The Joy and Sorrow Of Our Beloved Prophet SAW

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Listen to today’s Jumu’ah bayaan on the joy and sorrow of our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw by ML Ebrahim Bham.


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wa salatu wa salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Alam Allah

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Almighty Allah kita Baba kitabi Allah Sharia Tabata Shariati, Amanda don't follow the Lahaina. shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Call in Namah

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loco Moo ha la ilaha illa poco de la

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serda colloquialism My dear respected elders and brothers

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in the ayat which I have recited which is in Surah tolka have

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that surah that we have been emphasized to recite on the day of Friday and we Allah give us all the topic of reciting surah calf on Friday inshallah, in this Allah subhanho wa Taala tells our beloved Nivea creams Allahu alayhi wa sallam cola tell unto the people on a Bashara Mithra comm I am a human being the way you are human beings. We share the aspect of humanity with our beloved nebia Kareem Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Having said that, we know that there is a difference of the heavens and earth in terms of the rank of navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam compared to mortals like you and I, if ever we can make such a comparison, and someone has very beautifully said that we know

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that charcoal that we use is pure carbon. We know that charcoal is pure carbon and diamond is also carbon, right they both are carbon. And there is only a difference in the frequency of the vibrations and the molecules that make them different between a diamond and a charcoal. But who would compare a charcoal with a diamond and therefore, the Arabic poet so beautifully said Mohammed on buchon when a circle bashary Mohammedan yoghourt on one nostril Kalahari Mohammed is a human being and we are also human beings, but Nubia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is like a Ruby, Emerald diamond. And you are like the ordinary stones that we find on the side of the road. That is

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a difference. But however, there is an aspect and one of the reasons is one of the reasons why the alumni have made mentioned that this is emphasized is that we must not see the greatness the attributes of our beloved nivia Kareem strala while he was alum and fall prey due to his greatness, to attribute aspects of divinity to our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So part of this verse is to also deny the divinity of our beloved navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanho wa Taala Nubia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam quiz maker Hyun, KY lamb curry

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mushroom with Newcomb K, maybe in San Jose district up in Santa lake and BLM and BLM was Salatu was Salam. Kesava, Basha Riyadh Keifa siet Misha he can lick and merkabah Ximena Haas Mancha farakka Jessie are here aka farak hamari nebia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam now hamesha are now up near the area that Mian farrakhan and this is also one aspect given the fact that naviators himself Salam was a human being nebia Karim saw Selim used to always show that aspect of humanity that he was a human being, he used to make the difference between himself and Allah subhanho wa Taala. So one day when a person came in front of NaVi saw Solomon he was making dua, Masha Allah, Masha, Allah

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Muhammad, Allah wishes and what Muhammad wishes and maybe saw Selim rebuke him and said, Allah He Nita, are you equating me with Allah?

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Allah tala kisatchie. kiya?

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Did you put me in front end equating me to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now via Kareem salsa we used to walk he used to walk with you with humility. He used to bear this aspect and he was a human being by excellence. And he walked in a way that suggested his reverence of Allah subhanho wa Taala in his aspect with regard to him being a human being the via Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala gave me

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choice and option of being a Navy of Kingdom. A Navy a king Navy, like sir Amanda Lee Salatu was Salam was a Navy but he was given kingdom.

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And Allah Allah has made mentioned where he said that Allah give me a kingdom that no one has ever been given such a kingdom. So Allah tala put to me also the option that do you want to be a Navy with great kingdom and being a king and he had been an enemy? Or do you want to be a Navy? That is a servant of Almighty Allah and nebbia Kareem saw slim said, I chose to be a Navy who has appeared a servant of Almighty Allah

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Subhana Allah and that is why whenever our greatness of nafeesa salaam his highest stages nebia Karim saw Salaam took great pride in him being a servant of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. The Quran also when it makes mention of our beloved Nivea cream sauce, the highest accolade and achievement of Mirage and Allah tala refers to mirage. What did he say Subhana Allah He has arrabiata The Glory be to Allah who took his Banda who took his sermon in a portion of the night from Nigeria haram to Masjid xi and then in the presence of Almighty Allah, so even in his most glorious and greatest accolade and honor, and lateral refers to our beloved nivia Kareem saw Selim

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as a as a servant. So this is an aspect that we are in Episode 70 hamesha Allah.

