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Yahya Ibrahim


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Salam Alaikum UK How you guys doing? I'm looking forward to seeing you in chat lat the beginning of the new year 100 I'm just walking out of my office here in Perth. And I don't mean to,

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you know, get you down or nothing. But this is Ozzie living clear blue skies Mashallah Lama de Molina has the commitment Ma. Ma just at the school we're wrapping up the annual end of the year. And yeah, my thoughts are on

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coming and chilling literally with you in that gold, dreary, cloudy weather. But we're gonna bring the sunshine in Charlottetown fast it's going to be an amazing amazing, amazing two days is a huge lineup and I know you're gonna love it in sha Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala join our hearts always upon the truth about loss of kind of Allah always bringing us clarity to our affairs and give us the Adan that helps us you know come closer to him and be at the service of others in life. Here's a shot of some of our little kids doing their thing. And I hope to see you soon inshallah.

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beginning of January 2016, it's gonna be epic. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala helps you and I to connect with him even more. So Allahumma Amin. See you then