Quranic Seerah #08 True Stardom – Al-Isr’ wal-Mi’rj

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So we discussed yesterday hamdulillah the Islam of the reinforcements, hams have not been well blooded, say the shahada, who is the Chief of all martyrs eventually and then Ahmed ibn Khattab Radi Allahu Anhu.

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By the way, I in my haste I said that he struck his sister helps to have served with the daughter of Omar. Of course his sister was falling into kebab and her husband was say that in his aid, one of the 10 Prom is Janna. In any case, in this now remaining

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five years, we said this happened around the fifth year when the Muslims want to have a Cynthia some of you know, the weakness was bolstered in Mecca with these people becoming Muslim. That was the first five years of the mission. Across the next five years, the barrage steadily increased in its intensity. But also Allah azza wa jal continued supporting the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam with astounding miracles, physical miracles, and there is the miracle of the splitting of the moon, the miracle of an extra El Mirage, which we just heard about, and sort of that extra in this last Raka.

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And I'll try to pass through some of these quickly because they are all Quranic Lee established accounts of the blessed Zerah of the blessed life story of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. So they would come to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and say, Give us a sign that nobody can deny an undeniable miracle over and over again, and I would come down and say You have no right to a miracle. A miracle is pointless for you, right? You're not going to believe anyway, but Allah azza wa jal out of his generosity allowed for one of these great signs.

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And he said subhanho wa Taala it Katara but he said to unshackled karma. The Hour has drawn near and the moon has been split.

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Abdullah had Massoud and Ali and Anna's may Allah be pleased with them all many narrates from each other, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was confronted one night about this give us something we can never deny. And he said look up

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and they he pointed at the moon and that Allah caused it to split down the middle in front of their very eyes. And he moved one half of it over one mountaintop and the other half over another mountaintop. With his gestures Allah Allahu Allahu Allah wa sallam.

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They said this is impossible, he must have pulled like a trick on us. He must have like thrown some threw some magic dust on us or one of those things. And they sent riders rushing out of Mecca saying there's no way he can be which in trance fool someone who wasn't there. And so they caught up they intersected travelers in the desert and they asked them Did you guys see last night? The moon splitting? They said yes, we did.

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And so they denied it anyway, they still denied it as Allah azza wa jal said they would. That was the splitting of the moon.

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As for Al Israa, El Mirage Allah azza wa jal says Suba Han Allah the SRB Abdi He glorified is the one who took on the night journey, his chosen servant Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Meanwhile, Masjid Al haram from the Sacred House, the GABA in Al Masjid Al Aqsa to the most distant Mosque, the Sacred Mosque in Jerusalem. I love the baraka hola who, whose region we have blessed everything around it in that land is blessed li Nordea who to show him from our great science

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to show him from our great science. And so that was an extra the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was carried in a single night to Jerusalem and Allah revived for him in a manner that only he fully knows subhanho wa Taala the rest of the prophets and he led them in prayer as if to symbolize the official passing of the baton and the leadership of all Prophets landing in him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then Allah azza wa jal caused him to ascend through the heavens to a place that no other creative beings that we know of has ever gone past the stars of the universe. Well past that, to the point that he said Salah who is an after a while, I turned to Djibouti that he said, um, and I saw

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him shivering and cowering over and saying, it has only been permitted for you to go any further. Oh, Mohammed. If I take one more step further, let's rock I'm going to incinerate. Allah will cause me to engulf in flames if I trespass any more than this. And this third incident if we can say there are three now the splitting of the moon and the Night Journey

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So the camera so that extra, this third one was in sort of the legend. When Allah azza wa jal says, well Akira who knows the Latin okra, and he has no doubt certainly seen him, seen Gibreel Ali Salam on another time that he came down, meaning in his truest form,

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a second time in the city rattle Montesa at the utmost tree. This is the brink of the created universe, the end of the creation, you know, And subhanAllah you say that someone is very distinct in their celebrity celebrity, we say this is a star stardom, right? He passed the stars Allah He salatu salam, and pass everything in the created universe. And Allah had their own particular tree I said that our tree and then Allah says at since the rotten mantra at the tree that is at the brink of the created universe, as we know it in the head at this tree right beyond it, Jen to Mattawa is the tree of is the garden of eternal refuge right past the paradise May Allah admit us into it.

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In the in the agenda to network is the Elisha Siddaramaiah. I'll share that moment when he alone proceeded la Sato, salam, whatever covered that tree covered it.

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A wonderous event in the history of the creation. The Prophet SAW Salem was as did you get to see your Lord? He said, No, Ron and Rahu there was so much light that covered everything. How could I see him his veil is like Subhana Allah to Allah until those who he blesses get to see him remove that veil in the Hereafter, but he saw the light of God Subhanahu wa Taala

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if Yaksha Siddaramaiah Asha Meza hull, bizarro ml paga his eyesight did not blur, and it did not transgress this was not a daydream, this was not an imagination or anything else. Myself Albus or wamalwa. La caldera mean? Yeah, it's your OB he'll Kubler Ross. He has certainly seen Allah is saying this. He has certainly seen one of the greatest signs of his Lord ever.

