How many from the Audience Knew the Matter before you Spoke in your Talk

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Your presentation is unimpressive. But could you just ask this group to raise their hands? Who knew some of the information that you mentioned? Now? The thought here is why is general education and the learning of the Holy Quran not integrated?

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First as a question that from the audience, how many of you knew the major portion of what I've said in the lecture please raise your hand

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major portion of what I mentioned, Mashallah, you can say, most of them,

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actually more than 50%, if not all,

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and the reason is that I've written a book also foreign and modern science compatible and compatible, which has been distributed in the conference. If those who have not got a copy, inshallah, on your way out, the copy of my talk, Quran and modern science will be distributed inshallah, it's the full color book. The guy in the part of the question, the second part, that why isn't education

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been given to the Muslims? So I expected the sister would have thought that maybe 1% or 10%, less than 10% raise the hand. So you see Mashallah majority knew it.

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And yet they came for the talk or hamdulillah. Maybe they came for the question answer session. That is the best part of the program. Sister as far as Islam is concerned, the first guidance is given by Almighty God in the goddess Quran. In the last and final revelation to human beings. It was not to offer Salah It was not to perform Hajj or pilgrimage, it was Accra read, recite, proclaim. So the first guidance given by Almighty God in the last and final revelation, it was to read it was education. And that's the reason the major stress that the Muslim should put is on education and hamdulillah the people of the South I know from Kerala and even of Madras, Mashallah of Chennai.

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As far as the percentage is concerned, in the other parts of India Alhamdulillah the Muslims in Kerala 100% indicated not Muslims all Keralites, whether Muslim or non Muslim dedicated, so, even culture comes into it.

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I find religion of Islam is concerned, every Muslim should be educated.

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So, that's the message for those who are not educated, that acquiring education is important. And that is the first guidance

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and the last and final revelation, the glorious corner