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Naramata Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Silla, philam Ba with mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman, Kathira and cathedra from abajo My dear brothers and sisters 100

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We completed the story of Tao delay Salam, and then we now come to the story of Solomon Ali salaam who followed his father in the mod. And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned both of these MBR levels salaam, apart from the fact that they were both

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and remodelista had a kingdom the Lego which never existed before him or after him. But they were also known for their wisdom and for the very wise rulings and judgments that they handed out in their courts. And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that and the last route that I said I will be live in a shaytani regime where thou was what a man is, yeah, cool, man. You feel healthy? is enough. A shirt fee runnable comi we're gonna hook Mahim Shahid in for him. Nah, ha, Salima, we're cool. Learn it now. Hawkman where Elma was Saqqara, Mara the old elgiva Allah you Subhana wa wahconah of Aileen

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Allah subhanaw taala said, which means is a little Ambia. And remember the old insulae man when they give judgment in the case of the field in which the sheep of certain people had grazed and pasture at night, and we were witness to their judgment, and we made Salima alayhis salam to understand the case. And to each of them we gave Hockman, which is the right judgment of the affairs and also prophethood and knowledge, and We subjected the mountains and birds to glorify Our Praises, along with the old Alayhis Salam it was We Who were the doers of all these things. Now very

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first thing before we go into the story, is to understand that any Marchesa, any miracle that we see, is miraculous for us only because we don't know how it happens, right? For example, a cell phone would appear to be weak, sort of totally miraculous to people who have never seen one.

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We have got used to it most people, including myself, I can't claim to know how exactly it works. But because we use it all the damage is no longer miraculous, although it's reflects it It bears reflecting on the miraculous technology, literally miraculous because you know, you don't understand the the actual working of it, which enables us to speak to somebody, I'm just talking about just the calling of it, I'm not even going on to the all the other functions that it can do. But just speaking to somebody while we are traveling in a car in one part of the world, and the other person is traveling another car, another part of the world, and we are able to connect and be able to speak

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without losing connection, even though both of us are moving at high speeds on highways, which means our location is changing second by second, just think about this, how wondrous is this technology, and therefore how wonderous is the one, Allah subhanaw taala Did you know who, who created the brains, which were able to make this technology to invent it and to make it make it function. And this is where this is something that we lose track of and we forget that ultimately it is Allah Subhana Allah Jalla Jalla who, who is the one who makes things happen, it's not people and so on and so forth. It's Allah subhanaw taala. So therefore, by of course, by all means, we appreciate those

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who do it. We appreciate the inventors, we appreciate the the technologists who,

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who set it up and make it happen. But at the same time, we must and we do and we must remember that all of this happens only because of the fact that Allah subhanaw taala gave us these brains. I mean, how come monkeys don't do this? Or how come goats and cats don't do it? Because they don't have those breeds. There's nothing special about us we are also mammals, just like monkeys and goats and cats, but we don't but we are able to do these things. And they are not able to do these things. The very fact that I'm speaking to you that we have language

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that we have language this is an amazing thing. I mean I this is something which I never tire about tire of reflecting on this the miracle of language. I mean, how amazing it how amazing is it that we are able to capture

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in what we call words which are basically squiggles on paper.

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Not just material things, but completely, completely in the non material ideas and thoughts and feelings and so on and so forth. And we are able to capture them so beautifully. That when somebody reads what has been written

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1000 years ago, that person is able to connect with the feelings of the writer. And in depending on what it is it, it changes our, it affects our emotions, I mean, you feel sad, you feel, you know, you feel, if you feel angry, you feel very happy and joyous and, and so on so forth, right? Beautiful poetry brings tears to the eyes. And this poetry may have been written several 100 years ago, or 1000 years ago. And this is a huge and huge miracle. And all of this is almost Mahathir, and I'll just rattle imagined language, there is any mentioned that all languages are from him,

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this is a lot this is what I give us, right? We are the only species we are all living creatures that communicate, but we are the only species, at least to the best of my knowledge, which writes,

