The Second Conquest of Constantinople

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Another issue that is explicitly mentioned is the conquest of constantly, constantly, constantly is of course, Constantinople, named after the Roman Emperor Constantine, they were so humble that they wanted to name cities after themselves, you know. So it was very common to name cities after themselves. And so Constantine basically made the city his capital, and he named it after himself, Constantinople, and Constantinople, became the bastion of human civilization for almost a millennia. This was the city and the land. This was the really, there was no competition with any other civilization, up until the coming of Islam for a millennia, 1000 years, almost almost.

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Constantinople was the cradle of civilization. And amazingly, our Profit System predicted Constantinople will be ours. Again, we are coming so many centuries later, we don't even think about this one of the most significant episodes in human history, or I should say, recorded human history. One of the most significant episodes is 1453. And the conquest of Constantinople. This is something that we just take for granted, put it in our, you know, footnotes, most of our kids have no clue. But in reality, it was the most cataclysmic the most seismic, you know, disruption that happened in medieval history, because it signified essentially the end of the Roman Empire, and the conquest of

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Islam over the Byzantine and Roman Empire. And the Muslim Ummah, eventually conquered, obviously Constantinople, of course, the beginnings with Maui he wanted to conquer from the time that's what we have been on site, he passed away outside Constantinople from the time of the Sahaba. They wanted it, multiple expeditions took place, but it was left to Solomon. Sorry, soltana Fateh at the moment, the second mohammadu they call them the Turks, Khalid, Mohammed or Mohammed the second, the supernal. Fattah in 1453, who finally conquered Constantinople, and he converted it to Istanbul. So Istanbul is of course, what Constantinople Of course, you still go, and you see, I mean, really had

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a personal note here. I mean, that the the, you know, is Sophia, the Hagia Sophia, what an amazing what an amazing testament to human mind. I mean, this is a building that has been It was built before the birth of our Prophet sallallahu. Why do you sell them? And we see it now in 2019. And we are in all, can you imagine the people of that time? We see it now, and it is massive and big, and no pillars and no beams? And oh, and the architecture, and it has been standing for 1500 something years as it is, I mean, truly, and that's just one aspect of, you know, their civilization in any case, what is the purpose of going all there? Because our profits as in predicted the conquest of

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Constantinople, however, good enough, easy, but there's a problem. And that is some ahaadeeth mentioned that Constantinople be conquered? Excellent. Without any timeframe. Excellent. We can take that and say Suleyman, soltanto. Factor

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phanteks. Hold on, ma'am, at the second did it No problem. But there are other a hadith that mentioned this conquest will take place towards the end of times when the john is around the corner when the D is around. And this throws a huge spider in our understanding, what does that mean? Because Istanbul is Istanbul. Now, what does that mean? Allah who I am, I have no explicit or clear cut or unambiguous answer. The only thing that can be said is that that land will revert to being controlled by a group that is not sympathetic to Islam, maybe if they call themselves Muslims, you know, Allah knows best because again, for a timeframe I took, maybe it could be called that as a

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double cofra government, you know, what did you know but now it is not like that. Now it's done both at hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, Muslim land and whatnot. So definitely, it's not like that now, but maybe things are gonna change in that land. May Allah protect all Muslims, but maybe things are gonna change and there will be a reconquest of Istanbul of constantly nia. Also the Hadith mentioned that that reconquest will take place, miraculously, without any blood being shed. That was not so fun factor, so bonfante it was a bloody war. It lasted many months, there was a siege there was

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The military there was a Navy there was an army there was a blockade it was the standard war many people died. That's not what the Hadith predicted.

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And again, you cannot enact a hadith Alhamdulillah supanova conquered it but that's not what the Hadith predicted will mention these a hadith now of these a hadith now this is a head coach you it is in his narration in its chain as a weak narrator so it is a weak Hadeeth so we're just mentioning with the disclaimer, does that weak or the

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opposite look down but above all said, you will fight Costantini three times.

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Does he mean the city of Constantinople? Or does Constantinople indicate the Roman Empire Europeans either can be there you will fight constantly near three times. The first time is that you will do well but you will not succeed.

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The second time you will enter into a solo with the custom trainee so much so that massage will be built inside Constantinople. This is really bizarre

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because massage did not exist in Constantinople up until 1453. And now there are only massage it in Constantinople. But this is not does it seem to reference to that again, all these are cryptic. So until there's a sort of between the Romans and their Messiah decide Constantinople, then you will return for a third time and you will conquer it with the tech below. You will say Allahu Akbar, and it will be conquered. And the prophets Alyssa them said that 1/3 of Costantini will be destroyed and 1/3 will burn down add 1/3 will be divided amongst you now this hadith seems to indicate a final conquest of Costantini and this is something that once again it is mentioned in another Hadith which

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the majority of scholars hadn't have interpreted to mean Costantini and I mentioned it now. Now the Hadith I just quoted you it is weak. It is mentioned in the Khattab would fit and have not been a hammer that it is weak. The one I'm about to coach you now it is authentic, Sahih Muslim. These two heavy seem to add to some concept. What is it? The Hadith is as follows the Prophet says and asked the Sahaba is a famous idea to say Muslim, have you heard of a city, half of which is in the water and half of it in the land? Or in another narration? Have you heard of the city? Part of it is in the water. And part of it is in the land.