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Allah tala to Louie ck shriek knee or novia, Kareem saw slimmed

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up Nicola fell here Taki him. Now one of the aspects of being a newbie and being a human being was different emotions that came upon our beloved nebia Kareem Salah Salem and this is very important. So because maybe Sal Selim was a human being, they are different emotions that came upon him the way that comes upon human beings and the way they come through to us also, different types of emotions. Now when those emotions came, how did our beloved nebia Kareem salsa Maria now this is the key to the ayat laquered Candela confy rasulillah. He was on Asana, we made nivia cream sauce for you a perfect example. If nebia Kareem salsa was an angel, the new ni would not have been able to follow

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the acronym SOS Elias refer to this in the in the 15. So part of the Quran, Mama and NASA you may know him

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in an call who

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many people do not bring him on? They said Why did Allah tala send a human being as a prophet?

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Who can

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tell unto them if Allah had populated the earth with angels, Allah would have sent an angel as a prophet. But in this earth, they are human beings, definitely a human being as a prophet. Now you can relate. So when we have difficulties, how do we relate? So Kareem salsa also had challenges in this world. He also faced situations where, for example, amongst the challenges that he faced, sometimes there was challenges in the house. Sometimes they were arguments in the house. Sometimes there were disputes in the house, how did negotiator in South Sudan deal with it, we got a perfect example. So we can say our Navy also had these situations, how did he react We will also react. And

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one of the most important emotions that you and I have, is the emotions of joy and sadness. One of the most important emotion that you and I we have is the emotions of joy and sadness. So in this particular way, nebbia also had this type of situation, he was overcome with natural feelings of emotions, as a result of joyous and said occurrences, his dignified reactions in these moments in joy, and in sadness is a glowing example to us to follow, so that he could be followed in happiness, and in sadness in gratitude and impatience. Today, I want to share with you some aspects of the joy of our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to share you with you some aspects of

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the tears of our beloved nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who should be hotter than or Buddhists or MEP, or who she came Oh copper nebia krimson Allahu Allah wa sallam zol cerca de la Gotham, bulky, the miana Rui str kiya the bassoon fermata when Livia Karim sola Hawley wa sallam used to be happy, and the vehicle himself slum never used to laugh louder. Sahaba said nice awesome never used to laugh louder. Maybe a cream sauce lamb used to smile. And they said he used to fry smile so frequently. We know

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never saw anyone smile as frequently as our beloved Nivea cream sauce. Sometimes the smile was subtle, as brief smile. Sometimes it was more than that. Sometimes the piece also led me to smile a wide smile, sometimes used to be close to laughter. Sometimes he used to smile so much that you could see the inside of our beloved movie Academy sallahu alayhi wa sallam Steve and the mouth of Nabi sallallahu wasallam let us give you a free example. When our beloved nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam, sometimes they used to be incidents within the house that nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam used to smile as an eyeshadow Viola with that on her one day, there was an occasion when as

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an Ayesha and maybe socialisme head, maybe what we will say a difference of opinion. So when they had a difference of opinion, they said, Who are we going to call? Who are we going to call to mediate our matter? This is a difference of opinion. Let us call someone to give us a decision. So they agreed upon

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who came to here with regard to the matter. Now just bear this in mind. There is a father of eyeshadow, the Allahu Branham, but he's also the mother of nebia Kareem Salah when he was a Lamb who had tremendous love for him, it's awesome. So when the method came as an usher was the wife to be a wife is different from being an almighty, she was a wife. So she said certain things with Abubakar couldn't bear. So when she put forward her side of the story, instead of listening and being a mediator, the love of memory cells slim overwhelm Abubakar and he got up to beat has it I share with you. Now what did I share too? I shared took refuge behind nebbia Kareem solonius Allah Subhana

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Allah. So while they were sitting Abu Bakar was supposed to meet he has an Asha took refuge and nwba Kareem Salalah Islam is killing between Asia and Africa.