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which can communicate that our messages in scripts and we and we have, we have languages, Each language has an alphabet, every alphabet has multiple letters. And these letters, they, they are meant to convey sounds, which means that when the person is reading, the person has has converted text to sound. And the sound is what reaches the ears of the of the audience and produces an effect. We just think about that. This is the one of the one of the problems of our society is this We this frenetic way of living, which is literally I mean, I don't even know what to call it because there is no time to do anything worthwhile to to reflect, to reflect and think and so on and so forth. I

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mean, I'm saying no time, meaning if you if you want to make the time you have the time I have all the time in the world. But then I make choices, that I don't spend my time watching Superbowl. So I make choices and this is what you must do. So here, Allah subhanaw taala let us reflect on this and say Allah subhanaw taala is saying that all of these things you are seeing, you're seeing the Hikmah the wisdom of doubt, and so a man alayhi wasallam you're seeing the fact that they gave such wise judgments, and you are seeing the fact that the mountains and the and the birds used to glorify Allah subhanaw taala along without a Salam when he used to recite those aboard

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and so on so forth. Allah smart Allah says, All of these things which appear to be to be miraculous, and so wonderous to you are really Allah subhanho wa Taala has doings which Allah subhanaw taala did, and he, and he showed it to us, so that we recognize His glory and majesty. Now, to come to the story, there are two neighbors, one had sheep and the other one had a farm. So one night, the owner of the sheep forgot to lock the gate, and the sheep went into the farm. And they ate up everything they finish of the of the crops in the in the farm. In the morning, the owner of the farm shot saw the sheep in his farm, and he saw the farm completely destroyed. So both men went to the elderly

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CERAM for justice.

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Thou that Islam ruled that the man who owned the sheep should now hand over his sheep to the owner of the farm, since they had destroyed his farm. Now, somebody said I was outside the courtroom. And when the man came out, he asked them what the ruling was.

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And they told him, so he took them back inside. And he said to his father, I have another ruling for this case, if you permit, I have another idea if you prove it, and he says My ruling is that the owner of the sheep should hand over his flock to the farmer who can use their milk, right? He can't he can't kill them, you can sell them, you can use them in meanwhile, the shepherd should fix the farmer, the farmer, and meaning he must plant and work in the farm and so on, until it's back to its original state. And then the farmer, the owner of the farm should hand over the sheep back to the owner of the sheep. So the owner of the sheep is not losing his sheep his whole she forever. He is

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losing his sheep. And the benefit of the sheep only for the duration of time it takes for the farm to come back to its original state. And once that happens, then the sheep go back to the to the owner, and the farmer has his farm now in the original state. Now this was one of my Listen, gentlemen, and that was really CERAM accepted His judgment.

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And until now,

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one of the big lessons that I want to share with you here is it shows also the relationship that the father and son had think about this. Here is doubtless CERAM doggerland. Salam is the king he is the judges that his court and Sullivan Ali Salam is not the king, he is not the judge is not his court. He's the son no doubt. But when he is giving a judgment of the government is contrary to the judgment of the father. It's different from judgment of the father is a better judgment. The father does not hang on to the onto his ego. He doesn't say No, I will not accept and so on and so forth, which happens so often with elders when

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They are faced with, with youngsters who come who come up with, you know, something which may not agree with how the elder had seen it. And they will, they will, they will reject a good idea. Those who did not do that he accepted that he is very good, excellent. And he changed his judgment. Now, this tells us the judgment is called judgment, the court is not merely knowing the law, right, gentlemen is about applying the law. And it's about understanding the law and applying it in the best possible way. Meaning that as we see, in this particular case, there will be many ways of applying the law.

