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Mufti Menk
Topic: Earning & Spending
Greenwich Islamic Centre

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My brothers and sisters, every time we should be reminding each other of the consciousness of our maker, the consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is known as the Kabbalah in the Arabic language, taqwa of Allah, to be able to create a barrier between us and the rough or the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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by fulfilling his commands and abstaining from the prohibitions, and every time we speak about something on a Friday that would be beneficial for us as muslimeen. And even for those who may not be Muslim, who may listen in to what we are saying, it would be of tremendous benefit for them as well. What we always would like to teach is to develop a relationship with Him Who made you develop a link with he who made you he whom you are going to return to when you die, your link with him is more important than any other link you may develop during this time of yours on earth. And therefore, he has instructed us to do so many things. We speak about these things on a daily basis,

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a weekly basis on a regular basis. And we talk about worshiping Him alone, which is of prime importance. We speak about the five daily prayers, which is of utmost importance. We speak about the charities we speak about the pilgrimage, we speak about the fasting, these making up the Pillars of Islam. We speak about truthfulness and abstaining from falsehood and deception. We speak about staying away from that which is haram, that which is forbidden in terms of things that you are to consume or relationships that you may have. We stay away from that which will displease the Almighty. But I want to spend a few moments reminding you about a great act of worship. One of those

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things that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says it is going to be the top four things that we will be asked about on the Day of Judgment before we even move. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us an understanding. So people don't normally consider it as a major act of worship. People don't normally consider it as a very serious issue. If I were to ask you what is a very serious issue as Muslims that you need to be concerned about. It is correct for all of us to say, a shear Kabila association of partnership with Allah, we need to be worried about it, we need to be concerned about it. We need to protect ourselves from it. But if I were to ask you to continue, I don't think what

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I'm about to say will come top on your list. And this is why Allah says

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why that gets in

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the car

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for me, and remind for definitely the remaining benefits those who are true believers. My brothers and sisters, when you were born, the majority of us were born in a clinic or a hospital.

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There was a payment that had to be made. In most cases. That payment came from money, that money came from someone Someone had to earn that money Subhan Allah.

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thereafter we had to be fed. If for example, you were born, and it was paid for the hospital expenses were paid for the next steps were not paid for. What were the next steps.

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We had to thereafter be looked after the food.

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Whether it was the milk or the powder, or as we grew older, the nappies back in my time, they were no disposables. They were nappies that needed to be washed and reused. Tell them that today. They will look at you with an eye that I don't even wish to explain.

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But Subhan Allah, look at how we've progressed, it requires money, where did the money come from? So Allah says, earning and spending is one of the most important acts of worship, through which you will either get closer to your maker or distant. Remember that earning people don't talk about spending. People don't talk about even more Subhana Allah What that means is when it comes to earning, some might tell you stay away from interest, stay away from usually stay away from this and stay away from that. But many people are never told about spending.

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What do you spend your

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money on is an act of worship, that will be written against your name right up to the Day of Judgment. On which day you shall be asked to give a record of every penny you spent. Where did you spend it? And why did you spend it there? Subhan Allah Today, many people in many countries across the globe in most countries, if not all, they fear the taxman, Subhana Allah. The taxman needs to know where did you get this money from? He needs to know where did you spend it, we will make sure that our accountant is aware of what happens and we will make sure if we are accountants that our clients give us every explanation so that we can fight their case if need be, or we can explain to

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say the least. But I promise you, my brothers and sisters, far more important than that, is to give the record to Allah subhanho wa Taala. How did you earn it? Was it hard, we cannot just say no, I was struggling. So I decided to have something that would not have pleased you, my brothers, my sisters, you need to be able to downgrade your lifestyle if you have not been blessed by Allah beyond a certain limit because your blessings will be in other matters besides wealth.

