Summary of 28th, 29th & 30th Juz – Theme of Afterlife

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The speaker discusses the use of the Quran in relation to the afterlife and the afterlife's focus on surah. They explain that the final statement about gender was revealed before the day of Judgment, but historically, it has been revealed after the death of the first surah. The speaker suggests that the afterlife is focused on engaging people and learning from the methodology of booking people to pray.

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Finally the last two Jews of the Quran. I just want to talk to them about the overall theme of this use of the Quran and why it is important. And the last region of the Quran, the 29th and the 30th section of the Quran the focus primarily on surah is related to the afterlife, right, as we discussed yesterday with the 27th energy agents, the same with 3/93. If you can see the last four Jews of the Quran, focus on the afterlife. So we have to write about gender to read about Johanna to read about the Day of Judgment sued at about the end of the world. And what is the reason why these topics are so dominant in this part of the forum? There is a duration of Ayesha or Angela mentioned

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his elbow hurting about these rules. And remember this rule and even though chronologically in the way we recited, they come towards the end of the Quran, but historically in terms of how they were revealed, they are the earliest revelation. Right? So she mentioned why these sutras were revealed before the sutras about halal and haram. And I showed earlier horses that had the first surah to been revealed. If you had to tell people to stay away from alcohol or Xena, he would have said we never going to stop doing these things. We never got to stop sinning. Right? So he said in the first few rounds with the laws of Islam, people wouldn't have fun.

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He said, instead, Allah revealed the short sutras in which are mentioned of gender and gender. And when he one was firm in the hearts of people, then Allah revealed Hello.

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This is a very profound statement from Asia, degreed scholar and other companies the harbor. And in this statement, we can take I understand why these last few sections of the Quran are full of descriptions of Paradise and hell, and the afterlife. And they have judgment is because this is the prophetic framework of doubt that we focus on our beliefs. And when the beliefs become firm in the hearts of people, then the following of the law becomes automatic. You see nowadays when we deal with people, many of us have it backwards. They may be young people who have doubts about Islam. They may be young people who don't know what to do, Lhasa Allahu alayhi wa sallam means they don't

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know anything about much of a hair with the other day, not sure about when Islam is the true religion or not. And he said, gay instead of engaging with a doubt, intellectually, you know, we are shouting them for not wearing hijab, and we are screaming at them for not praying Salah, and we are fighting with them for even for trivial things about how long the beard is already the reigning autopia not. But in reality, there's a much bigger issue at play. The bigger issue is the doubt in the heart, the Battle of Iranian fate. And if we focus on that, if we focus on engaging people and talking to people, or helping them to clarify the doubts and teaching them the proofs of Islam, and

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helping them to arrive at the intellectual conclusion that Islam is the true religion of Allah. And then when the market is the heart and love of Allah, it is the heart. Naturally, they will start praying, they will start observing the job they will start taking the halal and haram seriously because they now have the firm in mind in the heart that this is the true religion of Allah. So from these students, we can learn the methodology of Tao. The methodology of Dawa is that we begin with dealing with the matters of the heart and matters of Akita and then once that is firm once people are firm in the belief about Islam, then come to the matter of halal and haram let us be wise in

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dealing with people and let us use this methodology in helping people overcome their doubts and to help people come closer to Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah is only supposed

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