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But the best way that we saw was the,

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the way of Soleimani Salam, which he did, for example, one of the ways I'm just thinking, one of the ways could be that we say, Okay, now, what was this farm, which was destroyed those crops, what were they worth, and somebody who said these were worth $10,000, to say, now, what we will do is to cost assess the cost of the flock of sheep, and we will sell as many sheep as it takes to cover the cost of the destroyed farm. And that money will be given to the farmer, and whatever the number of sheep which are left is what is there with the with the shepherd. So this could also be a gentleman, but the gentlemen of soil SLM is very, very beautiful, because it does many things. First of all, it

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inculcates in the in the in the sight of the shepherd, and in the consciousness of the shepherd, the importance of keeping his sheep penned in the night. Sure, he is sheep, he didn't intend for the sheep to go there. But obviously, it was his carelessness in not locking the gate. So this also reiterates and reinforces the fact that he should be careful, because otherwise, the sheep can cause harm to the neighbor. So this is also part of the,

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the part of the

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the objective of the judgement, that people should be careful with what they have, and not allow that to harm anybody else. And the second

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thing here is that it still maintains a level of good relationship between the two neighbors, that they don't become enemies, because think about this, that is going to take several months, for the for the farm to grow, plants don't grow on, on command. So you know, the farmer has to, the Shepherd has to tell the farm and plant and so on and so forth. So these neighbors are going to be interacting, and one can imagine that the this one does take the milk from the sheep, but maybe he will share some of that maybe the farmer, he will help the farmer to help the shepherd to do a good job, because at the end of the day, does his farm and so on and so forth. So, it also promotes good

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relationship between the neighbors, even though there is a conflict and because of the conflict, they had gone to court. And of course, the justice, justice is done. And of course, the judgment is is very fair, valid. So there's many things that we can understand in terms of how judgments should be given, and how because of wisdom, the same law, the law hasn't changed, which means if some if there is a loss, then the person who has caused the loss must compensate the law is the same, but how is this compensation to be done, what is to be done? What is the best way to do it, and all that these are all things which are open to

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open to judgment, and there is no one way of doing it, there can be several good ways of arriving at the at the purpose.

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And that is the reason why knowledge is different from wisdom that we have this

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constant, you know, confusion there, or if let me give you three or four words, first word is data, right data is just random pieces of information. Data, when it's organized can be called information, information, which is then

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practiced and applied.

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So now you have experience, you're you have this information. And with this information, you are now practicing the information. So you have experience of that. What comes out of that is knowledge and the ability to apply that

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in in appropriate or the best way is actually wisdom. So people say we're studying knowledge, you're not studying, you're getting information that's the best you can get. That information is something that you have to apply on yourself and or apply or work on that and then only you get knowledge. So knowledge is different from wisdom and Allah subhanaw taala gave knowledge and wisdom to both

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of them. But in this particular case, serovar is Salam was able to extract a better judgment from that knowledge. Now the other is Allah was his teacher because that his his father and his teacher, and the W of the time and he accepted the judgment of his student and son, which shows the his own wisdom and his own broad mindedness. Oliver Delano was famous as a wise judge and Omar Nakata are the law who

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appointed him as a judge, due to this uncertain area, the law accepted that appointment, and he was the judge during the time of kill off off the top of the alarm of those people who claim that there was enmity between them and that was after the law had harmed so then it they allow no and they say many extremely bad things. I don't want to repeat all that. But I'm not saying they should look at history and say, How is it that say that earlier? There are no who apart from anything else was known for his bravery for his courage for his absolute integrity? If seven Amara Delano had mistreated

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Susan Ali or his family or had harmed them Why would say that Ali accept an appointment in the government of Omar Abdullah tower Villa think about that, right? So when you when they make these statements, they're actually finding fault which has an ollie and they're pointing a finger at second Oliver which is completely unfair. There was no enmity they were great friends, and that is how

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not only did certain I'll even have is available not only did he accept an appointment as the as the just as the as a judge, but he even married his daughter, whose name was Selma, another Lana she he married his daughter to send an Omar Abdullah said now what are the Lando married one of the daughters of seven I live in America. So the history is very important to read, and inshallah it will clean the hearts and wipe out these

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these completely unjustified conflicts and enmities between people. So now it is said that it is time when he was a judge.

