When Should My Children Start Wearing Hijab

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There is no one rule that will apply to every young girl in general. Working towards that it though, how we approach hijab for our children needs to be way more than a box to check off in our parenting to-do list.
Hijab is not the end-all of achievements for a Muslim woman. It is part of the process of building modesty and character, and this process for your daughter begins with how well you model, encourage and prepare her for it.
And remember: hijab isn’t about you and it’s not about your reputation in the community. Hijab is between the wearer and Allah, and your role as a parent is to nurture that relationship for your child so that hijab is a beautiful beginning and NOT just a means to your reputation’s end.

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim discusses.

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When Should My Children Start Wearing Hijab
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