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And then hazard Abubakar Michelle Simpson, Abu Bakar you are not worthy of mediating. So if a worker went away, they after the husband and wife who they would normally say Nia pv raazi takakura kasi, so the husband and wife are happy. You don't need no jumper yet and no one else. All of the other aspects only come in a mere Libya fighting when the husband and wife are fighting. So they started you know, they were starting to laugh. And they were starting to smile. And Abubakar the alto came and said, You have to settle up. Will you allow me and your happy moments, the way you asked me to come in on your occasion of a difference of opinion. So hon Allah the joy of our beloved nebia

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Kareem Sal Ceylon such an occasion sometimes nivia Karim Allahu alayhi wa sallam smiled on an occasion of a family matter. So sometimes we also have family matters of relative has gone out for some time he comes back now when you know you feel happy. When hazard Jaffer, the ultimate came back from an amazing aspect has a Jaffa the ultimate was a cousin of Michel silom he went to ever senior and it was in the beginning stages of Islam. He came back to Medina after the victory of hyper I do not know if you look at it is almost 15 years if not more. The Jaffa the Latino state in ever seen. Yeah. And then he came to Medina when the via Kareem saw still I'm so him. The Sahaba said nobody

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saw Sam was so happy he got up. He had Jaffer and you know what he said? Well, law he ma Andrey ba Hema afra Byford he haber Purdue me Jaffa I don't know what has given me more happiness. The victory in savor the victory inhaber or the coming of Jaffa has given me great happiness. I don't know what let me sell cinema smiling. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was happy. On one occasion nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam was setting Omar

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and Omar saw Nevis Aslam smiling broadly. jasola Why are you smiling at the Hakka Allah who sin?

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May Allah always keep you happy? Why are you smiling? Yeah Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, oh, Omar. I am laughing at this woman. Yeah, we have this situation where they say a person one day stole a person's credit card. So when he stole the credit card, he didn't go and report to the police. They said Why are you not reporting by the police? He says a TV spending less than my wife.

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So now otherwise the woman we're coming to the

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end we're asking you know, making certain demands. Maybe it's talking about the rights. And when Omar came, he knocked at the door. They fled. So Nabi sallallahu Sallam said Omar I am laughing Egypt to me. How will I Lottie couldna Hindi for a mass amiata Solomon Sultan.

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They were sitting with me they were talking they were making demands. They saw you coming they all gone. So that's why I'm laughing says we're gonna be allowed and I know said her, you know Yeah, I do it unfussy him now

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Oh enemies of your own soul. You are afraid of me or you are not afraid of

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him. And what he did what he said. of us were others. Omar you are more harsh than than me of Allah. And every source was laughing. Sometimes nivia Kareem saw slimmed down. sama said that when the via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came into the gathering, whenever there was a gathering, nobody saw slim and he was to come in Abubakar in Oman because they were close to me. So they used to look up and they used to smile and maybe Sal Salim used to smile back at them. So this was the laughter some of the joyous moments in the visa asylums life but also nebbia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam used to sometimes sadness used to overcome this awesome and let us look at some of those aspects

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when sadness was to overcome Nabi sallallahu, wasallam

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yakushi Kitchen Michelle

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lekin nebia Grimshaw cillum de ma rk para absent Allahu Allah wa sallam nez Amica is archaea almost may also be behind. One may say a lot of Caribbean logo KeyMod Sahaba muscala or omake ficarra Sharmila amongst the ways that the Via krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam teared and used to be said, Sometimes he teared out of the fear of Almighty Allah. One day he told Abdullah Abdullah it Kra Allah because Allah Yeah, Abdullah Abdullah read read Quran for me. So I'm the library must be cronica

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jasola mas I read to you when it has been revealed unto you. So now we saw some said today I'm in the mood of listening. So at the library must read Surah Nisa when he came to the Hyatt for K

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min Coolio matambi Shahid navicula Hakuna shader, I won't give it to the translation, it meant that novia Kareem saw cillum will stand as a witness in evidence on on behalf of the other ambi la musataha salam. Right. So he said Abdullah said when I looked at Libya krimson Allahu Allah wa sallam for vulnerable buka tears have overwhelmed nivia Karim Salah when it was him, and he said, has buka APMs hood, almost hood, eponymous hood enough and they said when I looked at him, he was theory until his old beard became wet. Sometimes nebia cut himself silom cried when someone who was dear and dear passed on. And sometimes when he cried, some people felt that this was against our

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cool. And one day, you know one of the Sahaba he said, You're a Sula. Are you hearing at a time when someone has passed on? Let me cut him sauce themselves such a beautiful thing. He said, Yes, I am crying. My tears are coming down in

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my ear. My eyes are tearing my heart he said but with my tongue. I will not say anything which shows displeasure with Allah subhanho wa Taala has come and he cried when his son Ibrahim passed away. When his daughter Xena passed away. He went into the cover.

