on top of them and to split the body into pieces. We've seen these videos

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and at that moment she makes it too hot.

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Well Dorabella whomever Naveen Manuel Murata feet around if God forbid in any Are you

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of being needy. I am that guy by

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one a genie, feed the

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money one a genie Mina Lupo Malvani me mean, she says Oh my lord, I beg of you I asked you to build for me. A home in paradise but not just a home in paradise. Oh Allah I begged to ask to build for me a home next to you in paradise.

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So Allah saved her.

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Allah took her soul before the the rock crushed her. But But while she was still alive, and they're torturing her, she begins laughing.

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She begins smiling.

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Thinking and laughing until the advisor said a tangible one. I mean junonia In NYC moi here we are, how crazy is this woman? We're torturing her and she's laughing. You know why she was laughing? Because Allah allowed her to see her home in paradise

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before she went to paradise.

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How does this man laugh and smile as he's being beaten.

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And he keeps going back to any protests, anything, any site of action, he is there with his disability, and he is thrown to the floor again. And many of you probably have seen him on the videos because I've seen him on the videos, I recognize him. But what is in their hearts, what love of Allah, what faith in their heart is there that will allow them to do that and, and literally give us living examples of the people of the past.

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And these are just people I met in the three four day trip.

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Then of course, we see the videos from Gaza.

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The child who's severely burned to the face and his body, and right next to him is his father. And his father also has burns but the more severe of the two is a child but yeah, it's the child who's telling the father Oh, my father, be strong.

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Oh my father be strong

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where does this faith come from?

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And then you open the Quran and you read the story of Ibrahim Ali cinammon Allah told him to slaughter his son Ismail who's giving whose strength is my turns to the fleet of Allah His Father and He says, Yeah, but if Alma took monster Teddy Dooney inshallah whom you know Savini Oh my father do what you're commanded you'll find me to be amongst the patience is my in the sun is giving the father strength. When we see this, the mother crying over her last children.

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And she's saying, Oh Allah, every one of my children are in ransom for you. Oh Allah, or in ransom for mercy. Luxa and we read the story of Su Mei. So may Allah Allah I'm sorry, yeah. The woman from the unsought on the return of the Battle of ahead when the messenger of Allah is coming back and the companions are coming back. And the rumor had spread that the Messenger of Allah was killed, some Fulani was sending them so she comes rushing out in Medina and she sees masala suit Allah man found out a suit Allah

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and they tell her

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Yeah, and for Donna.

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Your brother was killed.

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And she says in nadie la he were in the in the Euro June mafatlal Rasool Allah, what happened to the Messenger of Allah

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Oh, and so your father was killed, was murdered. In Allah He was

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found on a suit Allah what happened to the Messenger of Allah your husband was killed in Nadi la una Raji. Rouen marathoner Soon Allah what happened to the prophet of allah sallallahu sallam.

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They said he's okay then she said, No, no, no, I will not rest until you let me see him. And after she saw him, she says, Oh Messenger of Allah, Kumasi, but him bad Dhaka jell O Messenger of Allah any

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affliction or calamity after knowing that you're okay is easy. What was it? The love that she had in her heart for Allah and His Messenger superseded the love of any worldly thing. And when you see a mother crying over her child, but say husband Allahu NetMundial keen, know that the love of her it's in that's in her heart super of Allah supersedes the love of anything in this world. We just have to open our eyes and see

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there's so many stories from the companions that you see manifest in the lives of the

00:18:48--> 00:18:54

of these of these children and people and of others. I mean, last week, it was so many examples. But for last one for sake of time,

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the children who are writing their names on their limb so that they'll be recognized after they are martyred. We've all seen it. And physicians are identifying these children and recognizing who they are by their by their names. We think of the story of NSF in another line, who in the Battle of boyhood,

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won the that rumor went around the president passed away and people left the battlefield some sat down. Then he met side of Anwar and he says oh side he says.

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He says

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we're what's going on? Where are you going? Where are you going? says what Nadine fcbd In nila, as you do really? Hello, gentlemen. Dounia hood, oh, sorry. I can literally smell the fragrance of paradise around. And then he went forth and he bowed inside of him was one of the 10 promised paradise one of the greatest companions, the one who the Throne of Allah shook at his death. He said the O Messenger of Allah, I could not do it and as did on that day, and he fought bravely until he died, but again, his body was mutilated, until it was beyond recognition, just like the children of Azusa beyond recognition. And you know what his

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his sister found his body and you know how she recognizes him by a mark on his fingertip. There was nothing left of him over 80 wounds.

