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boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Okay, good evening. Let's work can I take you to take us to Broadway plays on Broadway?

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Chelsea much? Yeah. So, as you can see the underground station approximately right about there please. Okay Shala

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Well, well, it wasn't, you know, it was enough full of people it wasn't it wasn't wasn't so busy earlier on Barbra Felix is

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yes, it's just an hour left to the game. So crikey, let me go away from the big rush

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it look like Muslim isn't doing so well you

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can ask him Are we just gonna go to a we're gonna go to a pub, just near the near the, the underground station. And

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just to meet some friends of ours, with a more long, long lines of colleagues on call as far as calling friends because I don't really like to hang out in such places. Especially recently, it's taken a big turn in my life. Judging by your beard and you have your trimmed your upper lip, Are you by any chance are Muslim? I am Yes. Although somebody called Oh,

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my friend, Mohammed Moscow, myself. Recently, about a week ago, we took shahada together in the local our local public house. And so I was sort of saying I'm trying to shahada in the public house. This is what I've been told to call it because if I'm talking to another Muslim, the public house for an Englishman, as I know, is a pub, however, which I used to be going to very often a public house, which means a House open to the public. And from Muslim to a Muslim I can call it a public house because apparently that's otherwise saying mosque.

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Yes. That is.

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That's interesting. Do you agree with that? Or? That's quite interesting. Because by the looks of your excuse, my by judging you by your front cover, you seem a lot older, I can only imagine a bit more pious and that's because we've only been a week or so into into the religion.

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Well, but older perhaps the night

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and yeah, we so I work in hospitality in a kitchen. And there's a lot of a lot of guys who work there. They tend to call each other Muslim brothers. Yeah. So brother, this brother that there's a lot of this particular word that I keep saying, which is kupah I'm gonna if I'm pronouncing it, right, yeah, that's right. I'm not quite sure they don't really talk to me that much is I'm really new to that game as well. New to Islam. Sure. But what is good is true for actually mean. Yeah. You know, it's actually a word that

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you can find on the television in the newspapers. And it's almost being used as a swear word. Yeah, I'm aware you're very much what is somewhat negative connotation, derogatory connotations. You're right, but the thing is, it's not like that at all.

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The actual meaning is somebody because it's an Arabic word, by the way, okay, is another big, it's an Arabic word. Yeah. And with the Arabic language is a very rich language has, you know, words have very rich and deep meanings. Now, from a linguistic point, it means something to cover, or to conceal or to hide, okay. Now, when somebody who is a Muslim, who surrenders themselves to Allah, the Buddha Muslim, yes, but as a Kuffar or a cafe, which is, you know, means one of them, it just simply means that somebody who is hiding or concealing any faith that they have, they're a non Muslim, essentially. So it's not a swear word, basically, is the kind of the people like Christian

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one, or whatever, that they know Islam, but they don't accept that you call a coup for Well, not necessarily that they noticed them. They may they may know office, but they happen to follow Christianity. But essentially, if you're to translate as a non Muslim, okay, known as a person who's not a Muslim, essentially, that's a simple way of looking at it, that there are non Muslim, but it's not a derogatory term I in the sense that, you know, to just swear or curse anybody, or if somebody is, or to take offense to it. And I'll be honest with you that, you know, if a Muslim is talking to a non Muslim colleague or something like that, it's not correct to say, you know, you can because,

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you know, number one, it's a different language, they might not know that they mean, they understand what it means, and they may take it in a bad way. Okay, but you know, you should be respectful and you should be

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very clear and how you're talking to people. You know, it's very important as Muslims that when we speak to people we speak in a clear way, but it's certainly not a derogatory word. Okay, and that sense to be used as a curse word or anything like that makes sense.

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But basically, they was bit even at whoever big knowledge but my opinion it was Darwin you know, that some people desire that is a Kufa in a bad way.

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Yeah. And then you know what they think as you shouldn't say, in a bad way, because some people, you know, like you said, they are Kufa. Maybe they don't know Islam. You're right, you know, you're still too far because they know Muslims, but you know, you shouldn't say in a kind way, you know, may Allah give you any guidance. It's unfortunate that many Muslims don't realize that

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it is the responsibility upon us to call people to Islam. Yeah, and not to hate people, or to hate for people to embrace Islam. So hence, when they see non Muslims, they, you know, they use words like, you know, kofod and calf. And this is not how I mean, that's what they are, in a sense that they're not Muslims. But as Muslims, we should want to show them the good side of Islam, invite them to Islam in a good way, in a nice way. Okay, we shouldn't want or will or want people to go to the to the hellfire, we want people to go to the paradise. We want people to go to Jannah paradise, you know, so it's important that we, we have this in our mind, and not to have hatred, for people who

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are are non Muslims in that sense, either stops us, you know, calling them to Islam. It's very important that, you know, we have, we're living in a non Muslim country, Muslims were a minority here.