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As he was coming out of the cover, he was crying. Sahaba said, you know when he was going in the cover, he was crying when he came on came out he was smiling. So I said you know what is this? He said I made dua to Allah. Oh Allah my daughter, my eldest daughter went through tremendous hardship for my Deen of Allah have mercy upon her. And when I went into the cupboard I was crying. When I came out, Allah revealed to me that Allah has elevated status there for him smiling. So he also had this sometimes he not only cried, he not only cried with regard to his own in near dear ones, sometimes when his friends children passed away, he cried after the Battle of moutere when he got

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the news that his cousin Jaffer monometallic and his adopted son zaidan niharika passed on now via Korean salsa went to the homes. He went into their homes when he saw

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the daughters of zelophehad

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he had

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so much that he started crying when he went to the house of Jaffa. Right. His wife was smart enough to miss a cinema.

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Jennifer's children to such an extent that asthma felt something was wrong. Yara sudler Did you hear anything about Jaffer? Yes, Jaffer is passed on. Let me slow slow was theory when he was hugging the children of a friend who had passed on Subhanallah what emotions This was how so let me cinema while he was lm cried on particular this type of situation. Sometimes he he also wept with regard to the situation of the oma and there are two incidents with which I will conclude with you know, one was when he read the if Samantha B and E for in a woman named Wendy primally Salatu was Salam made to Almighty Allah O Allah Muhammad

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is part of me, therefore have mercy upon them. So nebia Kareem Aslam cried excessively. So much so that Allah subhana wa Taala sent him to a Salaam, go and ask Mohammed Why is he crying? So jubril salam came and said, Allah Allah has asked Oprah for Almighty Allah Muhammad, why are you crying? So he said, I'm crying because of what will happen to my oma. So Jubilee salatu salam and Allah subhanho wa Taala and said Mohammed is crying because of his oma. So Allah Allah revealed and said Go and tell Mohammed I will make him happy with regard to his oma one so far your tea corrupt buka Fatah. So let me sell some cried with regard to his oma. When you know di kelpie became a Muslim and

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amazing incident. When he called me became a Muslim. He came in said he understood Allah, Allah forgive me yet, Allah forgive me. So Nebojsa Islam said in the Islamic

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order here Islam wipes away all the Guna of the past.

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So if you ever accepted Islam, Allah will definitely forgive you. He said the other Sula, you sure Allah will forgive me. So let me sell some said here. Why are you asking this question? Jaroslaw Allah, I buried

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seven Daughters of mines alive.

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Amen Assad beat Jaco Johanna war zinda xinda I bury them. Seven Daughters of mine had carried alive eurosla give me let me say syllables. Set silent for a moment didn't know what to say. And uttara reveal to Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yes, if Allah will forgive Kufa, Allah will forgive that sin also, after you accept Islam, whatever you did previously, Allah forgives him. So if Allah will forgive you for Allah will forgive that also Nevis also started crying. And he made to Almighty Allah, what was his dua here Allah by one kalama of here, you could forgive such great sins, Muhammad will recite the caliber so many times here the Salah, forgive them for your love forgive

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So what an amazing dude on that particular occasion. So sometimes that is awesome cried out of the fear of Almighty Allah. Sometimes with regard to occasions that happened the death of near and dear ones, sometimes, you know the death of children of people who are close to the resource and sometimes out of the oma sometimes in memory of people who had passed on. When the vehicle himself slim saw the the necklace of as a teacher that she gave at the time of to ransom HUD had to ransom the daughter, let me get himself some cry because he thought about his wife. So why do we Why do we make mention of this, the joy and the sadness? Because what we find is that this awesome was a human

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being by excellence. And when another law says, Look at Candela confy rasulillah he was,

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we made you a perfect example. The Perfect example was that nobody saw cillum went through joyous occasion said occasions, so that you and I, whatever type our occasions are, we will find an example in the life of Nabisco cillum what to do on such an occasion. We are lucky was a topic of always following novia Kareem salsa them in all different occasions in different situations. Watch that one