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Allah blesses us in different ways. I might have what you don't have in one aspect, but I you will definitely have a lot of what I don't have in other aspects, the problem with us we tend to compare, we look at one another, we look at others and we feel like Allah has not blessed us. But we forget to look at what Allah has given me that he did not give you Subhana Allah, may Allah grant us the ability to be thankful to him upon all conditions. So when you're earning to get up and to go out to work, is an act of worship, to look for a job to keep looking never to lose hope is an act of worship, it is closeness to Allah. Allah has written how much you are going to get. Indeed, that is

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a fact. But Allah has given you the capacity, the physical strength, Allah has given you the power to get up and do something about it. So I cannot just sit at home and think to myself, do you know what if Allah has written for me 100 pounds this week, it's going to come through the bow that I'm staring at, on the ceiling here, and it's going to drop and I'm going to say lamella can handle that's not going to happen. Allah will tell us I gave you the energy I gave you the strength, I dangle the carrot. All you needed to do was to lift your hand up and get that carrot but you did not. What you did was laziness. This is why the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

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It is Allah Marian farrokh

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was there in biLlahi. While attaches, work hard towards achieving that which is beneficial for you use your energy is given by Allah Who gave you your energy, who gave you your eyes, your nose, who gave you your is your capacity, your ability, Allah, get up and do something, go and earn because you need to feed that body that Allah has asked you to look after. Therefore, to go out and search for a job is a powerful act of worship, never to lose hope is a powerful act of worship. And then to try and find that which is more pleasing to Allah is also an act of worship. We may not have the ideal job, we may not have a job that we are totally satisfied with. But for as long as we know that

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it's the best we could do. And we are trying our best to get better by the will of Allah He is watching. He knows the challenges that we are going through. He knows that you are trying he knows I am trying and He will bless us. have hope in the mercy of Allah never lose hope because your trial alone is a sign of the closeness unto Allah subhanho wa Taala. But if you don't try, let's go back to that Hadith I mentioned moments ago the Prophet peace be upon him says, seek the help of Allah. Allah, voila, just and don't give up. Don't become a person who is despondent, don't give up. Keep on going, keep on trying a day will come when the doors will fling wide open, if not in this world,

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then in the hereafter. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us sustenance. So to be able to earn that which is halal, to be able to get that which pleases Allah is an act of worship. Like I said, sometimes we may not have an ideal job, but keep looking, keep trying, why you have this job and hamdulillah and you're thanking Allah, your eyes open for other opportunities, Subhana Allah and you need to

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Know, to be able to purchase that which is pleasing to Allah is also an act of worship connected to your sustenance. So the fact that now I've earned my first 100 pounds a day, for example, just an example, my first 100 pounds a day, it does not mean I can go and do what I want. Many people, when they start earning initially, they don't realize the value of that money. Unfortunately, shaytan comes to some and makes them think that they can now spend it on haraam and just enjoy, even if it is outside the boundaries of what Allah has ordained. So you find people spending the money and I don't want to mention the list of sins because there are so many, but they spend it on that which is

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haram sometimes developing bad habits becoming addicted to that which is detrimental to you, your family, your health, your body, and primarily your connection with Allah.

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But when you earned the money, my brothers, my sisters, there is only a small amount that you actually need to survive the rest of it. Allah is just watching. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to build your hereafter? Today Mashallah, we are in this beautiful Greenwich Masjid, we are utilizing the facility. I want you to think to yourself, they are building they are expanding. What is the value of your presence here today? It is priceless. SubhanAllah. What is the value of your presence here today? Could we say one pound? Actually, no, it's much more than that. How much have you paid to come here today? The answer is zero. Nothing. You did not pay to come

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here. It's the house of Allah. But there are expenses here. There are bills to be paid here. There is an expansion that is happening here. If every one of us had to pay one pound for every Salah that we made in a Masjid, just because we use the facility, the problem of all the massage it would be over and the salaries of the Imams would be such that our children, not just our children would want to be Imams, but we would start learning the Quran to become an Imam Subhana Allah, may Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah grant us and understanding, no one has forced anyone to pay. But when Allah places it in your heart, to give towards his house, it's a sign of acceptance.

