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AI: Summary © The speaker explains that looking for a potential spouse is important in finding the right person for a relationship. They also stress the importance of looking at both characters and their behavior in terms of their character and manners. They also mention that there is a criteria for finding the best person to marry with, including factors like compatibility and body language.
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What qualities should we look for in someone we want to marry?

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When we're looking for a potential spouse, it's very important that we look first and foremost at a person's character. And when I say character character in includes Dean, but also something beyond the insult, sometimes when we look for a potential spouse, we might only look at surface characteristics of Dean, for example, the person has a long beard and dresses a certain way or the person or the sister dresses a certain way and therefore, we consider that that's that person has deep, we have to look deeper than only the external when we look for character character includes Deen and includes a person's practice. But it also includes a person's manners includes how a person

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behaves, the prophets, I send them told us hydrocodone, hydrocodone, yeah, so the prophets I send him has actually given us a criteria to know who is the best. And that criteria is this, the best of you are the best to their families. One of the best ways to know a person is to actually see how they deal with their families, how they are with their families, and not just their families, but those around them. So looking at how a person is with their family, with their community, how they interact, this is also a very important part of what you look for in character. And finally, and this is also very important, is looking for compatibility. One of the mistakes we make a lot of

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times is that we simply look at Dean or character and don't look for the other half of the equation, which is compatibility. You might have two people who have beautiful character zaidan Xena, for example, and odilon hope they had beautiful character However, they were not compatible and so they did get divorced. And so one thing we have to also put into the equation is compatibility. And that of course has to do with many different factors, compatibility in terms of how we use personality, how you think culture, the way you look at things, your goals, etc. But those are the two aspects that I would say character, including Dean as well as manners and compatibility.

Marriage is half of our deen. It is a huge aspect of people’s lives. Choosing a person you will be spending the rest of your life with. A person who will be the parent of your children. How can you ensure you choose the right person? What qualities must one look for in the person they are looking to marry?

Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed explains.

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