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The vast majority of our commentators said this is Costantini. Yeah. Because Constantinople essentially it divides Asia from Europe. You have the Bosphorus straits. Right. And you have that city that you know it's considered that it is the basically one half of this way when half that way. So the majority of our dilemma and no way have been copied others they say this is Constantinople, the process of is describing they said yes we have listened to this stuff.

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The Prophet has said howdy This is a Muslim. Doctor Yama will not happen until 70,000 of the bunny is how will conquer it not the body is marine. The bunny is how cool concrete and when they come to it. They the bunny is Hawk will not fight with swords, nor will they fight will arrows. Rather they will say la ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, and one of the sides will fall down, then they will say la ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, and another side will fall down, then they will say that either had Allah 234 times until all four sides will be fallen down. And then they will enter the city and begin to distribute his lynnium. And while they're distributing his aneema, the shaitaan will call

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or a crier, we'll call that verily that the job has come out to your family, and they will leave everything had returned to their family and Hadeeth. Now, we've heard a similar headache before. But now we have an added detail. What is that detail? 70,000 of the bunny is how will conquer Constantinople. So putting all of this together?

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It is

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plausible, very reasonable to say that the armies of demand, the armies of the Madhi will be fighting at multiple places in this world. And some of the fighting will be more severe than others. And one of the very end of those battles will be the Battle of the conquest of Constantinople. But in this battle, there will be no war, there will be no bloodshed, there will be no swords, it will be a miracle given to them. The people in that battle will come and find the wall the gates and they will realize they cannot fight the people of the city, but they will know this Hadith, and the Prophet system is telling them you're going to use this tactic of mine. He's telling them what to

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do, and they believe in the Hadith

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So they will use this tactic. So they will say that ilaha illa, Allah Allahu Akbar, four times all of them in unison, there could be a lot and there tehila they are going to cause the walls to fall down, and they will conquer the city without any bloodshed. And then the news will come, the jar has come. So they will flee back to blood, a sham from Constantinople, only to discover it was a lie. Then when they're in Sham, the jaw will actually come, and then there will wondering what to do or fighting him a few times, and then Risa will come. And then as we had mentioned before it resumes now, who are the bunny is hack.

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Some arola have said that this is a reference to the Romans that they were considered to be the outcomes would call them because Benny is Hulk is not. It's not the standard term for the hood. But he is right it is the standard term. And who is this right, by the way?

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Yeah, cool. Notice how because it's how tight multiple we had two sons, right? Are you sorry, you saw or Reese and Jacobi Jacob, right? Esau and Jacob according to the the Old Testament, right? So Allah knows best. Some people say that the outers thought that some of the Romans were the descendants of his of Esau, the second son. So to say, Bunny is half is essentially a reference to the Romans. This is an interpretation, another interpretation, it means the Congress of the hood. And even some scholars said, and I don't agree with this at all, but some scholars have just saying what they said, telling you what they said, Some scholars said, Oh, this must be a mistake. The

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profitsystem said, Bernie is smart. He and one of the narrators messed up. And he made it Bunny is Hawk. But that, that's too. I mean, this word is so rare, it's impossible that somebody would have messed it up. Right? So a number of them I said, this is so bizarre Bunny is how it never occurs at any Heidi Bunny is how it's not anybody's mind. Nobody is Benny is Hulk. Right? Or sorry? It's not Bunny, Cobra bunnies, right? I mean, but he's right. His Bunny is how. And it appears that Allah knows best This goes back because the term 70,000 as mentioned, it goes back to the other heavy, which is very clear that there are going to be 70,000. Now remember, 70,000 in Arabic, does not mean

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exactly census 70,000. It is a broad figure. You know, we say in English, man, I called you a dozen times. You don't mean it doesn't. Right. Now, if you say I called you seven times, you mean seven, right? But he said I called you a dozen times, or I called you so 100 times everybody knows you don't mean it literally, in Arabic 770 770,000. This is the generic when you say seven, you mean I called you a few or something, you say 70. It's around that. So 70,000 basically means around 100,000 or 50,000. Round that much right? Not exact 70,000. So the Profit System is saying there will be 70,000 converts, essentially, this looks like we're deriving this from all of these it means

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like 100,000 of them have converted this not as minor amount and they are fighting on the side of the Muslims. And it is at their hands, the hands of the converts that Constantinople will be conquered, not at the hands of the born Muslims, it will be those who are pure, those that have chosen to fight with the truth. Allah will bless them that when they say that there could be a lot there tech biraj will cause the walls of the city to fall down and they will then conquer crystal linea or Constantinople. Now, this is the standard interpretation. I am sympathetic to it. A number of scholars say this Hadeeth doesn't apply to Constantinople. Have you heard of a city a part of it

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is in the ocean at a part of it is on land. That's what the Hadith says. Another group of scholars says this hadith is a reference to Venice.

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Venice, canals what not? And we say maybe allow

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what can we say maybe? I can't deny it can i because it doesn't mention custom linea. However, other ahaadeeth mentioned custom theory, know what it meant mentions Venice. So Allah knows best. I am sympathetic to this hadith being Constantinople but we cannot negate that it might possibly be that it might possibly be other cities as well and Allah knows

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he can remesh

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he can