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But perhaps there are things brothers and sisters that Allah puts in the hearts of the believers that we don't see the apparent that we see as a as a level of hopelessness and in capability, there's nothing we can do. But what's beyond the veil? What's beyond the apparent is the necessity of Allah, the tequila of Allah, the test the beats of Allah, Allah is giving them strength and giving them mercy and see we'd like to define mercy with one color we we think mercy is this and we put it in a box, but the Mercy of Allah is far beyond our imagination. And that's why the prophet will I send him he said in a hadith, he said, you know, what do I do Latvia, Yeoman Thea Mahina

00:20:47--> 00:20:48

Yatta. And all

00:20:49--> 00:21:07

the people that weren't tested in this world, on the Day of Judgment when they see the people who were tested on the Day of Judgment, the amount of reward they got, he says lower energy do the home candidate corridor to fit dunya Bill Macario they would wish that big perhaps their bodies would have been cut up with scissors so that they could have the reward that they have.

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We see something but perhaps we're missing something else. Well, Buddha already had that was awful. They were looking for stuff we do in our photo right.

00:21:25--> 00:21:40

Now, Haman hamdulillah Hello, Bill Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was a hobby of mine. We see from the people of gods in the people that was a lesson reminders that should awaken the hearts should revive the soul.

00:21:41--> 00:22:23

Their hearts are prepared. Their hearts are ready. And the question we have to ask ourselves is have we prepared our hearts, our deeds, our belief, you know, the Messenger of Allah was narrated that one night he woke up and he he says, he says, At loose Allah He bats in her job, wake up, my wives make up make up the woman who are sleeping. He says, Why? Because man's a later man and fit and what Phaeton had have come down tonight meaning they have to worship Allah and the Knights. What have we done to prepare our hearts in the head that we just referred in the story of us and another?

00:22:24--> 00:22:28

And the woman from the unsolved Why did the people turn away who turned away?

00:22:30--> 00:22:49

When the rumor went around some turn some of the Sahaba turned away Allah tells us in the Quran, in the Latina tower Lohmann, Camille, multiple German investors, Allah who was shaytaan will be validly Monica, Cebu, they slipped at that moment of difficulty because of something that they had earned from before. Are we preparing our hearts, brothers and sisters, the feet and are here.

00:22:51--> 00:23:10

And the exam the living examples of the righteous before us are playing out in front of our eyes, on our phones and on our screens. Are we taking lesson are we learning? Are we changing our life? Are we trying to become better and we will pay him he says that, you know

00:23:12--> 00:23:25

sins sins weaken the body and the heart not just the heart. We know that sins affect the heart but they weaken the body. Why? Because the believers strengthen their body comes from their hearts. And if you have a strong heart, if you're firm,

00:23:27--> 00:23:59

then the strengthen the body comes and he sees that's why you see those from the Romans and the Persians who fell despite having superior power. Because their hearts abandon them at the time of need. May Allah keep our hearts firm, so that they they are available to us and our time of need. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to send in pieces bustling around the Prophet salallahu Salam, and to keep our hearts firm in the moment to fit an alarm on Sunday and Mohammadi while earning Mohammed income so late today but to him why don't you block him in the comedian budget Illuminati Carla Muhammad didn't want to Ernie Muhammad came about after that. But on him on Ernie Ball hemophiliac. I mean in

00:23:59--> 00:24:41

the comedian Majeed Allahumma NSL could be an accountant Allah, you know, about Robina mink What are FRB? Namic What are Hammarby Namic? What are economic economic Allah Who Maryam and Allah Allah she's still a yam and halacha Fussa kadaga kula shaken Holika Houma hada Allahumma and how you Ladino your moods when a human Medina Jana, Jana, la Santa Oklahoma Santanu Tabata customer what's a Honda did you know how you look when a homeowner with a quarter in Lubbock Allahu Maya or hamara he mean yeah, now. You will focus you will masa keen, yeah then Jelani will Quran Allah who will come out when you know if he fell asleep. Allah will come out home V fi rasa with equally McCann yah

00:24:41--> 00:25:00

Amara he mean Allah who made him do alfalfa with him Kofa and min whom GM fell to Him whom ODM fxcm provides him a famine him with pneumonia from Soham Mata Jonah, aka ko yas is Allah my fellow human being at him woman hunting him one Imani him one summer at him womenfolk to him. Yeah, done generally with the Quran, Allah who couldn't go home

00:25:00--> 00:25:10

I wouldn't want to see it all Allah Muhammad oh no what I see it all Allah Mucuna Morona want to see it all right but Allah and Allah Amarula Do you understand where you are in Lakota way and hand Fisher you will make it when you come to the Karuna of Masada