Is It Okay To Put Verses Of The Qur’an On The Wall

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The Qur’an was sent as a guidance for mankind, but was sent it sent as home décor too? Is it permissible to put verses of the Qur’an on your walls at home?

Shaykh Mohammed Mana explains.


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The speaker discusses the importance of respecting the verse in the Quran and not using it just for decoration. They stress the significance of the verse in relation to the development of Arabic calligraphy and the significance of learning from it. The speaker emphasizes the need to understand the profound meaning of the verse and not just use it for decoration.

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Is it okay to put up versus have an app on my wall?

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We have to remember that the plan was sent for the guidance of mankind. So ultimately, every time we are reading the Quran or reciting it or listening to it, we should always be reminded of what guidance can be extracted from this particular verse that I'm reading or listening to. Now, Arabic calligraphy is very beautiful. And it's very common that people have particular verses that they put in frames and put them up on the walls of their houses, messages, offices, etc. Well, this isn't impermissible per se. We have to make sure that we are respecting the Quran and not using it merely just as decor to decorate our walls. But we have to understand that every time we look at these

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verses, we should reflect upon them and understand the profound meaning that they are delivered and that's why the Quran was revealed from a loss of penalty.