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That wealth that you have spent one pound every time you came into the masjid, and you put it into the box Subhanallah just as a charity on your own, just that one pound, do you know what it will multiply every time people have benefited from the facility, you get a full reward. Today we have a few 1000 people here you would get 1000s of rewards to panela for everyone who read Salah what a wise spending. So the point I'm raising is when you are spending not only should you abstain from prohibition, but try and make sure your investment for the hereafter bears the maximum fruit. put your money where you know that it's going to give back to me in the eyes of Allah something that is

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huge, even if I don't see a multiplication in this world, although Allah will most likely give it to you starting here.

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So if you have money to spend, remember, don't just waste it, it does not mean because I have 10,000 or 100,000 or a million that I should just blow that money to the left and to the right and lose such a luxurious life that distances me from Allah. Mark my words, you are allowed to have a beautiful car, you are allowed to have a lovely home. But if that is going to distance you from Allah, then you've got to draw a line, you have to draw a line. Look at those in need, were you to help them you would find a lot. So when we speak about wealth, my brothers, my sisters, as much as everyone wants it, we need to make sure that we earn it in a proper way. And more than that, make

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sure you spend it in the best possible way. I'm not encouraging you simply to stay away from spending it in the wrong that is a prohibition already from Allah. But I am telling you think and try and spend it in the best possible way.

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There are some people sometimes who earn

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but they don't spend the wealth on their own family members, their own family members, your children needs something your spouse needs something, your parents, whoever else needs things but Subhana Allah what we do

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We hold back as though if we have held back the day we die, we're going to be considered champions when we held back because we were known to the world as multimillionaires. Islam works the opposite way.

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The Deen of Allah, the religion works the other way. How much have you spent actually makes you the winner, not how much you saved. Because when I say money, you know what will happen to it. It's going to be distributed amongst my ears. As soon as I close my eyes and facts, statistics prove that the more you leave, the more likely your children will fight each other for a slice of what you've left. The less you leave, the more likely they will have love amongst each other because there was no reason to fight. That goes to show my brothers and sisters when you have wealth, Please spend it in a good cause. Spend it use it. Yes, you may want to save for a rainy day indeed. But don't become

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miserly. This is why when Allah describes the true worshipers of his he says one levena either Falco Lam new Sri fu alum Jaco canopen Annika

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they are those whom when they spend, they are neither wasteful nor are they miserly, but they have a balance they know what to do. They know this is someone in need, let me give.

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This is a good cause. Let me spend, this is a Masjid let me give how many of us have given to the masjid how many of us give every week or every day, one pound or two pounds Subhanallah to the masjid. We use the water we use the electricity we use the carpets we use the facility we use so much we come and we do so much. But we've never thought of putting one pound 150 p start off with 10 p my brothers, my sisters, Allah will open your doors. It's not got to do with the finger. It's got to do with the intention and the heart.

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So this is something very important. My brothers and sisters on the Day of Judgment, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that the son of Adam, on that day will not move until he's asked about a few things. One of them is his wealth. Where did he get it? Where did you get it from? How did you get it? Did you Rob? Did you steal? Did you deceive? Did you cheat? Subhan Allah May Allah protect us, Allah grant us Baraka and secondly, where did you spend it? It doesn't mean that I've got everything I can do what I want now, I need to make sure that it is done in a proper way. So I invite you, my brothers and sisters, I invite you today to revisit your connection with your

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wealth because that will determine your connection with Allah. Do you realize that Allah is the owner of sustenance? Do Do you realize that Allah is the one who's taking account of every penny that you have? So seek the forgiveness of Allah for where you have faltered where we have spent our monies on that which was haram that which was displeasing to Allah, May Allah forgive us? May Allah grant us a new beginning. May we be from among those who can reach out to brothers and sisters in need in such a way that when we are in need, Allah will automatically reach out to us? May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every single one of us barakallahu li walakum wa Suna whenever anyone here

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can be MFI Hema Minato achema