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The other there's another story of dowden's dilemma Elisa Lam. And that was two people, two women came and they claimed both of a K with one child and both of them claim that the child belongs to them. So thou there is no rule that the child should be given to the older woman. So Mr. Islam said Bring me the child and bring me a sword. And he said, I will cut the child in half and each of you can take, you know, take can take one, the younger woman immediately said no give it to her. It is her child. It is it is the other one said, Sarah. So the wireless LAN ruled that the child belonged to the younger woman because she could not bear the thought of the child being killed. And so she

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was the mother. Okay. So this is again, wisdom, it's a question of how wisdom is applied, and how

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rulings and so on are given on the basis of that 100 Allah, Allah

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gave knowledge and to both of them 2000 early ceramics Mr. Serra, and as I said, these these two were the, the two kings who

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ruled the Bani Israel during the what is called the Golden Age. And Allah said when aka Athena the Buddha was when a man or a woman will call or hamdulillah Hilda de for Allah Allah Cassidy miniver it he'll mean, but what he says when a man oh that Buddha kala Yohannes or Lim nama Takata butene Butina Amin Galicia in in her world football movie in Allah sir indeed in Southern Nevada Lhasa and indeed we give knowledge to the out and saliva Allahu Salam and they both said, All Praise and thanks be to Allah subhanho wa taala, who has preferred us above many of his believing slaves and slave Elisa have inherited the knowledge of Dao De La Silla. And he said, all mankind, we have been

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taught the language of birds and on us have been bestowed all things and this verily is a clear and evident grace of from Allah subhanho wa taala. They had met they had the maximum knowledge of the time, but they thank Allah subhanaw taala for it,

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they did not say

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like today we see today before, I mean, we see people who have knowledge scientists and so on and so forth, then they know a lot and then they completely go off the track and they say, you know, they become atheists and so on and they

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They asked about the knowledge to themselves, this is my knowledge, whereas the MBA was RAM they knew who the knowledge actually belongs to. And therefore they are grateful that Allah Jalla Jalla, who has chosen to give some of that knowledge to them, him the payment Joseph, Allah He said, The word has two wings, sugar and Subbu. Now if you have if you don't have

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either of them that the board can fly because if you have and this by the way Salamina in one Hadith, he said, how good is the state of the woman of the believer, when he has plenty? He thanks Allah subhanaw taala and when he has little, he has sub he does not complain. So in both cases, he gets rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala whether he has more or less Muslim al Islam was

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by in several in several ways.

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Allah subhanaw taala them

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is is Oryza Allah he will actually Yes Bill Asha Savina to Jia Bacala. In nee I have to help belo Fei and decree rugby hut, Tara Bill hijab, Guru Holly, for toffee, commas, Hamby, soupy, well, Annette Walcott, fatahna, azulay Mana Alka in Allah kursi just other some other. Allah be on a big Finley you are heavily Mukalla Jamberry I had him in Mumbai, the in Naga and de la have no desire, Allah said, and when they were displayed before him in the afternoon, well trained horses have the highest breed, and these were war horses. And he said, Alas, I did love the good these horses, instead of remembering my Rob jejunal in a cell prayer till the time was over, under some had hidden

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in the veil of the night. And then he said, bring them back to me. And then he began to pass his hand over their legs and his necks till the end of the display. He was checking out the horses.

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And indeed, We did try saliva, and we placed on his throne, just sedan, but he did return to Allah subhanaw taala with obedience and independence, and he said, my role Forgive me, and bestow upon me a kingdom, such as shall not belong to any other after me. Verily you are the Restore. And Allah subhanaw taala accepted his dua. Now cinnamal Islam did not ask for a kingdom for worldly gain. But because the MBR they was around, they work only for the sake of the dean. And his dua for was for his miracle, which in his time, would have been temporal power over elements which no normal King can have. So Allah subhanaw taala gave him control over the winds and over the jinns and the shaitan

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shayateen and the birds and many other things. Now,

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here we are seeing, that's why I said I was also tested, and he did whatever he did, but he immediately make made is the foreign and ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive him, Allah forgive him. Also in this story, he asked for this kingdom, which no one will have before, beloved after him. And of course no one had before him either. There's a in the Sierra, there is a story where Musa salaam

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captured a gene, there was a gene who came and sort of captured him. And he tied him to one of the

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pillars of budget another way. And then he remember this door of survey salah, and he released him and he said go have asked him and he said I don't want to interfere in the DA of my brother. So they were really set up. Obviously I was America had given a source and Selam powers which were far in excess of 40 gift to anybody else. But this was the respect and love for his brother so they've already set up.