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And we need to show as well, you know, you know, what we saw in Islam, that we wanted to embrace Islam, the beautiful side of Islam, we should also want to show that to other people, and not to be a bad example, not to be of people who are abrasive and harsh, which people will say that this is Islam, you know, this is what according to why would they want to be a Muslim?

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So it's very important that we, you know, we have good manners with people. This is really important point in this lab to have good manners, good manners, you know, brothers, they weren't a question that comes on my mind. There is a bit more deep, I think, which, almost the woman they asked me this question. Yeah. Because they told me okay, I know you're Muslim here. But you have to tell me why you can have four wife?

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There is a very deep question they asked me, and then my answer is no. That clear?

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As as Muslim brother they born in Islam, he knows better than me. Yeah.

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This is, you know, the four wives, or the woman? Why does she have to cover herself?

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Inheritance laws, where you know, the man gets the double share of a woman and things like that is a very common questions that you read in newspapers, is a very common questions or things that people talk about on the television.

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When, before answering, I'd advise you brothers before you start answering these questions, because

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sometimes you answer them, but it's difficult for people to to accept it. Because their way of life What do you mean, a man can have four wives? I mean, in the United Kingdom, it's illegal to have four wives. It's not allowed. You're allowed to have one wife in this country? Yeah. But in other countries, you know, that may be permitted may be allowed. You need to take a step back. You need to talk about

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the law of God, you know, the law that are the guidance that God Almighty gave to us? Yes. And as a Muslim, if I believe that to be the best guidance, everything that God tells us, everything that Allah tells us is best for us. Even though my own personal opinion, it may be something I'm not used to.

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Yeah, if I can understand that, whatever I find in the Quran

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is a source of guidance,

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then I understand that, if God Almighty allows this, it's best for us. Now talking specifically. So fundamentally, you know, men are different from women. Yes, their wants and needs and desires. Mentally, they're very different, you know, maybe genuinely, you know, not all cases, but maybe women are more emotional type. In the sense, maybe men look at things in a very different way. This is not just an Islamic way of looking at it. There's a very famous book that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, describing the different attitudes and

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emotional states of men and women, they're very different. Yeah, they have different needs. So Islam has given a guidance to us, that allows a man to within the law, to marry more than one woman he has to be just he has to be fit. If he can't do that he can't can't be fit. And he's only allowed to marry one. And Islam, out of all the religions is the only religion that tells us or limits a man to the amount of women that he's allowed to marry. There's other religions in the world like the Mormons, that they can marry up to, you know, 15 and 20 women, but Islam limits it and limits it also to in terms of the has to be God.

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just and fair, when he marries, it's a big topic, you know, when dealing with people who are not Muslim to understand these topics is sometimes quite complicated. But if you always go back to the origin in talking about, you know, worshipping Allah and obey him, Allah and he knows best, you can always take it back to that once they accept that. And then the laws that come with it are easy for easier to accept. Yeah, basic, basically, you know, many brothers as well, they told me that if you go back and the time, you know, they used to marry us. Well, if if the if there was many, because before there was many slaves, woman, yeah. So because the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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He was married some woman's because they needed you know, maybe they are divorce, or maybe some woman's they were seven sick. So they they need someone to support them, even economically who, you know. Yeah, there are many different situations situation. Yeah, you know, I mean, the example that you gave, and sometimes you find widows, that they have, you know, two or three children, and it's difficult for them to remarry. Some, you know, if somebody to look after them, and Islam has answers for this. And this is one of the beautiful things that I found in Islam, that regardless of whatever situation, you find social issues, economical issues. Islam has something to give a solution for

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that. Yes, you know, and you don't find that we are left. You know, twiddling our thumbs, you know, what do we do? What are we supposed to do now? Islam has answers for all of these things. So this is one of the things which shows also proved to me that Islam is you know, is

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something from Allah, and something complete. We're not something which is deficient.

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And the more that you study, the more that you learn, your more that you'll find that Islam is so beautiful, and is so applicable and applicable to all times and all people.

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