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Why Is The Rawdah Called A Garden From Paradise

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Faith IQ

Channel: Faith IQ

Episode Notes

The space between the Prophet’s ï·º pulpit and his house was known as the Rawdah, and in his time he called it “a garden from the gardens of paradise.”What did the Prophet ï·º mean when he said that? Our scholars have three explanations, watch here to learn what they are.

Shaykh Hasib Noor​ explains.

Episode Transcript

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Why did the robot and the prophets lie Selim is city the place between his Masjid and the member of the pulpit be called a garden from the gardens of Paradise.

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The altar or what's known as an old little agenda to many people in the city of the prophets, I sell them in the masjid of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is an area that the Prophet slicin Emma said Medina Beatty woman, very robotic variable gender, between my member my pulpit where he used to give the whole tuba and my house is a garden from the garden of paradise. So the scholars they explained what does this garden mean? The scholars primarily gave three explanations of what this robot is, the first one is that it is physically a part of Paradise, it will be lifted into the heavens, and it will be included in Paradise, the second of which is just like in Paradise, any requests that you

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have that will be answered. Similarly, anyone that prays here and makes dua, your dua will be answered by last panel to Allah. And that is why it was called the garden, a garden from the gardens of Paradise. And lastly, a combination of both of these that it is also a physical piece of paradise, and that it will be a place where your Dharma is accepted by loss of Hannah hautala. Just like your request and Jen net will be accepted. And that is why it's called an older men Lola talea religion