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And then he returned him back down to Mecca. And he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to find my bed still warm.

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Didn't even get cold. The creator of time can posit subhanho wa taala. And so this is these are some of the great events, he brought them back to kurush specialists around Mirage the next morning, of course, they fell over laughing. And they started doing Kerala, the kuffaar the idol worshipers started saying Come listen to Mohammed, come listen to Mohammed knowing that everyone will be short now he's a madman. And people began to laugh. And some of those who embrace the faith left the faith that day. And then they then I will work with Sadiq walks over and I Isha his daughter says that was the day he got called a severe, the confirmar have set the confirmer of truth. Because they said to

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him, You heard what Mohammed saying, do you hear the news? What do you say that he's saying?

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He said he said it. It's true.

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In Canada, but Carla

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for cansado, if he said it, it's true. He said I believe him about things crazier than this, I believe he receives snooze from above the sky is night and day in an incident. This is not that much more impressive. It's not actually.

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And so that is the incident of Illustra El Mirage and the splitting of the moon.

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Of course, how that gives us surety on our faith should be straightforward as well, right? No one should ever say how do we know this actually happened? The Quran is from Allah and Allah established it. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam confirmed about him he said it a whole generation of Sahaba keep this in mind that disagreed in a brotherly way on so many things, interpretation wise, minor secondary issues did not disagree on these issues on these events happening, which means it is logically and logistically impossible for all of them to collude our light, they could not have put that together. Right? The story would not have added up would not have corroborated.

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And so don't let anyone come and tell you. But why didn't anyone else in the world see the moon split? Right? Well, the writer saw it, didn't they? Other parts of the world could have been cloudy, could have been deeper in the night and everyone's sleeping because they don't have smartphones and electricity. right the wrong. Some people could have saw it but we're too afraid to be called crazy. So I never told anybody. He said I need some sleep. Right? Some people could have, you know, saw it and said it and were dismissed right or wrong. So it just trickled off deteriorated in the records of history right or wrong. And Allah could have caused only that audience to see it. Not difficult

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for him. subhanho wa Taala

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Right. And don't tell me why wasn't there a gravitational disturbance? If you split the moon, the Earth's oceans would have flooded. And we would have thought, this is getting silly at that point, right? The one who can create a supernatural event, you should not expect the natural aftermath for a supernatural event, right or wrong. And don't let anyone come and tell you how do you want me to believe that he traveled from MSU that haram to administer that officer, Allah carried him? Did not the human mind develop a plane that can carry you from JFK to Mecca in a few short hours. So the creator of the human mind can't bring him from Mecca to Jerusalem. It's a non factor. And by the

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way, when they brought him over and said, we all know you've never really been to Jerusalem and Muhammad and these are expert businessmen from Jerusalem. And Muhammad described Jerusalem and brick by brick, he's describing the city. And they're all looking like

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that's exactly how Jerusalem looks like.

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And so, transitioning from surety to purity This is a little bit of an intellectual point tonight, but it is very much a part of what grounds you in this Deen grounds you in this faith. You see, when the heart becomes corrupt, it is not just because of Shambhala like the desires and the temptations, it's also because of Shubha your confusion. And so I want you to memorize a rule right now so that your deen your heart is never hijacked, because you don't have this understanding there. The truth is what comes from Allah, not what is mind boggling for you. Right? The Deen will never contradict logic, but it could confound like just boggle our minds. It will not conflict with our minds, but it

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could astound and boggle our minds. And just tell yourself what Abu Bakr Siddiq said, you hold on to that this is your stronghold. If you lose this, you could lose everything you could not recover in your faith. If he said it, maybe I don't understand. Maybe there's some details. If he said it. It's true. You have to be like this. You know, I was once on a very packed train in the subway in New York City. And there was a guy that was like sizing me up the whole ride. Luckily for a conversation, like not a fight, but he looked like he really wanted to have a conversation with him was several people between us very crowded. And he says to me, you muslim, right? I said, Yeah, I'm

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Muslim. He said, You guys pray to that black box. Right. I was like, Yeah, we pray to the Kava. Yeah. He said, You got like that thing going on. And one of the corners of the gobble, right. I was like, yeah, the Blackstone, yes. He said, where's that from again?

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And I said, Yes, we believe that, that it came from heaven. And it was blackened by the vices, the sins of mankind. And I have to raise my voice and I knew he was doing this on purpose, to make me sound silly in front of everyone. And he goes, isn't that a little just unreasonable? Isn't that does that make sense? I said, I agree with you doesn't make any sense at all. To believe that from just anyone what you need to understand who told me it was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if he said it, it's true with that we live on that we die with that we meet Allah azza wa jal. Well Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Azza wa barakaatuh county b&m Hamid Radha he also here