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Is not Jesus (Pbuh) Claiming Divinity in the Bible when he Says in John 1030 I and My Father are one

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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When Ben slur, you mentioned a lot of references of the Bible. What about John 1030? The father and me are one, the Brotherhood a verse of the Bible, gospel of John, chapter number 10 was number 30. The father and me are one, it is not the father and me, I wondered if I and My Father are One, it's not the Father in me one. Now this condition, and My Father are one.

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To know what it is, you have know the context. You have to understand the context that I and my Father are one. To know this, you have to go a few verses earlier. If you read Gospel of John Chapter number 10, verse number 23. It speaks about the context that the Jews they entered the temple in Solomon's porch for someone 23 was number 24 says that the Jews came upon Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, and ask them how long does Dow make us doubt? If Dow or the crash tell us plainly worse number 25 says, I have told you but you believe not in me, the work that I do, day bear witness of my father was 26 If

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you do not believe in me, because you are not my sheep

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was number 27 says, My sheep, they hear me and they follow Me, boss number 28. I give them eternal life. No man can pluck them out of My hand was number 29 says my father, that give it to me, is greater than all, no man can pluck them out of My Father's hand. I and my Father are one. So in context, it means in purpose was number 28 says that no man can pluck them out of My hand was someone 29 says, My Father is greater than all. No man can pluck them out of My Father's hand. Verse number 30, I and my Father oven, so it means they are wanting purpose. If I say my father is a medical doctor, and he's a doctor, I'm a medical doctor, and my father a man it means we have one

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profession, that not be one in person. But the Christians are no no. It means one in person and my father, one indicates that Jesus Christ will be upon his God, if I agree for sake of argument. Further, if you read in the Gospel of John Chapter number 17, verse number 21, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him saved, My Father is in Me, and I end he tells his apostles, to his 12 apostles, My Father is in Me, I end and we have one, the same money is used here. So do you mean to say there are 14 Gods now, father is in Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, please be upon within the apostles to then be 14 gods. So we'll have to coin a new words. Instead of Trinity, you have to coin a word for 14 gods,

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your Word, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him and the same man was used that money in purpose.

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And further it's mentioned in the Gospel of John, chapter number 17, verse number 23, that Jesus Christ peace be upon him, it is the process that I am in you and you and me via one, that means one in purpose.

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And immediately read further Gospel of John Chapter 10, verse number 31, the Jews, they pick up stones, to stone, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, most of them are tied to Jesus QSP upon says, Many of good works are done for which of my good work do you stone me, verse number 33, they all this is from my head, any Christian where the Bible can open and check up all the references I'm giving? Gospel of John Chapter 10, verse number 33 says that we don't study for good verse, you being a man, you blasphemy thing, I'm God. Verse number 34 says, That is indeed mentioned in your scriptures that you have God's and the one to whom the Word of God comes, is called as God, your

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scripture not broken. So yeah, if you read in context, that and my father one is in purpose, it doesn't mean that they are one in unity. And it doesn't claim at all that Jesus Christ peace be upon him with God. Otherwise it would mean that there are 14 Gods what it means is that the purpose of Almighty God and Jesus Christ the messenger of God is one and the same hope that answers the question.