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Allah subhanaw taala said about his kingdom for Saqqara, Allahu Rehat Tajiri we agree he Rocha and HIFU ASABE Bashar Al Tina Kula burner was Karina mokara Nina field as fired her the other owner from noon. Oh, I'm sick, be ready, ASAP. We're in the low we're in Ghana, the Zulu Alpha Bahasa Nam, Allah listen and so be subjected to him. The wind, it blew gently to his order wheresoever he will. And so the shahada, the Titans shayateen and and also the shayateen from the jinn, including every kind of builder and diver and also others bound in fetters in chains, saying of Allah to serve Allah Allah. This is our gift, so spend or withhold

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No account will be asked Soheila And verily He enjoyed a near access to Us and a good final return which is to Jana Inshallah, I believe they are going to give him a gift and this is a gift, take it, no, you will not be account what I'll do what you want. But then Allah subhanaw taala gives this kind of freedom only to those who have proven

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their integrity and their truthfulness to him. jelajah makes sense. I mean, Allah does not give us the freedom to people who are rebellious.

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And Allah subhanaw taala said about his kingdom or what is Azula mana Gouda Carla you are NASA alumna Manteca daily routine I mean Cooley Shane in mahal have one followed will be in

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cinema is allowance the number he said And so Mr. Lister have inherited the kingdom of Tao that a Salaam and he said all mankind we have been taught the language of birds and on us have been bestowed all things. This is verily an evident grace and mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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what is the meaning of all things, you know, is ambalaj It's open to the opposite of said independent whatever was there at the time? And Allah subhanaw taala gave him what he said a mana Reha voodoo Chateau wha hoo ha shower. Well Isola who I know what mineral Ginny my Yama Lu buying a TV isn't enough be my main home and I'm Marina Lucic home in other beside your own Allahu Masha Omen mahalo Reba what Thomasina would you find girl Java be workqueue Reverse yet? Yeah, I love that oh the chakra bocadillo mini the Shoku Eva the shocker and also Mr. Les salami subjected the wind it's morning stride from sunrise the law was a month journey. And it's afternoon stride from midday to

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the to sunset with a month journey that is in one day, he will travel equal to two months of travel. I can imagine I mean that would be like you would go several times around the world and because the fount of molten brass to flow for him. And there were genes that worked in front of him by the leave of his robe, and whosoever have them turned aside from our command, which will cause him to taste of the torment of the Fire. They worked for him what he desired, making high rooms, palaces and

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tapestries and images and basins as large as reservoirs and cooking cauldrons fixed in their places. And Allah does his work you all family of the out with tanks, but few of my slaves are grateful. So these things which were

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given to him was the was wind which took him

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wherever he wanted a founder of molten molten brass and gin gins that worked for him with builders and divers which means that they were able to get oil from the ocean and something a lot of them and then birds and the language of birds and the ants errorlevel Amarillo Amarillo is to act with sugar not just say the word need to act with sugar is to be used to be obedient to Allah Subhana Allah did not Allah smart Allah said Amal, we do not say he did not say I love it not just no he said no act which and that is to be obedient to Allah subhanaw taala and follow the Sunnah of is in our case to follow this enough source and center. The

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this is the story of as I mentioned earlier, there was a shaitan who tried to distract Mr. Seller in his Salah. So he, he grabbed all of him, captured him and he tied him up and then he released him because he did not want to detract from the uniqueness of the kingdom of Solomon listen up. This is also one of the many

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you know, so called proofs, if you want to say, of the

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truthfulness of his asylum, where he did not claim things for himself by saying for example, that Allah has luggages ribbons around Sally said this but you also gave me much more, which was a fact but he didn't he didn't it this is not his way. His nobility and his helmet his eyes was that he always accepted and give people what was due to them and in this case

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so the virus was given this additional sensor proved that

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hamdulillah in this case there will be the next class we look at what survived surrounded with images Alexa and so on and so on. Inshallah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to help and understand.

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Help us to understand his deen and to enable us to practice it to the best of our ability insha Allah wa salam ala Alana Bill Curry while he was away as may be Rama Tikka Rahim, Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.